Saturday, October 16, 2004


Police Call on Kerry to Stop Misrepresenting Their Support

Chuck Canterbury, the President of the nation’s largest police labor organization, called on John Kerry to stop making misleading statements regarding his support from the law enforcement community. Canterbury said. “The real majority of my fellow officers are standing behind President Bush, because he has been there for us.”


Washington Post columnist and Fox News contributer Charles Krauthammer
responds to Kerry and Edward's lies about stem research and the shame of giving false hope for political gain:
"In my 25 years in Washington, I have never seen a more loathsome display of demagoguery. Hope is good. False hope is bad. Deliberately, for personal gain, raising false hope in the catastrophically afflicted is despicable."

Ouch again.

Krauthammer, a doctor by training with a more than passing interest in any kind of research on spinal cord injuries, being in a wheelchair himself.
Krauthammer goes on to say:
"Edwards and Kerry constantly talk of a Bush "ban" on stem cell research. This is false. There is no ban.

When the whole swiftboat thing came out I truly did not care what John Kerry had done at 24 as a Vietnam war protestor. What someone did 30 yrs ago is just not relevant now. People grow up, people mature, and people change. But now I see that that is the problem with Kerry. He hasn't changed. To this day he uses other people's suffering for his own gain. There is not a issue he will not exploit to score political points. Whether it is Christopher Reeve's paraylsis, Cheney's daughter homosexuality, or scaring the eldery with social security concerns. Kerry uses people to prop up his distortions. He also lies, lies constantly. Lies about stem cell research, lies about police officers supporting him, lies about being in Cambodia on Christmas eve in 1968, lies about the possibility of the draft, lies about his stance on the war, lies about his own voting record, and now is lying about plans for privatizing social security completely.
30 yrs ago he lied about the criminal activity of war veterans and he continues to lie today.

On a lighter note, Rolling Stone magazine sent a undercover comedian to the Bush headquarters in Orlando. I expected it to be a slice and dice piece on Republicans and there are a few jabs and jokes but check this out:

" When I got there, I expected a teeming, ultramodern NORAD-style campaign headquarters, where I would have to work my way up a giant totem pole. But in fact what I found was -- nothing at all. For all intents and purposes, there was no campaign for George Bush in Orlando in early June. There was only one paid staffer, a central-Florida field director named Vienna Avelares, and a corner of a table at the local Orange County Republican Executive Committee. If the Republicans were building an electoral Death Star somewhere, it sure as hell wasn't in Florida.
The situation was completely disarming. Vienna, a gregarious Puerto Rican single mother who insisted on introducing herself as "Vienna -- like the sausage," seemed desperate. I had planned on doing a good job anyway, but after meeting her I had a genuine desire to help get things going."

Imagine that. Just get to know us. You will love us.

In a laughable article in Rolling Stone complaining of media bias against Kerry, we read the reason for all the late night shows and barbs at Bush was because Kerry had stated "I need humor."

Too bad, it's the only thing he can't buy. But what Kerry really needs is a conscience.

Funny Quote of the day:
"God is dead."--Nietzsche
"Nietzsche is dead."--God

Operation Viking Hammer. History in the making.

U.S News and World Report has a riveting article in its Oct. 18th issue about Operation Viking Hammer. A extraordinary firefight during the liberation of Iraq by our Special Forces against what turned out to be a International terrorist training camp in Iraq. It reads like a movie script. here's a excerpt describing part of the fight with the team sergeant "Grit," a commando for 13 yrs in the Special Forces.

"Grit had been in plenty of fixes before, but this was as hairy as anything he'd seen. He knew they had to move before the next barrage. On the count of three, they dashed to the next wall and hurled themselves behind it. Then they looked back. The next mortar rounds hit the spot they had just fled.
The Ansar fighters immediately began readjusting their aim. Within minutes, mortar rounds were kicking up clods of dirt and grass all around them."

I'll spoil the ending for you. They kicked ass. (I seem to be saying that a lot in my blog) earning them 3 Silver Stars and six Bronze Stars with V for Valor.
And in case your confused. Yes, this was as we were liberating Iraq. And yes, the terrorists fighting our men were found with foreign identity cards from all over the middle east............ International terrorists........ In Iraq.......When we were liberating it. Yeah.

