Saturday, September 24, 2005

Just an evacuee blogging...

It doesn't look too bad in Houston, thank God. Did anyone see Shepard Smith take a fall and roll and get up to keep reporting last night from Beaumont? Too funny. This guy wants a pulitzer so bad he can taste it.

My Mom has dial up here and the wait time just drives me crazy, so I can't even surf the news for ya'll! I am gonna post a rerun again. This is one of my all time favorites. If you have been reading me a while, you have read it. It is from April 30th and it tells you just about all you need to know about me. Enjoy.

My Dream.

I have a reoccurring dream about my grandma. She is sitting on the front porch of her house, which is brilliant white set upon a brilliant white hill. I climb the steps and sit beside her on the front porch swing. She smiles at me and I take her hand and lay my head on her shoulder. I say, “I love you grandma.” “I love you too sweetie,” She replies. I look at her. “I miss you so much.” “I’m still here,” she says. “But it’s not the same.” I say sadly. “No. no it isn’t,” She says as she hugs me.

I close my eyes and see flashes of my childhood with her in brilliant color and texture. I see myself picking blueberries for breakfast in the early morning. I see me running through clean white sheets she is hanging on the line in the sunshine. I see me lying in bed beside her at night with the wind blowing the curtains in the window as she teaches me to pray.

Every child should have a person in their life like my grandma. I was so blessed to have wonderful parents. But to have another person who thinks you hung the moon, as my grandma did about me, causes a child to believe in oneself as never before.

I was one years old when my grandma’s husband died. She never re-married although still young and attractive. (She had had my dad when she was 15) She ran a “nursery” from her house that would be called a daycare today. There were two rooms attached to her garage and that is where the children ate and slept. She lived on a 10 acre playground. She had a big swing set, but nothing else. We played with old rubber tires, making up our games by building with them or rolling them or laying in them. We had trees to climb, dirt and ditches to play in. I don’t ever remember being bored. Imagination is a wonderful playmate.

It drove my dad crazy that she would hardly charge more than she spent. If a mother couldn’t pay one month, she would let it go. There was something so strong and independent about her. And there was love. Oh boy, was there ever love.

There were birthdays and Easter. There were Sunday dinners, Fourth of July, and any event she could celebrate, she did. Every Christmas Eve of my childhood was spent at my Grandma’s. First with just my family, my Aunt and Uncle, and later my cousins and nieces and nephews. We would start out with a big dinner with us kids itching to get it over with so we could open our presents. When given the go ahead, we would race to the living room and stand and marvel at our glittery presents as they reflected the brilliant lights of the Christmas tree. It was……magic.

Years later after my grandma had died and I was grown, I remember singing Christmas carols in a choir at a nursing home. As we were singing I noticed an old lady in a wheelchair crying. I left the stage and went to her and knelt down and took her hand. “Are you alright?” I asked. She said simply, “I miss Christmas.” I knew exactly what she meant. I said, “I do too.”

When my father died I was only 22 yrs old. My grandma was only 68. I spent 2 weeks with my mother, sleeping with her and comforting her. But during the day when everyone would come over, I drove to my grandma’s. As much pain as my mother was in I knew that there was no greater pain than losing a child. As usual though, my grandma was the one who made me strong.

My Grandma was never famous, never wrote a book, never won a Pulitzer, she never even finished high school, but she forever lives on through her love. She celebrated my life. She taught me how to celebrate it as well. Her love and her caring are a part of me that I give to my children and they will give to theirs. Generations from now my great great grandchildren will not know my Grandma’s name, but they will know her, because she will live in them by the love that she passed down. That is the legacy each of us is allowed to give. Who will remember what you did or the car you drove, or how much money you made? But love…that will be forever remembered and lived.

When I realized that I was losing my grandma to Alzheimer’s, I tried to tell her how much she meant to me before she forgot me. I stumbled on the words. How do you thank someone for giving you self confidence? For teaching you compassion? For loving you unconditionally? Words did not seem enough. I simply said, “Thank you for loving me so much.” With her usual way of making me feel like a princess, she smiled and said, “You made it easy.”

In my dream when I open my eyes I am alone on the porch swing. I look around for my grandma, but I can't find her. I close my eyes again and hear my heart beating in the quiet. And I realize that she is there, in every beat of my heart. In all the love that I feel.

She is there.

Friday, September 23, 2005

What a Nightmare...

