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And you thought violence in video games might be a bit much.

Do you know HOW Saddam talked the U.N. into the Food for Oil program? It seems he started complaining loudly that sanctions were starving the children of his land! "Do something!" He demanded. (macabre and ironic are the mass graves of children killed by his chemical weapons we discovered after Saddam's fall ) ANYWAY, Saddam showed footage of mass funerals and tiny coffins. Coffins filled with dead babies that his regime collected from morgues until they had enough for the creepy fake funerals. This brought enough sympathy for the Food for Oil program that got Saddam and previously mentioned heads of state and U.N. bigwigs rich. Show dead babies, get rich. What a guy! And just think, if Kerry had been president he would still be in power.
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ABC news political director, Mark Helprin is getting all kinds of grief for his memo before the debate saying that Gibson should go harder on Bush because it seems Mr. Helprin doesn't think they should "hold both sides equally accountable when the facts don't warrant that."
What facts are those Mr. Helprin? Your moonbat colored glasses view of things? Give me a freaking break. Does he not even see his own loss of objectivity? But the most telling part of the memo was this (emphasis mine)....."But as one of the few news organizations with the skill and strength to help voters evaluate what the candidates are saying to serve the public interest. Now is the time for all of us to step up and do that right."
See? Mr. Helprin knows that voters are unable to evaluate on their own, so they need him and ABC news to help us all understand. Heck, Mr. Helprin probably doesn't even think we can spell evaluate, much less do it.
Where, oh where would we be without Yodas like Mark Helprin to tell us how to think. via Drudge

Hey you! Yeah, you reading this blog...I have something I want to say to you. Go here. Click on red button. Its true. I promise.

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Vets, Valor, and Vindicate.

Like I said before I can't be objective in the debates. Bush rocked imo, but a good analysis (even international headlines!) is here.

If you really want to understand the outrage by some Veterans at the thought of a Kerry presidency then you need to read Stolen Valor by B.G. Burkett. (not to be confused with the nutso Rather/memogate Burkett)

In a related story
Sinclair Broadcast Group will be airing a film, "Stolen Honor. Wounds that never heal," a few days before the election nationwide that attacks Kerry's activism during the Vietnam war. It is funded by Pennsylvania veterans.
David Wade, a spokesman for the Kerry campaign said "Its not the american way for powerful corporations to strong-arm local broadcasters to air lies promoting a political agenda." Wonder if he has a problem with this.

Both book and film outline for us the horrible distortion that Kerry and others painted of Vietnam Veterans. Look no further than Dan Rather for an example of aiding and abetting these distortions. (funny how his name keeps coming up) In Rather's 1988 CBS documentary (well, that's what they called it) "The Wall Within," Veterans were portrayed as homeless drunks or druggies with accounts of murder and atrocities witnessed by 6 'Vietnam Veterans.' Burkett found in his research that only one of them had actually served in combat.
Bottom line here...CBS and Rather are propaganda outlets for the extreme left and they make me sick. There is no way to measure the damage Kerry and Rather did to a generation of men who bravely served and fought. Vietnam was obviously an example of politicians fighting a war instead of soldiers. But that does not diminish the sacrifice and courage of the men who fought there.
Burkett also found that the myth of the drug addled Vietnam Vet was completely untrue. Studies have shown that Vietnam Veterans have been just as successful in life and business as past Veterans (which is very successful). And considering what stereotypes they had to overcome because of despicable characters like Kerry and Rather, that is saying something.

God, I love our soldiers.

Guess you heard about the ABC memo? Who says the media isn't bias?

Funny T-shirt of the day:
"Jesus is Coming......Look Busy."

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Officials in Missouri are reprinting absentee ballots for the Nov. 2nd election after almost 500 were sent out with President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney left off.
How does that happen?

In Michigan Michael Moore offered free underwear and food to students in exchange for their vote. I suppose Moore has abundant of both, but do students really want underwear the size of a car? Plus, he never said it would be new. (ewwww.. I know...gross)

Iraqi Intelligence memos show Saddam was told as early as 2002 that France, having been granted oil contracts, would veto any American plans for war. via Frontpage mag.
Since France is up to it's surrendering monkeys ass in the food for oil scandal, we are not surprised that they would make such an offer. But now we know that Saddam really was insane to believe for a second France could veto anything America wanted to do.

