Saturday, May 03, 2008

Know Your Enemy

I just finished reading a book I received from the Media Research center called "In The Words of Our Enemies" by Jed Babbin. It is basically (among other things) a compilation of the many warnings we were given before 9-11 from radical Islamists like Osama bin Laden to the maniacal rantings of cleric leaders in Iran. Many of the "speeches" had never been translated into English before. One thing that struck me beyond what we all know, which is their wish to kill us, is that there is no hope of unity. There is no hope of living in this world, side by side, leaving each other alone. They thrive on our weaknesses. And they see that the fact that we value our own lives as weak.

I often hear from my lefty friends that radical Islam is but a small fraction of rebels and is not associated with Islam in general. This book puts that myth to bed. Radical Islam has woven itself into the religion of Islam. If we can't face that fact, then we can't defeat it.

What reminded me to write about this was listening to Andy McCarthy talk about his book, Willful Blindness in a similar vein to Rush. I found part of the transcript over at NRO: (emphasis mine)

Rush: What's it going to take to wake people up again to the existence of this threat, and just because we've thwarted one on our soil for seven years; however we've done it, doesn't mean the threat's gone away or is any less intense. What's it going to take?

MCCARTHY: Well, I hope it doesn't take another attack, but it's probably going to take at least a sense that we could be attacked that certainly isn't present for us now — and in terms of what you're talking about now, you know, I haven't been the biggest McCain fan to the planet, but let me give him this much of his due. He wants to get the job done in Iraq at least insofar as it means defeating Al-Qaeda there. I can't stress to people how important that is. Even if you don't agree with why we went to Iraq in the first place — and, you know, say we should never have been there —the fact is that the worst thing we ever did was pull out of Lebanon in 1983 when the Marine barracks got hit. The next worst thing we probably ever did was pull out of Somalia when that got ugly. These people — and when I talk about "these people," I mean people like Bin Laden and the Blind Sheik — if used to a fair thee well as a recruiting tool this notion that they're the strong horse, we're the weak horse; and if they make it ugly enough and bloody enough for us, that we will pull out. It's like when a very strong team plays a very weak team in sports. The strong team can never give the weak team a sniff, because the minute you do and they start to think they can win, and they start to believe in themselves, they become much more efficient. It becomes much more easy for them to recruit, to raise money, to do all the things they have to do to take on a superpower. What they have going for them that we don't, is they have basically eradicated our threshold idea of what is civilized behavior. They are willing to do anything to win, and they're absolutely sure that history is on their side. Unless we become more sure than we are now that we're right, and that we have a need to show them that however long it takes, we're going to do what has to be done to win; you know, we can't rely on the fact that we're a super power and that it's inevitable that we'll win this thing.

If you didn't read my post, "A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to The 'Quagmire' in Iraq...:, please check it out now because it addresses how important it is for us to not just leave Iraq right now or in the near future.

The one thing that was absolutely clear in "In The Words of Our Enemies" was that Osama bin Laden delighted in our weakness. He said over and over many times that America cannot stand to lose their soldiers, that we are a paper tiger. He pointed to the very places that Andy pointed out, Lebanon and Somalia. Osama is like the predator that smells weakness and then goes in for the attack. In an interview published in a London newspaper five years before 9-11, Osama talked about how disgraceful Somalia was for us. He said we moved in tens of thousands of soldiers and then he said this:

"However when...(many) of your soldiers were killed in minor battles and one American pilot was dragged in the streets of Mogadish, you left the area carrying disappointment, humiliation, defeat, and your dead with you. Clinton appeared in front of the whole world threatening and promising revenge, but these threats were merely a preparation for withdrawal. You have been disgraced by Allah and you withdrew; the extent of you impotence and weaknessses became very clear"

It's clear that these madmen see our weakness as Allah's will. It explains our weakness. But when we win, when we fight back, then that explanation evaporates.

I could go on and on about the Hitler like insanity that permeates the interviews with Osama and other radical clerics. From Osama's delight in the blood and guts of "infidels" that he sees on TV, to his determination to obtain the weapons that would destroy us for good.

