Friday, May 02, 2008

Things get even uglier...

Obama supporters can fight dirty too. But it is kind of hard for Democrats to argue that we shouldn't associate Obama with his pastor and expect us to associate Hillary with this guy. I, like most reasonable people, do associate them with whom they hold close.

It is telling of the hypocrisy of the Democratic party when it comes to race though.

via Ace

Update: It seems Kos and The Democratic Underground are delighted with this. Geeze. Talk about eating your own.

Update II: The Politico is saying the clip is doctered.
If it's doctored, then Cantor needs to be screaming about it. And the Kos kids and DU need to take a deep breath and not just do anything to get Obama elected.

Update III: Here is the original "War Room" video. The clip in question is at 4:56 and you cannot hear what Cantor is saying at all. Cantor is absolutely denying it. I guess the KosKids and the DU will have to find something else to go after Hillary with.

Update IV: Looks like the "dubbed version" is off YouTube. Interesting. If you want to get a good look at what Demcrats will do to one another. Check out the comments at the Kos and DU links.