Saturday, November 13, 2004

If any of you had any doubt about much of the MSM's loathing for this war and our soldiers take a look at this letter written to a soldier in Kawait. We call him 2slick here. Because he is (too slick) and he visits here. He has a blog from which I am copying the letter below written to him by an NBC news reporter named John Hockenberry, "an Emmy award-winning news correspondent," after 2Slick sent him a NY Sun article written about Kerry's discharge. Keep in mind....this is a professional journalist for NBC. Note the 'respect' the letter begins with:

2Slick baby,
Sorry, never would have expected an officer to speak so ignorantly. I've been in Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel. Jordan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon, and Pakistan. As for being ignorant of the military, ouch, wrong about that one too. I have two relatives buried at Arlington. But hey, making blanket statements about people seems to be a real talent over there at DOD. At least you know the difference between a real threat to our nation and a bogus half dead dictator (who was once on the CIA payroll). I feel better already knowing you are out there on the front lines delirious with self righteousness. Hey, you can call me a liar but I can't compete with you guys... you're professional grade. Hope your next promotion doesn't take too long I'm really looking forward to paying you more money to protect me and my family so well. Thanks again 2Slick (the officer who is apparently embarassed to reveal his rank)John Hockenberry (NBC Universal)

2Slick has this below the letter in his blog:

"This guy, an emmy-winner, reports on "war zones" for NBC. Does anyone have any doubts about the way this man feels about our nation's military? Read his email again. For what it's worth, I told him twice before that I was a Captain- and I'm certainly not embarassed about my rank. If you really want to see the whole exchange, you can find it here. In any case, I ask you- whose side are these people on? I'm on my second tour in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and I won't even pretend to know the answer."

It is one thing to have a disagreement. To write a letter stating your position as a decent person, but this is a professional that reports on the military! Could he be any more condescending? Could he show any more disrespect? And as for being all knowing of the military...having 2 relatives buried in Arlington makes you an expert???? This letter made my blood boil!! Here is a soldier putting his life on the line, maybe disagreeing with the reporter about Kerry, but to write a letter to that soldier that looks a lot like a troll comment on a conservative blog is just disgraceful. He makes me sick.

UPDATE: Since this has been making the rounds I found this sentence in ISOU's leftie blog telling...

"Unfortunately for Mr. Hockenberry, that soldier is also a blogger."

Which means that crude mean jerks who pretend to be objective journalists can longer get away with sending off these kinds of e-mails thinking the rest of us will never hear about them.

Ahh...the power of the gotta love it.

Scott's light reading in prison. Posted by Hello

I think this is what is called Kicking Ass...

Mudville gives us the following letter from the Battalion Commander of Colby Buzzell, the American soldier whose blog My War is well known, but hasn't been updated since Sept. (I'm thinking because he is part of the whole kicking ass thing):

"I believe that we are making progress in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Despite the ravings of pundits and uninformed ambulance chasers, this fight doesn't' hinge on oil or payback. It isn't about religion or race. And it damn sure is not about any innate desire to rule the world. These people will succeed or fail on their own merits. The task is daunting. You can release a person from bondage. You can remove a tyrant from power. You can create the conditions for liberty. But, you cannot simply grant or proclaim freedom. Freedom without honest action is a whisper in a storm just as change without vision and purpose is the illusion of progress. For ages these people were literally beaten to the point of submission by oppression, censure, murder, torture, and rape - regardless of age or gender. I have asked myself why they let it happen. The only answer I can fathom is that evil flourished because good people refused to pay the price required to oppose it.

This enemy has twisted and distorted things both sacred and profane to guideas well as justify its means and its stated end. Nothing is beyond the realm of the possible when it comes to the depths to which it will sink, the horror it is willing to commit, or the suffering it is willing to inflict. This enemy has no concept of mercy nor does it recognize combatants. Innocence is not a factor. You need only look at the headlines of the day to confirm that children, teachers, and doctors are murdered everyday by these villains. What makes them evil? I submit that it is not the act that earns them the epithet of evil - it is the intent to commit and the pride theydraw from the act. These animals revel in the post act announcements that they are responsible. They feel vindicated by the proclamations that they perpetrated these horrors in the name of God and that having committed the seacts some how elevates them. Make no mistake, this enemy is formidable but by no means invincible. To defeat this cancer requires the one thing that civilized people all over the world possess in absolute abundance - The will. The will to be free can only be surrendered by the person that has it - it cannot be murdered, raped, tortured, or stolen. It's not about being a martyr or a saint, it's about being a decent human being. And, the unvarnished truth is that the killing and the horror will continue until those with the will to endure prevail."

This is where you stop for moment and say ....'wow.' Because it just cannot be said any better than that.

Scott Peterson is convicted. He killed his wife and his unborn child and picks up the phone to chat with his clueless mistress.
A while back, when I first started this blog I looked up a passage I remembered from a book I was reading. I posted it then, but it needs to be repeated. It says all we need to know about this guy.

"You can go for a walk with them, see a movie with them, go swimming, eat dinner, even ride in a car with them while they are driving; but the sociopathic among us are quite literally different in every respect. They merely look like us. It is the ultimate disguise, making them an alien race within our own, and they know how to play us all for fools."

The Scott Peterson case was sensationalized because of the elements of intrigue surrounding it. A beautiful pregnant wife, a blonde mistress,and a handsome guy who takes us all for a ride down the road of evil desires. It all ends in murder. But with deception being a way of life for this guy, he strings us along with tales of abduction.

The press eats it up and Court TV has hours to fill, so we get every detail. But Scott is not alone, nor is he uncommon. The men aren't as handsome and the women aren't as sympathetic, but they die at the hands of the men they thought loved them all the same.

Glenn Reynolds mentioned in his blog that he was always able to tell if there was no real news going on if he could look at the TV and see coverage of the Peterson trial.

No real news.

Now I hope Glenn was referring to the circus atmosphere of the trial. Or maybe the soap opera type coverage it was receiving.
Because the case not only convicted a murderer, but finally gave us 'The Unborn Victim and Violence Act.' which makes it a crime to harm a fetus during an assault on a pregnant woman. A bill that had been fighting to get through Congress for five years.
During it's debate in Congress the Laci Peterson family sent this letter to Congress:

"As the family of Laci Peterson and her unborn son, Conner this bill is very close to our hearts. Knowing that perpetrators who murder pregnant women will pay the price not only for the loss of the mother, but the baby as well, will help bring justice for these victims and hopefully act as a deterrent to those considering such heinous acts."

The bill passed (with Kerry and Edwards voting against it, just so you know) and Bush signed it into law in April saying:

"As of today, the law of our nation will acknowledge the plain fact that crimes of violence against a pregnant woman often have two victims. The death of an innocent unborn child has too often been treated as a detail in one crime but not a crime in itself."

As any woman who has carried a child in their womb and trembled with excitement at thought of finally being able to hold that child in their arms can tell you, you love that child with all your heart even before your fingers touch it's soft face. Even as you feel the kicks and turning, your love grows.

I have no doubt that if Laci is somehow watching from above, she would want nothing more out of this trial than a conviction of murder for the man who took the life of her much wanted child.

If it took us craving details of this sordid affair and murder to pass this important legislation, then it was worth it.

It was worth it.

To the Laci Peterson family I say that my heart breaks for your suffering. So many people go through their lives making little or no difference in the lives of others. But your daughter and your grandson will have given murderers of women and the unborn children they carry, the justice they deserve long before hell does.

It may not give you what you so deserve..... your daughter and grandson back. But it does give us a better world. Laci and Conner gave us that. And you should hold that close to your heart when you think of them and be proud.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Jonah Goldberg of NRO confesses today that his wife works for a minion of satan.

Thats right..... she works for Attorney General John Ashcroft. Meaning she was practically the Wormwood to Ashcroft's Screwtape.

If your not familiar with C.S. Lewis's book "The Screwtape Letters," Screwtape is an upper-level functionary in the complex bureaucracy of the underworld.
(If that doesn't describe Washington D.C., I don't know what does.)

Screwtape (boss demon) wrote letters to his nephew Wormwood(lower level demon) on how best to procure the soul of his "patient." (Interestingly, World War II serves as the backdrop for the Letters) . The left seemed to think Ashcroft was out to procure all of our souls and the Patriot Act was one of his ways to insure he could keep his evil eye upon us.

I am, of course, making fun of the left's literal 'demonization" of Ashcroft in which Goldberg does a much better job than I ever could on proving Ashcroft unworthy of the assault of the leftwing/media machine.