Do you see how important it is that we elect the person who best understands this fight? If we retreat now, we invite the belief that we are weak and the enemy builds on that to prepare for the next act of destruction and death.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday Fun links

via USA Today:

How superdelegates can break up with Hillary.

Obama de-friends Wright on Facebook.



Man gets trapped in elevator for 6 minutes. (really funny. Trust me) via Gawker

Things get even uglier...

Obama supporters can fight dirty too. But it is kind of hard for Democrats to argue that we shouldn't associate Obama with his pastor and expect us to associate Hillary with this guy. I, like most reasonable people, do associate them with whom they hold close.

It is telling of the hypocrisy of the Democratic party when it comes to race though.

via Ace

Update: It seems Kos and The Democratic Underground are delighted with this. Geeze. Talk about eating your own.

Update II: The Politico is saying the clip is doctered.
If it's doctored, then Cantor needs to be screaming about it. And the Kos kids and DU need to take a deep breath and not just do anything to get Obama elected.

Update III: Here is the original "War Room" video. The clip in question is at 4:56 and you cannot hear what Cantor is saying at all. Cantor is absolutely denying it. I guess the KosKids and the DU will have to find something else to go after Hillary with.

Update IV: Looks like the "dubbed version" is off YouTube. Interesting. If you want to get a good look at what Demcrats will do to one another. Check out the comments at the Kos and DU links.

Let's Get Serious

I have to agree with Gabriel over at Ace's. We need to stop being gleeful over Obama's decline in the polls and face reality.

Obama is the weaker candidate against McCain. That is simply the truth. If Hillary gets the nomination she will be much tougher to beat. The bloom is off the rose with Obama. He has alienated a great swath of working class voters with his "bitter" remark and there is enough on the Obama/Wright connection to fill RNC ads for years to come.

Btw, did anyone see Glenn Beck last night where he played the longer versions of the soundbites we have been seeing of Wright's sermons? Wright insisted over and over that the soundbites were taken out of context. This was simply a lie. When you hear more of the sermon you are rightfully horrified. I mean horrified. The more the American people can be made aware that Obama attended this Church for 20 yrs, the more his support will deteriorate. Fair or not, it's the way it will be.

To be honest, I think Obama attended this church for political expediency and doesn't believe any of the crazy things that Wright believes. But most Americans choose their church because of deeply held beliefs and they will never understand why Obama would choose to go there for so long and let his children listen to this hate.

This "Operation Chaos" that Rush is promoting that has Republicans crossover voting for Hillary to continue the split in the Democratic party is not only wrong to begin with, but as Hillary said to Rush on Fox, "Rush, be careful what you wish for." Exactly! Hillary is a much stronger, tougher, and more experienced candidate. She has the all important woman vote on her side. This is big.

And this isn't just my opinion. As Gabriel points out:

"Quinnipiac has a new poll that confirms this: McCain does better against Obama in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania than against Clinton. These are crucial states.."

The fact of the matter is that Obama did well in the Democratic primary, but he won't do as well in the general. He excites the youth, who generally don't vote as much as they support. But he can't get ahead with the working class. A vital group. Hillary can get their support. In other words, moderates or the "squishy middle" can easily see themselves voting for Hillary for a variety of reasons. But Obama won't be able to capture them with the baggage he now carries.

Gabriel makes the final point here:

At least as far as last month goes, 28% of Clinton supporters say they'd jump to McCain if Obama was the nominee, compared to only 19% if the situation were reversed.

28% of DEMOCRAT supporters of Hillary say they will jump to McCain if Obama gets the nomination! That is so big! And what if that number increases with the anger over Hillary having the nomination taken from her? We all know how angry the black community will be if that happens with Obama, but simply put, their numbers just don't compare to those of white working women.

Bottom line is this. We want Obama to win the nomination and we need to stop playing with the outcome in the primary states to come.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hillary leading in North Carolina?

Hillary Clinton: 44%

Barack Obama: 42%

Undecided: 14%

She was up 15 points in this same poll two weeks ago according to HotAir.

