Friday, June 03, 2005


I have been hearing quite a bit from the left about the number of civilian deaths since this war began. Here is something for my leftwing friends to think about.

Since abortion was legalized in 1973 in this country, more unborn children have been killed than human life taken in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq COMBINED.

And it wasn't from a war either. It was purposeful and legal.

So until the Democratic party can stand up against those deaths, they have no moral credibility with me on the issue of death.

Charles Krauthammer in Time Magazine rocks with this article regarding people "with deeply held views."

Here is an excerpt:

"The Op-Ed pages are filled with jeremiads about believers--principally evangelical Christians and traditional Catholics--bent on turning the U.S. into a theocracy. Now I am not much of a believer, but there is something deeply wrong--indeed, deeply un-American--about fearing people simply because they believe. It seems perfectly O.K. for secularists to impose their secular views on America, such as, say, legalized abortion or gay marriage. But when someone takes the contrary view, all of a sudden he is trying to impose his view on you. And if that contrary view happens to be rooted in Scripture or some kind of religious belief system, the very public advocacy of that view becomes a violation of the U.S. constitutional order."

Read the rest. Excellent.

What might have been.

Tech Central Station has an excellent article on "Operation Thunder."

"The much talked about "cordon and sweep" of Baghdad by an estimated 40,000 Iraqi police and military and "backed" by unknown thousands of U.S. troops has begun."

The article ends with what I think about all the time, but hardly anyone else seems to:

"The ongoing operations in Baghdad will be a deadly mix of tedium and danger. Innocents will be killed. Unintended but inevitable indignities will occur (and be duly reported). Desperate and deadly counterattacks will occur.

But, as bloody as these past weeks have been, and as bloody and uncertain as the coming days will be in Iraq, the real story -- hidden within little news and much noise -- is of the terrorist plans that will never be carried out, the attacks that will not occur. There is much, much more to all this than meets the media eye."

From all that we did after 9-11 with homeland security and invading Afhganistan and Iraq. Taking down Saddam, showing Syria, Iran, and Pakistan and the rest that we mean business...all these things...we will never know all that we prevented. We will never be shown a "how it would have been" ending of this drama.

With all the horror that occurs with war, we will never know the endless horror that didn't occur because of it. We can only imagine.

Thank God, we only have to imagine it.

It is what so many refuse to see or understand.

This Is Your War blog is shutting down. Too bad. It was one of the most well written exciting Milblogs. He truly had a way with the keyboard. If you haven't read him, go through some past posts. It's like reading a Tom Clancy novel. He really knows how to put you right there with him.

I just thank God we have the Milblogs. Because if it is between what the MSM is saying and the milblogs, I believe the warrior everytime.

Looks like California's Maxine Waters may be getting some opposition from one of our soldiers.

Very cool.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities gives us a hilarious look at everyone's 15 minutes of Hitler fame. (Only Jeff could make this funny) I just love you Jeff.

Welcome to all the newcomers!! It seems I have picked up some lefties which I am sure McSwain and Dirk are happy to have on board!! Here is the thing on my blog. No F-word, no S-word and no personal insults. I ban anyone who breaks these rules after being warned. Maybe many of you are used to hurling insults on other blogs, but I discourage that here. I want a reasoned civil debate. If you can't play that way, don't come here.

I think it would help to know some things about me, where I came from and what made me care about the things I care about. Here are some past posts that are personal and will help you to see who I am.


My Dream

Love Means Loving You Anyway.

This Life

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Presidental History.

This whole thing about "deep throat" has gotten me to thinking about the eery similarities between President Nixon and President Clinton.

Both did something immoral and wrong.

Both lied to the American people.

Both of their respective parties said that despite their President's misdeeds they were still great Presidents.

Both had their respective parties say that past Presidents did the same thing, Nixon and Clinton just got caught.

Both had their respective parties understand how wrong it was to have leadership without moral clarity and discipline and allowed their leader to resign.

Oh wait. No.

Only the Republican party did.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rescue Warriors.

Have you seen the National Geographic channel's "Rescue Warrior?" They filmed a ten week selection course that prepare men for Air Force Pararescue Jumper training. Everyday, the men face grueling physical challenges that continually escalate in intensity. One hundred percent commitment is the only option.

