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Iraqis Vow to Eradicate Al-Qaida

Gateway Pundit:

The following is a translation by Iraqi-American Haider Ajina translation of an article in Iraq’s paper Sot Aliraq from September, 19 2007:

"Anbar awakening committee vows to eradicate Alqaida before the end of the year"Sheik Ahmed Abu Reeshah, who became tribal chief and head of the Anbar awakening committee after the assassination of his brother Abdul Satar, promised that Alqaida will be eradicated before the end of the year.

He reaffirmed that the committee will avenge the killing of his brother and take revenge on Alqida. This he said in an interview with Alarabiah Chanell on Tuesday the 18th.

Sheik Ahmed added ‘All of Anbar has to avenge the killing of the Sheik, within a year no one will hear of Alqaida any more.

It has become clear that Alqaida has nothing to tie it to Islam nor does it have any thing to do with Islam. Islam builds and cements good relationships between people. Alqaida blew up children and schools. He added. Alqaida is the reason that American forces continue their presence in Iraq.

He said, "If it was not for Alqaida the American forces would have returned home by now, Alqaida has extended the stay of American forces in Iraq."

This is just feakin' awesome to hear.

h/t David

I want to add this. Let's just imagine that this happens. The Iraqi people clear our enemy (and theirs) out of Iraq and we can bring most of our boys home. What a victory! And what a loss for the Democrats.

Living In The Elite Bubble Of Delusion.


On CNN’s Larry King Live Thursday night, Dan Rather insisted that his $70 million lawsuit against CBS was an attempt to save “our democracy” from “big government interference and intimidation in news;” claimed once again that his 2004 60 Minutes story on President Bush’s National Guard service was correct “and I think most people know by now that it was correct;” and charged that CBS’s investigation was “a fraud. It was a setup.”

Yeah, most people he knows. (in the bubble of course)

I don't know which is more ridiculous, that or this:

KING: In essence, you are saying that that network got rid of you -- copped out on the report, etc. Because of appealing to the Bush White House? Is that what you're saying, they were trying to appeal to the Bush White House?

RATHER: Yes is the short answer to that.

CBS fires Rather to garner favor with the Bush White House. Huh. This man is just living in a completely different reality than you or I.

Drunk Rednecks

Trust me when I say, there is nothing scarier on this earth:

Truck. Check
nooses hanging. Check
Drunk while driving. Check
Rifle in back of truck. Check
Family in the KKK. Check
Brass knuckes in cup holder. Check.
KKK tattoo on his chest. Check

Yep. A Redneck award winner there.

Jump The Shark.

According to this "hard news" site. It was 30 yrs ago yesterday when the term "Jump the Shark" came into being:

This term comes from the infamous moment on September 20, 1977, when "The Fonz" from "Happy Days" donned his famous leather jacket, went water skiing, and jumped a shark on his skis. TV critics and anyone with taste or brains realized this was the moment the show had finally killed itself; the moment the original premise of the show was so betrayed, its vision having veered so off course, that there was no point going on. And it's used now to describe the moment that anything betrays its original purpose. And what do you know, it was thirty years ago to the day. Freaky, man.

Anybody know? Is this true?

Stay at home mom scoops al-Qaida

WASHINGTON - Once her son is off to school, Laura Mansfield settles in at her dining room table with her laptop and begins trolling Arabic-language message boards and chat rooms popular with jihadists.

Fluent in Arabic, the self-employed terror analyst often hacks into the sites, translates the material, puts it together and sends her analysis via a subscription service to intelligence agencies, law enforcement and academics.

Occasionally she comes across a gem, such as when she found a recent Osama bin Laden video — before al-Qaida had announced it.

"I realized, oh my gosh, I'm sitting here, I'm a fat 50-year-old mom and I've managed to scoop al-Qaida," said Mansfield, who uses that name as a pseudonym because she receives death threats.

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A Divided Nation?

Many of the Presidential candidates like to talk about how divided we are as a nation. After reading the lastest at the WaPo about's nasty ad against Petraues (which was condemned in a resolution in Congress yesterday btw) I realized that when it comes to the left and the right who are politically active in this country, we will never ever be united. We will always be divided. There is simply no common ground here. We have completely different world views.

The Columbia University outrage is a perfect example of this. Those at the University don't see why we on the right are so upset that they would let a terrorist speak there. A terrorist who is at the moment supplying weapons that kill our boys in Iraq. Lefty bloggers also wonder what the big deal is regarding Ahmadinejad’s wishing to visit the World Trade Center site.