Goldberg ends his piece summing up the truth about Ashcroft:

"By conventional standards, Ashcroft was among the best attorneys general in American history. Violent crime dropped 27 percent on his watch, reaching a 30-year low. Federal gun crime prosecutions rose 75 percent, and gun crimes dropped — something that should please liberals. By unconventional standards his service was heroic. There hasn't been a single terrorist attack since 9/11, despite all predictions by experts and efforts by terrorists to the contrary. Ashcroft was willing to take gross abuse to do what was necessary. Indeed, even the 9/11 commission certified that the Patriot Act was absolutely necessary to fix many of the problems that led to that awful day.
The chorus that treated him so shabbily says it's good such a "polarizing" figure is leaving. Fine. But maybe it's too bad the people who made him such a polarizing figure aren't."

h/t to BigDog's house for the NRO article.

Was anyone like me yesterday watching Arafat's casket come out of the helicopter and just knowing they were gonna drop that thing over and he would come tumbling out????? Can you imagine? That crowd would have gone bonkers! It would have been like a mosh pit, each passing Arafat over them like a rock star. I swear, I thought that was gonna happen.

But..I am wierd that way.

Fox is saying there will be a verdict today in the Scott Peterson case. Jurors finally came to an agreement once the female jurors were assured that they could visit and bring Scott pie in prison.

Since my household has been overrun with HALO 2 Madness!!! I found this pretty funny. Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 11, 2004

UPDATE: I just noticed that my link of the dem's map that I linked below is no longer there. I even went to the Rolling Stone site and clicked on their link to it and it is gone. Could it be that they realized it really did look like a deep sea fish....or that it had no credibility?...hmmmm.....
For those who missed it, it was like your 1st grader's drawing of the U.S. but with a drawing with alot of gas and more blue than was obviously true. heh.

I personally am sick of seeing the red/blue map everywhere, but I stumbled across this one that the dems are using to blue up the map a bit:

Rolling Stone:
" Tim Dickinson thinks this is the best red/blue/purple
map he's been emailed all week. (It's a county-by-county cartogram -- skewed by population rather than acreage -- of the country and its Bush/Kerry split.)"

So click on
the map, which I really feel they must have mixed up with a drawing of a deep water fish.

This from
Air America...seriously....I'm not kidding:

Naomi Klein is urging P Diddy and his celebrity friends to go to Fallujah: “But first they are going to need to flip the slogan from "Vote or Die!" to "Die, Then Vote!" Because that is what is happening there.”

But dying first and then voting is commonplace among democrats, isn't it?

If you want to leave the country now and Robert Redford won't let you tag along,
Harpers has a comprehensive look at how to do it. It's harder to leave freedom than you might imagine.

Leftie from has it all figured out how we won:

"The history is this: For the past quarter century, the Right has spent billions of dollars to build a vertically integrated media apparatus – reaching from the powerhouse Fox News cable network through hard-line conservative newspapers and magazines to talk radio networks to book publishing to well-funded Internet operations and right-wing bloggers."

Rightwing bloggers are well-funded???? Where the hell is my check?

"Using this infrastructure, the conservatives can put any number of “themes” into play that will instantaneously reach tens of millions of Americans through a variety of outlets, whose messages then reinforce each other in the public’s mind."

Yeah, because the left never had that with all those left leaning newspapers and organizations like CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, NY Times, and most major dailies. And they never use "themes" like "tax cuts for the wealthy" and "turning back the clock on women's rights" and the all time favorite one..."homophobic."

"Beyond putting opposing politicians on the defensive, this Right-Wing Machine intimidates mainstream journalists and news executives who will bend over backwards and cater to the conservative side, do almost anything to avoid being tagged with the career-threatening tag of “liberal"

*Pause for hysterical laughter*

Is this a parallel universe they live in? The idea of Dan Rather or Peter Jennings catering to the conservative side is like saying Howard Stern really caters to the church goers.

Funny Bumper sticker of the day:

"If you were looking for a sign from God. This is it."

I was sitting here wondering exactly how to say what I felt about Arafat's death and then how to express the disgust I felt over what former President Jimmy Carter said about Arafat. And then I went to Protein Wisdom and Jeff said it all so well. I usually don't allow the "F" word here, but in this case, Jeff gets a pass.

