Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Real Enemy continued...

"A HATE mob urged terror strikes on New York and torched the US flag outside its embassy in London yesterday." the rest. Also here. via dave bones

I am copying an entire post from ResurrectionSong because it is too awesome and on point not to.

"Richard Cohen has an article in the Washington Post in which he comments on why reporters and journalists are still inflicted with “Vietnam syndrome." :

"By Tuesday the critical blogs had been joined by the Wall Street Journal. It opined that the error stemmed from the press’s—and Newsweek’s—basic “mistrust of the military that goes back to Vietnam.” Here the Journal has a point, but it makes it sound as if that mistrust is totally unearned. The lies of Vietnam—beginning with the murky cause for the war, the Gulf of Tonkin incident—were legion and well documented. Had reporters not taken a lesson from all this—had we not learned something from the revelations of the Pentagon Papers and the later confessions of Robert McNamara—then we would truly be unqualified to practice our profession. Skepticism is to journalists what faith is to the clergy."

"I would like to remind Mr. Cohen that the lies told about the Gulf of Tonkin incident were told by President Lyndon Baines Johnson, a Democrat. All of the lies in the first 8 years of that war were told by Democrats like Johnson, Robert McNamara and John F. Kennedy. There is another lie that a willing press was all too willing to pass on—America lost the Tet Offensive. The truth is, America won the Tet Offensive.
There was one “fact” that wasn’t a lie, and that was the reason for going to fight a war in a foreign land—To stop the spread of Communism in Asia. Many historians are now beginning to agree with what many American soldiers knew over 30 years ago, that we were somewhat succesful in that endeavour.

Bloviate all you want, you have a God given right to, but don’t expect me to have respect for your writings, or those of your media bretheren, when you guys can’t get over the insecurites you learned at the feet of Democrats."

ABC News rewrites history.

Powerline has this interesting tidbit. Oh boy. I'm starting to wonder if we can believe anything in the news these days.

The Real Enemy

This is a sermon delivered by Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris, which ran last weekend on the Palestinian Authority's official TV station:

"The day will come when we will rule America. The day will come when we will rule Britain and the entire world - except for the Jews. The Jews will not enjoy a life of tranquillity under our rule because they are treacherous by nature, as they have been throughout history. The day will come when everything will be relieved of the Jews - even the stones and trees which were harmed by them. Listen to the Prophet Muhammad, who tells you about the evil end that awaits Jews. The stones and trees will want the Muslims to finish off every Jew."

Scary stuff. This is via dave bones, who could not be further from me on the political spectrum yet he ends this on his blog with these words:

"These are the extremists, the real enemy. Let's keep our eye on the ball."

Now, here is something we ALL can agree on. The real enemy. Now if we could just get the democrats over here to understand that.

It could not be a more beautiful day here. I hope it is the same for you wherever you are. So get off your computer and go outside and enjoy the sunshine and THIS LIFE that we have!!!

Go!!! NOW!!!

Friday, May 20, 2005

WND has this:

"After strong denials, a homosexual activist group admitted it made available to middle school and high school students an AIDS handbook described by critics as a "hard-core pornographic homosexual 'how-to.'"
Boston Chapter of the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, GLSEN Boston, said the distribution at an April 30 event at Brookline High School violated its policy that no sexually explicit materials be made available."

Entitled "The Little Black Book – Queer in the 21st Century," the article goes on to say that the booklet contains graphic descriptions of homosexual conduct, including "fisting," along with a photo-spread discussion of condoms and instructions on how to put them on.

And the left wonders why we fight them so hard on social issues. They say "stay out of our bedroom." Well hell...who needs to go in your bedroom when you bring the bedroom to our children's school!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't want a booklet there describing heterosexual sex. How do these things happen??? Is NO ONE paying attention here????

Next thing you know we will have this video in the classroom. *WARNING* explicit content. May make one bang their head on computer or puke. Don't you love what is just a click away from our kids???? I am beginning to think that the internet is nothing but a small window in which we can view parts of hell.
Video via Beautiful Atrocites

Thursday, May 19, 2005

This is the flyer that they say "draws on themes from the Revenge of the Sith story to explain the very real threat to democracy posed by the nuclear option." Click on the link to see the commercial.

This is the script for the flyer:

The Republic stands at the brink of chaos. Seduced by a dark vision of ultimate power, one Senator schemes to destroy all opposition, replacing the old guardians of peace and justice with his own loyal minions. Sound familiar? We're not talking about a galaxy far, far away.

