Monday, April 28, 2008

Wright speaking to the National Press Club

Wright starts out reminding us of the terrible things that occurred during slavery. It is interesting to hear the history of slavery, but why is he doing this? Is it to fan the resentment of the way blacks were treated as slaves? Slavery ended in 1865. What is the purpose here? Because we all know this isn't about a history lesson.

So Wright is spinning this whole controversy that this is not a criticism of him, no, it's a criticism of "the black church."

Does he believe that black people don't go to church with white people at all in this country? Does he??

Has Rev. Wright ever visited a Catholic Church (the world's largest Christian Church)? I have lived in 6 cities. I have gone to dozens of Catholic Churches. Even when I travel I never miss Mass. I have never been to a Catholic Church that wasn't diverse. I have never been to a Catholic Church that didn't have as many colors sitting in the pews as there are colors.

I know that the Protestant Churches are also diverse.

Are the blacks that attend these Churches not a part of "the black church?"

Just wondering.

He's cites all the good his church has done. It's fine to tout your accomplishments, which Wright loves to do, but does that negate the hateful and anti-American things you preach? No. It does not.

The thing that bothers me the most about Wright is that he speaks as if blacks and whites have little or nothing to do with each other. He acts as if the black community is completely separate from whites. I suppose I need to inform my black neighbors and my son's best friend's family that they are living in the outbounds of where they are suppose to be.

Wright is now saying that the black church and the white church (is there a white church??) do not pray to the same God. What? You see, the white slave owners prayed to a different God than the slaves did? Really?

Why did slavery end? Do you think that maybe God spoke to men's hearts? That the God that slaves and slave owners prayed to, worked his will into both their hearts? We prayed to the same God, Rev. Wright.

They are now allowing questions and now it is becoming a circus. Wright's smart alec remarks are only fanning the flames of racism. His remarks only alienate many white voters for Obama. Is that what Wright wants? Or does he not care?

I'm thinking he doesn't care.

*He is still answering (although he really isn't answering) questions. He is just making me SICK. I have to stop watching now before he ruins my entire day.

*One more thing. When you watch clips later and hear all the cheering for Wright know that the audience was purposely filled with supporters. Kathleen Parker at NRO was there and she says this:

I'm at the National Press Club, where the Rev. Wright is having breakfast with about 27 tables of 11 and, oh, 200 journalists. You do the math. Breakfast guests are overwhelmingly African-American and the media are overwhelmingly not. Some of the reserved tables include the Wright family, SPOC Trustees, Howard University, a Baptist Church or two. I can't see the head table because so many are trying to get pictures, though I just spotted Clarence Page seated a couple of chairs down to Wright's right. Hmmmm.

Update: The Rev. Wright is now being protected by The Nation of Islam. I'm starting to really feel sorry for Obama. Does Wright not think that associating with Islam might reflect on the erroneous belief that Obama is Muslim? Good grief.