In this training session, of the 50 something men who started, only 15 remained to the end. I knew this training was difficult and that only the best become these Rescue Warriors, but I had NO IDEA. It was fascinating to watch the physical endurance these men go through. It isn't just about getting through the course, it is also about proving that it isn't about you, but about the team. My admiration and respect for these guys, already high, zoomed through the roof after seeing this. They are almost literally like supermen. Tough and committed. They work through pain that would put most of us in the hospital. Their personal sacrifice is amazing to see as well. Just the kind of guys you want to do the most dangerous work in a war. I understand they filmed some footage in Iraq, but I haven't seen that yet.

The National Geographic channel seems to be re-running this so check your TV guide. You have got to see it.

On a sad related note, there our incredible soldiers mentioned above, then there are these British soldiers. Heh. via Ace

I guess I need to get in great blogger shape because I will be contributing to 2 group blogs now. The Cotillion which Michelle Malkin calls "HOT CONSERVATIVE GALS OF THE BLOGOSPHERE.." started by Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Thanks to Beth! We needed a female POV since the big boys tend to ignore us a bit.(hmmm...kinda like in real life) and I will be contributing to The Unpaid Punditry Corps. Which combines the left and right point of view. Should be interesting.

I will be traveling for a few days starting tomorrow. I hope to keep blogging though.


How many car/suicide bombers have their been since this war started? How anyone kept count? How many warped, brain washed men have strapped bombs to themselves, to women and even to children, and intentionally set out to kill innocent people as well as our military?

I have written many times of my pride in our military. I have written of support of our President in his decision to go to war. But here is something that might surprise you.

I do not believe in war.

And I will tell you something else I know. Our soldiers do not believe in war either.

Do you not think that unlike the car bombers, who are the macabre and twisted image of our soldiers, that our men and women do not want to come home? Do you not think they do not want to hurt one innocent person? Do you not think they hate this war? They hate this war as much as you and I do.

But they are soldiers. They are soldiers because the red blood of freedom runs through their veins. Nothing is more important than protecting that freedom.

But unfortunately there are men in this world who do believe in freedom, or decency, or equality. They believe in fatwa, in 72 heavenly virgins, in subservient women in burkas, and a world with unbreakable rules.

They believe in a false god that promises heaven, but only if they provide hell first.

We all grow weary of this war. We want it to end. We are all agreed on that one point. What we don't agree on is why and how we got here. We are told by the left over and over that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. We are told that Iraq did not attack us. And both those things are true. But what is also true is that no country attacked us. A belief attacked us. a hellish belief that rocked us and woke us up to this central truth. There are untold numbers of people who hate us. Who believe we are "infidels." These people would drop a nuclear bomb on us without hesitation or attack us on our shores in any way possible if given the chance.

We will not give them that chance.

It wasn't Iraq or Syria or Iran or Saudi Arabia who attacked us. If you take away the names of the countries you are left with the same mindset of so many there. The same fanatical warping of their religion. You have men determined to kill Americans regardless, and even with the intent, of killing innocent human life to do so. If nothing was done to change that now, I don't believe that it would have been possible in the future to change it without drastic measures that would have made this war look like a picnic.

Why Iraq? Why not Iraq? It's leadership posed the most danger in giving terrorists what they wanted. Taking down a brutal dictator and infusing democracy was icing on the cake. The infected disease of a warped Islamic belief was spreading in the Middle East, covering the region with the oozing wound of itself. The seemingly unending numbers of car bombers is proof enough of that. How else would we have gone after the terrorists? They lived in no one country. Should we have gone into the whole region? Do any of you believe that if we had never invaded Iraq that these men would have lived quiet lives as construction workers or businessmen? Do you believe that they never again would have found their way to our shores? Do you believe that there would never be another 9-11?

I don't believe in war. But I don't believe in allowing evil even more.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Yesterday we had a thunderstorm go over. I had some family visiting and we were standing in the front hallway and my son was about to leave and had his hand on the doorknob. The lightning and thunder were fierce and I was worried about him leaving. Suddenly lightning struck my house. It hit somewhere close to where we were because it went through the doorknob and shocked my son. (he was fine) The thunder was so loud it made our ears ring and my burglar alarm went off.

My son ran up the stairs and I knew he was thinking of his prized possession, the computer he built from scratch.

Long story short. It blew out two of my 34 inch TV's, a DVD player, a phone and my wireless modem. Thank God it didn't blow our three computers. So... today we bought 2 new TV's. A good excuse to get flat screen HD TVs anyway.

Good thing there were Memorial Day sales.

I am using an old modem now which seems to only let one of our computers online. I hope to get it fixed before I leave on Wednesday. I will be traveling for a few days but hope to keep blogging from where I am.

I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend.