Saturday, November 01, 2008

Here is why.

McCain on fire!

Have you guys been watching McCain these last few days or so? I just finished watching his speech in PA and either yesterday or the day before in Ohio. He is fired up like I have never seen him!

His speeches have been fantastic. He seems to have really found a way to bring home the points and issues in a brief exciting way. It's been awesome to watch. Watching him just now in PA he practically had me jumping up and down and the crowd was going crazy.

Keep the faith my conservative friends. I always told you that McCain has fought bigger battles than this and come out a winner. He will be a winner here too.

The most popular election video on Youtube

I'm not surprised. It's simple, true, straight forward, and basic. Especially the last line.


Dear Mr. Obama,
Having spent twelve months in the Iraq theater, I can promise you this was not a mistake. I've witnessed firsthand the many sacrifices made for the people of Iraq. Those sacrifices were not mistakes. The Iraqi people are just like us. They want a chance to live in a secure world: free from tyranny, free from terrorism, free to prosper, free to raise their children and pass on a future. Are they better off today than they were in 2002? You bet. I've seen many men sacrifice their lives for the Iraqi people. They died for a purpose, not a mistake. They died giving hope. They died promoting freedom. Do you rescue a fireman just as he's about to save a child? When you call the Iraqi war a mistake, you disrespect the service and the sacrifice of everyone who has died promoting freedom. Freedom carries with it a price. Because you do not understand or appreciate these principles, sir, I am supporting John McCain for President. He, too, made a huge sacrifice promoting freedom... because he understands the fundamental truth: freedom is always worth the price.

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The Final Stretch

ZOGBY SATURDAY: Republican John McCain has pulled back within the margin of error… McCain outpolled Obama 48% to 47% in Friday, one day, polling. He is beginning to cut into Obama’s lead among independents, is now leading among blue collar voters, has strengthened his lead among investors and among men, and is walloping Obama among NASCAR voters. Joe the Plumber may get his license after all… via HotAir

I don't take much stock in poll numbers, but I keep remembering someone saying a while back that Obama would need to be at least 10 points ahead in the poll going into election day to win. I guess that is what has been keeping me optimistic and I am oh so very optimistic.

Obama has now called those of us who don't believe in socialism, trying to make a "virtue out of selfishness." Ugh.

Obama says he didn't know his aunt was here illegally. You know, when I read stuff like this at this point in the election, I really think that Hillary must have been way off her game in the primaries.

Isn't it intersting that when it comes to controversial things in Obama's life, he "just didn't know." He didn't know that his pastor of 20 yrs was a racist lunatic. He didn't know that Ayers was a unrepentent domestic terrorist.

I'm posting this video of Gov. Schwarzenegger doing a pretty good job of slamming Obama and liberal giveaways. I have to say that I don't like Schwarzenegger and never have, but he does have some chutzpah to say things like this when his in laws are the Kennedys and he married to Maria Shriver(who I dislike even more than Arnold). Anyway, he is good here:

Friday, October 31, 2008

The Fairy and her werewolf

Look at this. Why dogs hate Halloween. It's hilarious!

Don't Vote

If you can get through this video without puking, you'll laugh yourself silly at the next one. Heh.

Stayed tuned for the real Fairy......

The Culture of Death

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Election Stuff

Does this whole Khalidi connection matter? Or does it matter that Obama's aunt, that he referred to in his book, is living in a Boston slum. Which also reminds us that his half brother is living in a shanty in Kenya. Obama talks a good game of all of us taking care of each other, but obviously he feels it should only be through the government.

If Iraqi's could vote, they would choose McCain. No surprise there. They are afraid Obama won't protect them from Iran. It looks like Iraq isn't the only country that should be worried.

Al Qaeda wants Bush and the Republican party "humiliated" in the election. I suppose they can count on the Democrats to keep trying to do that.

Good News. McCain gains 6 in a week.

Off topic, but this is just funny.

Why You Should Vote For John McCain

It's pretty simple and it won't take me 30 minutes to tell you why you should vote for John McCain.