How can I understand a University that allows a terrorist/murderer to speak, but bans the ROTC from recruiting there?

There is no understanding that. It's like they are from another planet.

As I said in an earlier post about why winning in Iraq would be a defeat for the Democrats, It isn't that Democrats are un-American, they are not. They just envision an America that is based on the values and ideals of appeasement, pacifism, and globalism. They believe in an American that doesn't fight. A passive peaceful America that sits at the table of communication with all those around the world. Evilness such as Al Quaeda only need to be understood.

We are a divided nation. Both fighting to win in the vision that we have for America and nothing is going to change that.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'll give you a reason to love McCain.

via HotAir

Just Ridin' along...

..on the No Surrender Tour. Just chatting with the bloggers.

GranitGrok goes on the bus with McCain. I actually was asked last week if I wanted to go on this bus in South Carolina. Are you shocked I didn't race to a plane to get there and meet my boyfriend?

John, I just can't quit you. Even when everyone gets mad at me when I talk about you.

Well, I do actually have a life, if not of my own, but my kids, so I couldn't go. But I'm hoping to meet McCain before this whole thing is over.

It's been a back and forth battle this whole campaign with McCain. McCain is surging in Florida, but he's struggling with donations. This gallup poll shows McCain within striking distance of Thompson and Giuliani, but then there is trouble in Michigan.

What I would like to know from you guys is what could McCain say to change your mind about all the things that ticked you off?

My take on the Jena 6

The News story here.

Here's a summary of the story. In Jena, La the high school had some sort of unofficial "white" tree that the white kids hung around. Some black kids hung out under the tree one day and the next day 3 nooses were hung from the tree. The white kids were suspended. 6 black kids beat up the white kid (who I assume was responsible for the nooses) and they get charged as adults with attempted murder.

First, did no one know about this "white tree?" Good grief. That is where the outrage should have started. Someone should have let the administration know. It's just unacceptable. The nooses deserved explusion for the white kids. I don't know if there is anything criminal to be charged there, but if there was, it should have been. Second, the sentence for the black kids was harsh and there is a right to outraged here.

Now, if only Jesse and Sharpton could have made it to Jena before the violence started. Not to protest, but to bring white and black people together. We cannot teach our children respect for each other if we don't sit down with them and explain it.

Are there no decent white students at this school? My first thought was if I had been a student, I would have taken the nooses down and put up a poster like the one above. It would be a start.

Finally, When will we get to a point where the Sharpton's and Jesse's of the world are more interested in teaching young black men disipline, honor, and integrity, instead of showing up after the fact and demanding a more fair criminal sentencing?????? It is sad to me that no one argues what they did was wrong, but only focus on the unfairness of the justice system. Here's a thought. TEACH THEM TO NOT EVER HAVE TO GET INVOLVED IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM.

Hip Hop rails against the gay culture.

Ja Rule talks about what's "messing" up America.

"They got my man Doug Morris under fire and sh*t, they got him going down to go speak to Congress about hip-hop lyrics, are you f**king serious?" Ja said. "There's a f**king black kid right now about to get 25 years for having a fight with some white kids over hanging the nooses over the white tree, let's get to that. Let's get into sh*t like that, because that's what's tearing up America, not me calling a woman a b*tch or a hoe on my rap songs."

"And if it is, then we need to go step to Paramount, and f**king MGM, and all of these other motherf**kers that's making all of these movies and we need to go step to MTV and Viacom, and let's talk about all these f**king shows that they have on MTV that is promoting homosexuality, that my kids can't watch this sh*t," he continued. "Dating shows that's showing two guys or two girls in mid-afternoon. Let's talk about sh*t like that! If that's not f**king up America, I don't know what is."

Well, he has a "f"ing point, doesn't he? Except I would say hip hop contributes to the coarseness of society as much as everything else he mentioned. But it is curious that we have congressional hearings on that and not on the other things he discussed.

Someone finally asks Hillary "the question."

It was The Advocate, of course:

Kennedy asks the senator directly whether she is a lesbian. Not because he thinks she is, but just because nobody ever has the balls to ask it to her face — and really, why should it be a hard question to ask? It's not insulting. “People say a lot of things about me, so I really don’t pay any attention to it,” Hillary tells him blithely. “It’s not true, but it is something that I have no control over. People will say what they want to say.”