So now we know that Saddam didn't have the WMD that intelligence said that he did. We also know that he intended to re activate the weapons program as soon as he could. Still a solid reason for taking him down and I am VERY glad we did. But is it fair to blame Bush ( and congress ) for trusting the intelligence community? What would you have done? Quoting from Andrew Sullivan back then, I think this is where most of us would be:
"So the question becomes: Who gets the benefit of the doubt? A dictator who has used such weapons and declared the United States as an enemy or a democratic country that has already experience a terrorist catastrophe?"

'nuff said.

Whats next? Frogs, flies, and Pestilence?

Even the lefties have to love

This last thought on Edwards at the debate from The American Spectator.
"he was telling bizarre stories about his undereducated father "learning math on television." Then he added patronizingly "I was proud of him." Edwards subtext: My father was a loser. I am a winner who rose from a family of losers through hard work. Vote for me."
The article goes on to say "There is no bottom to the superficiality and stupidity of American politics under the influence of Democratic demagoguery."

That got me to thinking about all the liberals I have known. Most of them did come from humble backgrounds and are better educated than their parents. They feel a sense of "knowing" more. To me the subtext wasn't that his father was a loser, but that Edwards by contrast knows so much more. Edwards feels he's the kind that can "help" people like his father now. People who bettered themselves and worked hard. Maybe his father didn't have a degree or make millions as a trial lawyer, but he did work his way up to own a mill himself. But the "annointed" like Edwards will always know better how to save our money, how to spend our money, and regulate our business.

I have a feeling I would like his dad.

Funny late night quote of the day:
"Paris Hilton has tradmarked the words "that's hot." In a related story Paris Hilton's doctors have tradmarked the words "thats contagious."-Conan O'Brien

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The next debate is on the economy. Liberals love to cite the Clinton years as a model for the economy. Well, guess what? The unemployment rate is right where it was when Clinton was re-elected, at 5.4%. And considering what Bush and this country went through during Bush's first 4 years that is quite an accomplishment.
69% of Americans own their own home, the highest proportion ever.
The final figures for the GDP for the second quarter were announced last week and our economic output grew nearly 5% for the year. That's greater than any 12 month period in the Clinton administration.
Outsourcing is not the problem Kerry wishes it was either. Out of the 1.5 million jobs lost in layoffs this year, less than 1% were sent abroad.
New numbers coming out Friday will also show powerful employment gains. via Tech Central
UPDATE: Ok, Tech was wrong. the employment gains remained the same.

Also, jobless claims drop last week despite hurricane.

The house ethics committee rebuked Majority Leader Tom Delay for questionable conduct. Mr. Delay better learn that just being right voting on the issues isn't enough for us. We expect decent moral behavior as well. Newt Gingrich learned that the hard way.

This from the Washington Times-
"Saddam Hussein's goal throughout the 1990's until the 2003 invasion was to end U.N. sanctions on Iraq, while working covertly to restore the country's ability to produce weapons of mass destruction, a report by the chief weapons inspector says"

This from the The Washington Post-"Saddam made $11 billion in illegal income and eroded the world's toughest economic embargo during his final years as Iraqi's leader...."

Saddam bought off dozens of countries including France (surprise!), Indonesia, China and Russia. But the most outrageous is Benon Sevon, former U.N. official in charge of humanitarian relief.
Imagine! The guy in charge of relief is the one taking kickbacks that allow the Iraqi people to suffer.
I am waiting for the outrage from the leftie community so concerned with humanitarian causes....(I only hear crickets)

We wonder why sanctions don't work? Take a look a the U.N. Imagine if sanctions HAD worked. Maybe Saddam would have allowed inspectors in and we might not have gone to war.

Ironic that the U.N. might well be the reason we went to war.

INDC Journal tells us about an historic vote yesterday in the senate to revamp the structure of the nation's intelligence community especially in counterterrorism. Only 2 senators missed this important vote on national security. Guess who?

Funny late night quote:
"We are learning more and more about John Edwards. He's a multi millionare personal injury attorney. In fact, thats how he's going solve the deficit problem. He's going to go up the steps of the capitol, fake an injury, and collect billions."-Jay Leno

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

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Watching Cheney and Edwards last night was like watching my wise grandfather argue with my snotty self involved cousin. Lets face it, the general public barely know who these guys are though. The thing that ticks me off the most is the way Edwards and Kerry keep saying "we will do this and that" with no details on how. Their whole campaign is based on vague soundbites.