Also, according to Rasmussen:

In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, the Wright impact is especially evident. Clinton now has a statistically insignificant two-point edge over Obama, 46% to 44%. However, that represents a ten-point swing since Wright’s press conference. Before Pastor Wright appeared at the National Press Club, Obama led Clinton by eight points…

Now, why would superdelegate Joe Andrew, who was Democratic National Committee chairman from 1999-2001 appointed by Bill Clinton, switch loyalties and come out so strongly today for Obama? Even going so far as saying, "a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to continue this process, and a vote to continue this process is a vote that assists (Republican) John McCain.”

Here is my theory. With the Wright controversy Hillary may actually win North Carolina, something no one thought possible even a few weeks ago. With every win she makes her case stronger that she should be the nominee. If she then wins in Indiana, she can overcome Obama's lead. If the superdelegates are "encouraged" to come out for Obama now, then maybe that will quell the tide that is Hillary Clinton. They are trying to circumvent the inevitable. At least what I have always seen as inevitable.

Then you have not only "Recreate 68" promising to wreak havoc at the DNC convention, but I heard the clip of Rosanne Barr on Air America urging Democrats to hop on buses (even offering to fund some of it) and "cause trouble" at the convention.

This is like watching a train wreck, but new trains keep coming down the track.

The only solution will be a Hillary/Obama ticket (or the other way around) and Nancy Pelosi said that wasn't possible. Which I still don't understand. But if it isn't possible, and I'm guessing the superdelegates will be screeching for it, then it will be a most wonderful entertaining convention EVER to watch. Better than WWE.

Happy New Year 2008!!

It's New Years at Rev. Wright's Trinity Church. If they had only known what was to come this year. Around 2:08 the singer/rapper mentions Obama.

"He's a Trinity represent."

Hmm..Now? ...Not so much.

The Transformation of Hillary

Watching clips from last night's O'Reilly Factor with Hillary, I realized that this woman has completely transformed herself. She has always been good at wording things just the right way, but I think she has successfully softened her image from raging feminist to an everyday woman.

Age has a bit to do with it. Age softens the edges of our personality to begin with. But everything from Hillary's haircut to the pantsuits she wears says "I am every woman." Which is why she is getting the white woman vote (and if it weren't for Obama, she would be getting the black woman vote) Women feel they can relate to her and Hillary has taken that image and run with it. It's why she has had her mom and daughter with her on the campaign trail. Women see someone close to their mother and daughter. Women like that. They like that Hillary is so accomplished. People keep talking about how blacks will be so angry if Obama doesn't get the nomination. Well, guess what? A whole bunch of white women will be angry if Hillary doesn't get it, and that benefits McCain, because they will not vote for Obama.

As slimy and disgusting as the whole Monica Lewinsky ordeal was, it wasn't Hillary's fault. God knows many women could relate to a cheating husband. And I think many admire her for staying with him (although I personally saw it as a political move rather than a personal one).

The one thing that Hillary has also done successfully is moderate her views. When she said the other day that she would "obliterate" Iran if it bombed Israel, I almost fell off my chair.
The bottom line here is that I am someone who literally could not watch the news in the 90's if Bill and Hillary were on. I couldn't stand the sight of her and I still feel she is dangerous to this country because of her more socialistic vews (Obama is even more so though). But I was even feeling sorry for her when the Obama cult like following started to occur. I even felt like the media was being unfair to her and that's ME. So imagine how most women felt.
61 percent of eligible women voters cast a ballot in the 2000 presidential election. For the last 40 years more women have voted in presidential elections than men. For the last 24 years, the percentage of eligible women voters who turned out to elect the president surpassed the percentage of men.
This is why Hillary is more of threat than Obama to McCain.
Hillary has transformed herself. Is it real or is it political? You decide.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Michelle Obama weighs in on the Rev. Wright controversy

By telling Meridith Vieira to just shut up about it.

Ok, not exactly. But basically.

The Democratic split

If you can skim, ignore, or wade through the Bush/Cheney/Republican/Iraq War bashing that James Wolcott consistently babbles about, you can get a good idea of the absolute loathing the Hillary camp and the Obama camp have for each other.

It make our disagreements about McCain seem like chit chat.

I love it.

Hillary's pastor said what??

