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Excuse the language....

But it's pretty funny.
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Crist Wedding Photos.

I find weddings just delicious. Here are some pictures of Gov. Crist wedding. There were a few protestors, gays and socialists. But only about 30 and they were peaceful.

Five Years Ago Today We Said Goodbye... a brutal evil dictator, Saddam Hussein. The left still insists we were wrong. But this is what we rid the world of:

In 1988 Saddam began exterminating the Kurdish people living in Northern Iraq. Using chemical weapons of Sarin, mustard gas and nerve agents, he killed at least 50,000 people and some say as many as 100,000 people. Many of them women and children. We have since found the mass graves of these women and children.

He directed mass executions of tens of thousands of civilians, imprisoning tens of thousand of women, children and elderly after destroying their villages, schools, mosques and farms.

In 1991 he once again committed wholesale massacres on the Kurds and Shi'ites. Deaths then were estimated from 20,000 to 100,000 for the Kurds and 60,ooo to 130,000 for Shi'ites. He directed forces to kill thousands of unarmed civilians by firing indiscriminately into residential areas; executing young people on the streets, in homes, and in hospitals. They rounded up suspects, especially young men, during house-to-house searches, and arresting them without charge, sometimes shooting them en masse and used helicopters to attack unarmed civilians as they fled the cities.

In 1994 Saddam established severe penalties for criminal offenses such as amputation. He established numerous torture centers that included hooks for hanging people by the hands for beatings and devices for electric shock.

The left, who will howl all day about the United States waterboarding 3 people for information, still insist that Saddam should have been left alone. I suppose the true horror of torture, amputation, and whole scale murders on women and children aren't enough to bother the left. They make jokes about how we didn't find the WMD. I'm thinking that the women and children who died of nerve gas and the like would, if they could, assure us of the danger to the world of Saddam having such weapons. He hated us with a passion and anyone who doesn't think he would have shared what he had to hurt us is only fooling themselves.
In addition to ridding the world of Saddam and his insane sons, we decimated Al Qaeda, captured the planners of 9-11, killed the leadership and established a Democracy in the Middle East where none thought possible.

Putting all that aside, forgetting that Saddam refused to let UN officials check for WMD's and ignored 14 UN resolutions, let's just be thankful that a man who committed such horrors on innocent people is gone.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent people were tortured, imprisoned, and executed by this evil man. But no more. No more.

Politics aside, I think we can all agree that a world without Saddam Hussein is a much much better world, and we have the might of the United States of America military to thank for it.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Things are not looking good for Jesse Jackson Jr.

At all.

At least this will have spared us "Sen. Jesse Jackson Jr."

Also, it looks like Rham Emanuel is feeling a bit overwrought.

From TimesOnline:

Mr Emanuel skipped Mr Obama's press conference, which he typically attends. Cornered by a Chicago Sun-Times reporter at a concert at his children's school, he refused to comment.

"I'm not going to say a word to you," Emanuel said. "I'm going to do this with my children. Don't do that. I'm a father. I have two kids. I'm not going to do it."

Asked, "Can't you do both?" Mr Emanuel replied, "I'm not as capable as you. I'm going to be a father. I'm allowed to be a father."

You just know he is wracking his brain trying to remember exactly what he said in those taped conversations with Gov. Blagojevich.

"This isn't the Rahm Emanuel I knew"

It's just a matter of time.

Will this stuff never end?

I may be sick.

NAPLES (Reuters) – President-elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are appearing in Italian nativity scenes this year, alongside the baby Jesus and wise men, according to Naples craftsmen selling figurines in the run-up to Christmas.

It reminds me of the saying, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

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Bailout Failed!

I can't believe it.

Michelle has all the details at the link.

Here is the roll call.

CNN says.... "the White House will likely be forced to tap the Wall Street bailout to lend them money."

Pres. Bush and Democrats fighting Republicans on this. It's a strange strange world.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh Sweet Jesus...

And I mean that.

Asked to define sin, Barack Obama replied that sin is "being out of alignment with my values." Statements such as this have caused many people to wonder whether Obama has a God complex or is hopelessly arrogant.

I'm betting on the latter.

Arrogant with no understanding of sin. Seeing that he sat in Rev. Wright's church for 20 years, I can understand that.

Pro-life Power Baby!

UNITED NATIONS -- On the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Dec. 10, petitions for and against declaring abortion as a "universal right" were presented to U.N. members.

Pro-Choice presents 651 names, Pro-Life 367,000.