Best zinger of the night was from Cheney on why Edwards and Kerry voted against funding the troops, explaining that Howard Dean was winning in the primaries based on a anti-war record, so they decided to cast an anti-war vote. Cheney went on to say "Now if they couldn't stand up to the pressures that Howard Dean represented, how can we expect them to stand up to Al Qaida?"
Best overall analysis of the debate is at Frontpage and RealClear Politics.

CBS has decided to delay the memo investigation in order not to affect the Presidential election...(pause for laughter) REALLY??? Because they sure as hell had no problem trying to do that WITH the memo.

Funny quote of the decade:
"You bet we might have"--Sen. John Kerry when asked if he would have gone to war with Saddam Hussein if he had refused to disarm.

Funny joke of the month: "Forbes magazine came out with their list of the 400 richest americans.....and this year there are 50 women on the Forbe's richest list, or has John Kerry calls that, his little black book."--Jay Leno.

Funny quote of the day:
"If I could only go through the ducts and leap out onstage in a cape--that's my dream."--Ralph Nader on crashing the presidential debates. tes.

I would pay good money to see that.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Everything you need to know about John Edwards.

(This is a reprint of a earlier post, it just needed to be said again)
The first story I read about John Edwards told me all I needed to know about him. He made his millions off large jury awards from Celebral Palsy medical malpractice cases. Although studies have shown that doctor negligence is not the cause of CP, Edward's skills as a lawyer always brought in millions. But that is not what bothered me the most about Edwards. It was the fact that he has NEVER represented a family who had a child with CP who DIED in the birthing process. You see when the child is dead you don't have a child in a wheelchair to parade in front of a jury. Why take a case you might lose, when you have it in the bag with a child to show. We are a compassionate people, we are also a visual people. Show us someone in need of help, and we give it. Edwards banks on that.During the trials that Edwards has been a part of, he often spoke touchingly of the unborn child in distress in their mother's womb. Yet when the time came to vote for the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act," his compassion was nowhere to be seen. When Laci Peterson's mother wrote a heartfelt letter encouraging congress to vote for the passage of this act, she made it clear that there were two victims that were pulled from the water that day. Laci and her son, Conner. It seems when the "unborn victim" will not make you millions and you will have to answer to the abortion rights lobby, compassion goes out the window. Not that you heard anything about that at the DNC convention. Edwards spoke on such controversial issues as opposing "negative attacks." He supports a "public school system that works for all our children." Oh, and a "safe place to go after school." And really taking it to the edge he said " the color of your skin should never control your destiny." Who knew I would agree with Edwards? Wait....Who wouldn't agree with that? The "2 Americas" theme he tried was nothing short of class warfare. Amusing, being that he is in the America of the filthy rich. I am sure he sees himself as one of those democrats who are there to help the little people. The fact that he makes millions off of them isn't really important, is it? What is important is that John Edwards is the perfect politician. Hes goodlooking, charming, and youthful. He has a sad story in his past, and he "made good." He knows how to spin and charm with the best of them. After he is done you feel good, you agree with everything he said, but your not sure exactly what he did say. John Edwards isn't dumb and he isn't going away. He will be here long after we have filed Kerry under "defeated candidates for president." He is laying his case out and will be back to give his final summation. You can count on that.


This from a speech by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld before the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City yesterday: (emphasis mine)

"From Baghdad, Kabul, Madrid, Bali, the Philippines, the call to arms has been sounded, and the outcome of this struggle will determine the nature of our world for some decades to come. Our enemies will not be controlled, or contained or wished away. They do seek to enslave, and they have shown that they are willing to die to achieve their goals. The deaths of innocent people are not incidental in this war. Innocent people indeed are in fact their targets, and they will willingly kill hundreds and thousands more.The world has gasped at the brutality of the extremists--the hundreds of children in Russia who were killed or wounded on their first day of school; the commuters blown up in the trains in Madrid; innocents murdered in a night club in Bali; the cutting off of heads on television. And should these enemies acquire the world's more dangerous weapons, more lethal weapons--and they are seeking them, to be sure--the lives of hundreds of thousands could be at stake."
.....And amid the losses, amid the ugliness, the car bombings, the task is to remain steadfast. Consider the kind of world we would have if the extremists were to prevail.