Right now, in Washington , D.C., Senator Bill Frist and radical Republicans are preparing to seize total control over our independent courts, long the defenders of freedom in our republic. To dominate the courts, Senator Frist is threatening to use the ultimate weapon, the "nuclear option," breaking senate rules to eliminate the right to filibuster - giving absolute power over judicial nominations to one party for the first time ever.

Then extremist judges from the far right could rule the highest courts in the land even the Supreme Court - where their power would last a lifetime. Our environment, our labor laws, our privacy -all would be in terrible danger.

Don't let them seize absolute power
Stop the "Nuclear Option"
Save the Republic

I don't think Frist will enjoy the Star Wars movie quite as much after this.

The script for the commercial is as follows:

For 200 years, the Senators and the fair judges, were keepers of peace and justice in the republic until...
... one Senator, seduced by a dark vision of absolute power, seeks to destroy this fabled order, replacing fair judges with far right clones.
To do this, he’s ready to use a nightmare weapon known as the Nuclear Option.
Stop Senator Frist. Save our courts. Save the Republic. MoveOn PAC is responsible for the content of this advertisement.

I'm pretty sure there is a disturbance in their brain. Geeze.

Frist says "A fair vote up or down or I am going to send my bad Republican bruth-ers here to kick yo ass!"

Ok, this pic is too good not to caption. Just try and not be tooo dirty.

Wal-Mart Opens New Store In Beijing!
Interesting intrance sign there. Is there a reason why he is BRIGHT RED????

Look, the Chinese can't find anyone to help them in Walmart either!

Racism lives on.

I had a weird thing happen the other day. I went out to walk my youngest to the bus stop and there were these folders and papers strewn all over the street. I started picking them up and as I was looking at them I noticed they were work related and thumbing through the papers I realized I knew who's work this was. It was a mother of one of my daughter's Jr High friends when they had cheered together. I didn't know the mom well, except to see her at games, but her work number was on the papers so when I got home I called her. It seems her car had gotten broken into the night before and they had stolen her laptop and her briefcase. They had obviously thrown out what was in the briefcase. She was very grateful to have all the papers and said she would come get them.

I knew that she worked for a Human Resource firm and I was looking through her stuff. (yes, I know nosy and all that) Anyway, during meetings it seemed she had jotted notes on the side of some papers. One word caught my eye and I looked down the page to see what she had written. This was it: "Why all these niggers? For more of a head count?" My jaw just dropped. I asked my daughter to look at it and see if I was reading it wrong somehow. But she clearly saw the same thing. I tried to figure out some other word that could be but none came to me.

Her daughter ended up coming to get the papers so I couldn't ask about it. Which I am sure the first thing she would have said is "What the hell are you doing reading my stuff?" And she would have a point. But it saddened me that mature people would still write such a thing.

When I think of all I saw growing up in Mississippi. When I know how much pain blacks had to go through on their way to civil rights. When I think about the black families I knew. I am even more sad to think that so many young black people think nothing of calling each other the "n' word and that they listen to music that degrades women and sex and glorify the thugs that sing it. And most of all I feel sad for the breakdown of the black family. This is the warpath that Bill Cosby is on. 80% of black children being born into single family homes is just wrong and certainly not part of the dream of Dr. Marin Luther King Jr.

I saw a documentary not to long ago about Harlem in the 40's. The blacks had created their own little world there since they weren't accepted in the white one. Harlem thrived with business's and great blues music. Most families were in tact. They even had their own high society with fancy teas and balls.

As I was watching, I wondered that if any of those people were suddenly thrown into the future and saw Harlem today, how horrified they would be. I wondered if they would think it was worth it? Was their sacrifice worth this???? I think they would want to know what the hell happened?

What did happen? I think there are many factors. The main one being the welfare state. I personally witnessed this program take away the dignity of the black man. I saw welfare make it acceptable for a woman to have children without a man. It gave a man the excuse to run. It is, to me, the single worst thing to happen to black people after the civil rights movement.

That, mixed with popular culture and the victim status that the democratic party convinced blacks to believe in, contributed to the social ills they suffer today.

The social ills in turn give people like this mother I mentioned above an excuse to see them as 2nd class citizens. The answer is what it has always been. Education, manners, moral values, maturity, ambition, and hard work.

Of course every race needs these things. And what people like the woman who wrote that in her papers need is a good kick in the ass.

Bloggers will soon rule the world!!! (ok, well, maybe not soon...)

