Friday, April 03, 2009

The drunken sailors passed the budget last night.

The Democrat drunken sailors approved Pres. Obama’s new budget late last night. While you were probably sleeping, your little ones down the hall just took on a burden that Americans don't seem to be able to fully grasp.

The sailors approved the $3.5 trillion budget during a time of economic crisis not seen in decades.

Voting along party lines, the House and Senate approved budget blueprints that would trim Obama’s spending proposals for the fiscal year that begins in October and curtail his plans to cut taxes. The blueprints, however, would permit work to begin on the central goals of Obama’s presidency: an expansion of health-care coverage for the uninsured, more money for college loans and a cap-and-trade system to reduce gases that contribute to global warming.

What?? Curtail cutting taxes????! You mean that mantra during the campaign that 95% of get a tax cut was disingenuous? Said only to get elected? I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

When will people realized that a Democrat will NEVER EVER cut your taxes no matter what he says.

This budget didn't get ONE SINGLE GOP vote. Maybe this tea party thing is waking them up to the fact that we aren't going to put up with Republicans that say one thing and vote another. Even our usual betrayer, Susan Collins had this to say of why she would not vote for it:

Sen. Susan Collins, a Maine Republican who sided with Obama on his $787 billion economic stimulus plan, said she couldn't support the White House plan this time.

"It would double the public debt in 5 years, triple it in 10 years. ... That is not sustainable. It poses a threat to the basic health of our economy," Collins said.

Even two Democrats stood strong against this wall of debt. Ben Nelson (D-NE) and Evan Bayh (D-IN).

Sen. Judd Gregg, who has become the Senate's version of the Emergency Siren Warning System, had this to say:

"The practical implications of this is bankruptcy for the United States," said Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H. "There's no other way around it. If we maintain the proposals which are in this budget over the 10-year period that this budget covers, this country will go bankrupt. People will not buy our debt; our dollar will become devalued."

But who really listens to that siren anyway?

Meanwhile unemployment crept up to 8.5% in March, according to numbers out this morning -- up from 8.1% last month, shedding another 663,000 jobs.

We can poke fun at Michelle Obama for touching the Queen, a protocol no no, get angry at Obama for bowing at King Abdullah, laugh at the Obama's tacky gifts, OR we can focus on what is really important here. An economic crisis that is only going to get worse under this budget.

I encourage you to find the closest tea party to you and bring your friends and attend on April 15th. This is just the beginning.

Our voices will be heard.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Some Brits not impressed with Obama

Oh, and it seems that PM Gordon Brown has a man crush on Obama despite his crappy gifts to him.

This is funny.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Anarchists suck and Capitalism doesn't

Here are some pics of the anarchists and hippies and thugs at the G2O protests.

See the blood? Probably fake. These are a bunch of kids, either studying somewhere, or your run of the mill loser. They love to wear bandannas over their face because it looks cool. They show up wherever the text message or e-mail from "protest central" tells them to. They couldn't spell capitalism, much less tell you what it means, but they protest against it all the same.

It's kids with too much time and not enough sense that don't realize that life requires certain responsibilities. The free love and peace generation is over, and all we got from them is promiscuous sex, abortion, and more war. So give it up already.

We know you want to be able to look back at how radical and cool you were, but you really just are stupid and clueless.

They storm banks because they have never taken the time from protesting to hold any real job that would require a bank account.

I have no sympathy for fake outrage wannabes. Capitalism bothers you? Really? Well then, let's take back the millions and billions of dollars given to 3rd world countries from charities that exist off people who made a lot of money OFF CAPITALISM.

Let's take their most hated American President, President Bush. When President Bush became President in 2001, the US spent $1.4 billion a year on humanitarian and development aid in Africa. By 2006, the figure had quadrupled to $5.6 billion a year. Aid that provided Aids prevention and mosquito nets designed protect 5.2 million Tanzanian children from the deadly disease of Malaria.

Remember the capitalist show "American Idol?" They came up with "Idol gives back." The funds benefited six charities. including: the Children's Defense Fund, The Global Fund, Make It Right, Malaria No More, Save The Children, U.S. Programs and the Children's Health Fund.

In 2007 Americans gave almost 300 BILLION in charity. Am I making my point here? Why were Americans able to give so much? The answer would be CAPITALISM.

You see, when people work hard and are not held back by government, they make money. Which is always nice. But what is even better is that we give back. Big time. And in doing that, we save people's lives around the world.

So you young idiots who wear your bandannas and slather fake blood on you, my advice is to get a real job and contribute to society. The more money you make, the more you can give to help the poor.