Afghanistan. Victory and Valor.

Christopher Hitchen of Vanity Fair Magazine spent some time in Afghanistan recently. Keep in mind that if there is a more anti-Bush magazine than Vanity Fair, I am not aware of it. His article this month is fascinating. He perhaps didn't realize how it confirms American policy in Afghanistan or it could be just actual fair journalism. Probably both.
He said that the thing that struck him in a overwhelming way was the change for women. He says:

"Three years ago, you could not look an Afghan woman or girl in the eye. Half the population was chatter or other property: Invisible, enveloped, and voiceless. The male members of their families could literally give them away as bargaining chips, or prizes. Arbitrary and lascivious punishments, ususally totted up in lashes but sometimes in lethal stones, were the enforcement of this slavery. You can still read, quite often, of young women who set themselves on fire to avoid forced marriage and other types of bondage."
He reminds us that this was the world of Bin Laden and the Taliban regarding women.

Fully 41% of those registered to vote at the time of the article were women. Now the women were showing their faces and hair, going to school, and finding their voice in society.

We now know that the threats of widespread bombing and violence on election day were empty threats, thank God. Not that isolated acts of violence won't continue, they will. As long as even a few of the mutants of Bin Laden live, they will spread the evil that consumes them. But even a writer of vanity Fair acknowdleges this common thought:
"If Osama bin Laden is still alive, he has a very faint and unconvincing way of demonstrating it."

Bottom line: Al Qaida and Taliban attacked us. We went into Afghanistan and kicked their ass. The people of Afghanistan have been pulled from the darkness of ignorance and shame into the sweet light of freedom.

A remarkable victory and a undebatable change in the history of the middle east for the better. Bush could have easily let that victory be it. With this historic vote in Afghanistan and no war in Iraq, Bush would now be facing a landslide victory, no doubt. Most politicians might have done exactly that. To win re-election if nothing else. But Bush saw and felt a clear threat from Saddam. He was not going to risk another attack and felt it was time to remove this madman from a region that had long been planting and sowing deep seeds of hatred for the United States. Decisions like this take courage. Some may call Bush a lot of things, but full of self interest is not one of them. What President wouldn't relish a victory over the Taliban and Bin Laden and sit back and enjoy the accolades?

Not this one.

Everyone agrees that all involved from the UN to European nations to the U.S. believed that Saddam had WMD. He had used them and we have the mass graves to prove it. Everyone agrees that Saddam was madman bent on power, killing, and control of the region. Everyone agrees that his sons were even worse and waiting in the wings for their turn at continuing the evil. We can never know "what might have been" if Saddam had not been taken down. We can't know what horror we prevented in the future or how many lives we saved.

The left will always insist that Saddam was not much of a threat. Evil? Sure. Hated the U.S. with every fiber of his being? Sure. Tortured and killed his own people? Sure. Tried invading other countries? Sure. Planned on developing his weapons program after attention died down? Sure. Embezzled millions from the food for oil program that made his people suffer? Sure. Payed off European countries in kickbacks dissolving any credibility they had on the Iraq war? Sure.

But still......Just not that much of a threat. Yeah. Right.

Bush made a courageous and unpopular decision, as most courageous decisions are. The only way we can thank him is by casting our vote for him on Nov. 2nd.

Our warriors have made us proud. They have sacrificed, but not in vain.

Freedom is something we in the U.S. take for granted. But little girls in Afghanistan hold it tightly now like a warm blanket. It feels good. It feels safe.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Now they are targeting Cheney's daughter in a new campaign to compel Mary to publicly oppose the same sex marriage ban. See this AP story.

Mary is not running for anything. For God's sake leave the daughters of all the candidates alone.

God, Kerry, and Bush. Jonah Goldberg and Rich Lowery do an excellent job in pointing out Kerry's hypocrisy and Bush's sincere faith.

Democrats trying to suppress the military vote. I am so shocked. They are such hypocrites. I want to puke.

Speaking of feeling sick about the left's scorn for the military. Ann Coulter writes this in her new book "How to Talk To Liberals" :

"College dropout Michael Moore put a microphone in Republican Congressman Mark Kennedy’s face and asked for his help in getting more members of Congress to send their own family members to fight the war on terror. Kennedy replied that he would love to and that he already had two nephews in the military, one on his way to Afghanistan. Moore’s documentary shows Kennedy’s image—but cuts his answer from the film."

which says all you need to know about Michael Moore and the film.