“Former US President Jimmy Carter calls Arafat a ‘powerful human symbol,’” AFP:
Former US President Jimmy Carter called Yasser Arafat “a powerful human symbol and forceful advocate” who united Palestinians in their pursuit of a homeland.
“Yasser Arafat’s death marks the end of an era and will no doubt be painfully felt by Palestinians throughout the Middle East and elsewhere in the world,” Carter said.
“He was the father of the modern Palestinian nationalist movement. A powerful human symbol and forceful advocate, Palestinians united behind him in their pursuit of a homeland,”
"he said in a statement distributed by his Atlanta, Georgia-based Carter Center.Then the linoleum-toothed Castro groupie let go a single, poignant tear.

Reached for comment, pieces of dead Israeli school children blown to bits by Arafat-directed suicide bombers over the years asked if former President Carter “wouldn’t mind fucking right off.” Only they said it in Hebrew."-Protein Wisdom

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

It is this kind of blogging that is going to continue to change the way we get the news. I think it's called... the truth.

The Belmont Club has the lowdown on Fallujah, and I mean all the lowdown.

You must read this letter from a marine in Fallujah to his dad. h/t The Obsidian Order.

h/t to BigDog's House for sending me the best military news sites. Check his 'athiest' views on the role of religion in American and European history as well.

This from Winds of Change:

A research team at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore has been publicizing their study, which claims to show that 100,000 Iraqis have died since the beginning of The Second Gulf War. Needless to say, these results were conveniently published by the New York Times on Oct. 29, 2004 - less than a week before the U.S. elections.
Fred Kaplan of Slate destroys this study, and confirms its status as just the latest politically-motivated voodoo produced by social "scientists" whose manipulations of their methods and results are blatant and transparent (q.v. Afghanistan, Marc Herold).

So could all you lefties out there that keep quoting me this number please shut up now?

Where shall I begin, sex or the Supreme Court? If I start with the Supreme Court at least I know you will keep reading.

Wizbang has all the sites for and against Arlen Spector to head the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Monk has a good take on the leak of a possible Chief Justice Clarence Thomas. h/t McGehee.

It is truly beyond comprehension that abortion has become the number one deciding factor of judicial nominees. But don't look at Republicans. We have both pro-choice and pro-life senators and judges (not to mention bloggers). It is the democrats that are one minded on this.

What everyone knows is the whole Clarence Thomas confirmation debacle was about abortion. NARAL and NOW went moonbat insane over his nomination. They began a personal smear campaign the likes of which had never been seen before. How Justice Thomas withstood it is a testament to the kind of man he is. Not only full of integrity and honor, but one who wasn't going to let a bunch of hate filled abortion 'rights' zealots tear down a lifetime of hard work.

I am a advocate for the unborn child. Make no mistake about that. My generation of women were lied to and manipulated by the abortion industry. An industry that profits (big time) off the agony of women. But this isn't a post about the issue. It is, once again, a post about the RIGHT of those of us who are pro-life to have just as much of a say in what kind of country we want as the democrats do. (and moderate Republicans for that matter)

A friend of mine tells me that Spector owes Bush big time and will support his nominees. I wish I could believe it, but I don't. Spector may have supported Thomas in those viscous hearings, but my view was that Spector was so disgusted with Anita Hill that it overcame his absolute support for abortion. Spector is not a 'moderate' Republican, he is a liberal one. Period. And not just on the abortion issue, but on everything from school choice to racial preferences.
As NRO says:
"Specter votes like a Democrat until late in his term, when he remembers that he will need at least some conservatives on his side.."

I'm with NRO on this. And to all my fellow conservative bloggers who see Spector has just fine, just think about the absolute meltdown of the left if Thomas is confirmed as Chief Justice. We are talking head spinning and vomiting the likes of which one has not seen since the original Exorcist.

Wouldn't that be satisfying enough for you?

And to Glenn, Wizbang, Powerline, Jeff, and all the rest, you may disagree with me on this, but you know there is a southern saying: "you gotta dance with the one who brought you."

And we brought you Bush. So get your dancing shoes on and get out on the dance floor with us. And remember, Spector is not invited to this party.

Now on the sex part, but your not gonna like it. If you haven't heard about about the book "100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed" by Melissa Panarello yet, you will. Melissa, an Italian girl from a middle class home was 16 years old 2 years ago and kept a diary. That diary (which is the book) is now published and being released this month in the U.S. It came out in July of 2003 in Italy. It was a runaway bestseller. To date it has been published in 23 countries. A best seller everywhere. Why would a 16 yr olds diary be a best seller? Well, sex of course.