Many many years ago I first read about John McCain in the pages of The National Review. I wasn't aware of his history as a P.O.W, and I read with fascination about his courage and strength. One sentence always remained with me. The author of the article said, "We don't make men like him anymore."

During the primaries I felt pretty lonely here on the right side of the web. The very things that moderates or more conservative Democrats loved about McCain, the right hated. They hated that he co-sponsored an education bill with Edward Kennedy. They hated he co-sponsered his campaign finance reform with another Democrat, Russ Feingold. They hated his belief in a guest worker program for illegal immigrants. He would never tow the Republican line. He was conservative, but of his own brand.

Republicans didn't want him reaching across the aisle. They wanted a fierce fighter for our side only. No compromise.

But that isn't and wasn't McCain's style.

Which is why everyone, including Obama, Hillary, and Biden have praised McCain as a man of integrity and honor. Even McCain's enemies admire him.

McCain has never pretended to be something he is not. Which is rare in a politician. He knows where he came from. He knows what it is to lose that. He came back from Vietnam, which stole 5 1/2 years of his life from him, determined to serve the people of this wonderful country. He had fought for us in war, and now he would fight for us in peace.

From the beginning he has always had an open-mindedness that was not founded in determined ideological positions. He does this thing, very unusual in Washington, of doing what he thinks is right. He doesn't change when the political winds blow in a different direction.

McCain has served this country, not just by 22 years in military service and over 20 years in the Congress, but by loving it enough to work with Democrats and Republicans to move this country forward, even when it wasn't popular politically. No person in history running for President has been more qualified and ready to lead than John McCain.

Don't be fooled by the soaring rhetoric and pretty speeches of Obama. Any actor on a stage can give you that. But what McCain has given; his service, his sacrifice, and his honor cannot be imitated or scripted. No one has ever questioned his love for this country. No one has ever questioned his dedication to it's principles.

One thing we know for sure. If McCain promises to do something, he will do it. He always has. He is as blunt as he is honest. He doesn't have a past that contradicts what he says now. He is who is he is. We know him because he has never hidden anything from us.

McCain understands that this is not a play where we write our parts. This is the real world, in need of a real leader whose past we don't question, but honor.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Want some good news?

I just couldn't watch the Obamainfomercial. So I was looking for something to make me feel better and I found this. And it did.

Although more Democrats than Republicans have voted early in Florida by a margin of 54 percent to 30 percent among the 1.4 million voters who have voted already, guess what???? A Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll of those Florida voters gave McCain a 49-45 lead over Obama.

In other words, my friends, many Democrats are voting for McCain.


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A Broken Promise

CNN's Campbell Brown, of all people, writes today about Obama breaking the first promise he made to the American people:

"One year ago, he made a promise. He pledged to accept public financing and to work with the Republican nominee to ensure that they both operated within those limits.

Then it became clear to Sen. Obama and his campaign that he was going to be able to raise on his own far more cash than he would get with public financing. So Obama went back on his word."

It is because of this broken promise that Obama is able to buy 30 minutes of airtime on five different TV networks tonight.

I just want all you to remember that as you watch Obama tonight. How can you believe anything he says when the very airtime he purchased to speak to you is based on a broken promise?

60 years ago today!

October 30, 1948

Syracuse Herald Journal (Syracuse, New York):


Gov. Thomas E. Dewey winds up his second presidential campaign tonight, apparently confident he will more than double President Truman's electoral vote next Tuesday.

The Republican nominee sums up his unity program in a Madison Square Garden speech, to be broadcast from 9:30 to 10 P.M. over the National Broadcasting network.
*Wow. That's kind of spooky, isn't it? Dewey takes 30 minutes over the National Broadcasting network and it's a "unity' program.

Millions in potential fraud

I was waiting to post on this until some more information came out on it. But it looks like the Washington Post decided page 2 was good enough for the story that the Obama campaign has been allowing donors to use untraceable prepaid credit cards that makes it impossible to trace the limits on how much an individual is legally allowed to give and it masks the identity of the person donating.

We have heard the stories trickle out about the fake donors, "Good Will" and "Mr A Hitler of Berlin." But someone overseas and a non-citizen can easily give with a fake American name and address as well. This has given the Obama campaign presidential fundraising records. Of the $150 million Obama raised in September, nearly $100 million came from the internet.