Pundit Review announces Boston's talk leader, WRKO, has decided to discontinue Newsweek International and replace it with a show that promotes bloggers. Cool, huh? Pundit Radio Review Radio will be it's replacement:

"Each Sunday evening at 9PM EST, we will examine traditional talk radio topics (politics, media, culture) by highlighting the work of the best, most insightful thought leaders in the new media.You can listen to the show live at WRKO and you can reach us toll free at 877-469-4322.Pundit Review Radio Guest Line-UpMay 22: James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal's"

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

BlogGod and BlogGay are fighting! Enjoy the show!!

UPDATE: And in this corner-BlogGod. And in that corner-BlogGay.

We may have just heard about George Galloway here, but in Britain he is well known. Oh boy.

Here's some excerpts:

“Gorgeous George”, after all, has got away with it before, time and time again. He has always escaped deselection despite saying he doesn’t “give a f***” what the Prime Minister thinks, mourning the collapse of the Soviet Union as the “biggest catastrophe” of his life, describing Ché Guevara as his “ultimate hero” and receiving boxes of Havana’s finest Cohiba cigars from Fidel Castro, a friend.
His mistakes range from the malign to the ridiculous. Mr Galloway joined Gerry Adams on a Troops Out march long before the Sinn Fein leader talked of peace. At a press conference called to rebut corruption charges over his management of War on Want, his now ex-wife was less than pleased by his confession of having “carnal knowledge” of a Greek woman he met on a charity trip.

Although Galloway has said he supported democracy in Iraq and the removal of Saddam, the story goes on to say:

"Most famously, on a trip to Iraq in 1994, he told Saddam: “Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability. And I want you to know we are with you until victory, until Jerusalem.”
Mr Galloway claimed initially that he had said “so” instead of “sir”. Later, his explanation was that he had been saluting the Iraqi people — in the Glasgow sense of “youse” — not “you”, Saddam.
Those who choose to disbelieve him point out that he has sometimes adjusted his life story to suit himself. His claims to have been “born in a slum tenement” and to have first worked in a tyre factory have been challenged by friends who say his parents were comfortably off and that he worked for only seven weeks at Michelin during the school holidays. He is even said to have lied when he joined Dundee Labour Party by pretending he was 15 when he was 13."

H/T to my overseas friend dave bones.

Wanna buy an unusual house in France? Well here ya go! "There are some 20 bubble houses in France, the price of this one is set at €2,440,000 ($3,000,000)." via boingboing

Ace has the story on Donald Trumps' taking over the rebuilding of the Twin Towers.

I say go for it!!!!!!!!


One of the reasons we need to be careful about our Judges and why we need to demand strict constructionists for our courts is the recent furor over the Supreme Court citing international law for judgements. The WSJ gives us a good look at what courts like this do: (subscription required for link)

Justice' for Terrorists May 18, 2005

"Abdullah Ocalan isn't exactly a household name in America. But he's more notorious even than Osama bin Laden in Turkey, where his Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) waged a terrorist and guerrilla war that cost an estimated 37,000 lives. Last week, incredibly, the European Court of Human Rights ordered that he be given a new trial.
For Americans, this verdict should serve as yet another warning about the dangers of joining permanent multilateral legal institutions such as the International Criminal Court. ICC backers claim that the court can be trusted to exercise its authority with prudence and discretion. But the Ocalan verdict is only the latest example of the European court's frequent overreaching.
It has ruled, for example, that British law permitting the spanking of children somehow violates the European Convention on Human Rights' prohibition against "torture" and "degrading treatment." Obviously the Convention -- drafted in the aftermath of World War II -- was intended to limit the systematic abuses of governments, not the disciplinary discretion of parents. But the tendency of judges over time is to amass whatever power they can get away with, a danger all the more pronounced in any legal system not directly accountable to national governments.
Here's a quick history of the Ocalan case: For years, he received sympathetic treatment from Europe -- especially Greece, Belgium and France, where the wife of the late President Mitterrand was a fan. Ocalan was expelled from Syria in response to the credible threat of Turkish military force in 1998 (no "land for peace" nonsense here). Within a month he was captured in Italy, which actually considered granting the mass-murderer political asylum because Turkey had a death penalty. If any other European countries wanted to help put Ocalan behind bars, they didn't show it.
In January 1999 Ocalan was shipped out of Italy on a private jet. "I don't know where Ocalan is, and I don't care," remarked Italian Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema. A month later, with help from American intelligence, the Turks captured Ocalan hiding in the Greek Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya. Not content to leave it there, Europe's political class began pleading for Ocalan's life. And Turkey, desperate not to offend during its EU membership drive, duly commuted the death sentence Ocalan received. This verdict is Turkey's reward.
The ruling by the European Court of Human Rights has three main due process objections to the Ocalan trial: a military judge was present for part of the proceedings; Ocalan didn't get quite as much access to his lawyers as he wanted; and there was a delay in bringing him before a judge after his capture (as if he had no clue what the charges might be). These are essentially frivolous reasons for ordering retrial, since no serious person could imagine the possibility of a different result.
After reading the verdict, David Rivkin, an international lawyer who has argued before the Yugoslavia war crimes tribunal, rendered the following judgment to us: "political, and despicable in its arrogance and hypocrisy." And Europe wonders why the U.S. doesn't always take its opinions about the war on terrorism seriously."