Her catalogue of sexual escapades of lesbianism, sex with transvestites , and S & M adventures, one orgy, and several gang bangs, not to mention your garden variety heterosexual encounters is not something one might come to expect from a 16 yr old girl's diary, but there it is.

In reading reviews of this book I became not only sickened by the fact that so many want to read about this, but that no one reviewing it seems to be bothered by the fact that many of her sexual adventures were with overage men. In case your not up on this, it's called statutory rape, willing partner or not. You see, she was a minor. Maybe this isn't the case in Italy, I don't know. But is there any doubt the book will be a best seller here?

Please prove me wrong America. For God's sake, prove me wrong.

The feminists I read that reviewed the book saw it as some sort of poetic piece of sexual awareness. In an interview recently Melissa said that really all she was looking for was love. She thought she had found it with a 40 yr old man. She says..."He represented for me the father figure that in one way or another I've always been lacking."

Which really says it all for me. I don't know about her family life, but a little girl needs a father. A good father. She needs a father's love. I have always noticed and studies have shown that those little girls without that love go looking for it in other men in other ways and usually before they are emotionally or physically mature enough to even know what love is.

I hope to God, Melissa is a case for the extreme, but it does illustrate the importance of our culture on our children. When we conservatives talk values, we usually are always talking about our children. We are sick of a culture that has let adult sex and adult choices enter into the lives of our children.

Gosh, what a downer this post was. Today or tomorrow I will lighten up. I PROMISE!

I have to leave you with some good feelings...I just have to! Bush won, Arafat is dead/maybe dead/as good as dead. We are kicking ass in Fallujah, and most of the leftie bloggers seem to be in hibernation.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Tech Central gives us some great insight into the battle of Fallujah and how it will and is being fought, but it is brutally honest in it's assessement:

"The coming days promise to be ugly, confused, rife with rumors. There will be mistakes on the part of Coalition forces -- some possibly costly in casualties. And despite the ascendancy of American battlefield technology, the depths of the Islamic radicals' treachery may still hold surprises. But the "Islamic Republic of Fallujah" is now drowning appropriately enough in its own blood. "

Pray for our Warriors.

I am amused at the 2 different camps of democrats trying to figure out this election. One camp is intent on insulting people of faith with as much condescension and ridicule as they can muster. The other camp is falling over it's pews trying to figure out a way to convince people with deep held moral values to vote against those values and vote democrat. Kerry tried hard to talk the talk, but people of faith kind of like to see a person walk the walk as well.

I have seen many argue that Bush's values, in their opinion, don't match what they see as 'moral values." Just as those of us on the right said that Kerry's values didn't seem to reflect what we perceived as "moral values." But the difference the left didn't seem to catch was that although you might could argue the differences, Bush stood by his values. If he said he believed it, he lived it. He worked at seeing it accomplished. From winning the war on terror to refusing to re define marriage. Kerry, on the other hand, would say he believed in one thing, but didn't live the faith he purported to have. He said he thought abortion immoral, yet wouldn't even vote to ban Partial Birth Abortion. He said he was against gay marriage, but no one really believed that. Gays supported him overwhelmingly. I could give many more examples, but you get my meaning.

Kerry was like your date on prom night. He promises he will love you tomorrow, but you know once he gets, he will forget you by breakfast and never call.

Lucky for us, most voters kept their prom dress on.

I saw Al Sharpton on Fox and Friends this morning plugging his new Spike TV show "I Hate My Job." He takes 8 young guys for a career makeover. In an interview with Sharpton explains the show and why he did it:

:One of the things that drives me to do this kind of thing is, more young people are influenced by Comedy Central than by 60 Minutes, so if you understand that, you understand why Al Sharpton would do a reality show," he said firmly. "Also, I happen to agree with the concept of people looking to discover what they're really on the planet for, because I had to go through that."

I always wonder why some people refer to themselves in 3rd person. It makes me think they are really listening to the voices in their head and simply repeating what those voices are saying. Why else would a person just not say "I?"

Now we all know why Al Sharpton would do a reality show. It's called the Benjamins and the bling bling. And you can't really blame him, he did discover what he was on the planet for long ago.....pure entertainment.

Speaking of Fox and Friends. If you aren't watching that in the mornings you are missing great TV.

Sharpton on how his SNL appearance changed the general perception of him:

"The right wing would love to project me as a hater and all of that. But I think America that night said, "This guy ain't no hater!"

