Saturday, September 11, 2004



There was fear flooding our souls
making it hard to breathe.

There was shock as the buildings fell
making us pray.

There was disbelief on how it all happened
making us sad.

There was anger toward those who hurt us
making us determined.

For a moment, we were one
For a moment, we were not Republicans or Democrats, Black, white, Asian, or Hispanic.
For a moment, we were first...... Americans.

I wish I could take that moment and fill the air with it now.
I wish I could make us all remember what it was like to help each other, cry for one another, and hold each other up.

This is how we could honor those who died.

Perhaps we can't agree, but we can be kind.
And we can be.........better.

God Bless those who still feel the pain of loss, may you feel the breeze of comfort and know that we still pray for you.

"I say to our enemies: We are coming. God may have mercy on you, but we won't."--Sen. John McCain (R-Az)

"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty."-John F. Kennedy

"These terrorists....we have seen their kind before. They're the heirs of all the murderous ideaologies of the 20th century. By sacrificing human life to serve their radical vision, by abandoning every value except the will to power, they follow in the path of fascism, Nazism and totalitarianism. And they will follow that path all the way to where it ends in history's unmarked grave of discarded lies."-President George W. Bush

Friday, September 10, 2004

This just keeps looking worse.

Democrats, read this and weep... looks bad.
Update: and keeps looking worse.. and worse.

Basically Dr. Bouffard is saying the Globe misrepresented him and he hasn't changed his mind about the documents.
So I guess all the lefty's need to change the link to the Globe.
Anyway, after learning that there may have been a Selectric machine available at the time of the documents, he says , "But the more information we get and the more my colleagues look at this, we're more convinced that there are significant differences between the type of the IBM (composer) that was available and the questionable document."

You gotta laugh at LFG's take on this...about Killian's "magic typewriter" LOL!!!

The leftys refuse to believe 250 military men from all poltical persuasions, yet they believe Dan Rather...*sigh*

UPDATE: CBS can't get a break...tsk, tsk....

"Retired Maj. General Hodges, Killian's supervisor at the Grd, tells ABC News that he feels CBS misled him about the documents they uncovered. According to Hodges, CBS told him the documents were "handwritten" and after CBS read him excerpts he said, "well if he wrote them that's what he felt."
Hodges also said he did not see the documents in the 70's and he cannot authenticate the documents or the contents. His personal belief is that the documents have been "computer generated" and are a "fraud".
CBS responds: ""We believed Col. Hodges the first time we spoke with him. We believe the documents to be genuine. We stand by our story and will continue to report on it." via ABC News.

Ok, this was funny...

Kerry speaking today on the Brady Bill said that when he was hunting he never used assault weapons or a "ewwshee." I swear thats exactly how he pronounced it. umm. you know... an uzi. LOL!!!

Everyone needs to consider the facts of the "forgery."

This from the Sun Times:

"Ardolino's expert, Philip D. Bouffard, is a nationally recognized forensic authority in typewriter and electronic typefaces.
Bouffard has the largest collection of full letter impact typewriter specimens in a private collection today. Having worked at NCR and a forensic laboratory for more than 30 years, Bouffard still works with entities such as the State of Ohio on Medicare fraud cases.
Bouffard said the CBS documents appear to have been copied about 10 times in the state he saw them. Nevertheless, he states, "All the documents have been created on the same printer. And the proportional spacing and the common characteristics of numbers like 4 and 7 and letters like lower case c and upper case G are beyond the capabilities of any of the typewriter impact specimens I have in my collection. The centering of headings is also beyond the capabilities of any typewriter I know of."
His conclusion: "It is remotely possible there is some typewriter that has the capability to do all this ... but it is more likely these documents were generated in the common Times New Roman font and printed out on a computer printer that did not exist at the time they were supposedly created."
Bouffard is a registered Democrat planning to vote for Kerry.
In a related story, the Associated Press has reported that the son of Killian, Gary Killian, has questioned the authenticity of the documents as well and said they didn't come from his family."

The liberals are just gonna have to consider this as maybe a viscious lie. If this were the Republicans, I would want to know and I would be very angry. I know politics is mean, and getting meaner. But this, if true, is beyond the pale.
We must start requiring honesty our of our own parties. We cannot keep going down this road. I know liberals will say "what about the swiftboat ads?" They may have been brutal, I admit. And really not relevant imo, but the fact that they were of all different political persuasions convinced me that the Bush campaign didn't have anything to do with it and there has been no proof that they did. Bush making it clear that he honored Kerry's service and even going so far as to say Kerry served more honorably because he was in harms way showed real class to me.
I haven't heard Kerry say anything demeaning about Bush's service either. Correct me if I am wrong.
If it is proven that the Kerry Campaign had anything to do with this, democrats should be angry and let them know. I would hope we Republicans would do the same.

Dan Rather went on CNN and said that he knows the Jerry Killian documents to be authentic, and knows that they are not forgeries. Therefore, he said, there will be no retraction, no correction, and -- apparently -- no investigation.