Then Coulter tells us what does motivate liberals to take up arms:

"In movies, we always learn that there is no reason, ever, to Fight a war. Unless the Earth is invaded by aliens from outer space with huge scary spaceships and death rays and men of all races and nationalities can unite against a common enemy—like in Independence Day. So if the Earth is ever invaded by hostile aliens from outer space, you won’t have to ask liberals twice to take up arms in defense of Planet Earth."

*Unless it causes Bush to win. Then the aliens are just nuisances.

Funny quote of the night:

"President Clinton plans to tape a phone message that will be sent to voters' homes urging people to vote Democrat. Apparently you'll know it's Clinton's message because it starts with, What are you wearing?" --Conan O'Brien

72% of the French want Kerry for President. Go figure.  Posted by Hello

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Aleida Guevara, daughter of the legendary revolutionary Che Guevara, today denounced the use of her father's image to sell "capitalist" goods, claiming his legacy should only be used where it serves to inspire others. via The Guardian

I find it amusing when I see these clueless teenagers and lefties wearing Che Guevara T-shirts, making some capitalist pig rich selling them.

The Guardian also points out that most of Europe is mad at us. That wouldn't have anything to do with the left's constant barrage of "NaziBush" propaganda, would it?

(Click on image for larger view)
Afghans voted in a free election for the first time ever. The commander of U.S. troops Lt. General David Barno said the election had dealt a major blow to the remaining Taliban and "The overwhelming success of this election was a strategic defeat for the Taliban and al Qaeda and is a turning point for Afghanistan." Posted by Hello
We bring democracy to a part of the world that DESPERATELY needs it, and crush al Quaeda there (you remember, the ones who flew our planes into the WTC) and the above cartoon is how the left looks at it.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sometimes when I am surfing through moonbat sites I am truly amazed at what I find. This is from the Village Voice:

"Nearly 5 million citizens,a hugely disproportionate share of them racial minorities,will not be allowed to vote in next month's presidential election. Laws in 48 states automatically stripped them of that right when they were convicted of a felony. Now, in a number of high-stakes lawsuits across the country, minorities are struggling to end the state felon disenfranchisement laws they say are slicing down the black and Latino vote. But first the courts will have to agree that this is a civil rights crisis worthy of federal attention, not just a jailhouse gripe. "

THE OUTRAGE! I mean all they did was commit a..... FELONY!
Geeze! You commit a little murder, maybe a tiny rape here and there and they take away your freakin right to vote............
Next thing you know they will want to put them behind bars or something!!!!

This out of London:

(CNN) -- About one percent of adults have absolutely no interest in sex, according to a new study, and that distinction is becoming one of pride among many asexuals.

Nah... they are just tired.

But they have a slogan.... "Asexuality: it's not just for amoebas anymore."

The "Team America" movie makers talk in Rolling Stone Magazine about NOT voting. Who ever thought I would agree with the producers of "South Park" for God's sake??????-

Parker and Stone now seem officially tired of hearing how Team America might impact the election. In fact, they take perhaps their strongest stand yet -- firmly against P. Diddy's "Vote or Die" campaign. "I think just saying 'Vote or Die' is a serious danger to democracy," Stone says, as Parker breaks into a Cartman-esque voice for a mocking public-service message: "Hey, nineteen-year-old who doesn't know anything -- you choose."
"If you don't know what you're talking about, there's no shame in not voting," Stone says finally.

Amen brother.....

It's important to point out as well that 'Vote or Die' is THE STUPIDEST GET OUT THE VOTE SLOGAN EVER! EVER! EVER!

Rueters is reporting that U.S. Forces have arrested the Sunni Muslim Cleric al Jumili (who happens to be the 'police chief' --meaning insurgent leader) and two other 'police officers' as they fled Fallujah for a nearby resort town. Always good when the 'police chief' cuts and runs. The arrest happened after U.S. air attacks on the city yesterday aimed at Zarqawi targets.
Lets keep our soldiers there in our prayers today, ok?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A surprisingly big climb in U.S. retail sales in September and a larger-than-expected gain in underlying producer prices bolstered hopes for an economic revival.