Gays cannot get a break lately

What they want is not going to happen in Illinois either, now that the Governor is umm...busy.

It's the same everywhere

The government tries something, but fails. The government's answer when it fails? Spend more money on it!

In October, the Australian Government launched a $8 million Australian Youth Forum as a way for young people to voice their opinions.

The first issue was about bullying. It's been up two months and out of the 2 million young people in Australia....40 of them have posted a comment.

The answer? What the government's answer always is. "The Opposition's youth spokeswoman, Sophie Mirabella, says the poor response is evidence money needs to be spent on practical measures as well."

The Gay War on Businesses, part of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, placed an ad in the New York Times speaking out against the religious bigotry of the Prop. 8 gay activists. It was signed by notables such as Nathan J. Diament Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, Rich CizikNational Association of Evangelicals, and Martin Luther King's niece, Dr. Alveda C. King Civil rights activist.

It reads in part:

We’re a disagreeable lot. We differ about a great many important things. Most, but not all of us, are religious believers. We likewise differ on important moral and legal questions, including the wisdom and justice of California’s Proposition 8, banning same-sex marriage.
Nevertheless we’re united in this: The violence and intimidation being directed against the LDS or “Mormon” church, and other religious organizations—and even against individual believers—simply because they supported Proposition 8 is an outrage that must stop.


Religious groups can’t claim some sort of special immunity from criticism. Nevertheless, there’s a world of difference between legitimate political give-and-take and violent attempts to cow your opponents into submission. Violence and intimidation are always wrong, whether the victims are believers, gay people, or anyone else.

It is perfectly appropriate as well that all voices be heard. That is a basic point of democracy: The proper response to free speech you disagree with is your own free speech in reply, not attempting to coerce your opponents into silence.

Let’s be clear: even the crudest anti-religious propaganda isn’t illegal, and may not constitutionally be outlawed. But it’s nevertheless wrong. It has no place in civilized society.

The entire ad is here.

The activist gay community has only hurt it's cause by resorting to intimidation and threats to those individuals and businesses that disagreed with gay marriage California.

Take for example Marjorie Christoffersen, co- manager of a popular eatery in Hollywood called El Coyote's. When the gay activists discovered that she had contributed $100 to support Prop. 8, protests began at her restaurant.

Marjorie Christoffersen is a Mormon and known for her kindness. When one of her gay employee's partner died from AIDS, Marjorie paid for his mother to fly out for his funeral.

Christoffersen met privately with 60 LA LGBT activists after the protests started and expressed regret in her decision to donate $100 to the “Yes on Prop 8″ campaign. She insisted that the donation had been personal and because of her faith and had nothing to do with the restaurant. It seemed clear she didn't want the employees of the restaurant to suffer because of her. She said to them, “I’m sick of heart that I’ve offended anyone in the gay community. I have had, and do have family, friends, and people I work with of course who are gay…and you are treasured people to me.” She went on to say, "Over the years Coyote has financially supported many charities and thousands of dollars most particularly have been given to the gay interests and charities. The restaurant does not support any political group.” She then became too emotional to continue. She has since resigned from El Coyotes'.

The openly-gay restaurant manager Billy Schoeppner, announced that El Coyote would make two $5,000 contributions, each to the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center and the Lambda Legal Defense Fund.

All this has not been enough for the gay activists though. They felt there wasn't an "outright apology."

See how this works? While it clear that Mrs. Christoffersen cares for her employees, including and especially it's gay members, she still felt that gay marriage is wrong. But she is not allowed to believe that. Not according to the gay activists of Prop. 8. Her business, which employs gay and straight alike, also must suffer. Such is the way of intimidation of these activists.

These types of protests are happening all over California. I blogged before how gay activists are posting names of all those who gave money to support Pro. 8 and encouraging all to boycott their businesses.

This gives you some idea of why this New York Times Ad was necessary.

This is the activists response. The ad is critical of some in the religious community, but doesn't address the unacceptable behavior of the gay activists. Maybe because there is no justification for it.

Fight On

The House passed the Bailout last night.

Here are the Republicans that voted for it. Remember them come election time:

Barton (TX)
Buyer (IN)
Camp (MI)
Capito (WV)
Castle (DE)
Ehlers (MI)
Emerson (MO)
English (PA)
Frelinghuysen (NJ)
Hoekstra (MI)
Hunter (CA)
Knollenberg (MI)
LaHood (IL)
LaTourette (OH)
Lewis (KY)
Manzullo (IL)
McCotter (MI)
McCrery (LA)
McHugh (NY)
Miller (MI)
Tim Murphy (PA)
Porter (NV)
Ramstad (MN)
Regula (OH)
Rogers (MI)
Ryan (WI)
Smith (NJ)
Souder (IN)
Upton (MI)
Walsh (NY)
Young (AK)

The fight goes to the Senate now. Let's see if the Republicans there can remember why they are Republican.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yes, we get excited over this....