H/T to Richard

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

OMG! Can we just see a freakin Star Wars movie without hearing about politics??????

Arianna Huffington has lost her mind.

Take the Red, White, and Blue Typology Test. via The Biomes Blog

It's White Trash Wednesday! Here are the WTW bloggers:

You will rarely hear me say this. But some people will surely burn in hell. The adopted father of this girl is one of them.

If you haven't already heard about former British MP George Galloway's anti-war, anti-Bush rant before the Senate sub-committee hearing today yet, you WILL. It might well have been Michael Moore speaking. I am sure the MSM will replay his rant over and over and over. Although his stance on the war has NOTHING to do with the allegations against him, he calls the Food For Oil program "the mother of all smokescreens," yet it seems he himself is using his anti-war stance to smokescreen his involvement in the Food for Oil scandal. Let's see what the MSM focuses on this evening, shall we? The actual content of his involement or the anti-war screed? I'm guessing the latter.

Galloway is denying charges he profited from the Iraq oil-for-food program. But to get an idea of where he is coming from this is what he had to say as he stepped off the plane:

"I have no expectation of justice from a group of Christian fundamentalist and Zionist activists under the chairmanship of a neocon (President) George Bush who is pro-war."

Gee, I wonder why he was kicked out of the Labour Party.

UPDATE: Protein Wisdom has added his bit of humour/truth regarding Galloway:

"Reached for comment, the newly democratic government of Iraq was quick to dismiss Galloway’s characterization of the war as a “disaster,” noting that “the freedom of 25 million Iraqis—and the new coalition government, which will put to lie the assertion that rival ethnic factions in the Arab world cannot work together—is hardly disastrous, and is in fact the most important advance in this region since baba ganoush and cotton weaves. So, y’know. Perhaps Mr. Galloway would like to kiss our free Arab asses...?”


Vicente Fox apologizes for remark about blacks. Fox had praised the dedication of Mexicans working in the United States, saying they're willing to take jobs that "even blacks" won't do.

When I first heard his remarked I winced. And I knew it would draw fire from the "black leadership" here in the U.S. But if you review the remark, doesn't it say something worse about Mexicans? I mean, he was saying that they do the most menial work, right? So if he was insulting blacks, wasn't he insulting Mexicans even more? And Given that he is Mexican himself, wouldn't that be insulting himself?

I'm not defending him or what he said. I just think that it is an interesting observation.

Let's Get This Right.

The Newsweek false story about the flushing of the Quran is disturbing. It makes me wonder about two things. First, how many times has a MSM outlet gone with a story that may be untrue or exaggerated because it was the story they wanted to tell? Why is it so important to them to make the United States look bad? Whether one is for or against the war, don't you want us to win it now that we are there? In war time this should put them at a distinct obligation to get stories right that they know will affect those fighting the war and in the war zone.

Shameful. Really.

The 2nd thing is that we, as a society, have got to realize how different a culture the Muslim world is from ours and we need to respect that. We are so used to freedom in this country, even freedom to denigrate another's religious belief (which is done constantly here), that we forget that there are other cultures that do not allow such freedom and demand a certain respect for their beliefs. I think we need to step lightly here. We are trying to draw the Muslim world into freedom and democracy. If they see democracy as a way for people to be able to desecrate that which is holy to them, do you think they will want it?

We need to show the Muslim world respect and that democracy will not mean the end to their beliefs. It is 2005 and women just voted for the first time in many of the countries over there. They are taking baby steps toward freedom. We need to hold out our arms to help them walk, not push them down. This is important stuff here. This is world changing and history changing stuff.