Well, I made it safely out of Houston. But I have never seen anything like that in my life. We left at 4am Thursday morning. I drove the back way to where I only had to move up the frontage road of I-45N
for about 1/2 mile to my exit going east. I took me almost 2 hours to go that distance. We could see hundreds of cars on the side of the road that had either run out of gas or they had been driving for 12 hours getting from Galveston to The Woodlands (about 40 miles north of Houston) and had pulled off to sleep. I even saw some tents pitched in the median and people sleeping on the ground in sleeping bags.

The powers that be had shut off most of the exit and on ramps getting out of Houston. I heard a 58 yr old woman on the local talk radio describe how she was forced to pull over and go to the bathroom on the side of the road because there was no getting off the highway and she had been driving for 12 hours. She said that she was now at The Woodlands, which I had just left to go east (Thank God) and I thought, "Well, she has another 12 hours ahead of her at least, to get to Dallas. People were pushing their cars to save on gas since everything was literally moving at a snails pace.

Once I got going east it was fine. I had to get on 59 North for a short way, but that took me another 2 hours. Finally I got off that highway. I had mapped out back roads through rural Texas and rural Lousiana to get through to Mississippi. I ran into some problems with people evacuating from Beaumont. There were a few backups but nothing like the ones being experienced by the people on I-45. That highway was the nightmare I knew it would be. Thursday morning they finally decided to open the southbound lanes of I-45 to go north. That had never been done before. Last I heard they were bringing fuel trucks up the highway to give people gas. But I never found out if that happened.

I got lucky so many times. First I was lucky that I thought to fill up on gas on Tuesday, because by Wednesday there wasn't gas to be had anywhere! I started to run out when I was in rural Lousiana, but I said a quick prayer, and lo and behold we came up this little po-dunk service station that only had about 5 cars sitting there. I thought it couldn't possibly have gas, because if it did, there would be a line miles long. (we had seen two stations like that off 59N before we needed gas) Anyway, I pulled up and didn't even have to wait!! I couldnt' believe it. It was a miracle.

A drive that normally takes me about 8 hours took me about 14 hours. Not bad really considering what so many people went through just to get through Houston.

Now I am just watching and waiting to see what happens. Last night I went to sleep and all I could see was the road. I dreamt of the road. But I am glad I got out. Let us all hope and pray that it isn't as bad as they expect it to be.

I want to thank everyone for their good wishes and prayers. And a big thank you to all of you who offered a place to stay. Truly sweet!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

You will be seeing this everywhere today..

But I HAVE to post it, just in case you missed it, because no one should miss a military guy telling a ignorant reporter that he is "stuck on stupid." TOO FUNNY AND TOO TRUE!!! via Ace.

Rita! Go Away!!

I went to the grocery store yesterday at mid-day and it was PACKED! I mean check out lines winding down the aisles. People are freaking out because of Katrina.

I just can't decide whether to leave or not. Traffic will be an absolute nightmare. Getting out of Houston is bad enough on a good day. Galveston (about an hour 1/2 south) is having a mandatory evacuation today. So the traffic is already bad.

I know we will lose electricity. We lose that in a regular storm. But I have provisions and I can live without electricity for a few days. Luckily I don't need air conditioning. Heat doesn't bother me much. So to leave or not to leave.

That is the question.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Boys To Men.

* I decided to post some "reruns." Since I have so many more readers from when I first started. I thought I would post some of my earlier thoughts that may not have much to do with politics. Some times I just get worn out talking about politics, even though I enjoy it. So enjoy some of Rightwingsparkle's reruns!' This is from February 26th, 2005.*

Tonight I watched the football movie "Friday Night Lights." If you're not familiar with it, it is a true story about an Odessa high school football team who, against all odds, made it to the State Championship played at the Astrodome in 1988. Yeah, I know it is an old movie, but I always get around to watching these things a couple of years later. I don't have the time or the desire to go to the movies. I like the comfort of my big couch, my big screen, and that pause button. Anyway, this isn't a review of the movie. (which is pretty good, and very accurate about the football madness of Texas) It really made me think about how completely different men are to women (I know, duh) and made me realize a bit how so many men turn out the way they do.