Have you ever seen such pathetic snowmen? Heh. Hey, we never see snow so it's pretty exciting!

The Hypocrisy of The Democrats

One thing I never thought I would do is ever agree with Dee Dee Myers on anything. But I do agree with her on this. I just think it laughable that it comes from her.

She is coming down hard on Jon Favreau, Barack Obama’s 27-year-old speechwriter, because of a photo that appeared which shows him with his hand groping the breast of a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton. See here. He is the one on the left.

It is unacceptable in my opinion. Of course pictures of this kind floated all over the net and even on TV of Sarah Palin with no response from feminists like Myers, but they always withhold their outrage on anything done to a conservative woman. More on that later.

Myers says that Favreau is not some college kid. He is playing in the big leagues now and should behave appropriately. Who is she kidding? She worked for the man who paved the way for all men who are Democrats to excuse themselves from any crass or inappropriate behavior toward women......Bill Clinton. Myers writes that Favreau's behavior " It’s an act of deliberate humiliation. Of disempowerment. Of denigration." What did she think Bill Clinton's acts were? Humiliation doesn't even begin to describe what Hillary went through during the whole Lewinsky scandal. And I can think of no more disempowering act than a subordinate getting down on her knees to pleasure her boss. So Myer's outrage seems a bit too little, too late.

Favrea was but a teenager during Clinton's Presidency. I'm sure he heard or read all the salacious details of Bill and Monica. He learned that it was fine to cheat on your wife with a young woman not much older than your own daughter. Even if you are President. He learned that Democrats will stand behind you in your humiliation of your wife and lying to the American people about it. He learned that as long as the woman is into it, you can use her and your power for your own pleasure.

Given that, Myer's outrage doesn't hold much water with me.

It isn't surprising that it would be a Hillary cut out that Favrea would grope and then laugh. Her husband taught him that it was fine to humiliate her.

It is also ironic that Myers would write this for a magazine, Vanity Fair, whose cover has Tina Fey, dressed in a skimpy outfit with an American flag flying behind her, with the caption "A New American Sweetheart." Right. I suppose they feel we owe a debt of gratitude to Tina Fey for saving us from Sarah Palin. I suppose they use that as a way to justify the fact that Tina Fey portrayed a Governor and an intelligent, accomplished woman like Palin, as a bumbling beauty queen hick. They don't even see how they are a part of the reason women are denigrated and disrespected.

Democrats like Myers and the writers and editors of Vanity Fair are swimming in a sea of hypocrisy.

Let Them Die

Have you missed this during all the hulabaloo over Obama's senate seat?

The accused terrorists -- led by the avowed ringleader of the 2001 strikes -- told a military tribunal this week at the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, they want to plead guilty. At least two have said they seek martyrdom by being put to death by the U.S.

I'm betting most Americans don't even know we have the one who orchestrated 9-11 at Gitmo, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. If you would like to read his list of evil misdeeds, including directing the bombing of a hotel frequented by Israelis in Mombassa, Kenya, read Andy McCarthy's write up here.

Interestingly, they offered their "confessions" on Nov. 4th, the day Obama was elected. I'm sure there is some twisted reasoning there. It seems they are determined to go dancing to their 42 virgins in their make believe heaven, and when we ask "Why would they do that?" I agree with McCarthy. Who cares why? They are a threat to society, to the world. They have the blackest of hearts. Let them die.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bailout Update!

First and foremost, call you reps! 202-224-3121.

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The latest:

Democratic leaders toned down their prediction that Congress would approve a $15 billion automaker bailout within 48 hours, as Republican objections proved difficult to resolve.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the Senate is unlikely to vote on the measure tonight and warned that lawmakers may have to stay in session over the weekend if objections are raised to voting earlier.

“Everyone should understand we’re going to work until we complete this,” Reid said.

Congressional action is likely the only chance for the aid General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC say they need to survive. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke ruled out central bank lending to automakers and suggested options including bankruptcy reorganization.

GM and Chrysler say they need at least $14 billion in combined aid to keep from running out of cash by early next year. Ford Motor Co., which would be eligible to apply for the loans, said again yesterday it doesn’t expect to. GM and Ford shares fell.