This is what my dad called "not just the truth, but the damn truth."

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This is from the Feminist Majority. I may puke. I'm surprised it doesn't say "Vote so rape won't be legalized." Posted by Hello

No suprise here: "President Bush leads Sen. John Kerry by more than a 4 to 1 margin among military personnel" according to a survey by the Military Times newspaper- via The Washington Times
No suprise here either.

If your voting for Kerry because your anti war you need to read what David Gergen (former special advisor to President Clinton) has to say:
"Sen. John Kerry finally produced a coherent analysis of the Iraq situation in his speech last week in New York. But his four-point plan differs from the president's in only one basic way: He would try much harder to get other nations to join us on the ground. The problem is that no serious analyst outside his own campaign believes that he would succeed, and even if he did bring a few countries aboard next year, it would be too little, too late. He needs to answer some hard questions as much as the president does."
This is absolutely true. Bottom line, there isn't much difference in the plan, but there is a hell of a difference in the man.

Tracking the battleground states. It does the heart good.

Wait, aren't WE suppose to be the gun toting rednecks? Hmmm.. Guess not.

Did you know that troops are blogging from the war?????? I don't know about you, but I am shocked! Shocked I tell you!.... h/t to Outside the Beltway

Allah gives yet another example of how us lil ole bloggers are so misunderstood.

McGehee has the perfect take on the vice presidential debate. Seems James G. Lakely of the Washington Time says the debate has been dubbed the "Shrek vs Breck" debate. McGehee comments :
"you have to know which would get my vote if it really were between some airheaded Breck girl and a tart-tongued ogre with a big, hairy heart of gold ... hey, wait a minute"


Monday, October 04, 2004

My Military update.

Good news out of Iraq.
Why I love our soldiers. Thanks mudville.
This from Blackfive:
"Things are tough in Iraq, right now. The terrorists are exploiting every opportunity before the November Presidential elections in hopes of affecting the outcome. While times are tough for our military in Iraq, they fight on."

I wonder if it bothers the democrats who support our soldiers that the terrorists hope for a Kerry win? That if Kerry is elected then they will feel that the brutal killing they have done was not in vain. I mean that is the simple truth. You can be for Kerry all you want for all different reasons but it doesn't change the fact that the terrorist want Kerry to win.
And finally, you gotta read Citizen Smash his take on the debate. It is excellent. Heres the beginning.

"THERE WAS A MOMENT in last night’s Presidential Debate that got me angry – and it probably wasn’t the same moment you’re thinking about right now.
KERRY: "It is vital for us not to confuse the war, ever, with the warriors. That happened before. And that's one of the reasons why I believe I can get this job done, because I am determined for those soldiers and for those families, for those kids who put their lives on the line. That is noble. That's the most noble thing that anybody can do. And I want to make sure the outcome honors that nobility."

Kerry is promoting a fallacy here. You can’t completely separate the war from the warriors, because we’re the ones that plan and execute the war. Kerry would have you believe that the President has a sand table in the White House War Room, where he gathers his generals around him and commands them on how to fight the war. He’s telling us that he could do a better job directing those generals than Bush has.

The rest is worth the read...

Take this blog and respect it.

One thing I have learned in my month of blogging is that the lefties have certainty met my low expectations of them. I find them rude, mean and instead of real debate they throw insults and/or paste long articles from lefty sites. After complaining to a popular blogger, he told me "you are in control of your blog, if they bother you just redo their posts or delete them." Well, I won't do that but I think I will lay down some strict rules. I will no longer tolerate name calling, not of me, our President, or anyone else. It shows a complete lack of maturity. If you want to refer to an article then link it, no more posting of an entire one. Its fine to joke but in good taste. If you don't like these rules then I politely ask you to find another rightwinger to bother.
In a related way all posters would do well to read this American Spectator article.

Have you noticed how Kerry has had Teresa shut up? I remember the same thing happening with Hillary. You know....For the party of "women's rights" they sure know how to put a woman in their place.