Here is how the Advocate describes Hillary's love for gays, but not for gay marraige:

"Like a blushing schoolgirl, we take the varsity jock’s flirtations at face value, deluding ourselves into believing he’s going to ask us to the prom," explains editor Sean Kennedy. "When in reality he’s just using us to get to our sexy friend who will actually put out." (Hey, there’s a reason these people write all the cleverest shows on television.) Some hopeful gay voters take her carefully worded objections to marriage equality and interpret them as hints that she really, deep down, believes in it.

Ok, so...Hillary is the varsity jock here? Alrighty then.

via Daily Intelligencer

A Mom Like Me.

via HotAir

Free Flow Of Information.

Ever wonder why the pictures and stories on the anti-war rallies that you see here on the web are quite different from what you see and read in the MSM? James Taranto explains it here.

via Ed Driscoll and Instapundit

Columbia, an example of all that is wrong with the left.

On Monday, September 24th, 2007 Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will speak and participate in a question and answer session with university faculty and students at Columbia University's World Leaders Forum. His appearance is sponsored by Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs, which is initiating a year-long series of lectures and events on thirty years of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The SIPA lecture series will include academic experts as well as former officials and critics of the Islamic Republic.

But no worries. Although this "world leader" hangs 16 yr olds from cranes in the middle of cities for having sex, chops off the heads of homosexuals, and denies the holocaust, its OK. All these questions will be addressed.

I may puke.

President Bollinger has issued the following companion statement:

In order to have such a University-wide forum, we have insisted that a number of conditions be met, first and foremost that President Ahmadinejad agree to divide his time evenly between delivering remarks and responding to audience questions. I also wanted to be sure the Iranians understood that I would myself introduce the event with a series of sharp challenges to the President on issues including:

· the Iranian President's denial of the Holocaust;

· his public call for the destruction of the state of Israel;

· his reported support for international terrorism that targets innocent civilians and American troops;

· Iran's pursuit of nuclear ambitions in opposition to international sanction;

· his government's widely documented suppression of civil society and particularly of women's rights; and

· his government's imprisoning of journalists and scholars, including one of Columbia's own alumni, Dr. Kian Tajbakhsh.

I would like to add a few comments on the principles that underlie this event. Columbia, as a community dedicated to learning and scholarship, is committed to confronting ideas—to understand the world as it is and as it might be. To fulfill this mission we must respect and defend the rights of our schools, our deans and our faculty to create programming for academic purposes. Necessarily, on occasion this will bring us into contact with beliefs many, most, or even all of us will find offensive and even odious. We trust our community, including our students, to be fully capable of dealing with these occasions, through the powers of dialogue and reason.

It's all about dialogue. If we just understand holocaust denying terrorists, then we can come to terms with each other. This is the left's worldview.

These academic elites have lost their minds. They would have Osama Bin Laden speak on why he had those planes fly into the twin towers if they could. Meanwhile Ahmadinejad will pat himself on the back all the way back to Iran about how respected he is by some of the American people.

via Powerline

Related outrage:

It looks like Ahmadinejad might visit ground zero without our permission.

Michelle is asking everyone to come out and protest this murderer. If you live in New York visit the link and get down there. Atlas Shrugs will be there across from the UN, join her.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Hillary shows her fangs:

"You can always tell when the Republicans are getting restless, because the vice president’s motorcade pulls into the Capitol, and Darth Vader emerges," Clinton said just now at town hall in New York, referring to Cheney's efforts shore up Republican congressional support for the Iraq war.

via Drudge

Mitt's New Ad.

I like it.

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I borrowed this from Grouchy Old Cripple (obviously) but I had to clean it up a bit. It makes you squirm, doesn't it?

Don't taser me bro'

It's too funny how this phrase is just taking off. In addition to the t-shirts (which just make me laugh everytime I see it) Web addresses have been taken using the phrase. Someone has created a Don't Tase Me, Bro!" (UF Student Tasered Remix) mashup and t-shirt designs are all over the place. On YouTube, footage of the incident has been viewed more than a million times. There are lots of responses to the tasering event. This is one of the more articulate ones, so I'll let you take a look. But these people are just appalled that this guy got tasered!

Look, as someone who is pretty much appalled on a regular basis, I don't get that. This guy was struggling with police. YOU DON'T DO THAT. When police warn you that they are going to taser you if you don't settle down...THEY MEAN IT. This is quite simple. Behave. That's it. If you don't want cops on your butt...behave.

