Friday, October 21, 2005

The Colbert Report.

Have ya'll seen The Colbert Report on Comedy Central yet? It comes on after the Jon Stewart show and it stars Stephen Colbert, one of the "reporters" on the Stewart show. It is obviously a parody of the O'Reilly Factor.

I watched the first show and thought it wasn't working. I thought maybe he needed Stewart as the straight guy for his routine. But the 2nd and 3rd shows have been much funnier and he is finding his comedic way.

Jon Stewart is hilarious and a hard act to follow. Yes, he leans more toward making fun of the right in his comedy, but there is enough slams on democrats to keep it fair. After all, the Republicans are in charge, so there is more material there. I think Stewart is always pretty nice to his rightwing guests too. But he practically melts when the big leftys come on. But I do laugh at most of his stuff. He is just a great comedian. I wish he were on our side.

Anyway, I would suggest you checking out The Colbert Report. It is funny to see the way he makes fun of O'Reilly's "talking points" for example. He makes it "My Word." If you can't see it at night, they replay it in the morning.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

What Ronnie Earle wanted so much finally happened. Delay's mugshot. You have to give Delay some credit for smiling here like he doesn't have a care in the world. Because you know inside he is seething. Delay was fingerprinted, photographed and released on $10,000 bail on conspiracy and money-laundering charges today.

Now remember, Texas prosecutor offered DeLay a deal to plead guilty to a misdemeanor and save his job as majority leader, but DeLay chose to fight felony charges instead.
Now Delay may be many things, but stupid aint one of them. It seems he felt pretty confident that he hadn't done anything wrong, or why not take the misdemeanor charge?

This is like something out of a bad Texas B movie. Delay is the big powerful Republican Washington politician and Democrat Texas prosecutor Ronnie Earle (who just seems like a little rat, doesn't he?) is the man determined to bring him down.

In plain language, a Texas political action committee started by DeLay sent corporate money to the Republican National Committee in Washington -— and that the RNC sent the funds back to Texas for the legislative candidates.

That's it.

Doesn't this happen ALL THE TIME? People send money in to the DNC or the RNC and know that those guys are get the money back to the candidates in their home state in some way. How could that be illegal?

Maybe it is. It seems it wasn't when Delay did it, but who knows? It's still the wild wild west out here in so many ways. I keep expecting Earle and Delay to meet at noon for a gunfight.

Poem blogging...

Sorry, but an IM friend sent me this poem and I think it is just one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. So I am sharing it. Enjoy.


Dorothy Parker

Sleep, pretty lady, the night is enfolding you;
Drift, and so lightly, on crystalline streams.
Wrapped in its perfumes, the darkness is holding you;
Starlight bespangles the way of your dreams.
Chorus the nightingales, wistfully amorous;
Blessedly quiet, the blare of the day.
All the sweet hours may your visions be glamorous-
Sleep, pretty lady, as long as you may.

Sleep, pretty lady, the night shall be still for you;
Silvered and silent, it watches you rest.
Each little breeze, in its eagerness, will for you
Murmur the melodies ancient and blest.
So in the midnight does happiness capture us;
Morning is dim with another day's tears.
Give yourself sweetly to images rapturous-
Sleep, pretty lady, a couple of years.

Sleep, pretty lady, the world awaits day with you;
Girlish and golden, the slender young moon.
Grant the fond darkness its mystical way with you;
Morning returns to us ever too soon.
Roses unfold, in their loveliness, all for you;
Blossom the lilies for hope of your glance.
When you're awake, all the men go and fall for you-
Sleep, pretty lady, and give me a chance.

I think...

the Miers nomination is not long for this world.

Beginning the surreal trial of Saddam, the Judge asked Saddam his name and Saddam answered, "You're an Iraqi, you know who I am." Wouldn't it have been sweet if the Judge had said, "Why yes I do. You are an evil sick murderer who use to spend the money meant for food for our people on weapons and self indulgence. Now sit down and shut your pie hole."

This needs captioning as well.

This is what all the cool dudes in New Zealand will be wearing this spring. Feel free to caption.

Able Coverup???

This story doesn't seen to be getting the attention I think it deserves:

"Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Penn., told United Press International that officials at the Defense Intelligence Agency, or DIA, had "conducted a deliberate campaign of character assassination" against the whistleblower, retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer.

Shaffer has said that a highly classified Pentagon data-mining project he worked on, codenamed Able Danger, identified the ringleaders of the Sept. 11 terror attacks as linked to al-Qaida more than a year before they hijacked four planes and crashed them, killing nearly 3,000 people."

I heard some Of Weldon's speech on C-span. I have never seen a congressman so honestly upset. I have not found this news story anywhere else. Isn't this important?? Why would the DIA be going after Shaffer like this? Weldon said Shaffer has lost his pension and health care. He said that Shaffer has served 24 yrs and the only spot on his record was when he was 15 and he stole some pens from the Pentagon and they are using that against him!!

UPDATE: I did find this story. It has more details.

I tell you, something weird is going on here. There is something the DIA doesn't want known. Something about knowing who the hijackers were before 9-11. This should be a bigger story.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

You have to love blogging...