I know. I know. I'm sick of the whole thing too, but this is funny/sad/ridiculous. I saw this link on Fark. Back in March the pastor of the Methodist church that Bill and Hillary Clinton attended during his presidency, Rev. Dean Snyder, was defending Rev. Wright:

"The Reverend Jeremiah Wright is an outstanding church leader whom I have heard speak a number of times,” proclaimed the Rev. Dean Snyder in a statement he posted on the website of his Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C. “He has served for decades as a profound voice for justice and inclusion in our society. He has been a vocal critic of the racism, sexism and homophobia which still tarnish the American dream.”

Oh, there is more:

“To evaluate his dynamic ministry on the basis of two or three sound bites does a grave injustice to Dr. Wright, the members of his congregation, and the African-American church which has been the spiritual refuge of a people that has suffered from discrimination, disadvantage, and violence,” Snyder insisted about Obama’s outgoing pastor. Snyder hailed Wright as “an agent of racial reconciliation while proclaiming perceptions and truths uncomfortable for some white people to hear.”

According to Snyder, “Those of us who are white Americans would do well to listen carefully to Dr. Wright rather than to use a few of his quotes to polarize. This is a critical time in America's history as we seek to repent of our racism. No matter which candidates prevail, let us use this time to listen again to one another and not to distort one another's truth."

Read the whole thing. I'm thinking that it's clear now that no one distorted Wright's words. Snyder is a looney toon too, just not on the same level as Wright.

John McCain on healthcare

You can watch the Townhall live discussion live at at 2pm EDT.

When I attended that strategy luncheon at the McCain headquarter in Washington, the one thing I wanted to say to the campaign guys was to not let the Democrats take over the healthcare issue. I didn't get a chance to, but I am glad that they are bringing this issue to the forefront, because it is a real concern for most people.

Never ever underestimate Hillary....

The Grouchy Old Cripple has his theory (language warning) of how the Clinton's were behind the Rev. Wright controversy.

Not surprisingly though, Hillary might really have been behind it.

Check out this item on the Los Angeles Times blog:

[W]e should have been paying a little less attention to Wright's speech and the histrionics of his ensuing news conference and taken a peek at.... who was sitting next to him at the head table for the National Press Club event.
It was the Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds, a former editorial board member of USA Today who teaches at the Howard University School of Divinity. An ordained minister, as New York Daily News writer Errol Louis points out in today's column, she was introduced at the press club event as the person "who organized" it.

But guess what? She's also an ardent longtime booster of Obama's sole remaining competitor for the Democratic nomination, none other than Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York. It won't take very much at all for Obama supporters to see in Wright's carefully arranged Washington event that was so damaging to Obama the strategic, nefarious manipulation of the Clintons.

Is this just delicious?

I'll repeat it again. Hillary is not letting this rookie take this from her. There will be blood.

After all this is over and if Hillary wins the presidency, I would suggest to all those politicians who jumped ship and supported Obama, to get the hell out of the country.

via NRO

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I kept hearing about the North Carolina Ad, but I never saw it. Then I notice that Crooks and Liars were asking Elizabeth Dole to "stop the racist attack ad against Obama."

Someone please tell me how this ad is racist? Seriously. My lefty friends? Anyone?

The Mystic Blogger...


Speaking Truth to Wright

After reading upteen posts on Wright, I finally found one that really says it all.

Baldilocks has this:

Excuse my English (and pardon the pun) but who gives a DAMN about skin color, type of clothing and style of music when it comes to the realm of saving souls and keeping them out of hell? Why, Wright and BLT’s “founder” James Cone do. As a matter of fact they worship these things instead of the Creator.


Guys like Jeremiah Wright care about self-centric totems of race, culture and vengeance more than they care about leading their flocks down the straight and narrow path. They need these totems to fill the void of self-doubt and that need is filled by Black Liberation Theology and one of its parents, the Nation of Islam. Yes, BLT is a progeny of the NOI, Christianity and Marxism—a bastard child, for sure. It’s an I-deology all right and Wright has sacrificed the eternal souls of those who believe his lies and are grateful for his good works. He has sacrificed these upon the altar of race and culture.