Personally, I think the guy planned for exactly this to happen. So, he gets what he wants. But please don't be appalled.

Let me add a personal story here. A few years ago my teenage son was driving though a neighborhood at night. He had a stupid friend with him (and I'm being generous with that description) The friend threw a penny out the window at some guy standing in his yard. Well, the penny hit the guy's car. Naturally the guy got mad. Well, he took off after my son and my son tried to lose him. At one point they stopped at a light and the guy got out and pounded on my son's car window. My son later told me he was scared to death and didn't even look at the guy, but the stupid friend tells the guy to go ..something and they take off when the light turns green. The angry guy gets the license plate and calls the cops. I suppose he realized that he would sound silly complaining that these kids threw a penny at his car, so he told them that the boys tried to run over him. That's a felony for those of you wondering.
The cops stop my son in our neighborhood. My son just couldn't believe the guy said that and started to get angry. But I had always told him two things about cops. One is they always know when you are lying. They hear liars and con artists every day and they know. Just don't try. Second, don't get angry. That's a one way ticket to jail right there.
He explained what happened. (They had even handcuffed him and put him in the car) But from what I understand, they had called the man who had complained to see if he wanted to press charges and I suppose he got a conscience and said no. Or the cops believed my son. I'm not sure. They let my son go.
I am not a yeller. I don't yell. But I sat both those boys down and I came down on them like a wall of fire. Fury like a tornado swirled around me. I think I was channeling Beelzebub, roaring and ranting in their faces. His stupid friend never made an appearance at our house again.
I somehow got the name and phone number of the guy and made my son call and apologize to him.
This is what my son learned from this incident. First, don't have stupid friends. Second, if you have made someone mad, deal with it and apologize, don't run. Third, don't ever lose your temper or struggle with cops. One wrong move and they would have arrested him with or without the guys' complaint.
Teenagers today seem oblivious to the consequences of their actions criminally speaking. I think it's almost time to have something included in drivers ed or something about just how easy it is to get your butt arrested.

Pardon My French...


"The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has requested to visit ground zero during his visit to New York next week, police commissioner Raymond Kelly said today."

Allah at HotAir is going ballastic and who can blame him?

Not to go all nutrootsy here, but there are one or two influential people who allegedly read this site so let me issue a formal warning to them on behalf of myself and, I suspect, most of our readers: if Bush and Rice let him go down there, especially in the wake of Petraeus and Crocker reporting the threat Iran poses to American soldiers in Iraq, you have no idea how grave the political fallout will be. Consider this an alert from the grassroots early warning system. You ignored the warning we gave you this summer about the amnesty bill. For your sake, don’t ignore this one.
Update: Here’s Bloomberg’s contact information:
PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)

I don't usually care much for threats and such. Too Koskid like, BUT, in this is absolutely called for.

Update: It's not going to happen. But not for the reasons it shouldn't happen. Which ticks me off.

"Mr. Kelly said the NYPD and Secret Service were in discussions with the Iranian mission about the logistics for the possible visit, and whether it will take place at all. He said Mr. Ahmadinejad would not be allowed to descend into the pit for safety reasons related to ongoing construction there."

Related: Greg Pollowiz at NRO gets this from AP and then suggests alternative headline:

Iran Draws Up Plans to Bomb Israel


The deputy commander of Iran's air force said Wednesday that plans have been drawn up to bomb Israel if the Jewish state attacks Iran, according to the semi-official Fars news agency.
"We have drawn up a plan to strike back at Israel with our bombers if this regime (Israel) makes a silly mistake," deputy air force chief, Gen. Mohammad Alavi was quoted as telling Fars in an interview.

Alternative headline:

Iran draws up plans to have entire air force shot down over Saudia Arabia and Iraq while trying to attack Israel.

Which should be the reason Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should not be able to visit ground zero, not security concerns.

The Ranting of the Feminist Left.

Naomi Wolf at her best hysterical self. Shorter version..."we are this close to becoming Nazis! The taser boy proves this!!!!"

Althouse does a magnificent job hacking into the hysterical. A must read.

Don't you all get tired of the "This is the end of the world as we know it!" hysteria of some on the left?

via Instapundit


Taser boy turns out to be a Ron Paul supporter.

via NRO

Immigration and the future of the Republican Party.