If for nothing else, the milblogs. Forget the news on the war. Get it straight from the horse's mouth. Here is Warriorsvoice:

Insurgents Died Last Night...Plain And Simple

"Some of you might have read or heard about the recent airstrike on insurgents in the Ramadi area of Iraq. Of course the MSM is reporting that "civilians" died in the attack. They are not reporting that the cowards who place IEDs on the sides of roads died. They are not reporting that the aircraft saw weapons and they hardly mention that the Cobras where shot at. Yahoo has a very interesting slant and of course it is pretty much wrong with the exception of one small portion.

The military said a group of gunmen opened fire on a Cobra attack helicopter that spotted their position. The Cobra returned fire, killing about 10. The men ran into a nearby house, where gunmen were seen unloading weapons before an F/A-18 warplane bombed the building, killing 40 insurgents, the military said.

This statement is about the only factual statement in the whole article. The area where this particular strike took place is a more rural area. It is across the river from Ramadi proper. The roads are lined with IEDs and it is a known area where foreign fighters kick the locals out of homes inorder to move in. These insurgents are also known to use real civilians as human shields during sniper attacks. IED triggermen will hide among civilian crowds prior to detonating their road side bombs. They know that we are always on the look out for triggermen and if seen we engage. Insurgents know that we are reluctant to fire into a crowd of civilians.

I did not provide terminal control of these aircraft but I know the man who did. The squadrons have emailed us the footage from the attacks. You can see the insurgents with weapons. Please trust me when I say it was a clean kill and many believe this attack might have adverted a major strike by the insurgents. These aircraft were "Cleared Hot" by men on the ground who deal with the insurgents day in and day out. The warriors on the deck and the warriors in the air worked as a team to ensure the safety of real civilians and the destruction of these terrorists."

Get this.

This guy doesn't get tenure at the Univ. Of Chicago because of.....blogging!

via Reasoned Audacity

Arrest Warrant for Tom Delay.

JunkYardBlog has some thoughts.

Who needs tracking devices?

When you have color printers.

h/t JD

Time to start the final round of voting for...

King of Cotillion

(also known as "Cotillion Beefcake")

We have the top four candidates in the final round, ready for objectification! Some of the photos will have changed at their request, as you will see, but you can still ogle check out the pictures from last week HERE.

Let the objectification begin!

First, we have MacStansbury, my co-writer here at MVRWC and proprietor of the excellent blog. MacS hates this picture because he was exhausted and "covered with sand," but I like that he was showing his USM pride in the middle of a live combat area:

MacStansbury showing his USM colors in combat

Next up, and also dashing in his desert camo, is Thunder6 from 365 and a Wakeup, beamed in from the front lines in Iraq where he is now. In this photo he sits with a little Iraqi girl who is waiting at the medical clinic:

border="0" alt="Thunder6 in Iraq - from 365 and a Wakeup K of C photo
gallery" />

B.C. didn't dig up his photos with him in his flight suit from his days in uniform, but he provided a more current photo, this one showing him enjoying the good life--beer-drinking on a boat--and looking not so torturous away from the Imperial Dungeon™ at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler:

B.C., a beer, and a boat

Also in a sunny paradise is Bullwinkle from Random Numbers. Bullwinkle may be a big ol' moose, but he likes little furry animals other than just squirrels. Here he's feeding a baby coati mundi that he rescued, now just a couple weeks old.

Bullwinkle with baby coati mundi 'Monita'

There you go, y'all! The Final Four! Now go on over to their sites, poke around, and most importantly, VOTE (in the sidebar)! You can only vote for ONE this time, but you can still vote every day. Voting will close on SUNDAY NIGHT again, around midnight (Central time), and the winner will be announced and crowned King of Cotillion / Cotillion Beefcake? on TUESDAY.

Thank you from all of us in Cotillion to all the guys who participated last week--we consider all of you our Princes for participating and for supporting us!

Check it out!

Waco Kid did a cartoon of me! Is this cool or what?

Thanks Dude!

Condi soon to be VP?

Rumors fly.

h/t Jeff

A Day In The Life of...............

Some of the lefty blogs have been running A Day In The Life of Joe Republican.

So someone came up with A Day In The Life of Jane Democrat.

I think the difference in the two are interesting. The Democrat one focuses almost entirely on Government control and the the Republican one focuses on getting away from that control. (*note: I don't like the use of the word "rag-head" even if it is describing a terrorist)

h/t nicnerd

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I Will Not Stand By.

This aint your daddy's black panther party.

More here and here. The man quoted in these links died in 2001 of a brain aneurysm. But by 1985 until 1993 he was Minister Louis Farrakhan's most trusted advisor in the Nation of Islam. h/t to KD

The leader now is Malik Zulu Shabazz. Read about him here. He is just as bad.