Check out Michelle Malkin about the head of the United Nations Relief and Works agency employing members of Hamas and seeing no problem with it.
"And this is the same U.N. that John Kerry wants to "rebuild alliances" with in order to defeat the terrorists...That the U.N. employs"

On a better note, my 15 yr old daughter, who you may have read here is...Well...Emotional in a very girly teenage way, gave me a bit of light at the end of the tunnel the other day when she was describing her debate in school about Kerry and Bush. She knew her facts and she knew how to say it. She made her rightwing mother proud. I also heard my 7 yr old tell another little boy the presidential poll!! The other little boy had no idea what he was talking about and looked at him confused. My son took it as disagreement though. He looked at him concerned and asked "your not cheering for Kerry, are you?" *smile*

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Ok, back from camping. Fun except for no sleep. It seems raccoons really like Trix cereal, even enough to get into closed plastic containers. And did you know that when you shine your flashlight on raccoons their eyes glow like freakin goonies? Yeah.. well it tends to interrupt sleep especially when my dog has spasms in his need to kill invading creatures. Every one else sleeps on. A spaceship landing wouldn't have woken them up.

ANYWAY, I keep hearing that Bush looked tired during the debate. Yeah, well that's what happens when you spend the morning comforting hurricane victims instead of getting your nails done and laying in a tanning bed. That's one thing I don't get about the leftys. How can they have respect for this insufferable pampered rich guy who didn't even earn his money?
Also, we all know Bush is kinda busy. I mean being Commander in Chief during the war on terror tends to take up a lot of time. Not to mention running the country and dealing with natural disasters. Is John Kerry doing anything other than campaigning??? I'm serious. Doesn't a congressman usually have something to do? Has Kerry done any work? Could the MSM point that out?
Now before Bush supporters get all upset and Kerry supporters jump in liberal glee, please note that the Newsweek poll is the only poll that shows a change after the debate. All other polls show no significant change.

Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that if Kerry is elected he will pull us out of Iraq quickly? After all, Bush has done the dirty work of defeating Saddam and providing a way for free elections. And when that happens the terrorists will happily focus on growing in numbers and accumulating weapons since they won't have those pesky American soldiers to deal with.
The middle east will continue on its path to radical Islam which will continue to teach the warped virtue of killing Americans.
The democrats like to use the phrase "mortgaging our children's future." What about mortgaging our children's ability of live in peace on our own soil? Because you see, all the money issues mean nothing if our children's children have to wonder if the bus their riding on will be blown up by a twisted Islamic fanatic determined to kill them and himself. We have seen how patient these monsters are.
I don't want to have to listen to my kids ask me in 10 years why didn't we kill the terrorists when we had the chance? Why did we leave? I don't want them to ask me why they have to live in fear.
I hate to keep repeating myself, but really, we simply can longer afford to ignore the sickness of a warped religious mentality in the middle east.
One of the leftys that post here mentioned having Christians knock on her door to spread their message. How annoying that was. I am sure she simply said "no thanks" and closed the door. What she doesn't seem to understand is that the radical Muslims aren't going to knock on her door and then walk away. They want to throw a burka over her and not let her work or let her little girls go to school. And heaven forbid she have a unapproved husband or boyfriend. Then she is simply slaughtered. They want to FORCE her to practice their religion. Perhaps this mother doesn't see the danger of that ever happening in the U.S. But she can hardly deny the reality of what these people want and how they practice their religion in the middle east. Should we not care about the women there? That alone should make the lefty women want to get involved. But it doesn't, does it? I guess when it comes to condemning religion only one counts. (hint: it starts with a 'C') Ironic that it is the one that doesn't force its belief on anyone by the very nature of its teaching.

This is what Kerry said at the debate: "You don't help yourself with other nations when you turn away from the global warming treaty"

Only problem is Kerry himself turned away from the treaty. In July 1997 when the treaty was being negotiated in the U.S. Senate a resolution passed that stated it would not approve a protocol that exempted developing nations or did harm to the U.S. economy. (which the global warming treaty did both) Kerry voted "aye" for the resolution. We are use to Kerry flip flopping but does Kerry not remember this? A vote he was actually there for? By the end of 2003 Kerry was for the treaty. Why I wonder? Maybe its a part of the Kerry "pulling in allies" strategy - (translated-kissing those like France's ass,...oh excuse my french) via Tech Central

Have you noticed how many things there are that he was for before he was against? We could do a Letterman's style Top Ten list. geeze!

Wouldn't it be awesome if we caught Bin Laden or Al-Zawahiri?? Well not to some umm..americans. A Small Victory rocks this story. Beating Bush is more important to some.