I love Kathryn Jean Lopez over at NRO and usually agree with everything she writes. But she chides Michael Gerson for chiding the Republicans on how they are handling the illegal immigration debate. I think Gerson makes great points.

I think it's time we listened to some facts about the Hispanic voter. Whether we like it or not, Hispanic citizens are affected by how we handle the illegal debate. As Gerson points out in his article, "Bush won about 35 percent in 2000. In 2004, Bush ran in the Latino media on the slogan "Nos conocemos," or "We know one another" -- and both he and Republicans in Congress averaged over 40 percent of the Hispanic vote."

This is important. We ceded the black vote to the Democrats long ago. Let's not do the same with Latinos. I think it was wrong for Republican candidates to skip the Univision Republican debate. It's important that we get our message out to Hispanics. I'm not saying the candidates should change their message of ending illegal immigration, but to explain their position clearly to the Hispanic community. Because if we don't do that, the MSM and the left will do it for us. And their spin is decidedly bigoted.

We made this mistake with the black community. Even people who disagree with you politically want to hear your side (except for the far left crowd). I believe that although many in the Hispanic community may have great sympathy for those who come here illegally from Mexico, because they know what these people are escaping from, they are still willing to understand why this issue is so polarizing. Republican candidates need to explain about the drain on social services that close hospitals for example. They need to hear our candidates explain the national security concerns with lax border control. These people are citizens too. They care about these things as much as we do. We do ourselves no favors by not standing in front of them and clearly defining our positions.

As Gerson points out, Hispanics are the fastest growing groups of American voters. The picture Hispanic voters are getting now of Republicans is harsh. This is just a terrible thing politically. It's time for Republicans to step up to the plate and let Hispanics who are citizens know that our concerns are their concerns and that together we can find solutions to illegal immigration.

We have a small window of opportunity here and then it's gone. And like the black community before them, we will give the Democrats a voting bloc they can count on forever.

More here.

Update: I just want to make clear that I don't agree with Gerson in that we need to somehow become pro-amnesty to not look bigoted. He's wrong there. We need only to get our message out there. Illegal immigration is wrong and needs to stop. It's really that simple.

Folksy Fred.

He's putting the smackdown on HillaryCare. It's good. It seems a bit scripted. Maybe I'm looking for that, I don't know. But I know America will love it. He's like your Dad. And Hillary is more like your witchy aunt. The one always nagging you to tuck in your shirt or comb your hair.

I'm keeping my eye on you Fred.

via NRO

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The New Republic's New Strategy....

I suppose to try and polish their tarnished image after the Beauchamp debacle, they are publishing articles with the "duh" factor.

But, it makes men happy to read it. I know.

via NRO

I don't know which cartoon is better...

Michael Ramirez via Powerline

Both are right on target. Click for bigger image.

A Celebrity We Can Like.


Watch out al Qaeda: Chuck Norris is on the scene in Iraq. As reported by the conservative Web site World Net Daily, the karate champion and action movie star is visiting 15 bases at the invitation of Marine Gen. Bob Magnus.In an e-mail sent from Iraq and cited by World Net Daily, Norris said he’s observed two things: The “surge is working” and “morale is up — way up!”He added that there’s a huge difference in security and safety since his last trip, in November 2006.“It is so much safer and more relaxed, particularly in the Al Anbar province,” Norris said. “It is so much better than often conveyed by the liberal media.”

Interesting Stuff about "The Kingdom"

The following is from Peter Berg, the Director of The Kingdom --" a disturbingly gritty, bravely relevant film about a team of special agents investigating the bombing of an American post in Saudi Arabia."

"We couldn't film in Saudi Arabia -- it's culturally prohibited in any form. We wanted to be able to film in the Middle East, so we went to Dubai and asked the government. They said no because there's a terrorist component to the movie. But their sister city, Abu Dhabi, said yes. And Abu Dhabi is somewhat competitive with Dubai, so not only did they say yes, but they pretty much gave us the keys to the city. Nearly anything we asked for they gave us. Almost as a joke, I asked if we could have an Apache helicopter flying thirty feet over a convoy of Suburbans through the middle of downtown Abu Dhabi, and they said, 'Absolutely. No problem. What else?'"