Wouldn't that be better than waiting by your bong while on government assistance for the next text message of where you can go protest?

Think about it.

Tea Party Update! WOW!

The Tea Party Movement has now confirmed more than 360 cities to host a Tax Day Tea Party on April 15th. We're now in all 50 states!

This is promising to be the largest single day multi location demonstration in our country's history!

A wonderful artist donated her talent for tea party slogans and put them on a web page so that they are free and downloadable. The art is set up so you can take them to a local copy shop and print inexpensive 11″ x 17″ color copies on cardstock. You can download the signs, post the link... pass it on!"

The outpouring of support has been nothing short of amazing, especially since the main stream media seems to be ignoring this. People are just so frustrated and now they have way to vent their frustrations in a postive way!

There will be some big names at the tea parties, but this isn't about big names. It's about the fed up taxpayer saying that our government must stop this out of control spending now!

Get some Tax Day Tea Party gear here. I'm getting the t-shirt that has to logo above.
The Houston Tea Party event on facebook is here.

Felicia Craven, the tea party organizer for Houston was on the Glenn Beck the other day. Watch the video here.

Let your voice be heard!! This is about us and our families demanding that government be responsible and be beholden to the people! We are standing up against wasteful spending and reckless bailouts and budgets supported by too many of those who are suppose to serve us in both parties.

So mark your calenders, blackberries, and iphones. I want to see all of you there! (If you live in Houston or near)

TAX DAY TEA PARTY April 15 Wednesday 4 p.m. lasting indefinitely - Jones Plaza - 601 Louisiana St Houston TX 77201 by the downtown Post Office Houston

It's going to be a GREAT PARTY!

Julie Limbaugh speaks out

Julie Limbaugh, Rush's cousin has a piece at Salon.

It's a well written piece where she whines about how she is treated as a "Limbaugh" by those oh so tolerant liberals who don't even realize that she actually doesn't' agree with Rush (she wants to make that very very clear). How is she treated? Rudely, of course.

In her piece she accidentally reveals two things. One is that Rush is really the nice generous person those of us who do like him hope that he is.

Second, that she is a typical liberal. She hates Ann Coulter although she has never read any of her books or listened to anything she has to say. She bases it all on the media's perception of Ann. At least Julie admits that and realizes this:

"And suddenly I realize that I have become the person I can't stand."

I am assuming the "person she can't stand" is one who judges people before she knows them. One who is so closed minded that she cannot bring herself to actually listen to her cousin Rush on the radio, and maybe open her mind to the possibility that he might have some great ideas (but of course she listens to Jon Stewart).

Julie is a good writer and she realizes some of her flaws, but not all.

Intolerance and a refusal to listen to the other side has to be the worst flaw of all. Whining about how you have had to put up with the intolerance of the left your whole life is also a serious flaw. Maybe if Julie had listened to Rush, learned from Rush, and realized that most of the time he is spot on in his political assessments, then she could have been proud of her cousin and defended him as any family member should.

What Julie will find now is a new found fame. If she can only come up with a bit more meaness in her description of her cousin. If she can bring to the table stories that degrade or demean her cousin Rush, then all the attention she ever wanted from the left will be granted to her. They will have her as a pundit on MSNBC. Keith Olberman will give her a guest spot on his show. Saturday Night Live will offer her a skit.

All she has to do is sell out her family member, sell her soul so to speak.

Will she?

I guess we will have to see.

“If you paid attention you’d be worried too.”

Mona Charon puts it all in perspective:

Let’s imagine that President Obama decides to go help out in Fargo, N.D., where they are experiencing floods. Mr. Obama enters the home of a flooded family. The water is already six inches high in the living room. The president produces a fire hose and begins to douse the room with even more water. “What are you doing?” cry the anguished homeowners. The president fixes them with one of his impatient looks, and explains “May I remind you that I inherited this flood?”

President Obama has reminded us countless times that he inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit. Even if he were about to propose the most responsible, prudent, visionary budget imaginable, that complaint would still be petulant and unseemly. But considering what Obama’s own spending will do to the deficit, it’s jaw-droppingly galling. He now proposes to increase that deficit to $7 trillion in ten years. And that $7 trillion is probably a low estimate (the Congressional Budget Office estimates that it will be $2.3 trillion higher).

The house flooding analogy is a perfect example. Obama decries the spending of the Bush administration while he spends more than all our past Presidents combined. It's like throwing grease on a fire.