Now this isn't guy bashing, just stick with me here. My brothers were pretty good athletes as was I. Baseball was their game and basketball was mine. I also cheered and played softball and track, but I loved basketball most of all. My husband's high school football team won their state championship in Mississippi back in 1978, I believe. My daughter is an unbelievable basketball player. But being the popular cheerleader was more important, so she chose that instead in high school since they don't let the girls do both. (completely unfair, but that is another post) My other two boys played, but just for the fun of it. Didn't really get into into it or have the passion for it. But still I think they were affected by the coaches and their love of the game. It seems all guys have a deep affection or hatred for their high school coaches. After watching this movie I can see why.

In all the years I played sports I never remember a coach yelling in my face. I never remember a parent going ballistic over a call. But my brothers and my sons? Well, that is a whole different ballgame (excuse the pun) Yelling and parental stupidity is out of control. The part in the movie that really got to me was when the character played by Tim McGraw (an abusive father who had won his high school championship and whose son was playing in this one) told his son that he was not getting it. He didn't understand that this was the best life was ever going to be. After that it's nothing. One of the local ummm...rednecks told one of the football players, "after this there aint nothing but babies and memories."

Well how sad and pathetic is that? Life holds so many wonderful things for you. You're washed up at 17? No. No. No. First of all, I see a competitiveness in men that I do not see in women. Not even close. The article that got around a few days ago about there not being as many women bloggers because we don't like to argue or something like that. It is true that in general, women do not like conflict. Men, sometimes thrive on it.

This testorone filled movie got me to thinking how hard it is for men and women to understand each other. Even for men who never played sports have that same competitive spirit. And to be honest, in my opinion, sports brings out the worst in guys. I know , I know, it is all about team playing, about winning, about trying your hardest....blah, blah, blah. But I see egos the same size as their trucks and guys who think so much of themselves they don't seem to have much left over to think much of women. Jose Conseco's latest book is being blasted by players over his allegations of steroid use, not much is being said about his allegations of the cheating and whoring the players did. Boys will be boys. Right?


I blogged once on my experience with dating athletes, but I can't find it. Suffice it to say I knew from the start that I was never going to be first in their lives. The sport would always be, so those relationships didn't last long, believe me. So when 2 of my sons didn't show much interest in it, that was fine with me. There doesn't seem to be the same problem in girl's sports so my daughter being a great athlete has been fine also. But now I have my youngest son, who at 8 yrs old has already won 2 MVP awards for his teams on baseball and basketball and he didn't start playing until he was 6. (it is a shame that in Texas they start the teams at 3, yes I said 3.) Anyway, he is playing on a select baseball team now that he was asked to be on. Another one asked him, but it was a traveling team and we said no. I can hardly believe I have to make these decisions at eight! He is playing football now and is the quarterback even though he has never played before. He is a natural athlete, no doubt. I don't mean to sound like I am bragging. I know who has talent and who doesn't. I have two that do and two that don't. Not only does my son have talent, but he has passion for it. Since he was 6 he watched ESPN like most kids watch cartoons. He never plays video games, he is too busy playing football or basketball outside with his friends. My oldest son built his own computer from scratch, my youngest has never even looked at the computer. But now I worry. Is this what I want for the sweetest of my children? He was born with a generous soul and a golden heart. A sweeter kid you will not find anywhere. Do I want him going into a sport where a coach yells in your face all day? Where your told that winning is everything and this is the best time of your life? What if he show true promise? I don't even like the idea of him playing high school football, much less college.

It is like being a movie star. It looks glamorous and wonderful until you realize they can't stay married, they hardly know their children, and they cheat and do drugs and the Hollywood culture is horrible. I know there are exceptions, but you KNOW that is the rule. Same with athletes. If you played high school or college sports or beyond and you think that that was the best thing that ever happened to you, then you are missing out on what it is really important and best in life.

Like the guy in the movie said about his HS state championship, "there aint nothing but babies and memories after that." Like it was a bad thing. If the miracle of your child is not enough to make you realize that THAT overshadows any stupid touchdown or winning championship, then I feel sorry for you.

A guy said to me one time after he had had a wild young life and married and settled down, "Remember the line in the John Mellencamp song that said 'life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone.'? That is how I feel."

I just felt so sorry for him. I felt like shaking him and telling to wake up and look around. Life is wonderful. Every single day is a gift. A child's good morning kiss, a lazy summer day, a baby's 1st step, and swimming in the salty ocean. These are the things of life that can bring us the joy of living, the joy that feeds our souls.

There may not be crowds cheering us. There may not be trophies or spotlights, but there is a whole world out there waiting for us every day. Perhaps some men see themselves as just going through the motions, thankful to have had a little fun. Maybe that explains a lot about them.