"What I remember most about being in the Middle East with Jamie Foxx is that the Abu Dhabi government insisted that he have security. I was in the restaurant in the hotel having lunch and about twenty-five massive-looking Arab men with machine guns sticking out the bottom of their suits came walking in. And then Jamie came walking in and then another twenty-five behind him. They had given him their highest level of protection--what they would offer an American president. He also had a food taster and an ambulance following him. I didn't get any. Just Jamie. They knew him.
I'm wondering when Hollywood will make movies that might change the perspective of someone growing up in the Middle East toward the United States. It is a very effective tool. Everyone loves a good movie. They know all our movie stars. I believe it could make a big difference in how we are perceived if made properly. Not a propaganda film, like SICKO, but an entertainment film. Maybe about two friends, one Muslim and one American. How they each perceive this war on terror. That kind of thing. A film that shows that not all Americans are like Britney Spears or Paris Hilton and not all Marines are like the ones in "Jarhead."
Hmm...Who am I kidding?

Wrong Place, Wrong Time.

Sept. 13: "One 107mm rocket impacted in an intersection near Forward Operating Base Loyalty, striking a car and engulfing it in flames. Soldiers with the 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, attached to the 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, responded to the blast and cordoned off the area. The wounded were transported to Medical City for treatment."
via Mudville

More Crazy Goodness...

...From the UF Student who was tasered while asking John Kerry a question. "Their gonna try and kill me." KAHRAZY....

Just found this through HotAir. It's the questions leading up to the tasering.

No one seems to be talking about what he was trying to say. First he finds it incredulous that Kerry conceded the election in 2004 on the first day, when clearly he won. (rolls eyes) And then he asks Kerry if was a member of 'Skull and Bones' at Yale like Bush. Don't you guys get it???? Kerry was in on it with Bush! Kerry let Bush win. Kerry was probably in on 9-11 as well.

Oh, if we could only get these questions answered!

"Elder Bush backs McCain war push"

Bringing in the heavy hitters:

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Former President George H.W. Bush backs John McCain's efforts to increase support for the Iraq war in a new video, a telecast that aides to both men say shouldn't be construed as an endorsement of McCain's White House bid.

Not at all...

On Monday night, the former president appeared in the video shown at South Carolina's military college, The Citadel, during the final stop of the Arizona senator's "No Surrender" tour.
"The bottom line is we must persevere; we must not surrender; we must not quit and run away. God bless our troops and everyone involved in the 'No Surrender' rally there in Charleston," Bush said, according to a transcript of the video provided by the McCain campaign.

Say What?

A few things in the "Say What?" category today.

McCain says he is now Baptist. This has nothing to do with the fact that he is campaigning in the heavily Baptist state of South Carolina does it? Nah.

"Former Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas suggested that when a black man refers to a woman as a "b*tch" it's less offensive than when a white man does the same."

Umm...I'm thinking actual women think it's just as offensive.

"John Abizaid, the retired Army general who headed Central Command for nearly four years, said he was confident that if Iran gained nuclear arms, the United States could deter it from using them."

I'm glad your confident General. Me? Not so much.


"There are ways to live with a nuclear Iran," Abizaid said in remarks at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Yep, there are ways. The main way being America constantly wondering if the insane person known as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has had just about enough of us infidels. got some 'splaining to do...

This is a flier one of Towleroad's readers received from a Romney campaign volunteer during the 2002 Boston gay pride, when Mitt was running for governor. It reads:

"All citizens deserve equal rights regardless of their sexual preference."
Just a reminder of Romney's more recent stance:

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney hastily released a statement yesterday criticizing Judge Robert B. Hanson, who yesterday struck down a state law banning same-sex marriage and told the Polk County Recorder to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Said Romney:
"The ruling in Iowa today is another example of an activist court and unelected judges trying to redefine marriage and disregard the will of the people as expressed through Iowa's Defense of Marriage Act. This once again highlights the need for a Federal Marriage Amendment to protect the traditional definition of marriage as between one man and one woman."
Now, one could argue that equal rights does not include changing marriage. I would hope that we are all for equal rights for everyone, no matter who they are.
Do you think it's hypocritical, or not?

Monday, September 17, 2007

When spouses cheat....with each other.

This is just too funny, in a sad way, of course:

"A married couple are divorcing after they chatted each other up on the Internet using fake names. Sana Klaric and husband Adnan poured their hearts out to each other over their marriage troubles. Using the names 'Sweetie' and 'Prince of Joy' in a online chatroom, the pair thought they had found a soulmate with whom to spend the rest of their lives.

...there was no happy ending after they turned up for a date and realised their mistake. Now the pair, from Zenica, Central Bosnia, are divorcing after accusing each other of being unfaithful.