How did that happen? The Obama campaign intentionally disabled all the default security checks that prevent basic fraud like fake addresses and no-name matches. In other words, if you go to the McCain donation site and write in "Mother Mary" with the address "heaven" with your credit card info, you will be rejected using automatic security checks. But if you had gone to the Obama donation site and done the same thing, your donation would have sailed through.

$100 million. Think about that.

Overseas donations from non citizens are illegal. So why would the Obama campaign do such a thing? It's all about a phrase I joke about all the time, it's easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission. In other words the Obama campaign figures that the benefit of taking in the money now outweighs having to give it back, however bad it looks then, when Obama has already won.

Isn't that special?

Unlike McCain, Obama has not released the names of donors who gave under $200.00 because he doesn't have to. So we will not know if overseas donators gave in bundles until after the election. Well, after Obama has outspent McCain in the final push 5 to 1.

Does the end justify the means? It would seem so to the Obama campaign.

I don't expect election night to go smoothly. Not with the way this campaign operates.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Forgive me...

I couldn't resist. I did try and "edit" it. Too funny.

Let me get this straight...

The homeless in Ohio can list a park bench as their home address and vote, but our overseas military ballots are being tossed for clerical errors?

What is wrong with this picture?

In his own words...

60 years ago today!

October 28, 1948

Joplin Globe (Jopin, Missouri):



Welcome to '1984'

I just cannot get over the media investigating and smearing Joe the plumber for simply asking a legitimate question of Obama. It's just so wrong. I can't wrap my head around it.

The more I discover, the more incredible it is. Such an invasion of privacy for an ordinary citizens. I just remember the left going ballistic thinking that with the Patriot Act the govt would know which library books we checked out. Remember that? But the same people have no problem with the govt looking into the most private part of our lives.

Case in point:

Helen Jones-Kelly, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, approved the check by the media on Joe the Plumber to check the state child-support computer system on his child support payments.

Because that is important for us to know, right? Since he dared to ask a tough question of Obama.

The state computer system was used four times for what seems to be an illegal intrusion into personal records.

It turns out that Helen Jones-Kelly is a maximum $2300 contributor to Barack Obama.

What a surprise.

Is it 2008 or 1984?

via Ace


First we have skinheads planning to assassinate Obama and kill black people. Evil. Evil.

Then we have someone with a "Sarah Palin" mannequin dressed as vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin hanging by a noose from the roof of his home.

60 Years Ago Today!

October 28th 1948

Tucson Daily Citizen


*just kidding. Couldn't resist. Real headline coming later!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Preacher of Hate

Republican Pac is airing this in swing states. I'm so glad they are doing this. It is beyond ridiculous that McCain isn't using this. If McCain had followed a racist preacher for 20 yrs, who he named his most famous book after one of his preacher's sermons, and who believed that black people spread AIDS, I think it would be campaign issue, don't you??? Good grief. Every time I see this preacher I want to scream.

Just a reminder.

Obama in 2004: " Oh, I admire Wright so much. I named my book after one of his sermons. He's one of my heros. He married me and Michelle and baptised my children"

Obama in early 2008: "I go maybe twice a month to church, so I never heard those racist sermons, but I could never disown Wright anymore than I could disown my own uncle"

Obama later in 2008 when people got a good look a those racist sermons: "Of course I disagree with everything he said! I now disown him. I quit the church."

What a joke this whole thing is.

Donate here. I know it's hard to believe, but a lot of Americans haven't been paying attention and don't know about Rev. Wright. Help make sure they do.

60 years ago today!

October 27, 1948

Nevada State Journal (Reno, Nevada):


'Mud-Slinging' Blame Given Democrats

Thomas E. Dewey tonight rebuked President Truman for having "reached a new low of mid-slinging" in his campaign of "reckless abuse . . . from coast to coast."

"Now, faced with failure, with their party split in all directions, its candidates have spread fantastic fears among our people."

I'm pretty sure that's socialism

Let's not pretend it's anything but that.