Most women I know, even if they don't truly appreciate this miracle of life we are given, they at least understand the fulfillment of giving of themselves. A natural instinct of nurturing that we have, I believe.

So what is my point? I use to say that I would never understand men. Even after a dad and two brothers, a husband and 3 boys. But now I may have an inkling. Funny how some stupid movie can open a bit of a window on something you never understood before. I think men look beyond themselves to feel success and women look at the here and now. (A little profound thought from the mind of Righwingsparkle) And my 2nd point is I am not sure I want my youngest to go this route. And I'm not sure there is much I can do about it. I guess I will wait and see what the years bring.

Update: One of my sweet commenters found my other post on Athletes that I couldn't find. It was written in Nov. after the Pistons/Pacers big fight. If you want to read it. Go here.

Check out today's party at The Cotillion!!

Instapundit is linking Confederate Yankee's post on this news From Fox News:

"A suicide bomber captured before he could blow himself up in a Shiite mosque claimed he was kidnapped, beaten and drugged by insurgents who forced him to take on the mission. The U.S. military said its medical tests indicated the man was telling the truth.
Mohammed Ali, who claimed to be Saudi-born and appeared to be in his 20s, said he managed to flee after another suicide attacker set off his bomb, killing at least 12 worshippers Friday as they left a mosque in the northern city of Tuz Khormato.
In confession broadcast on state television later that day, Ali told Iraqi interrogators he did not want to bomb the mosque and hoped to go home.
Results from medical tests on Ali were "consistent with his story and characterization of his treatment," Col. Billy J. Buckner, a U.S. military spokesman said Sunday."

Confederate Yankee has this thought:

"So much for al-Zaraqawi being "the greatest" if he has to kidnap and drug people to carry out suicide attacks. It seems that the seemingly inexhaustible supply of willing suicide bombers that we westerners have come to fear is exhaustible after all. Some might even be willing to think that this validates the Bush/Rumsfeld "flypaper" strategy."

Iraqi The Model says he is not surprised and remembers similiar tactics of Al-Qaeda. It seems that using the mentally disabled has long been a part of the Al-Qaeda plans. You have to wonder where all these "replacements" are that the left bleats about, if they are using disabled children.

The picture above is the suicide bomber in question. If you look closely you can see the wires hanging from his waist. via Iraqi The Model.

Will PETA be upset with terrorists?

Just another example of their evil.

Bin Laden and talking points?

"In "Osma Bin Laden: America's Enemy In His Own Words," San Diego civil rights attorney Randy Hamud tries to shed light on Bin Laden by translating 20 of his statements and letters from 1994 to 2004." vai (registration may be required)

The article doesn't have many quotes from the book, but says that throughout Bin Laden's speeches he returns to Israel's treatment of the Palestinians and what he calls the "Jewish enemy."

Here is one quote of Bin Laden's they did give though:

"The Iraq war generates billions of dollars for big corporations, either munitions makers or those working reconstruction, such as Haliburton and its sister companies," bin Laden said in an April 15, 2004 address originally broadcast by Al-Jazeera in which he offered a truce with European nations that agreed not to attack Muslims."

Does this sound familiar to any of you? I mean... I know I have heard that before from other sources. Let me think...I know it will come to me.


Did I miss this one? Too funny. Kanye West is the one who is a racist. via Sacred Cow Burgers.

How soon they forget.

Hillary has made quite a show on demanding the Katrina Commission, saying that FEMA worked well under her husband. But she seems to be forgetting one little thing.

Maybe you forgot it as well, because the media didn't pounce on Clinton and make bashing him on it a 24/7 affair.

vai Riehl World.

I was wondering...

I've been sorting through political cartoons. Is Chris Muir the ONLY conservative cartoonist?

Whatever you do....

DON'T let the cat bloggers see this.

Tomorrow's Terrorists.

If you think Islamic law Shari'a is something that only the Middle East has to deal with, then you haven't kept up with Canada. (I know. Me either) But this seems pretty important to me. has this:

The Arbitrations Act allows Ontario courts to pass family and business legal disputes on to religious bodies.

Islamic Institute for Civil Justice (IICJ) applied to arbitrate civil cases in the Muslim community according to Shari'a. But Iranian exile Homa Arjomand, director of the International Campaign Against Sharia Court (ICASC) did everything in her power to fight this. Having lived under Shari'a law, she understood the harsh implications of this.

