Sunday, July 29, 2007

Iraq beats Saudi Arabia to win Asian Cup in Soccer

I think this is just awesome. Why? Because this is just the sort of thing the fanatics HATE. All Iraqi's (Sunni and Shiite) coming together to celebrate and support something so.....unimportant and western (to them). They car bombed the Iraqi celebration of a win against South Korea last week.

HotAir gets this from The NY Times:

When the Iraqi national soccer team left Malaysia for the finals here, they were delayed three hours in the Kuala Lumpur airport before collapsing into their cramped, economy-class seats.
Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s team strolled onto its stylish, private jet, accompanied by media representatives, interpreters, doctors and coaches, and was whisked here.

This has been the story for the Iraqis the entire tournament. The underfinanced team has been plagued by endless complications with travel, accommodations, food, training and equipment. “From A to Z, everything has been a problem from the very beginning.

So the underdog WINS. I just love it. The fanatics continue their violence today, but the Iraqi's celebrate anyway:

Elsewhere, the mood was festive. In Baghdad, soccer fans danced and waved Iraqi flags in the streets, while women handed out sweets. People sprayed confetti from cans over the heads of jubilant crowds in the southern city of Basra.

Heck, even Guardian journalists wept in happiness.

It's this kind of thing that will bring Iraq into the Democracy that it deserves to be. Things that bring people joy. Forget the politics. This is a WIN baby, and do they ever deserve it.

GO IRAQ!!!!!!

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