Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama fights back

I just got through a delightful lunch with fellow blogger Dr. Melissa Clouthie(check out her blog!) and on the way home I listened to Rush play the recent Obama condemnation of Rev. Wright. HotAir has a clip of it.

Basically Obama said exactly the right things. He even addressed the issue that Wright made about Obama saying what he needed to say politically. Obama said that Rev. Wright must not know him very well then and maybe he didn't know Rev. Wright as well as he thought either.

Rush thinks this won't work because Rev. Wright is the same as he has been for 20 yrs. But I disagree. I think it will work. Obama said exactly what he needed to say to convince people that he disavows and disagrees with Wright. He knew he had to do it pretty brutally and he did.

I don't believe him for a moment, but I'm betting most people watching will give him the benefit of the doubt.

One more thing. The one thing that was clear in Rev. Wright's speech yesterday was that he really could not care less about Obama. Rev. Wright is one of those narcisstic personalities that only thinks of themselves first.

I have a feeling that Obama's remarks today are not going to sit well with Rev. Wright. And I'm betting we are going to hear about it.