She won.

Premier Dalton McGuinty announced on Sunday September 11 (interesting date) that Ontario would outlaw all forms of religious arbitration, including Islamic law or Shari'a.

To understand what we are fighting with Islamic fanatcism, one need only look to Shari'a law. The article says this about

"Within the first five years of Iranian revolutionary rule, the government executed more than 150,000 people under the Shari'a law."

"Within the first two days, there were mass executions. According to the United Nations, these are not lies"

"They would name you anti-Islam, and anyone who is kafir (an infidel) deserves to die. Women who were arrested were gang raped. They wanted to make sure you would go to Hell. If women were executed as virgins they would go to heaven and they wanted women to go to Hell."

This woman fought this in what is practically our back yard. It would do us well to pay better attention. The terrorists of tomorrow are the little boys who live under Shari'a law today.

Monday, September 19, 2005

I'd say....

He's got a point. The politics and facts of Poverty in America.

Cindy Sheehan Arrested?

One of my commenters j andrew is telling me that 3 or 4 lefty sites are posting that Cindy Sheehan was arrested in New York (Union Square) for "speaking without a permit."

If true, that chick will do anything to get the attention back her I'm afraid.

Thanks j andrew.

Update: j andrew is now saying that he believes it was Cindy's event organizer that may have been arrested, not Cindy. She apparently didn't get the permit Cindy needed to speak.

Update 2: Dembloggers is quoting NYC Indymedia:

"The New York City Police Department forcibly broke up this afternoon's rally for Cindy Sheehan, moving in as Cindy was speaking at about 3 p.m. in Union Square. The rally had been underway for about an hour, and was about to conclude as Cindy spoke following several other speakers, including a few who are traveling with her on her caravan.

As Cindy was speaking, a large platoon of police massed behind from the interior of the park, then formed a circle behind her, the speakers' area and a few dozen people who were deployed in an arc behind her. Overall, about 200 people were in attendance, with the crowd steadily increasing in size as the rally progressed. As the police formed their arc just behind, the men and women immediately behind Cindy linked arms. A captain made a cutting motion at his throat, signalling he wanted no more free speech. He waited about 30 seconds, then the police moved in. They didn't dare arrest Cindy, but they immediately moved in and grabbed zool, the event's organizer and one of the main organizers of Camp Casey-NYC, pulling him away and arresting him. I do not believe anyone else was arrested; at least I didn't see any other arrests. I was nearby, and there was no hesitation on the part of the police in specifically targetting zool.

The police also took the microphone and sound system. The crowd shouted "Shame! Shame!" at the police and asked what they were so afrraid of, but made no response. There was a moderate press presence, even a bit of corporate media there, although the only television crew covering the rally was RTV from Russia."

Looks like I will be live blogging a hurricane this weekend........

$$$ for opinions on the net?

"Beginning today, it will cost you to read Maureen Dowd, Tom Friedman, Paul Krugman, David Brooks and 18 other New York Times columnists online--$49.95 a year, to be exact.

But the executive in charge of the move--and perhaps those at other news organizations giving away their material online--hopes the Times can demonstrate, in a traditionally free arena, that money can be made by charging for premium content."


I don't see this working at all. There will always be a few bloggers who will access the articles and then report on what they say (or copy and paste it) and, if interesting enough, their content will be distributed throughout the blogosphere in a matter of minutes and people will be able to read it for free.

Am I wrong?

Yeah, it's a must read.

Buzz Machine gives us this:

"Jon Donley, editor of, worked nonstop through the hurricane and flood not knowing for days whether his daughter, Sarah, was safe. He had to post a missing-persons alert for his own daughter on his site. She finally was found not in her own home nearby a broken levee but huddled in the family├é’s home across the lake."

Her ordeal is captured in riveting detail here.

You might have to scroll down to "missing person: Sarah's tale" Sometimes the permalink works, and sometimes it doesn't.

Blogging continues to hit the msm.

ABC News' correspondents have their new blogs up. Jake Tapper has his Down and Dirty blog, a "one of a kind take on the intersections of politics and popular culture."

So far, not exactly riveting stuff, but he is kinda busy. I don't watch ABC news so I haven't caught this reporter, but he is hot. I will give him that.

The BBC sucks.