Muhammad first shocked everyone in a speech he gave at New Jersey's Kean College in November 1993. He referred to Jews as "bloodsuckers," called for the genocide of white people, and demeaned both Pope John Paul II and homosexuals. In February 1994, Congress issued a denunciation of Muhammad, condemning his speech as "outrageous hatemongering of the most vicious and vile kind." Farrakhan responded to Muhammad's speech by removing him from the Nation Of Islam's hierarchy, although he took issue only with the form, not "the truth" of Muhammad's remarks.

Despite Farrakhan's supposedly reaching out to a more diverse group, here are some of his recent remarks:

Remarks at Shelter for Hurricane Katrina Victims, Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, North Carolina, 9/12/05

"I heard from a very reliable source that under that levee there was a 25 foot hole, which suggested that it may have been blown up, so that the water would destroy the black part of town, and where the whites lived, it would be dry."

Power Center, Houston, Texas, 9/11/05

"FEMA is too White to represent us and so is the Red Cross."

Saviour's Day: Chicago, 02/27/05

"Listen, Jewish people don't have no hands that are free of the blood of us. They owned slave ships, they bought and sold us. They raped and robbed us. If you can't face that, why you gonna condemn me for showing you your past, how then can you atone and repent if somebody don't open the book with courage, you don't have that, but I'll be damned, I got it."

For more quotes go here.

A commenter suggested that we should get use to Farrakhan because whether we like it or not, Farrakhan represents a great many black people.

No. I will not get use to it. I will not accept it. I will not stand by quietly and watch a bigot lead young African Americans into this sort of hate and separation. Nope. I am not going to do it. I will write about it, talk about it, write newspapers about it, and write Congressman about it. But I will not be quiet about it.

I didn't grow up watching brave black men and women get hosed and beaten and having dogs snarling and tearing at them as they fought for equality, to watch some insane bigot teach their grandchildren to hate as their grandparents were hated, to separate as their grandparents were separated.

No. I will not get use to it. I will not.

The Millions More Poor March.

When Minister Louis Farrakhan isn't having some vision on a mothership where he meets Reagan or suggesting that Bush blew up the twin towers on 9-11, he is speaking at the 'Millions More' march in Washington. Demanding, among other things, the end to "the biological and chemical warfare perpetrated against our people."


As I have pointed out many times on this blog, the root of most of the societal problems in the black community is single motherhood perpetuated by the welfare state. A child that is born out of wedlock is 30 times more likely to live in poverty than a child that was born in a marriage and whose parents stayed married.

But let's look at the good news for blacks. More than 75 percent of African-Americans are middle or upper class in 2005. In 1995 the poverty rate for married couple black families was about 8 percent.

In other words, if we wish to fight poverty in the black community, (as well as every other race) we must encourage marriage. This is the foundation of our society. This, above all things, most determines a child's future in my view. Among the blacks who make up the 24.7 percent in poverty, the overwhelming majority are unmarried women and their children.

When I volunteered at the Astrodome after hurricane Katrina, I was shocked at the number of women and children there. There were very few men. This is at the heart of the problem in 9th ward, and it has nothing to do with Farrakhan's imagined "chemical and biological warfare" and his many other perceived problems in the black community.

Yet hundreds of thousands of black men listened to this false message. Why? Because not enough black leaders (or white for that matter) are willing to stand up and say the truth.

And keep saying it until someone listens.

Data and quotes from (Mona Charen)

Monday, October 17, 2005

If you have ever wondered....

what it is in Karl Rove's garage, (and you KNOW you have!) well, here it is!!! via LST


(I got the pic from Drudge this morning)

Will Hillary lose the 'kooky left' vote?

From Cindy Sheehan's diary:

"I would love to support Hillary for President if she would come out against the travesty in Iraq. But I don't think she can speak out against the occupation, because she supports it."

via Atlas Shrugs

Interesting. I never thought about how the Cindy Sheehan side of the Democrats would be against Hillary. I don't see how Hillary can really change their minds. In order to get the mainstream voter she has to look tough militarily. Especially since she is a woman. That may be unfair, but that's the way it is.

So will Cindy Sheehan actively campaign against her? Or will that crowd bite the bullet so a Republican won't be elected again.

It seems both sides are going to have to bite the bullet to get their own elected. We will just have to see HOW MANY on each side actually do the biting. (McCain haters, I am looking at YOU)

Everything you wanted to know about the Iraqi vote....

Mudville has every link you could want, from our soldiers in Iraq to the Iraqis themselves. There are links about the media coverage of the vote as well. Skim through and read a few. Very enlightening!

You just gotta hate the media....

The AP has this about the vote in Iraq yesterday:

"Sunnis Appear to Fall Short in Iraq Vote"

I think Ace puts it best:

"Yeah, they fell short all right. They wanted a bloody civil war, but all they got was a democratic constitution guaranteeing human rights.

Maybe they should make that into a T-shirt slogan or something!

How about, "My father died fighting infidels but all I got was this lousy constitution."

Oh look!

Al Queda's hair stylist is arrested.

Sorry. I know this is probably important, but it seemed kinda funny to me.

via Drudge

A Woman President?

Rice says she has no intention of running for President. You gotta know that Elizabeth Dole is going..."Heeelllooooo!!!!!"