Here’s what I do come to defend, to stand in defense of: Christianity and Christians who are black. Jeremiah Wright defames both and speaks for neither and little obscure me will not let him use either as fig leaf. Yes, our ancestors in this country and our kinsmen across the water fought to be just as Christian as other Christians—as Christian as our brothers who are white. And many of the latter stood for us and side-by-side with us—not because of us primarily but because of the One Who is Primary.

And the final stab, and it's perfect:

To quote myself, there is no “black church.” There is only the Church.

Word to Obama: thanks a lot, "brotha." Nice pastor you have there.

Did the world end and I missed it????!


Fox News Channel just announced that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be on The O'Reilly Factor tomorrow night and again on Thursday.

Obama fights back

I just got through a delightful lunch with fellow blogger Dr. Melissa Clouthie(check out her blog!) and on the way home I listened to Rush play the recent Obama condemnation of Rev. Wright. HotAir has a clip of it.

Basically Obama said exactly the right things. He even addressed the issue that Wright made about Obama saying what he needed to say politically. Obama said that Rev. Wright must not know him very well then and maybe he didn't know Rev. Wright as well as he thought either.

Rush thinks this won't work because Rev. Wright is the same as he has been for 20 yrs. But I disagree. I think it will work. Obama said exactly what he needed to say to convince people that he disavows and disagrees with Wright. He knew he had to do it pretty brutally and he did.

I don't believe him for a moment, but I'm betting most people watching will give him the benefit of the doubt.

One more thing. The one thing that was clear in Rev. Wright's speech yesterday was that he really could not care less about Obama. Rev. Wright is one of those narcisstic personalities that only thinks of themselves first.

I have a feeling that Obama's remarks today are not going to sit well with Rev. Wright. And I'm betting we are going to hear about it.

School Choice

WSJ talks about school choice in the inner city. A battle that many Republicans have fought for for many years. The WSJ makes the point that this is an issue John McCain can roll with because he isn't beholden to the powerful teacher's union like the Democrats are.

Scarcely half of American children in our 50 largest cities will leave their public schools with a high-school diploma in hand, according to a study released by America's Promise Alliance. These children are disproportionately African-American. Their homes are disproportionately located in our largest public school districts. And the failure is a scar on this great land of opportunity.

One University of Chicago researcher found that minority students at Catholic schools are 42% likelier to complete high school than their public school counterparts – and 2 1/2 times more likely to earn a college degree. In difficult circumstances, and for an increasingly non-Catholic student body, these schools are doing heroic work.

And at a fraction of the cost per pupil I might add.

Why school choice hasn't happened?

First, though polls show that African Americans generally favor school choice, they tend not to vote for pro-school-choice candidates who are mainly Republican. Second, suburban voters of both parties are not enthusiastic about school choice. Many of these voters see increasing options for inner city kids as enabling blacks and Latinos to find their way into their children's schools. And of course, the teachers unions devote their considerable resources to fighting any measure that increases accountability or gives parents more options.

On April 24th President Bush presented the White House Summit on Inner-City Children and Faith-Based Schools .

Maybe you wonder how Catholic schools can educate students who are non Catholic. Kathryn Jean Lopez @ NRO makes this point:

Eighty-one percent of the students served by the Memphis Jubilee schools are not Catholic. In the U.S. overall since 1970, the number of minority students in Catholic schools have increased by 250 percent, and the number of non-Catholics by more than 500 percent, according to the White House. At the summit, Joseph P. Viteritti, an urban studies professor at Hunter College, quoted an oft-used mission line for Catholic educators: “We don’t educate poor children because they are Catholic; we educate them because we are Catholic.” The good these schools do for disadvantaged students should outweigh any “wall of separation” concerns. As President Bush stressed at the summit: “That’s what we ought to be focused on: how to get people a great education.”

John McCain has the voice that inner city African Americans will hear. I agree that it's a vital issue that he would do well to address. And let's don't pretend this is about getting votes. We won't get them from the black community...yet. But if we continue to show that their concerns are our concerns, then it might just start to turn things around.

Fair and Balanced

The Media blog at NRO makes this great point:

There is something of the mob mentality in the Left's crusade against Fox and talk radio. When the Right was unhappy with the media, we started our own outlets from National Review to broadcast outlets that are still following on Rush Limbaugh's very long coattails. The Left not only doesn't want diversity, it doesn't want to compete. The Left wants to yank broadcast licenses, use bogus regulations to smother conservative media, and generally narrow the debate. That's wrong, it's authoritarian, and it's evidence that the Right has better ideas.

Monday, April 28, 2008

It's official...

Today is Crazy Day.


via NRO

A funny thing happened on the way to the "quagmire" in Iraq....

It didn't happen.

Which explains quite a bit. The polls show that most Americans are opposed to the war in general. The mantra of the left about this war being wrong, illegal, and a quagmire has had it's effect, but still..... we see no mass demonstrations daily on college campuses. The White House is not surrounded every day by thousands of anti war protesters.

Other than the occasional freak show by groups like Code Pink, the American people don't say much about the war. Why? If they are against it and want our boys home now, why? It's very simple.

We want to win.

We want to be able to say that we not only defeated Saddam, but the radical Islamists that wants Iraq for their own. We listened to Gen. Petraeus. We shifted through the liberal media and we saw progress. We understand that Pelosi and Reid don't seem to eager to end it all at once either, and we understand that they may be more at stake than we realize.

Which brings me to the movie I watched Saturday night. I finally saw "Charlie Wilson's War." It's about our arming the Afghans in the 80's to fight the Red Army of the Russians. For years I have heard from lefties about how we armed what is now the Taliban in the 80's. "Charlie Wilson's War" was Hollywood's delightful entertaining way of making this point. It's a favorite talking point of the left. But what I got out of the movie was a bit different than what my lefty friends wanted me too.

At the end of the movie Charlie Wilson goes to Congress to get money to build schools in Afghanistan after the war. He makes the point that half the population in Afghanistan is under the age of 14 and they won't remember that we were the good guys. He is told that no one cares about schools in Afghanistan and he does not get the money. Then at the very end of the movie the CIA guy that has been helping Charlie tells him about Taliban coming into Afghanistan and it does not bode well for us.

Charlie's last line written on the screen in the movie says this:

"These things happened. They were glorious and they changed the world.

.......and then we f**ked up the end game."

Now, the left wanted to make their point that the Taliban in Afghanistan was our fault and that we armed them in the 80's. We screwed up.

Now look at the last lines of "Charlie Wilson's War" and see how it relates to the Iraq War. In both wars we defeated a very bad enemy, but in Afghanistan in the 80's.......we left.

We left before the job was done. We left the Afghan people hanging and left them to radical Islamists.

I think you see where I am going with this.

The point that was made, but certainly not meant to be made by Hollywood, was that we can't just leave Iraq like we did Afghanistan. We must stay and make sure it is stabilized. We must continue to build schools. In other words, we must maintain a presence there so the Iraqi children will not be taken in by radical Islamists and that they will know that we were the good guys.

In other words, and forgive me for using Charlie Wilson's terminology, let's not f**k up the end game this time.

Very good movie, btw.

Wright speaking to the National Press Club

Wright starts out reminding us of the terrible things that occurred during slavery. It is interesting to hear the history of slavery, but why is he doing this? Is it to fan the resentment of the way blacks were treated as slaves? Slavery ended in 1865. What is the purpose here? Because we all know this isn't about a history lesson.

So Wright is spinning this whole controversy that this is not a criticism of him, no, it's a criticism of "the black church."

Does he believe that black people don't go to church with white people at all in this country? Does he??

Has Rev. Wright ever visited a Catholic Church (the world's largest Christian Church)? I have lived in 6 cities. I have gone to dozens of Catholic Churches. Even when I travel I never miss Mass. I have never been to a Catholic Church that wasn't diverse. I have never been to a Catholic Church that didn't have as many colors sitting in the pews as there are colors.

I know that the Protestant Churches are also diverse.

Are the blacks that attend these Churches not a part of "the black church?"

Just wondering.

He's cites all the good his church has done. It's fine to tout your accomplishments, which Wright loves to do, but does that negate the hateful and anti-American things you preach? No. It does not.

The thing that bothers me the most about Wright is that he speaks as if blacks and whites have little or nothing to do with each other. He acts as if the black community is completely separate from whites. I suppose I need to inform my black neighbors and my son's best friend's family that they are living in the outbounds of where they are suppose to be.

Wright is now saying that the black church and the white church (is there a white church??) do not pray to the same God. What? You see, the white slave owners prayed to a different God than the slaves did? Really?

Why did slavery end? Do you think that maybe God spoke to men's hearts? That the God that slaves and slave owners prayed to, worked his will into both their hearts? We prayed to the same God, Rev. Wright.

They are now allowing questions and now it is becoming a circus. Wright's smart alec remarks are only fanning the flames of racism. His remarks only alienate many white voters for Obama. Is that what Wright wants? Or does he not care?

I'm thinking he doesn't care.

*He is still answering (although he really isn't answering) questions. He is just making me SICK. I have to stop watching now before he ruins my entire day.

*One more thing. When you watch clips later and hear all the cheering for Wright know that the audience was purposely filled with supporters. Kathleen Parker at NRO was there and she says this:

I'm at the National Press Club, where the Rev. Wright is having breakfast with about 27 tables of 11 and, oh, 200 journalists. You do the math. Breakfast guests are overwhelmingly African-American and the media are overwhelmingly not. Some of the reserved tables include the Wright family, SPOC Trustees, Howard University, a Baptist Church or two. I can't see the head table because so many are trying to get pictures, though I just spotted Clarence Page seated a couple of chairs down to Wright's right. Hmmmm.

Update: The Rev. Wright is now being protected by The Nation of Islam. I'm starting to really feel sorry for Obama. Does Wright not think that associating with Islam might reflect on the erroneous belief that Obama is Muslim? Good grief.

Something I bet you didn't know

Fredrick W. Kagan at the Weekly Standard defines success in Iraq for us, but I thought this part interesting (emphasis mine):

Al Qaeda has killed many more Iraqis than Americans. Iraq has eight army divisions--around 80,000 troops--now in the fight against al Qaeda, and another three--around 45,000 troops--in the fight against Shia extremists. Tens of thousands of Iraqi police and National Police are also in the fight. Thus, there are far more Iraqis fighting al Qaeda and Shia militias in Iraq than there are American troops there. Easily ten times as many Iraqi as Pakistani troops are fighting our common enemies. At least three times as many Iraqi soldiers and police as Afghan soldiers and police are in the fight. And many times more Iraqi troops are engaged in the war on terror than those of any other American ally. In terms of manpower engaged, and sacrifice of life and limb, Iraq is already by far America's best ally in the war on terror.

Your Morning Crazy

In case what you have heard Rev. Wright say hasn't made you sick enough, Hugh Hewitt has a whole bunch of Rev. Wright craziness right here.

Also, Wright will be speaking to the National Press Club this morning (Why?) in his ongoing effort to derail Obama's presidential chances. Should be fun.

This is how weird things have become..

I never ever thought I would be in agreement with Eleanor Clift about anything, but here it is:

I'm beginning to think Hillary Clinton might pull this off and wrestle the nomination away from Barack Obama. If she does, a lot of folks—including a huge chunk of the media—will join Bill Richardson (a.k.a. Judas) in the Deep Freeze. If the Clintons get back into the White House, it will be retribution time, like the Corleone family consolidating power in "The Godfather," where the watchword is, "It's business, not personal."

via NRO

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Carrying the baggage of resentment

I am watching Rev. Wright being introduced as the keynote speaker at the NAACP Dinner. Oh dear God.

Rev. Wright will become wealthier on the speaking circuit and he will completely destroy Obama's chance to become President.

I am watching this appalled. I know I am not alone.

Rev. Wright is associated with Obama, whether it's right or not, whether it's fair or not. Even Obama conceded this today on Fox News Sunday.

Rev. Wright will continue to speak his words of hate, and that is what I believe they are, and it will be played on the news and people will connect it with Obama.

Hillary is LOVING this.

Rev. Wright might well have wrapped the gift of the nomination in bright sparkly wrapping paper with a big shiny bow and handed it with a kiss to Hillary.