The Guardian has this:

"Tony Blair has denounced the BBC's coverage of Hurricane Katrina as 'full of hatred of America' and 'gloating' at the country's plight, it was reported yesterday.
Blair allegedly made the remarks privately to Rupert Murdoch, chairman and chief executive of News Corporation, which owns the rival Sky News."

There is no doubt the BBC's coverage was over the top with anti American bias.

But in the reading the article you might be struck by something. Rupert Murdoch was speaking at the first Clinton Global Initiative conference in New York. In fact, Murdoch was one of only two media giants to attend. (Time Warner's Dick Parsons was the other)

The left likes to portray Murdoch as some sort of rightwing media Karl Rove, but Murdoch even lunched with Hillary while in New York at News Corp's Midtown headquarters.

I mean, come on. Think about it. Does Superman lunch with Lex Luther? Does Batman lunch with The Joker? Does Spiderman lunch with the Green Goblin?

You get my drift....;-)

The Red Cross and FEMA and Free Cash.

The local morning talk radio shows are buzzing about the $2000 mastercards given out by FEMA and the $1600 ones given out by the Red Cross. There have been all sorts of stories about people using their cards to buy $600 designer purses and DVD players and the like. I didn't know FEMA and the Red Cross could track purchases, but maybe they can. Let me know if you information on that.

One volunteer at the Astrodome who helped the Red Cross give out the $2000 cards heard groups talking about how you can just go to the ATM machines and get cash. A bank employee called and said that she had helped them at the ATM machines and that you could get cash easily. She wondered why the government can allow you to only buy certain food items with food stamps, but can't do the same with these cards. This money is, after all, the taxpayers hard earned money. Much of it given as charity.

The volunteer who was helping with the cards went to the Red Cross director because she heard a group saying that they were going to car pool to Dallas to get some cards there. (in other words defraud the government) The Red Cross director said "you don't know if they were joking or not." When the volunteer mentioned the fact that the people could buy liquor and cigarettes with their Mastercard, the RedCross director said, "No one tells you what your needs are." Whaaattt?????

I hope to God that this kind of fraud is limited. (I am believing it is) Because if it turns out that FEMA and the Red Cross are just letting people use this money to buy anything their heart desires instead of it's purpose, to help people get necessities, then Americans will never want to be this generous again.

I gave my money to Catholic Charities exactly because of something like this. If you want to help out the Red Cross, then do what I did and give your TIME, but not your money. This is totally irresponsible in my opinion. Church organizations don't hand out mastercards, but give things needed and with a loving hand.

And the other really bad thing that is happening here in Houston is that people who were displaced who are living in housing now are FIGHTING with long time residents who seem to be jealous of the cash and free housing the refugees are receiving. They videotaped one of the arguments and it was on the news the other night and it was embarrassing to watch.

Btw, did I mention there is a hurricane heading our way? You better believe I am ready.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Nothing is sacred.

From having a litmus test on Supreme court nominees, to now breaking the the tradition of former Presidents avoiding criticizing their successors, Democrats don't seem to hold anything sacred poltically if it will score points. It seems Bill Clinton's desire to once agains reside in the white house as spouse of a President supersedes all tradition.

Powerline has the full story on Bill Clinton's attack on President Bush on ABC's "this Week" program.

And freedom.....

marches on.

Car Story.

I keep forgetting to tell this strange story. We recently bought a car for my daughter on e-bay. The car was in Houston, and when we met the guy and started talking, he said that he had been selling cars for many years this way and that he was from Kuwait. It seems he had a large inventory in Iraq at the beginning of the Gulf War and Saddam seized all of it and left him broke. He now sells program cars he buys and then sells on e-bay. He had sold 11 cars the day we bought one.

I have to say it was the best deal we have ever gotton on a car and there was no hassle involved and it has been a great car.

The UK's Sun tabloid gives the burger king controversy:

"Cone-demned ... 'spinning whirl' ice creams look similar to the world Allah written in Arabic scriptICE creams are being withdrawn from Burger King — because a design on the lid looks like the word Allah.
The fast food chain has had dozens of complaints about the coloured symbol - meant to be a spinning whirl - on its range of BK Cones."

via Dhimmi Watch and PW.

Here's an idea. Let's look at the cone RIGHT SIDE UP!! And then it looks a an actual swirly cone of ice cream.

It seems some Muslims saw the name Allah in the tsunami as well.

Some things are just too dumb to be believed.

Update: Burger King's new design is here.