Our children will live in a safer more free world if we do this right.

Let us be careful.

Monday, May 16, 2005

"The sons of Diwaniya celebrate their return to their city after finishing a training course in a Baghdad military training facility. Those brave young men have become Diwaniya's special tasks force; the first line of defence against terrorists and criminals." via Iraqi The Model

Go wish this guy a belated Happy Birthday.

I'd say he deserves it.

Also, check out Muslim women blogging and such.

Just a portrait of the defender of women's rights.

Yahoo News brings us this:

"Bill Clinton rose to the White House in part claiming to be a supporter of women"s rights, but a shocking new book claims to document a pattern of disturbing attacks against women that renders the former President"s claim hollow.
In "Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine" (World Ahead Publishing, $25.95, ISBN 0974670138), author Candice E. Jackson documents how Bill Clinton used his political power to harass, intimidate, and terrorize women who got in his way. Whether it was assembling a smear team to attack a grief-stricken widow, threatening a reporter for her research into an Arkansas health care scandal, or hiring private investigators to bully an ex-flame's family members, Jackson says that Clinton showed no reluctance to go after any woman who inconvenienced his political career."

H/T to Jill.

"ABOLISH FILIBUSTER!" Says Senators! Just not the Senators you are thinking of.


via Ace

Update: The OX Rant has some great quotes from the past from some of the same Democrats who are so ticked off that the Republicans want to end the filibuster now.

Michelle Malkin has the Newsweek story down.


Dave Chappelle wants us to know that he isn't crazy and he isn't smoking crack. It's just tough to deal with someone offering you 50 million dollars to be funny.

I so understand Dude.

Ann Coulter, love her or hate her, she says her mind and that is what I like about her. Here she goes through the list of liberal predictions for Iraq that didn't happen:

"This week we will review liberal predictions on bringing democracy to Iraq.

When they weren't claiming the Iraq elections would not take place at all — and, even if they did, the people wouldn't participate — liberals were telling us that if we let those crazy Arabs vote, the Iraqi people would elect extremist Islamic mullahs hostile to the United States."

Leaving out some well deserved sarcasm, Here is Ann's point:

"Iraq's first democratically elected government in half a century has a Shia prime minister and a Kurdish president and several Sunni cabinet ministers."

"Fat Muqtada al-Sadr saw his radical Shiite movement humiliated in the January elections. According to a recent poll by the International Republican Institute, two-thirds of Iraqis say Iraq is on the right track."

"The minority Sunnis, who once held sway under Saddam Hussein and were told by American liberals to expect major payback from the Shiites under a democracy, were chosen by the majority Shia government for four cabinet positions — including the not insignificant position of defense minister."'

Ann gives a few more examples and if you liberals can get past her barbs at you, you might learn something from our success over there.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

This morning I was watching C-span2 Book TV. It was a panel of authors on the campus of UCLA discussing their books on the war for C-Span's "Festival of Books" tour. I didn't get the names, but it was authors from the left and the right. The audience, as you might imagine, was extremely liberal, clapping and yelling for the left point of view.

This one leftie author was a woman who had been talking about how wrong the war had been ect.. (I have been informed by one of my commenters that the woman was Amy Goodman, host of democracy now! ) Finally a young man came to the microphone to ask a question. I knew immediately it was a soldier by his build and haircut and how the first thing he said was, "I have a question for the lady on the far left of the stage." And he began his question with "ma'am." Then he asked her what her qualifications were for what was going in Iraq. He said he had just finished 2 tours in Iraq and what he saw was very different from what she had described. Instead of answering the question, she started asking him questions about Iraq. He answered well and straight forward saying that the American people didn't realize how truly horrible Saddam had treated his people and even with all the violence that happens there now by the car bombings, most Iraqis are very grateful for our presence there.

There were many shouts from the audience and the moderator had to quiet them. But when this soldier finished there was nothing the woman could say. This was a man who had been there and talked to the Iraqi people. He was very articulate and polite. It was just an awesome thing to see this clean cut young man just put the truth out there with honesty as he saw it and leave the lefties on the panel with nothing to say.

God, I love our soldiers.

I heard on Fox News this morning that Larry Flynt of Hustler fame is looking to find dirt on John Bolton as his nomination goes to the Senate. Flynt is even looking into Bolton's 1982 divorce.

I think we will soon get to the point where almost no one of good qualifications will want to be nominated for anything if this is what the confirmation process will be like.