So we are just suppose to TRUST Dan Rather??? Come on!! If he has any integrity left he will put this all out on the table and let the truth be told. If he is right, then he should be confident in it being looked into. As long as he holds out, he looks like a liar.

This is an interesting article on the role of the bloggers in this story.. here.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Oh that Teresa..

Teresa Heinz Kerry says "only an idiot" would fail to support her husband's health care plan.
When asked about the school lunch programs, she went on to say "Let them eat cake!" ;-)

My 1st Personal Smear Award.

This is John Edward speaking of Cheney's statement that we could be attacked again if we make the wrong choice on election day....

"The statement by the Vice President of the United State is intended to divide us." (You mean as in "2 Americas????") Edwards said "It was calculated to divide us on a issue of safety and security for the American people. It is wrong and its un-american." (Associated Press)

And then we here from Gore....

"Former Vice President Al Gore has compared George Bush's Christian faith with fundamentalist Islam. saying it emphasizes "vengence" and "brimstone." (WorldNetDaily)

So What Cheney says is wrong, but Gore slamming Bush's personal faith is fine.
One is based on politics and the understanding of the war. One is a PERSONAL attack on one's religion and faith. Which is worse???
Gore wins the "personal smear" award for today.

And I give a sickening example...

Could my post this morning have been more timely?????

Regarding "newly discovered" papers on Bush's guard service....

"Three independent topography experts told CNS they were suspicious of the documents from 1972 and 1973 because they were typed using a proportional font, not common at that time, and they used a superscript font feature found only in today's Microsoft Word program."

If this is true then the whole journalistic world should be ashamed... check it out. and here and here.

UPDATE: Please go to for the latest on the forged documents. Now the signature is now in question, even the son of the Lt. Col. Jerry Killian ( who died in 84 ) is doubting the authenticity of his father's document according to the AP. Sandra Ramsey Lines, a document expert and fellow at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences says after looking at the copy of the document says "I am virtually certain these were computer- generated"

Read about another expert here

News, Spin, or a Lie??

I visit both conservative and liberal sites. I read the articles posted by those on the right and the left to prove thier points and one thing has struck me and its not good. Anyone can pretty much find an article from a "reputable news source" to back whatever they wish to say. Who can we trust now with "just the facts?" This bothers me alot.

Take the recent AP story about the "boos" that occurred when Bush wished Clinton well, and was proven totally false and later taken off the AP wire. We aren't just talking spin here, we are talking a LIE. I am sure the left can come up with their own as well. And thats the problem. Legitimate news should be just the facts. But now it seems that what we refer to as mainstream news has their own agenda and sometimes not only spin the news their way, but make up things as well. This is disturbing and wrong. It seems to have gotten worse in the last few years.

I think this is why. With the advent of talk radio, the internet, and Fox news, the conservative side was out there in a much more public way reaching a wider audience than ever before. The mainstream media, use to spinning things to the left because that is the belief base of 90% of journalists, were not happy with this and have chosen to spin things as they see it. Recently I think there has been an effort in the mainstream media to offer a more fair balance in order to compete with Fox news. This has caused the liberals to insist on bias in the media. They have been so used to things being spun in their direction, that any spin to the right is considered bias. I say "welcome to our world." This is what conservatives lived with for DECADES.

I truly don't feel I can trust what I read anymore. Conspiracy theorists are given the same credit as respected pundits. Leftwingers read their news sites and totally believe what is there, rightwingers do the same. Leftys read Freepers comments and think all conservatives are like that. Rightwingers read rants from Michael Moore and think all liberals are like that. And we wonder why we are so divided in this country? This is just wrong. We all have our indivual beliefs, almost none of us have exactly the same way of thinking or believing, which is one of the great things about America.

Another example of misinformation that appalled me. When the swiftboat ads came out the Kerry campaign immediately announced that it was backed by the Bush campaign and was nothing but disgruntled Republicans. The President said he had nothing to do with it and went on to praise Kerry's service. Since I didn't hear different I assumed that the ads were put on by partisan men. Only recently did I find out that John O'Neil is a independent and voted for Gore in 2000 and that the 250 men involved are of all political persuasions. This is kinda important to know when evaluating the truth of something. The press just let that part of the story slide. Yes, I know a wealthy Republican gave them funds to make the ads, but who else would do that? I mean come on! I am sure there are the same kind of examples on the left. But my point is that the press needs to start doing its job and giving us the FACTS and not leave out vital information just because it makes a better story.

The democrats kept complaining about the speakers at the convention not representing the "real" Republican party. I guess they were talking about me because I don't believe in most things that Rudy or Arnold believe, but I have found that most conservative bloggers do. Yet the democrats put Republicans in one box and anyone who doesn't fit that box isn't really a Republican. Sad, really.

The civil discourse on the net is truly awful. Just look at the comments on my blog to see how most seem to want to act like 5th graders and call names and make childish remarks instead of having a real debate about the issues. One commenter remarked that adults need to be in charge. Well, maybe adults need to be on the internet and act like adults as well.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Continuing the conversation from the "This will haunt me" post...