So, to review, it was terrible for President Bush and the Democratic Congress (the president neglects to mention the latter) to saddle him with all this debt. His answer is to triple it. That’s showing ‘em!

....the current gusher quite takes your breath away. In just the first two months of his term, President Obama has proposed the largest increase in federal spending since World War II. If his budget is enacted, the national debt will be close to 100 percent of GDP in nine years. The Obama/Pelosi/Reid triumvirate is massively increasing government debt at the same time that individuals are struggling to reduce their private debt.

Are Americans getting this? Are they paying attention? I'm afraid not.

I wanted to add this from Gateway Pundit:

**The stock market had its worst January in 113 years.
** The stock market had its worst February since 1933.
** The Dow has dropped faster under Obama than any other new president in 90 years.
** In March the dollar saw its worst drop in value in 25 years.
** And, today we found out that the stock market had its the worst first quarter since 1939.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Never say we didn't warn you

It's mind boggling how quickly we have just opened the door to unfettered government invasion into companies (and banks).

From Wizbang: (emphasis mine)

We are now entering the black hole of statism.

Byron York at The Washington Examiner:

But now, in a little-noticed move, the House Financial Services Committee, led by chairman Barney Frank, has approved a measure that would, in some key ways, go beyond the most draconian features of the original AIG bill. The new legislation, the "Pay for Performance Act of 2009," would impose government controls on the pay of all employees -- not just top executives -- of companies that have received a capital investment from the U.S. government. It would, like the tax measure, be retroactive, changing the terms of compensation agreements already in place. And it would give Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner extraordinary power to determine the pay of thousands of employees of American companies.

The purpose of the legislation is to "prohibit unreasonable and excessive compensation and compensation not based on performance standards," according to the bill's language. That includes regular pay, bonuses -- everything -- paid to employees of companies in whom the government has a capital stake, including those that have received funds through the Troubled Assets Relief Program, or TARP, as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The measure is not limited just to those firms that received the largest sums of money, or just to the top 25 or 50 executives of those companies. It applies to all employees of all companies involved, for as long as the government is invested. And it would not only apply going forward, but also retroactively to existing contracts and pay arrangements of institutions that have already received funds.

In addition, the bill gives Geithner the authority to decide what pay is "unreasonable" or "excessive." And it directs the Treasury Department to come up with a method to evaluate "the performance of the individual executive or employee to whom the payment relates."

Another Obama appointee, another tax problem

Good grief. It's beyond parody now.

You know, it's not just how they all can't seem to pay the proper taxes, it's the gall that they want us to pay so much more.

Kathleen Sebelius, President Obama's nominee to become Health and Human Services secretary, said in a letter obtained by the Associated Press that she made "unintentional errors" on her taxes and has corrected her returns from three different years.

She made "unintentional errors" to the tune of $7000.

Heh. via COC

The Beauty of Gitmo

Miss Universe made a visit to Gitmo.

I think she liked it.

I didn’t want to leave, it was such a relaxing place, so calm and beautiful.

via Hotair

A Beck Beating

I saw this live yesterday and it was simply delicious.

From Newsbusters:

Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck has already shown he's a rating success and is leaving a mark in cable news. However, he may have pulled one of his most successful performances yet.

Beck interviewed Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal on his March 30 broadcast. But, the radio and TV host took the opportunity to tell Blumenthal what he thought of his investigation into the bonuses received by American International Group (AIG) executives - whose company received federal bailout money.

"Look, you know what you have done, know what you have done?" Beck said. "You have - you are an insult to George Washington, sir. George Washington made it very clear that we are a respecter of laws, not of men. For your own political gain, you have decided to go after these people at AIG because it is a popular thing."

***Oh, I almost forgot to mention that my Houston buddy Felicia Cravens who is heading up the Houston Tea Party on the 15th of April was also on Beck yesterday. She was the one who led the organization meeting I was a part of and blogged about the other day. She was awesome.

This car's for you!

I see that I wasn't the only one disturbed to see Pres. Obama on TV assuring us that our car warranty will be safe like a used car salesman:

What America really needs in these tough times is a new Used Car Dealer-in-Chief!

And that's just what we got from the Grand Foyer of the White House yesterday as Obama explained all the great new features of owning the world's second-largest automaker.

"Just in case there's still nagging doubts," Obama said, as if to a skeptical buyer.

"Let me say it as plainly as I can: If you buy a car from Chrysler or General Motors, you will be able to get your car serviced and repaired, just like always."

All that was missing was the sharkskin suit, giant pinky ring and slicked-back 'do.