Some Democrats said support for the bailout in is in question. “It’s not a sure thing by any means,” said Michigan Representative Sander Levin, a Democrat.

Let's make sure it's NOT a sure thing.

Who can stop the Big 3 Bailout?

Maybe one Republican Senator?

Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich Arrested

It's on Federal Corruption charges.

It's quite juicy because it's all about Obama's Senate seat. Basically Blagojevich wanted something valuable from the Obama people for appointing who they wished to his Senate seat (money or a appointment).

If found guilty and serves time, I believe this would be the 4th Illinois Governor to do so.

Remember that squeaky clean Obama came from this political system.

If you were watching the news yesterday you saw Gov. Blagojevich telling Bank of America that their business was through in his state because it had pulled the line of credit from a Chicago factory that had laid-off workers. Oh, he was so passionate for the people!

I'm betting Bank of America is having a good laugh today.

Notice in the story where Blagojevich is the working man's hero, the fact that he is a Democrat is in the second sentence of the Reuter's story, but in today's story of his arrest, you don't learn he is a Democrat until the very last paragraph of a 2 page story.

Isn't that just the way it always is?

Oh yes, in a FBI recorded conversation the Governor called Obama a "m*therf**ker." You gotta love a man of the people. They are so sincere and honest.

Update: It looks like Gov. Blagojevich's wife Patty is just as classy.

No Worries!

Said the spider to the fly.

Great Idea!

Let's make human-animal embryos for research purposes!

What could possibly go wrong?!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Too funny.

"Guilty But Insane." Lets Make It Happen

On Thursday the Houston Chronicle reported the tragedy of Kristen Dewald:

In the early hours of the next morning, Sept. 7, she telephoned police to say her 33-year-old husband was dead.

She told investigators she stabbed him in the chest with a large butcher knife as he slept.

On Wednesday, Kristen Dewald admitted to the killing. Three psychiatrists determined she was legally insane during that time, a valid defense that annulled the need for a trial.

The 39-year-old former nursing student was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity in state District Judge George Godwin's court.

She will be moved to a mental health facility within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice system where she will be evaluated annually for "future dangerousness," her attorney, George Parnham, said.

If it is determined that she is no longer a danger to the community, Dewald could be released, but will always be subject to rules and orders of the court.

If you are wondering what that means, it means that Kristen Dewald, an admitted cold blooded murderer, could be released to freedom in as little as 3 years.

"Guilty by Reason of Insanity" in Texas doles out this slap on the wrist type of punishment. It's time for the law to change and *Tracy Wells is trying to do just that.

6 1/2 years ago Tracy's sister was 25 years old when she was stabbed to death by her boyfriend Michael Allen Montgomery. *Susan was trying to break up with him and a week later he killed her. He turned himself in and tried the "Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity" defense. Through the diligence of Tracy providing evidence and witnesses, he got 60 years with 30 years possible parole.

Tracy suffered from major Post Traumatic stress after the trial. She got help with behavioral Therapy. She also made it her mission to make sure other murderers in Texas do not get away with murder or attempted murder with a "Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity" plea.

Attempted murderers like Nathan Dale Campbell who stabbed his girlfriend's eye's out with a steak knife, but she lived. Campbell received "Not Guilty by reason of insanity" and was in the mental institution for 5 years. Usually, these perpetrators get out in 3, however Nathan assaulted someone in the mental institute and that got him 2 more years. To add insult to injury, upon release he moved close to his victim and the victims mother. They were forced to move out of Texas. According to Tracy, Nathan Dale Campbell was seen working at local eatery in Houston a year ago.

Murderers like Kenneth Pierott, who beat his handicapped sister to death with a dumbell got "Not guilty by reason of insanity." He served 3 years in the mental institution. When he got out he moved in with his girlfriend and they had a child together. The girlfriend had a 5 year old from another marriage. One day he smothered to death that 5 year old in the oven. He put the child in the oven, turned the knob to broil and went to bed. The oven’s pilot light had malfunctioned, so instead of being baked to death, the child asphyxiated. For that murder he got a prosecution, but if he would have been in jail from the first murder, that child would be alive today.

These are just a few examples, and one might argue that they are a small percentage of the guilty, but to the victims and their families it is no small thing. They wanted justice and did not receive it. They have to live every day knowing a convicted murderer of their loved one roams free.