Bad news for Kerry I guess.

Funny T-shirt of the day (that I actually saw today):

"Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Who's bringing the chips?"

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Kerry's mistake.

There is no doubt in my mind why Kerry and Edwards brought up Cheney's gay daughter in the debates. It was a subtle (or so they thought) way of letting the part of the Christian right that just now may be paying attention to the presidential race, know that Cheney has a lesbian daughter. Hoping it would convince them to stay home on election day. Which goes to show you how little Kerry and Edwards know about the Christian right. The Christian right admire Cheney and his wife for showing such love and concern for their child even if she doesn't live as they would like her to. It is a perfect example of loving your child unconditionally. Isn't this something the gay community should celebrate when so many parents have nothing to do with their child after they have confessed to being gay?
Then Liz Edward adds insult to injury by saying that Lynn Chenye's anger over the remark somehow shows her to be ashamed of her daughter.
In a reprehensible effort to display their "respect" of gays and at the same time play on the supposed bigotry of the religious right, the Kerry campaign (Cahill especially) tripped up on a unspoken rule of common decency...You don't use the other candidate's children for political points. You just don't.
People are used to mudslinging in politics, but given all the dirt that has been thrown throughout political history during an election, we have thus far kept the politician's children out of it.
That is, until now.
You see, this is a simple thing that all people can understand. No spin can change it or change it's meaning. Many may miss the insult to religious parents, many may miss the pandering to the gay community, but no one missed the fact that Kerry brought up unecessarilly a very personal family issue involving the child of one of his opponents to score political points.
Every parent could relate to the remarks of Dick and Lynn Cheny expressing their anger at this.
Kerry made a tactical mistake.
Let us hope it cost him.

The Sinclair Broadcasting group is planning on airing "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal." The documentary features first-person accounts relating how POWs were tortured by the Viet Cong with John Kerry's 1971 senate testimony.
The Kerry Campaign is calling it anti-Kerry partisan tripe, but as
Front Page Mag says "They ignore the fact that the men and women featured in "Stolen Honor" are highly decorated Vietnam POW's and their wives, who through blood and tears have earned the right to speak to and be heard by the American public."

Sorry guys, once you let Fahrenheit 911 out there, all bets are off. If Moore can 'edit' the truth, then these guys can TELL the truth.
Kinda makes you wish you hadn't started the food fight, now doesn't it?

Speaking of starting it. This is why online polling sucks-
"Before the first presidential debate, Sen. John Kerry's campaign e-mailed its supporters, as part of its rapid-response effort, instructing them to visit online polls on news sites and cast their vote for Kerry. Even before traditional polling firms surveyed likely voters that evening, online polls declared Kerry the winner." via Wired News

You know what is really sad? Now every election will make more lawyers rich. Read here. and here.

Funny Quote of the day:
"I was a witch with my children, truly, about television."- Teresa Heinz Kerry, on Dr. Phil

Truly....we believe it.

Republican women are just hotter. Lets face it. And the nephew on the right (George P. Bush) aint bad either. Posted by Hello

"Oh, here's a coupon for macaroni and cheese. You peasants like your macaroni and cheese, don't you?" Posted by Hello

Ok, That was taken from one of the funniest blogs with pictures and captions I have seen- The Writ of Common Wisdom. Go there if you want to laugh. If not, I will be stealing from him on a regular basis.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

This was the best wrap up from the debate last night. It comes from a poster at Mother, May I Sleep With Treacher. (Yes, it says Treacher, and I can't help the blogname):

Kerry was all "whatevr, u r a faygz" and Bush was all "U R A L4MERZ" and Kerry was all "STOP CAMPING foo" nd Bush nailed him with the sniper rifle and scread "H34DSH0T!"
After Kerry re-spawned, Bush was all "i pwn3d ur ass" and Kerry was all "my mouse is slow" and Bush was all "shut up fag no excuses u r teh l0s3r."
Then Kerry cried and threw up in his mouth a little.