Sana, 27, said: 'I was suddenly in love. It was amazing, we seemed to be stuck in the same kind of miserable marriages. How right that turned out to be.'

But when it dawned on her what had happened, she said: 'I felt so betrayed.'

Adnan, 32, said: 'I still find it hard to believe that Sweetie, who wrote such wonderful things, is actually the same woman I married and who has not said a nice word to me for years.'

via Fark

If the cartoon in the post below made you mad... least you aren't putting out some serious money to have the cartoonist's “slaughtered like a lamb” by having his throat cut."

Times Online:

"Swedish companies lowered their profile in the Middle East yesterday amid fears that a newspaper cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad with the body of a dog could spark bloody reprisals."


It seems al-Qaeda has put "a $100,000 (£50,000) bounty on the head of the cartoonist, Lars Vilks.
The statement, in the name of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, head of al-Qaeda in Iraq, offered a 50 per cent bonus if Mr Vilks was “slaughtered like a lamb” by having his throat cut. It also placed $50,000 on the life of Ulf Johansson, editor-in-chief of Nerikes Allehanda, the local newspaper that printed the cartoon last month."

The Cartoonist is taking it well:

"Mr Vilks arrived back in Sweden from Germany yesterday and made light of the assassination call. “I suppose that this makes my art project a bit more serious. It is also good to know how much one is worth,” he said. "

Not to be outdone, our own Chris Muir basically says with his cartoon, If you don't like Mr. Vilks, Your really gonna hate me.

Chris, if your reading this, I'm thinking that'll get you at least $300,000 and a bonus of $100,000 more. (Chris's cartoon is on my sidebar, but not that one)

via Don Surber and Instapundit


The Palestinian Authority continues a long tradition of celebrating the 2001 World Trade Center terror attacks by publishing cartoons in its official daily that glorify Osama Bin Laden and the attacks, or mock the suffering of the U.S. This year's cartoon shows Bin Laden smiling while making the “V” for victory sign with two fingers in the shape of the burning Twin Towers. The PA daily that published the cartoon, Al Hayat Al Jadida, is owned by the PA and controlled by the office of Mahmoud Abbas. The only text on this cartoon is "Exclusive to Al Hayat Al Jadida," which means it was prepared specifically for the official Palestinian Authority daily.

Via Cliff May at NRO's Corner and Powerline, "who reminds us that U.S. taxpayers provide millions of dollars to the PA each year."

Finally got the "Shut Up and Sing" Dixie Chick's DVD.

I didn't want to rent it and give them money, so I bought it online from a used book store. That way only the bookstore gets the money.

Anyway, for those of you who didn't read the post about this blog being in the opening scene of the Dixie Chick's DVD, it's here.

Well, I had speculated that it must have been my Houston Chronicle blog they were reading, but they clearly show this blog on the computer screen. But, they must have clicked over to my Houston Chronicle blog because a member of their band reads this part of my post out loud:

"It's too bad really. I loved listening to the Dixie Chicks. I loved their music. Even this new angry song is good."

And they all laugh. I don't know why that's funny though. They read through some comments, but I think they edited in comments from other blogs because one of the comments had the "F" word and I don't allow that at either blog. The editing doesn't distinguish between what I wrote and what commenters said. Which is bothersome to me because it gives the impression that I either wrote those things or let them be said at my blog. But I figure the ones who watch this movie probably would hate me anyway, so no big deal.

It's fun to see my blog on screen like that though.

I may even try to get through the whole movie sometime this week.

The Bush Daughters. The Reality Of It.

As many of you know I love to read Vanity Fair. I have learned long ago to skim over the anti-war and anti-Bush pieces, because they are always the same. Bush is stupid. The war is stupid. It's almost like those teen magazines that just recycle old articles on what to do about acne or how to get your hair the softest. Vanity fair just recycles the same old Bush bashing issue after issue. But I do love their human interest articles, which is why I read it.

But as I was skimming the latest James Wolcott's bashing of Bush I noticed this slam on the President's daughters and their seeming absence during Bush's second term:

"As for the daughters-they've been completely AWOL, utterly useless. Sure, they have their own lives to lead it's better for humanity that they're not running red lights with Lindsay or Paris."