I will not accept any copy and pasting of entire articles. Its seems Anonymous's posting of a article in my "This will haunt me" post caused no more comments to be posted. Or it could have been just something I did. I am new at this, so forgive me. I thought when mark said there would be no more room, that we would run out of posting comments space. I tried to delete some of the comments to make room, but that didn't seem to work either. A more experienced blogger tells me there should be plenty of room and that I am not suppose to delete comments unless they are offensive, so I apologize to whoever's post I deleted trying to make room. I hope you will continue to post here. Rest assured I won't delete any more.
I want to respond to Anonymous's article. I will copy and past a part of it here. If you want to read the whole article go to that post.

"Muslim radicals are feeding on anger over the war in Iraq in order to regroup and revitalize. raising the threat of more anti-U.S. terrorism around the world.
They are defiant. They are angry. More and more people are angry," said Abu Mujahed, a militant whose name is a nom de guerre.
He said new recruits are being found by way of internet chat rooms that deal with the war in Iraq and "American Aggression."

If this weren't so sad it would be amusing. Do you not see how pathetic it is that you would post an article that mostly quoted terrorists or what terrorists told someone else. What do you think the terrorists are gonna say? "Oh, we are being beaten badly by Bush. He is right and we are wrong. No more torturing and killing for us!!" It says all I need to know about you that you would use terrorist's quotes to further your side of the argument. The last quote from the one eyed mullah who dominated Afgahnistan for 7 yrs, says "There are two camps in the world today, one is Islam, which is a religion of peace, and the other symbol is Bush, a symbol of terror and hatred."

Yeah, you gotta love the peaceful shooting of kids in the back and flying planes into a building of innocent people.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The Real Kerry, forget Vietnam.

A Few thoughts:

Kerry promises to remove our troops from Iraq in 4 years. We all know how patient the enemy is. Is it wise to give them a end point to count on? Kerry also complains about the money spent on the war that could better be spent on healthcare, education, ect... So hes basically proving Zell Miller's point that the democrats don't take this war on terror seriously enough. John McCain said it better than I ever could:
"It is a fight between a just regard for human dignity and malevolent force
that defiles an honorable religion by disputing God's love for every soul on earth. It's a fight between right and wong, good and evil." And he went on to say; "Only the most deluded of us could doubt the necessity of this war." and to re-emphasize my point in my previous post, "This will haunt me" McCain said: "Freedom is our birthright and its defense is always our first responsibility. All other responsibilities come second."

On a side note about education, It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that money is NOT the problem with education. We throw money at it and throw money at it, and still parochial schools do much better without anywhere near as much money. Get a clue! Its about disipline, hard work, high expectations, and parental involvement.

Kerry (on advice from Clinton) no longer wants to discuss Vietnam. (good idea). So lets discuss his voting record in the Senate, which tells so much about the man NOW...

From "the wondering file":
Wonder if the "sock scandel" is going anywhere. Remember when former white house official Sandy Berger stuffed national security documents in his socks? The investigation is ongoing. Seems strange it would take so long. He admits to doing it. From what I have read they know which documents he took, except for a few personal notes they don't have copies of. Lets get this show on the road. Something is up here. Lets not let this one just die on the vine. A guy like that doesn't do something stupid like that for just anything.

Monday, September 06, 2004

I never thought I would agree with China.

BEIJING (Reuters) - China has intensified its battle against Internet and mobile phone pornography by threatening distributors with life in prison, Xinhua news agency said.

Porn is a maggot infested wound in our society. Adults that enjoy this perversion don't seem to care that it is only a click away from our kids. Another person I never thought I would agree with is Clinton, who signed a bill 6 yrs ago designed to protect children from Internet porn called "The Children's Online Protection Act. , but our activists judges put a stop to that as well.
As a parent of teens I have seen what these kids have access to. And it is wrong and disgusting. We are not talking pictures of nude women. We are talking visuals of any kind of sex you care to name. We are contributing to damage to our children's future sexuality as long as we allow this garbage to go on.
Contrary to what the judges say commercial internet and filtering software is NOT adequate. I should know. We have tried every one out there and pornographers still find a way to get through.
The protection act describes what is harmful to children as this:

"Depicts, describes, or represents, in a patently offensive way with respect to what is suitable for minors, an actual or simulated sexual act or sexual contact, actual or simulated normal or perverted sexual acts, or a lewd exhibition of the genitals; and taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value as to minors."

The act basically requires porn websites to not advertise toward children and requires certain identification that you are an adult, such as credit cards and pin and passwords, verification through the mail, ect. There are other methods as well.

The thing is I don't care what they require as long as children don't have access to it. The ones enjoy porn don't want to have to give out their personal information online. WELL TOO BAD!!! If you don't want anyone to know then get your butt in your car and go to a porn place.
Why should the internet put your perverted needs above the protection of our children?

I am so sick of free speech being used when it is clearly harmful to our kids.