I'm sorry, really. *laughing hysterically*

I have always liked Bill O'Reilly. I mean he's no Sean Hannity, but he's fun to watch. But if this is true then he has lost a viewer.
A woman who works at Fox news has filed a sexual harrasment lawsuit against O'Reilly. In reading the complaint it looks like she recorded the conversations with him. But can you do that on a cell phone? It said that she expected the call to be work related so then why would she record it? Can you retrieve conversations???? Well, when I read stuff like this I always think "Woman! how can you let him talk to you like that????" I have been in situations where the conversation started to get uncomfortable for me and I just find a reason to leave or direct the conversation in another direction. It is really not that hard to do. Which leads me to think that she probably participated in the conversations with him in the past. He seems to comfortable with it for it to be the first time for him to speak to her that way. Thats just the way I see it. This whole thing about her feeling "frightened and disturbed" while he was talking. Uhhh.. how about HANGING UP! So anyway, nothing surprises me these days. Sad, but true.

Powerline excerpts some of Rudy Guiliani's conference call:
"The idea that you can have an acceptable level of terrorism is frightening. How do you explain that to the people who are beheaded or the innocent people that are killed, that we’re going to tolerate a certain acceptable [level] of terrorism, and that acceptable level will exist and then we’ll stop thinking about it? This is an extraordinary statement. I think it is not a statement that in any way is ancillary. I think this is the core of John Kerry’s thinking. This does create some consistency in his thinking.
It is consistent with his views on Vietnam: that we should have left and abandoned Vietnam. It is consistent with his view of Nicaragua and the Sandinistas. It is consistent with his view of opposing Ronald Reagan at every step of the way in the arms buildup that was necessary to destroy communism. It is consistent with his view of not supporting the Persian Gulf War, which was another extraordinary step. Whatever John Kerry’s global test is, the Persian Gulf War certainly would pass anyone’s global test. If it were up to John Kerry, Saddam Hussein would not only still be in power, but he’d still be controlling Kuwait."

We really have to understand that fact. Kerry wasn't even willing to take Saddam's forces out of Kuwait. Facing enormous pressures from the U.N. and Europe on any given military operation, is there any doubt that Kerry would give in to it?
I know your tired of this, I am tired of this. But this is IMPORTANT. We not only need to vote, we need to make our neighbors and co workers vote. If you live in a swing state you need to be WORKING IT! Volunteer right now! I plan to absentee vote and go to Florida and help out.
So go to and find your local headquarters and VOLUNTEER! Go! NOW!

Funny Quote of the day:
I envy people who drink -- at least they know what to blame everything on. -- Oscar Levant

Iraqi Swat. Linked from Backcountry Conservative. Is that cool or what? Posted by Hello

Borrowed from Mudville. Posted by Hello

One thing seems necessary to be said to the moonbats who insist that we are trying to tie all terrorists with one ribbon. No, we don't think the terrorist who car bomb in Iraq had dinner parties with the hijackers that flew our planes into the World Trade Center towers. No, we don't think the terrorists that shot children in the back and blew up the school in Beslan Russia met for lunch with Al Queda. They are different in many ways. Saddam was not a religious Muslim (although he pretended to be at times) His hatred of America came from us not allowing him to take over Kawait and eventually the region. His was simply a madman bent on gaining as much power and land that he could get. Killing innocent woman and children being part of the way he operated. A different mindset than the WWT center terrorists, but a terrorist none the less, given any definition of a terrorist. But the fact is that most terrorists that we are dealing with DO come with a fanatical evil religious fevor. That cannot be denied.
Perhaps the Democrats would realize this if they weren't so determined to paint ANY kind of picture of the world that would allow them to win.

UPDATE: Check out my link on Mon. Oct. 11th post on why musicians shouldn't get involved in politics. Fox news is doing a news story on it today.

Iraqi's Prime Minister Allawi warned Falluja to turn over rebels or else. This really could be the worst battle yet. Lets pray they hand them over without more bloodshed. via Reuters.

Former UN inspector Hans Blix notes that although its good that Saddam is gone, the war "has stimulated terrorism."

We have heard this theme before and I just don't buy it. Maybe it has stimulated the increase of terrorist trying to get at our military. This is war after all. But it's not like these militants, if left alone, would just be making bread in a bakery somewhere. They are evil and sick and leaving them alone would not have stopped them or deterred them. They are gonna bomb, mutilate, kill, and behead until every woman is wearing a burka and every man bows down to Allah. CAN WE GET THIS PEOPLE ?????????