No, no, no.......we say "hustler", not hater.

We rightwingers are just always misquoted.

And considering he's slated to head out to the Coast to meet with NBC, ABC, CBS, UPN, and the WB about shows that he might executive-produce, I think our way of projecting Rev. Sharpton is dead on.

Describing his meeting with President Bush as Bush spoke at the Urban League, the Rev went on to say:

"..... then he says to me, "You know, it's hard to run for president, and I give you a lot of credit, Al." So, how you gonna get mad at a guy who says that to you? You know you're on TV, so do you smile and act respectful or do you do the ghetto? I mean, what do you do?"

You will all be relieved to know that Sharpton did not do the ghetto.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Well, I got linked yesterday by what is in the blogosphere the high school equivalent of the President of the Senior Class . I really appreciate all the great e-mails and comments. It was like being the new girl in school. Obviously the new girl who needs to take time for spell check. You are all are some picky people! It was just one word! I was one letter off! I will try my best, but I have this thing..... called a life. Well, actually it really isn't my life. It's more like my kid's life, but it takes up way too much of my time. For example, they insist on being fed every day.

It was nice though when some snotty leftie decides to sneeringly point out my spelling error in his comment and then commits a spelling error in that comment! *smile* There must be a blog god who looks after me.

The Politburo Diktat discusses the future of blogging post election. He thinks we will turn in different directions especially since many are burned out over politics 24/7. He is probably right. I have posted a few personal musing in my short time blogging and no one seemed interested. But that could be because my life is not nearly as interesting as my rantings. Thanks to the commissar for a mention too. He really kinda rocks for a commie.

What the hell is
this about? I mean you become President of the College Republican Club at San Francisco State University and you figure it will look great on a resume. You dress preppie, work on some campaigns, and life is good. Next thing you know your surrounded by a "noisy and menacing mob of over 300 Palestinian, Arab, Muslim and radical leftist students surrounding your club's table being held back by 13 San Francisco State police officers." These conservative kids were slapped, had food and drinks thrown at them, and some called a"Nazi." (What would the left do if there had been no Hitler? I suppose it would at least limit their name calling to "bigots and racists!" And I imagine "Ditigal brownshirts" would only have the impact of insulting us as some kind of online UPS drivers) But I digress... "Lee Wolf, another College Republicans member, described one of the women on Monday as shouting, "The only way we can defeat you is to kill as many as possible! I'd rather die a suicide bomber's death than to call myself an American!"

How about calling you #5873 in cellblock 5? That would work for me.

These lovely people calling themselves The General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS) were distributing flyers saying "Don"t Let the College Republicans Commit Racism and Bigotry Against Arab Women."

Calling someone a Nazi, assaulting them, and expressing a desire to kill as many College Republicans as possible, on the other hand, is a noble cause.

You have to feel sorry for the College Republicans these days on campus. It use to be all they really gave up were dates with goth and biker chicks and girls with tattoos. Now they have to face angry mobs of ugly bitter women who don't even have time to do their hair or take a shower?? They will get enough of that in the real world of politics facing down the women in NOW and NARAL.

Former presidential candidate Howard Dean is considering a bid to become chairman of the national Democratic Party. Steve Grossman, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee said it is not too soon for Democrats to focus on their future leadership.
"I strongly urged (Dean) to seek the position," he said. "Howard is a voice of political empowerment (YEEE HAAWWWW!...sorry, couldn't help it) and that to me is important, for the Democrats to get their sea legs back as quickly as possible, (guess they were on that 'swiftboat' too long..heh) to get beyond the disappointment of the last week and to believe there is a bright future ahead for the Democratic Party." via

Mudville has Russ Vaughn's latest poem "Swift Justice." You gotta love a former warrior with a poet's heart.

Greyhawk also has incredible details about Fallujah. Please go read it. It is so necessary to understand this enemy. There is no reasoning and no surrender with these monsters. It will just disgust you how these terrorists torture and kill even their own people. Greyhawk , as always, lays it out for us. Have I mentioned lately that he rocks? Because he really does.
He also has some good news out of read.

UPDATE: at 8:15 central time- Arafat's condition has worsened from almost dead to pretty much dead.

The jurors in the Scott Peterson Trial are still deadlocked and apparently ticked as well. The male jurors are fed up. One female juror was heard to say "He is just too smokin hot to be guilty."

