Sunday, April 27, 2008

Polygamy, spirtual wives, and other fun stuff

I haven't blogged on the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint families whose retreat in Eldorado was raided this month because I kept feeling one way about it, and then another.

First I thought of course they should take the children if teens are being impregnated by middle age men. Then we find out that the phone call wasn't made by one of the children. Then I wondered why they took the women and the children, who are clearly victims here, and not the men from the compound? Then I got mad that they would take the children from their mothers! Then I realized that no one knew who the mothers were because the kids are taught to call all the women "Mother...and their name." Then I thought "well, at least we didn't burn them to a crisp like Janet Reno did in Waco. Then I thought that if people want to live like the Amish, then they are free to do so! Then I saw the women on Tv being interviewed looking they had just popped in from the prairie in the 1800's. They talked like complete zombies. Then I realized that this really is a freaking cult and we just can't let men make underage girls have sex and have babies. I mean, they might have had a point if they had stuck to their adult age group. Because otherwise, it's sexual abuse and as much as I hate the state waltzing in and taking children away (and believe me, I have seen such abuse of this before), I have to understand why they did it in this instance.