Oh, yeah and btw, this also from the Reuters news story:
"Investigators, concluding their first scientific exhumation of a mass grave, this week showed reporters nine trenches in a riverbed containing at least 300 bodies, and possibly thousands, including unborn babies and toddlers clutching toys."

Do we understand now that we are not dealing with rational human beings here? Saddam didn't do this by himself. There are different factions of terrorists out there with the same goal. Everyone convert or be killed. This is not a war for land or a war against communism. This is a war defending the very essence of who we are.
I could list a hundred things right now that I hate about American culture. But freedom IS our way of life and I have to live with what people in American choose to have legal. I HATE abortion and pornography. HATE THEM. I think they damage our soul as nothing else does. But I would rather live in a society that allows such evil than have evil itself decide what we can and cannot do. At least now I can fight against it. I can vote for who is against it. I can show my kids that it is wrong. In the Islam society I could never do that or I might find myself face down in a trench holding my toddler.

So go read
Blackfive. He has a poem from Russ Vaughn called "Sheepdogs"
Go.......go! Its good. You'll be glad you did.

I guess the photo op showing Kerry shooting a gun he tried to ban didn't help with the
NRA endorsement.

The FDA approves an implantable computer chip for humans called the 666chip (JUST KIDDING!!!!!) Its really called the Verichip and its purpose is to make available all medical data for a patient. And all references to the mark of the beast aside, this is kind of scary. Forget satan. I don't want my government to be able to scan me, period.

Funny Quote of the day:
"Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and you get rid of him all weekend."

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The puppet movie 'Team America" comes out Friday and it looks inappropriate, crude, wrong, violent, and completely ridiculous.......AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click on the link and click on the TV clips. It looks so funny, I cannot WAIT!!!!

And as INDC Journal points out, if the moonbats at the DU are moaning and groaning about it, it must be good!!!

OMG! Drudge is reporting Edwards saying this at a Iowa high school:
"when John Kerry is president people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk. Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again..."

I find that so incredible I am not sure whether to believe it or not.
I wonder what John "Benny Hinn" Kerry will have to say about this.

Reuters news service has this incredible breaking news story!!


*I'm serious guys. Gosh darn, the Bush people are gonna have a tough time doing this. Hope they can dig up something

Latest quote from Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathi Posted by Hello

Monday, October 11, 2004

This is why musicians need to stay out of politics.

This couple is definitely going to remember the Alamo.

If only the Florida ballots really were like this. Go ahead vote, really...Try it!!

I know that all of us on the right side of the spectrum will all breathe a big sigh of relief if Bush wins on Nov. 2nd and I don't want to rain on that parade in any way, but we all know that if that happens the wicked witch of the Senate will toss her pointy hat into the ring come 2008. Should Kerry win we can all at least take a bit of comfort knowing that in 4 yrs we won't have to listen to the MSM gush and fawn over Ms. Rodham. I figure by 2012 Hillary will have fully bloomed into a Bella Azbug clone wearing big hats and expanded paintsuits with an arrest record of domestic abuse and we won't have to worry about her.

Wangari Maathi, first African woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize says this:
"AIDS is not a curse from God to Africans or black people. It is a tool to control them designed by some evil-minded scientist...."
She went on to say "In fact it is created by a scientist for biological warfare."

I hear the next Nobel Peace Prize is going to the guy who discovered the 'Alien Crop Circles'

First Jimmy Carter and now this.....Who's next Howard Stern?

Kerry pandering to the black community:
"Never again will a million African Americans be denied their right to exercise their vote in the United States of America."
Will the lies of the 2000 election in Florida never end? Will the black community buy it?
And this from Jesse Jackson:
"The power is in your hands, hands that once picked cotton."
I think I can bet the bank that none of the hands in that church picked cotton. Must Jackson continue to encourage blacks to feel resentment over a wrong righted a long time ago? Must he make them out to victims forever?
Where is Bill Cosby when we need him?

Funny T-shirt of the day: "When I want your opinion I will give it to you."

These are some of the headlines over at Air America Radio (yes it is still running):
"Average American faces growing economic instability"
"Fear and Dispair Grips Baghdad"
"Al Qaeda gains ground in Pakistan"

Don't you love the optimism?