*Ok, just kidding about that last part, but you almost believed it, didn't you? Because that is how sad our justice system has become.

Quote of the day:

"Sure God created man before woman.. but then you always make a roughdraft before The Final Masterpiece."

I suppose I could write a book on the condescension and insults the left media has poured out on us "red staters" since Tues. But this one Slate article pretty much sums them all up. h/t to NRO

Jane Smiley tells us: (emphasis mine)
" I grew up in Missouri and most of my family voted for Bush, so I am going to be the one to say it: The election results reflect the decision of the right wing to cultivate and exploit ignorance in the citizenry. I suppose the good news is that 55 million Americans have evaded the ignorance-inducing machine. But 58 million have not. (Well, almost 58 million—my relatives are not ignorant, they are just greedy and full of classic Republican feelings of superiority.)

Of course her relatives aren't ignorant. And it is Republicans that feel superior, not her, as you can clearly see.

"The error that progressives have consistently committed over the years is to underestimate the vitality of ignorance in America"

That doesn't sound the least bit snotty or superior, now does it? Those Democrats (uhh...'progressives') are really the sweet ones. It's obvious.

"Here is how ignorance works: First, they put the fear of God into you—if you don't believe in the literal word of the Bible, you will burn in hell. Of course, the literal word of the Bible is tremendously contradictory, and so you must abdicate all critical thinking, and accept a simple but logical system of belief that is dangerous to question. A corollary to this point is that they make sure you understand that Satan resides in the toils and snares of complex thought and so it is best not try it."

Something tells me this woman has spent zero time in church or reading the Bible. She is certainly ignorant ( is ok for me to use that term?) of Catholic theology. Galileo, one of the greatest scientific minds ever and a devout Catholic once said "I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use." As it turns out, neither do most of us Christians. Galileo taught us and the Church long ago that science is the canvas upon which God paints his mysteries.

Maybe Ms. Smiley ( an ironic name if there ever was one) would be surprised to know that like her relatives, most of us red staters are not ignorant. But, unlike her relatives, we are not greedy. Here is a little known fact. Under Reagan us greedy little pre-nightmare scrooges gave more to charity than in other time in history.
But Smiley goes on to describe how 'they' keep us ignorant:

"..when life grows difficult or fearsome, they (politicians, preachers, pundits) encourage you to cling to your ignorance with even more fervor. But by this time you don't need much encouragement—you've put all your eggs into the ignorance basket.."

Feeling superior is the hallmark of the left and the elite media. For them to use that term for us is truly laughable. It's like Donald Trump calling Mother Teresa egotistical.

Operation Phantom Fury has begun in Fallujah. Video on Fox right now is AWESOME!
PRAY FOR OUR BOYS!!!! has details.

Belmont has good stuff too. Nice to see Blackwatch finally mentioned.

Blogging Rocked This Election.

Tech Central gives us the following tidbits regarding blogs and this election:

Daily Kos raised more than $500,000 to assist the campaigns of fifteen candidates. None were elected."

You know, that's has got to hurt. Especially since they are all so dang smart.

As the Grand Forks Herald
observed in the Daschle-Thune race, which really was BIG and the dems are trying so hard to ignore:

"This little-noticed development deserves a lot more attention. The Daschle-Thune race differed from previous South Dakota Senate races in this way: Conservative Web logs gave South Dakota voters access to news like never before.
"Take a look and you'll see what we mean: Web sites such as Daschle vs. Thune and a few others chipped away at Daschle's image day after day."

You S. Dakota bloggers, think about it....You were a huge part of finally getting rid of the biggest hypocrite of all time, the leader of the democratics in congress.....DASCHLE!!!!!! You ended a 26 year reign of moonbattiness!!!!! Do you have any idea how many points in heaven you are gonna get for that???? I mean you have achieved your purpose in life ....... Now go find an island and sunbathe, your place within the pearly gates is secure....;-)

Some of these heaven bound bloggers are...

The biggest false story of the msm was the Dan Rather memogate story, of course. Being a new blogger, I watched in amazement as
Little Green Footballs and Power Line and Instapundit debunked the story in less than a day and Drudge provided communications with the mainstream media.

A lesser known, but extremely important story was about
this blogger who debunked a bogus Associate Press report regarding booing of President Clinton when his heart surgery was announced at a Bush rally. (Complete with audio featuring no boos). Things that used to be ignored, or spun by the news are now available with the 'rest of the story' online with links and sometimes visual proof. Proof that was easily attainable by the msm, but didn't quite fit their story.
Anyway you look at it, it is a boon for democracy. It is certainly a boon for the truth. It seemed pretty clear to me that stories that really did have no basis in truth quickly died, even online.