Tracy got busy 4 years ago. She felt at the very least victims should be informed with the defendants in their case are released. Her representative would not respond to her letters so she spoke with a friend of the Mayor's Crime Victims Services and was able to get some attention. Proper wording was crafted for a bill called HB 291 for the Texas legislature and it was passed in 2005. The bill requires notification of a victim upon the discharge or release into the community of outpatient care of certain defendants found not guilty by reason of insanity. It is now law thanks to Tracy and "Justice for All."

Tracy isn't done yet and this effort may be the most important of all. She tells me that initially "Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity" was meant for homeless vandalism, like breaking a store window or something of that nature. Those people don't need to crowd our jail system. Lawyers for murderer's saw this as a loophole, so to speak, for their clients. She feels that is why we need a "Guilty but insane" sentence, so victims can be assured that that the sentence will fit the crime.

Tracy feels that the fact that the accused is afflicted with some mental ailment and did not know the nature of his act and that the act was wrong should not eliminate guilt. It is only with the fact of intent to commit a crime that a jury need concern itself. The imposing of a sentence should not prevent the remanding of the murderer to a hospital for the criminal insane and, if cured, he should serve the remainder of his unexpired term among sane convicts .

Right now Tracy is trying to get a committment from a Senator to see if he will or will not carry it. It doesn't have a bill number yet. I, for one, would like to see this one go through.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent. The guilty are on their own.

Ewww...No one likes the Kennedys

Except for Caroline. This is funny because it's so true. Keep in mind this is from Gawker Magazine, New York based and liberal. But they don't mind mocking their own: (emphasis mine)

Supposedly, Governor Paterson is going to appoint Caroline Kennedy to serve the remainder of Hillary Clinton's Senate term. Caroline Kennedy is basically the only Kennedy left who everyone likes.We like her, don't you? The lady Kennedys have historically been much more tolerable than the men Kennedys of course, and now all we have left of them anyway are smug RFK Jr and sad old Ted and some drunk kids and, uh, Patrick Kennedy. So Caroline: the Kennedy it's still cool to like! Unless you're Hillary Clinton.

According to Fredric Dicker, Paterson is actually not leaning toward appointing Kennedy, because she is "quiet and non-assertive," and a New York Senator needs to be a huge d*ck all the time, like Chuck Schumer.

Also, well, there is this little problem:

"Why would she want to see that seat go to someone who essentially double-crossed her?" the source said, noting the Kennedy family's endorsement of Obama in the primary. "It's a nightmare scenario for her."

Yes! Clinton/Kennedy bitchery! The primaries will never, ever end!

The Schumer line just cracked me up! Could that not be any more true?

Have you ever wondered why you have never heard about Caroline Kennedy's children ever getting into trouble? It's not because they haven't. Read the whole thing and find out how Caroline is just better at covering those things up.

It never ends...

A Dutch gay group said Monday it has planned a "Pink Christmas" festival for the first time in Amsterdam, featuring a manger stall with two Josephs and two Marys.

Other attractions in the 10-day festival include parties, an open-air market, gay-themed films, an ice skating rink and religious services on Dec. 25.

Does it even occur to them how highly offensive this is to Christians? This kind of thing only widens the divide between what we can agree on. Anyone want to bet on how long until someone sets up a similar pink Christmas here? I mean, why not? You cannot offend any other group without outrage from the media, unless it's Christian, of course.

It got me to thinking, what if a religious group or church put on a "musical" like "Prop. 8 The Musical" mocking the gay lifestyle and exaggerating sterotypes of gays. I'm sure the media would treat it just as they have "Prop 8 The Musical," right? Right.

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Say hello to my leetle friend...

A Smith and Wesson hammerless 38 special.

Some things I learned about Texas laws. Can you believe that you can actually carry a loaded weapon in your car without a CHL? Anyone who legally purchases a gun can. I couldn't believe how easy it was to purchase a weapon either. I filled out a form, which didn't require a SS number. The guy then called FBI and obviously they typed in my name and received a flashing "*PERFECT CITIZEN*" on their screen..;-) It took all of 5 minutes and I had bought my first gun (I have a 45, but I won that).

Now before you gun affectionados tell me I'm holding it wrong ect.... I am going to take lessons in Jan. and get my CHL.

See what Obama has done? He has taken a pro-gun control Republican who never liked guns at all and made me a gun owner, gun rights, and gun carrying anti-gun control chick.

And judging from the buiness at the store, I'm not alone.

The Culture of Death...


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The Pelosi Congress: Before and After

Pretty instructive. Behold what happens when Democrats control Congress.

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