On the other hand:

New York Times:
"Militiamen loyal to firebrand Shiite began turning in heavy weapons today in Baghdad as the first step of a peace offer with the interim government and the american military."

"A declassified military report shows the progress that has been made on the political, economic, and societal fronts."
The report points out significant progress being made in the new government, utilities, schools, health care, and national security. Read the whole thing. It gave me warm fuzzies.

"Is the United States winning its engagments on the ground? The answer is an overwhelming yes."

Also NRO:
"The brightest spot in the labor department's report is a 3.2 annual rate of increase for third quarter hours worked. This is the strongest quarterly rise in 7 years."

Isn't it interesting that the worse the democrats can paint things the better they think they can do in elections?

This morning on Fox and Friends a Kerry spokesman said that we need to stop giving jobs to people like Halliburton in the region of Iraq and give them to "the people who shoot us." .......lets pause a moment and think about that..........wouldn't that be the terrorists!!!!!!
Now we give the terrorists jobs???? Hmm..... maybe that would make them less of a nuisance.

Retired General Tommy Franks, former commander of forces in Iraq and Afghanistan speaking on John Kerry:
"If his voting record ruled the day, Saddam Hussein would not only be running Iraq but Kuwait." via Buffalo News

Can gays change? I don't know. But I do know that your sexuality should not dominate your life and define who you are.

Christopher Reeves dies at 52. I didn't agree with him on stem cell research, but I admired his tenacity and determination to overcome his disability. But lets not overlook his wife Dana. Her love and devotion is a shining example of what we promise in our wedding vows..."to love and to sickness and in health.."

In case you missed it in my earlier post, I have something to say to you. Yeah, you reading my blog. Go here. Click the red button. Its true.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

This to all the liberal and/or anti war voters. Let me get this straight. You are against this war and this candidate is determined to win and committed to win. You are for the rights of gays to marry and this candidate is against that. You think the Patriot Act is wrong and this candidate supports it. You feel the tax cuts were not necessary and hurt govt. spending and this candidate promises to keep them and enact more tax cuts.
Only problem?....This candidate is John Kerry.

But your going to vote for him. Why? Because you know he is just saying those things to get elected. You know he is lying. You know that he's on your side. Admit it.

John Kerry visited a Haitian Catholic Church and a Black Baptist Church this morning. Shame on both of them. Not because they let him come to their church. All churches should have open doors. They are there for the sinners after all. But Kerry should have been met with silent and respectful protestors at the Catholic Church. (he usually is) I don't want to get preachy here but anyone familiar with the Bible knows that Paul talked about those who are openly sinful and defiant of the Church. First you go to them and make them aware of their grave sin, let them know there is forgiveness and mercy always with God. Then if they show sorrow and ask for forgiveness they are welcomed back. Kerry shows no remorse for his defiance against Church teaching. He promotes abortion rights including such far left ideology as opposition to the Partial Birth Abortion Ban and parental notification for minors. He will give you all kinds of reasons, but we all know the reason is that he is beholden to the abortion rights lobby. You can be pro-choice if you wish, of course, but don't pretend to be some kind of believing Catholic. Believing in the sanctity of human life is at the heart of our teaching. The Church makes clear that if you promote this grave sin then you are not in a state of grace. Now you can disagree with the Church, that is your right, but don't pretend that you are in communion with it when you clearly are not.
The Black Church spectacle was just as shameful to me. I will soon do a blog on my utter bewilderment at the black community's continued support of democrats. But imagine if Bush was in a white protestant church in such a open display of political bias? The media would have a field day. But they don't care with Kerry. Why? Because they know its all for show and there isn't a drop of sincerity in it.

At the Baptist service Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton spoke. Al warning everyone that "everything we have fought for, gone to jail for some died for could be reversed if the wrong people are put on the supreme court."
Really??? Which candidate is wanting to reverse the Civil Rights Act?? Sorry, your blowing smoke Al, and in church, that could reveal who you really work for.
Which candidate has shown how much he respects the black community by appointing blacks to MAJOR appointments? National Security Advisor being quite an important one considering we are at war. Sec. of Education being another. Sometimes people practice what they preach and other times.....they just preach.

I had to edit out the story I copied from Cao's blog. My friends said it was too long to blog. But I encourage you to go there and read it. It's great.