"Your warranty will be safe," Obama promised. "In fact, it will be safer than it's ever been!

"Because, starting today, the United States government will stand behind your warranty."


But wait.

This is the same federal government that can't even switch America to digital TV?

Even Jon Stewart had a segment yesterday showing Obama as a slick oily used car salesman.

The problem here? People are fooled every day by a used car salesman.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The GM CEO steps down

I have only a quote to share you:

“Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” -- Mussolini

Don't be fooled people...

Pres. Obama is all about perception. From his teleprompter to his town halls, all must be carefully orchestrated.

From the WaPo:

But while the online question portion of the White House town hall was open to any member of the public with an Internet connection, the five fully identified questioners called on randomly by the president in the East Room were anything but a diverse lot. They included: a member of the pro-Obama Service Employees International Union, a member of the Democratic National Committee who campaigned for Obama among Hispanics during the primary; a former Democratic candidate for Virginia state delegate who endorsed Obama last fall in an op-ed in the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star; and a Virginia businessman who was a donor to Obama's campaign in 2008.

The Shame of Notre Dame

The academia of Notre Dame are sending out e-mails on how to handle the outraged Catholics that are protesting Pres. Obama speaking at their commencement this year.

I was struck by this sentence in the e-mail:

"Rather, the invitation recognizes the president for his historic election, for his concern for the poor, for his efforts to improve educational standards, his respect for the role of faith and religious institutions, and for his commitment to ending war. These issues are dear to the heart of Notre Dame and all Catholics."

Let's take these one by one. Concern for the poor? Records show that Obama gave less than 1% of his income from 2001-2006 to the poor. Real concern there. Improving educational standards? Is that why he is abandoning school choice for Washington D.C. kids? His respect of the role of faith? Rev. Wright. Need I say more? But I will say more. When he reduces tax deductions for charitable contributions, who will suffer the most? The Churches that help the poor of course. His commitment to ending the war? He has announced he will not speed up the process of bringing troops home from Iraq, saying the work isn't done. He is sending 17,000 troops to Afghanistan next month.

Yeah, I can see how these issues override his pro-abortion stances.


The new era...of wussy

From NRO:

The United States can do nothing to stop North Korea from breaking international law in the next 10 days by firing a missile that is unlikely to be shot down by the U.S. or its allies, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Sunday.

Appearing on "FOX News Sunday," Gates said North Korea "probably will" fire the missile, prompting host Chris Wallace to ask: "And there's nothing we can do about it?"
"No," Gates answered, adding, "I would say we're not prepared to do anything about it."

Get Ready For A Party!

Get ready for The TAX DAY TEA PARTY here in Houston.

It's pretty simple. If you think Washington and our politicians are out of control spenders and you don't want your children and grandchildren saddled with enormous debt, then you are the one who needs to attend this tea party. It's one of many across the country.

If you don't believe that we can spend our way out of this economic crisis, then you need to attend. If you are sick of "bailouts' then you need to attend. If you think that government is overreaching and too intrusive, then you need to attend. If you believe in a government that is supposed to be for the people and by the people, then you need to attend.

This is about change. But it's isn't about one man or one party. It's about us. You and me, the American taxpayer, upon which the burden of all this spending will fall.

Channel 13 did a story on it Thurs. See it here.

Here are the details:

April 15 Wednesday 4 p.m. lasting indefinitely - Jones Plaza – 601 Louisiana St Houston TX 77201 by the downtown Post Office Houston

Mark your calender RIGHT NOW.

I went to a organizational meeting of The Tea Party yesterday in Houston. Over 60 people showed up and it was clear they had had enough. Although this was largely a conservative/libertarian group, political labels weren't used. This isn't about Republicans or Democrats. It's about the people of this great country fed up with Washington invading our lives and spending money we don't have. It's about standing up against the unfair burden Washington is forcing upon us.

If you don't believe me, you should have heard the crowd when certain high ranking Republican politicians who wished to speak at the tea party were mentioned. A big "NO' roared from the group. It was clear that this group was as mad at the Republicans for spending as they were at the Democrats. Almost everyone agreed that this wasn't about the politicians or elected officials, this was about the weary taxpayer. It was about the people. It was about the constitution and what it demands of limited government.

Revolution. Liberty.

Be There.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Democrats make me laugh

I can't get over how The Smartest Woman in the universe keeps screwing up.

It's almost as bad as Biden's latest gaffe.

Not surprising, Al Gore ignores "Earth Hour."

Oh, how they made fun of Bush, but these clowns make Bush look like Einstein.