From NRO:

In a radio interview in 2001, Barack Obama sounds like he unequivocally embraced "redistribution" of wealth several times, and, correct me if I am wrong, also laments that the Warren Court was not liberal enough.

Tell me this isn't socialism. Obama is the most radical nominee for president in modern history.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Death of Integrity in Journalism

Michael S. Malone is one of the nation's best-known technology writers, he has written for The Economist, Fortune Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. He was editor of Forbes ASAP and is the author of the best selling book, "Virtual Corporation." He has been in journalism for 25 years. He has been the "Silicon Insider" columnist since 2000.

In this piece he puts to words what any reasonable person can see, the extreme media bias in this presidential election for Barack Obama.

"The traditional media are playing a very, very dangerous game -- with their readers, with the Constitution and with their own fates.
The sheer bias in the print and television coverage of this election campaign is not just bewildering, but appalling."

Malone is a fourth generation newspaperman and he says now he is ashamed to say what he does for a living.

I watched with disbelief as the nation's leading newspapers, many of whom I'd written for in the past, slowly let opinion pieces creep into the news section, and from there onto the front page. Personal opinions and comments that, had they appeared in my stories in 1979, would have gotten my butt kicked by the nearest copy editor, were now standard operating procedure at the New York Times, the Washington Post, and soon after in almost every small town paper in the U.S.


Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not one of those people who think the media has been too hard on, say, Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin, by rushing reportorial SWAT teams to her home state of Alaska to rifle through her garbage. This is the big leagues, and if she wants to suit up and take the field, then Gov. Palin better be ready to play.

The few instances where I think the press has gone too far -- such as the Times reporter talking to prospective first lady Cindy McCain's daughter's MySpace friends -- can easily be solved with a few newsroom smackdowns and temporary repostings to the Omaha bureau.

No, what I object to (and I think most other Americans do as well) is the lack of equivalent hardball coverage of the other side -- or worse, actively serving as attack dogs for the presidential ticket of Sens. Barack Obama, D-Ill., and Joe Biden, D-Del.

But it isn't just that they attack Palin and leave Biden alone, it's the fact that they are willing to leave what is practically an unknown new candidate for President of the United States completely alone:

If the current polls are correct, we are about to elect as president of the United States a man who is essentially a cipher, who has left almost no paper trail, seems to have few friends (that at least will talk) and has entire years missing out of his biography.

That isn't Sen. Obama's fault: His job is to put his best face forward. No, it is the traditional media's fault, for it alone (unlike the alternative media) has had the resources to cover this story properly, and has systematically refused to do so.

Why, for example to quote the lawyer for Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., haven't we seen an interview with Sen. Obama's grad school drug dealer -- when we know all about Mrs. McCain's addiction? Are Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko that hard to interview? All those phony voter registrations that hard to scrutinize? And why are Sen. Biden's endless gaffes almost always covered up, or rationalized, by the traditional media?

Why? Malone explains, as we all know, that the mainstream media wants Obama to win and they are willing to throw out their journalistic integrity to make sure that happens.

Malone shares my disgust and disbelief about a press that was willing to attack and investigate and smear an ordinary citizen because he dared to asked a question that they didn't like of their Presidential candidate.

The absolute nadir (though I hate to commit to that, as we still have two weeks before the election) came with Joe the Plumber.

Middle America, even when they didn't agree with Joe, looked on in horror as the press took apart the private life of an average person who had the temerity to ask a tough question of a presidential candidate. So much for the standing up for the little man. So much for speaking truth to power. So much for comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable, and all of those other catchphrases we journalists used to believe we lived by.


Read the rest of Malone's opinion of why journalists are stooping to this new low. He thinks that they see it as the only way to preserve their jobs. They believe, he says, that the Obama administration will crush the alternative media.

If this doesn't scare you, I just don't know what will. Free speech indeed.

At the end of the article is a disclaimer that is usual for opinion pieces. It says, "This is the opinion of the columnist and in no way reflects the opinion of ABC News."

You better believe it in no way reflects the opinion of ABC News. I'm surprised they even let him write it. At least Malone wrote it while he still could.

h/t BigDog

60 years ago today!

October 26, 1948

The Anniston Star (Anniston, Alabama):