The line of the night: "The NAACP is non partisan." Now, that is truly a joke. That is like saying the National Right to Life Committee is non-partisan.

I'm going to go with Rev. Wrights theme. Please allow me.

I feel that those who teach hate and resentment as deficient. I see those who claim to speak on behalf of Jesus Christ, but teach anger and segregation as deficient. I think those who would rather hear their own voice than have respect for a parishioner that is running for President, deficient. I think that suggesting that black children and white children think different and think with different sides of their brain is simply racist and deficient. I think using the word "European" as a code word for "white" is deficient.

Rev. Wright, all the singing in the world isn't going to distract from the fact that you are saying that black and white people even CLAP different. We keep time to the music differently. Blacks have a "different meter" doncha know?

Oh my. I wonder why do we even try to get along. We are so DIFFERENT.

I have news for Rev. Wright. Every single one of us are different. Not because we are just different colors. But because we all come from a different upbringing. I wonder how he looks at mixed race people? Do they have the rhythm of the black father or the white mother?

Is Obama clapping with us white folks or with the black folks?

I really want to know Rev. Wright.

He says no particular way is better, just different. Really? What makes the USA run by "rich white folks" better? What makes the USA the "USKKKA" better?? What part of being a pastor includes making fun of the President of the United States?

He has the gall to talk about how "we treat each other." How about how he treats us, the white folks? He talks of "higher standards." Does he have no idea how disgusted he makes some of us?

I'm betting Obama is loving his yelling his middle name "Hussein" three times. And then Rev. Wright's "Yes, we can" ending.

Poor Obama.

video here.

Polygamy, spirtual wives, and other fun stuff

I haven't blogged on the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint families whose retreat in Eldorado was raided this month because I kept feeling one way about it, and then another.

First I thought of course they should take the children if teens are being impregnated by middle age men. Then we find out that the phone call wasn't made by one of the children. Then I wondered why they took the women and the children, who are clearly victims here, and not the men from the compound? Then I got mad that they would take the children from their mothers! Then I realized that no one knew who the mothers were because the kids are taught to call all the women "Mother...and their name." Then I thought "well, at least we didn't burn them to a crisp like Janet Reno did in Waco. Then I thought that if people want to live like the Amish, then they are free to do so! Then I saw the women on Tv being interviewed looking they had just popped in from the prairie in the 1800's. They talked like complete zombies. Then I realized that this really is a freaking cult and we just can't let men make underage girls have sex and have babies. I mean, they might have had a point if they had stuck to their adult age group. Because otherwise, it's sexual abuse and as much as I hate the state waltzing in and taking children away (and believe me, I have seen such abuse of this before), I have to understand why they did it in this instance.

McCain, McCain, McCain

What am I gonna do with you? Just when I was getting so many on the right warmed up to you, you go and tell the North Carolina RNC that they shouldn't run an ad with Rev. Wright in it.

Well, someone has finally gotten you to see the light a bit. This was at a press conference in Florida today:

Question: "Senator, the North Carolina GOP has continued to persist in this advertisement. I was wondering if you could talk about what steps, if any, you will continue to take?"

McCain: "I've stated my position very clearly that I don't like the ad. I was interested that this morning Senator Obama said that it was a legitimate political issue. If he believes that, then it will probably be a political issue. I saw yesterday some additional comments that have been revealed by Pastor Wright, one of them comparing the United States Marine Corps with Roman legionnaires who were responsible for the death of our Savior. I mean being involved in that — it's beyond belief. And then of course saying that Al Qaeda and the American Flag were the same flags.

"So I can understand — I can understand why the American people are upset about this. I can understand that Americans viewing these kinds of comments are angry and upset, just like they viewed Senator Obama's statements about why people turn to their faith and their values. He believes that it's out of economic concerns, when we all know that it's out of fundamental belief, fundamental faith in this country and its values and its principles. Again, Senator Obama is out of touch. I can't control and will not in the future control. I will voice my opinion and I will continue to think and to say that I think that ad should not be run. But I won't continue to try to be the referee here."

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A little bit of Sunday feel good prayer

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