Sunday, April 27, 2008

Carrying the baggage of resentment

I am watching Rev. Wright being introduced as the keynote speaker at the NAACP Dinner. Oh dear God.

Rev. Wright will become wealthier on the speaking circuit and he will completely destroy Obama's chance to become President.

I am watching this appalled. I know I am not alone.

Rev. Wright is associated with Obama, whether it's right or not, whether it's fair or not. Even Obama conceded this today on Fox News Sunday.

Rev. Wright will continue to speak his words of hate, and that is what I believe they are, and it will be played on the news and people will connect it with Obama.

Hillary is LOVING this.

Rev. Wright might well have wrapped the gift of the nomination in bright sparkly wrapping paper with a big shiny bow and handed it with a kiss to Hillary.

The line of the night: "The NAACP is non partisan." Now, that is truly a joke. That is like saying the National Right to Life Committee is non-partisan.

I'm going to go with Rev. Wrights theme. Please allow me.

I feel that those who teach hate and resentment as deficient. I see those who claim to speak on behalf of Jesus Christ, but teach anger and segregation as deficient. I think those who would rather hear their own voice than have respect for a parishioner that is running for President, deficient. I think that suggesting that black children and white children think different and think with different sides of their brain is simply racist and deficient. I think using the word "European" as a code word for "white" is deficient.

Rev. Wright, all the singing in the world isn't going to distract from the fact that you are saying that black and white people even CLAP different. We keep time to the music differently. Blacks have a "different meter" doncha know?

Oh my. I wonder why do we even try to get along. We are so DIFFERENT.

I have news for Rev. Wright. Every single one of us are different. Not because we are just different colors. But because we all come from a different upbringing. I wonder how he looks at mixed race people? Do they have the rhythm of the black father or the white mother?

Is Obama clapping with us white folks or with the black folks?

I really want to know Rev. Wright.

He says no particular way is better, just different. Really? What makes the USA run by "rich white folks" better? What makes the USA the "USKKKA" better?? What part of being a pastor includes making fun of the President of the United States?

He has the gall to talk about how "we treat each other." How about how he treats us, the white folks? He talks of "higher standards." Does he have no idea how disgusted he makes some of us?

I'm betting Obama is loving his yelling his middle name "Hussein" three times. And then Rev. Wright's "Yes, we can" ending.

Poor Obama.

video here.