The bottom line here is that the left leaning media that proclaims itself mainstream can no longer have it's stories go unchallenged. Who knows how this election might have turned out if the Rather's memo story had been accepted at face value or if the Swift boat guys had been ignored, which they certainly would have if it had not been for the bloggers, especially the milblogs. Who knows if any of us would have heard all the good news out of Afghanistan and Iraq if not for the soldiers blogging from the actual places???

This is the Blogging Revolution, and Che Guevera aint got nothing on us.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Is Arafat dead? The Politburo Diktat has the scoop.

The leftie Londoners have a way with words I think.....

Brian Reade in the Daily Mirror, who attributed the President's victory to: "The self-righteous, gun-totin', military-lovin', sister-marryin', abortion-hatin', gay-loathin', foreigner-despisin', non-passport-ownin' rednecks, who believe God gave America the biggest dick in the world so it could urinate on the rest of us and make their land 'free and strong'."

Forty five per cent of Hispanics voted for the President, as did 25 per cent of Jews, and 23 per cent of gays. The Hispanic number is big and wonderful. The Jew and gay number is small but gratifying. But it does sorta discount the lyrical words of our across the pond wierdo.
You know, I can see why he thinks these insults just really are the worst you can say about someone from their wacky point of view, but "military loving????' That's akin to "sister-marryin???" Joining the military and incest.......same thing to them. Hmmm.....can anyone say 'twilight zone?"
And if he really thought about it he might not have wanted to use "the biggest dick in the world," because if you think about it, isn't that a compliment? I have always heard that size matters.

Mark Steyn, who I copied the above Brain Reade post from had this to say in response:
"In all but six states, the Republican vote went up: the urinating rednecks have increased their number not just in Texas and Mississippi but in Massachusetts and California, both of which have Republican governors. You can drive from coast to coast across the middle of the country and never pass through a single county that voted for John Kerry: it's one continuous cascade of self-righteous urine from sea to shining sea. States that were swing states in 2000 - West Virginia, Arkansas - are now solidly Republican, and once solidly Democrat states - Iowa, Wisconsin - are now swingers. The redneck states push hard up against the Canadian border, where if your neck's red it's frostbite. Bush's incontinent rednecks are everywhere: they're so numerous they're running out of sisters to bunk up with."

Please read the whole thing. Steyn is worth is weight in gold.

This is the thing about Americans. Don't tell us we are stupid if we don't vote your way. I honestly think the leftie movie stars and Michael Moore did more harm than good for the left. The European condescending e-mails to Ohio did more for Bush than any of the swiftboat ads, windsurfing and skiing commercials against Kerry ever could have.
Another thing I think that hurt Kerry is having his people simply say "they are lying" about every single thing that came out about Kerry. Whether it was swiftboat ads, liberal voting record, or non support of the military. Because when things then came out about Bush, like the National Guard accusations, lost explosives in Iraq ect. The public just shrugged and said "oh, they all lie." and listened to none of it. Half the time I didn't know what to believe on either side myself.
There is this thing called the truth. And I really think that it is time the media got back on that bandwagon. Instead of spinning a story, show both sides, and at least TRY to get at the truth. The public is SICK of it, I can tell you that.

I have been e-mailing a liberal friend who insists that Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism. If you read my blog, then you saw my post on Operation Viking Hammer, where our special forces went into Iraq at the beginning of the war and brought down a international terrorist training camp. This was a story I got from U.S. News and World Report with an inbred reporter. Several soldiers got silver medals of valor and the like. It is documented military fact, and a reporter from a msm magazine there to report on the accuracy. I told my friend this and he had the same reaction a commenter on my blog had. It wasn't true. It. Just. Was. Not. True. How do you argue with people like that? These are not stupid people. But their mindset is so against Bush and this war that I honestly believe that if tomorrow we found WMD so incredible they could have blown up the world in the basement of one of Saddam's palaces, they would insist that Rumsfield planted it there.

Ok, my funny quote of the day is a bit irreverent, but given the quotes above I decided today was the day to go with it.

Women's creed: "Men are like linoleum. If you lay them right the firsttime, you can walk on them for 20 years."