Saturday, April 12, 2008

Media Research Center Gala and Dishonors Awards 2008

Rick Santorum was as gracious as he can be!
LaShawn Barber looking fabulous

Tony Snow is is by far the nicest person I have ever met. He was also received the William F. Buckely Award of Media Excellence and his speech was so inspiring about enjoying life in the here and now. I just love him.
Mark Levin was one of the hosts and very funny.
Brent Bozell, the brains behind it all.
Kellyanne Conway accepted one of the awards for the winners (I'll have to check out the video to remember which one.) Presenters included Ann Coulter (who dialed it down for the eveing and was funny and not biting) , radio host Mark Levin, Brent Bozell, movie director Ron Maxwell (Gettysburg), Congressman Tom Tancredo, Congressman Mike Pence, financial reporter and TV personality Larry Kudlow.
I'll have more later! Thanks so much to the Media Research Center for inviting me.
I'll have lots more on this later. Meanwhile I see where I missed Obama saying smalltown folks from the midwest express frustration by clinging to their guns and faith (I mean why otherwise would people have guns and strong faith????) and by being racist (they don't like people who aren't like they are).
I was waiting for a gaffe like this. And Hillary goes in for the kill. And who could really blame her.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Rightwingsparkle goes to Washington

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McCain reaching out to evangelicals

The Brody File has this:

The Brody File has been accumulating information about how John McCain is planning to reach out to Evangelicals.

An informed source tells me there's a plan developing to come up with something called a "Committee of 50."

Basically this will be a key list of 50 religious and opinion leaders that the McCain camp will target when it comes to their outreach. It will be made up of "new guard" and "old guard" figures.

The list is still in development, but the bottom line here is that the McCain camp has no desire to start a dialogue with folks who want to beat up the senator over some of his views. They're looking for people who are open to listening to him, convinced that they will like what they hear.

Don't expect the McCain team to set their sights just on national leaders. The team that is currently being assembled will really be active on the local level, going pastor to pastor, church to church.

Now, as for that "Compassion Tour" we reported on last week, look for it to start in two weeks. This tour isn't going to focus heavily on faith. They'll be some crossover on that but the idea here is to go to places where Republicans haven't gone before.

For example, McCain will travel to places like Thomasville, Ala., where nearly half the population is African-American. McCain will venture into the rustbelt when he visits Youngstown Ohio, a place devastated economically.

The Brody File understands he'll even be going to Spanish Harlem in New York City. Not your typical Republican strongholds.

What do you guys think of that?

New HotMessNews!!

Ok, most of it is celebrity news this time with a bit of political thrown in at the end. They are bit more harsh than I am. But then, they aren't me.

It's funny though. Enjoy!

Let's understand

As much garbage as Youtube has, you have to love the fact that it's possible to put together something like this so you can get a full understanding of what both sides are saying.

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Thank General Petraeus

via HotAir

Well, the hearings today should prove to be a show with all Presidential candidates trying to further their own agenda.

It is amazing to me how unwavering McCain has been on winning this war. He has never backed down, even when things were looking bleak. He was proven right about the surge and this should be his day to gloat a bit about that.

McCain understands though, that war is not a game. He understood when he stood strong on a change of course that if things went horribly wrong, his chances at the Presidency would vanish. But as he always said, he would rather win a war and lose a Presidential election. McCain has always proven to me that he loves this country more than he loves politics. At a time when he could have stood with the President of the United States, he opposed him. He was openly critical when he didn't have to be. No matter how one feels about McCain on other issues, you have to respect him for that.

Monday, April 07, 2008


and the truth.

Much more on Sadr.

Don't bother to pay taxes this year!

It's voluntary!

So says Harry Reid.

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I Love Our Warriors

Soldiers of Company C, 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), distribute school materials donated by the Mike Stokely Foundation at a school in Mullah Fayad March 27. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Tony M. Lindback, 3rd BCT, 101st Abn. Div. (AASLT))

From Mudville

How you can help here.

And the reason I love our warriors the most? It's here.

Grab a tissue. It made me cry. All I can say is thank God for men like these.

It's nothing personal

I'm not sure it makes me feel better about how the left has always treated us on the right, but at least we know now it really has nothing to do with us personally or even, apparently, what we believe.

Jim Geraghty at NRO asks:

How did we reach the point where Air America calls Hillary a 'whore'?

From Mark Steyn:

Indeed. Randi Rhodes agrees with Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro on everything - abortion, health care, climate change, you name it. Yet the first is "a f***ing whore" and the second is "David Duke in drag" merely because they disagree on which Democratic senator would make the best president. The people applying these deranged epithets to the Clintons are in large part the very same people who spent the Nineties applying equally deranged epithets to anyone who disagreed with the Clintons.

There's something rather heartening about this for those of us on the right who've been on the receiving end of the left's vehemence: Apparently there really is nothing personal about it. You can be a chickenhawk warmonger racist homophobe mysogynist Bush shill or a pro-feminist pro-gay pro-black icon of progressive politics for a generation, but, if you cross the likes of Randi Rhodes, you're all the same and you merit the same four-letter words and KKK slurs. The left's Discoursometer is like one of those shower units where the slightest nudge turns it to scalding.

Geraghty ends with this:

Hillary gets called a "monster" by Obama's surrogates; Hillary's surrogates wonder out loud if Obama ever sold drugs. Today Clinton surrogate Ed Rendell speculates that Americans know only half the story of Barack Obama. Day in, day out, in this race it continues.
Is there nastiness on the right? Sure. But it’s hard to imagine somebody being the equivalent hero to the right the way Hillary was a hero to the left, so suddenly and severely pitched overboard – no, that’s not it, denounced and demonized — when somebody else came along.

Last night I said to Cam, "I like our base." The right had a vocal, mostly policy-oriented fight earlier this year, and tempers did flare. But bit by bit, week by week, those on the right are either making their peace with McCain. And in some cases, some righties aren't; but you rarely if ever hear them calling McCain a "[badword]ing whore" on the airwaves. By and large, a sense of decency and respect permeates conversations on this side of the aisle. There are exceptions, obviously, but the GOP race (thankfully) never turned into this bile-strewn mess.

They may be the stupid party, but they're also the decent party.