I'm always amused at Wolcott's complete lack of knowledge (on just about anything) and letting his burning desire to paint all things Bush in the worst possible light, completely ignore the reality of a situation. And it isn't just him, of course. The lefties in the blogosphere just love to perpetuate the notion that the Bush twins are hard drinking party girls.

Although Wolcott and the rest of the lefties would like us to lump the Bush girls with the likes of Lindsay or Paris, the truth is quite different. You see, Mr. Wolcott, the twins do have their own lives to lead. Shall we take a look at how they have been living it?

Jenna graduated with a degree in English. In Summer 2006, Jenna taught at Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School (a school for disadvantaged children) for a year and a half. She is currently teaching at a shelter several days a week as part of an internship for UNICEF's Educational Policy Department in Latin America, specifically in Panama.

Jenna's first book, "Ana's Story"(which just came out) has gotten great reviews. The AP describes it this way:

"Ana's Story" is a short biography of a 17-year-old single mother in Latin America infected with HIV. Bush met Ana, whose real name and hometown are concealed, while working as an intern for the United Nations Children's Fund, better known as UNICEF.

Did you get that last part? Just to be clear. Jenna was an intern for the United Nations Children's Fund, her work included visiting drought stricken Paraguay in 2006.

Let's take a look at the other twin, Barbara Bush. She graduated from Yale with a degree in Humanities. She has been working with a Smithsonian museum in New York. Before that, Barbara had been working with AIDS patients in Africa, Tanzania, South Africa, and Botswana through a program sponsored by Baylor College of Medicine's International Pediatrics AIDS Initiative.

Just for fun, let's compare the girls, raised on that "rich blue blood Republican" way of thinking to another President's young daughter, Chelsea Clinton (a Vanity Fair favorite child). She was raised on the "giving back to humanity" type Democrat beliefs, right? So surely she would out do her compassionate conservative counterparts, right? Ummm... not so much.

After earning a Masters degree at University College in Oxford in international relations, Chelsea join the consulting firm McKinsey and Company in New York City in 2003 earning a six-figure salary. In the fall of 2006, she left McKinsey and went to work for Avenue Capital, a hedge fund run by Marc Lasry, a loyal donor to Democratic causes generally, and heavy supporter of the Clintons. (so says Wikipedia)

What does Chelsea do for the betterment of mankind? How does she help the less fortunate? She serves on the board of the School of American Ballet and has also served as co-chairwoman of a fund-raising weekend for her father’s Clinton Foundation. (Honestly, that is all I could find)

Gosh. Which daughters sound more "Republican" and which more "Democrat?" In Chelsea's case, all things lead back to more money for her parent's political ambitions (and for herself). In the twin's case, all things lead to helping mankind.

I'm just saying. There is perception, and then there is reality. Interesting, is it not?

The Victory Caucus

Sign the petition.

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Celebrate electing those who will be helping the poor and the needy!

And do it in style and let a criminal pay for it!

Los Angeles Times :

Last year, to celebrate New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's reelection victory, Norman Hsu capped an amazingly successful year as a Democratic fundraiser by treating members of her campaign staff to several days at the glitzy Mandalay Bay hotel and casino in Las Vegas, complete with free show tickets and dinners at posh restaurants.
Among Hsu's guests was Patti Solis Doyle, who now heads Clinton's presidential campaign and has long been one of Clinton's most trusted advisors.It was all legal and, Clinton campaign officials say, was typical of Hsu, the kind of thoughtful gesture for which they considered Hsu a treasure.

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Mrs. Greyhawk meets the President.

The Milbloggers meet with the President. Awesome.

I'm not sure I should post anything today.

With O.J. being arrested and due to appear in court today, and it looks like Britney Spears might lose her kids today as well, the news will be on a full frenzy of celebrity details.

Why do we care?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bush Picks New Attorney General?

It looks that way:

President Bush has found a new nominee for attorney general: Michael B. Mukasey, a retired federal judge from New York, and plans to make the announcement on Monday, the Associated Press is reporting.
The White House tonight is neither confirming nor commenting on the report, a senior administration official says.
If confirmed by the Senate – and the selection could be tailored to ensure that – Mukasey could replace Alberto Gonzales, the friend and confidant of the president who has resigned amid controversy surrounding the Justice Department’s firings of several federal prosecutors and handling of secret terrorist surveillance.
Mukasey has handled terrorist cases in the courts and apparently has the support of some influential Democrats in the Senate, making it unlikely that Bush will face a fight.

via The Chicago Tribune's The Swamp