Saturday, December 11, 2004

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik had to withdraw his name for consideration for Homeland Security Chief due to "nanny problems." The same problems that Zoe Baird and Linda Chavez encountered with employing illegal aliens.

I know I will get a lot of flak for this, but I feel the whole issue is ridiculous. We are losing a good man for this job over someone his wife probably hired and he didn't even know about. Even with Zoe Baird during the Clinton administration I felt that way.

Living in Texas and in a large city near the Mexican border, employing illegal aliens is commonplace. I know what your going to is still illegal. Which is one of the reasons this guest worker program should take affect. A lot of Republicans have a problem with Bush's immigration policies, but I understand where he is coming from. I know we have a security problem now, but Mexicans are not the ones we fear. This guest worker program will at least identify those here and coming in.

Just like Hillary Clinton, I too see mexicans standing on corners in the morning waiting for someone to pick them up to work. Unlike her, I feel they should be given a chance in the guest worker program. These people work hard at jobs that you and I wouldn't do for a high wage. I don't many people who would get up at 5am everyday and wait for a backbreaking job that no one wants. At least with the guest worker program the employer will be alot less likey to take advantage of these workers with extremely low pay and such.

I know there are scores of people out there who think the border control thing is out of control. But just like the middle east situation, you might not like what Bush is doing, but at least he is doing something.

As President Bush said when he introduced this program:

"Reform must begin by confronting a basic fact of life and economics: some of the jobs being generated in America's growing economy are jobs American citizens are not filling. Yet these jobs represent a tremendous opportunity for workers from abroad who want to work and fulfill their duties as a husband or a wife, a son or a daughter.
Their search for a better life is one of the most basic desires of human beings. Many undocumented workers have walked mile after mile, through the heat of the day and the cold of the night. Some have risked their lives in dangerous desert border crossings, or entrusted their lives to the brutal rings of heartless human smugglers. Workers who seek only to earn a living end up in the shadows of American life -- fearful, often abused and exploited. When they are victimized by crime, they are afraid to call the police, or seek recourse in the legal system. They are cut off from their families far away, fearing if they leave our country to visit relatives back home, they might never be able to return to their jobs.

The situation I described is wrong. It is not the American way. Out of common sense and fairness, our laws should allow willing workers to enter our country and fill jobs that Americans have are not filling. We must make our immigration laws more rational, and more humane."

Many of us living near the border have seen what these people go through to have a better life. Just like Cubans, they risk their life to come to this land of opportunity. If your problem is the flooding of the schools and the teaching in Spanish instead of English, and the free healthcare we provide, then lets deal with those issues in a fair way. But allowing Mexicans to work within legal guidelines also allow them to report income, buy insurance, or get jobs that provide healthcare.

President Bush has lived where I have lived. He has seen what I have seen. He has known these people who strive to better their lives. Knowing a problem on a personal level allows one to have a better understanding of it.

When I lived in Dallas I had the same Mexican housekeeper for 11 years. I helped her to become a citizen and she allowed me to understand what life was like for poor immigrants.
One time I remarked on what a great job she did. Almost as if she loved what she did. (something I cannot begin to understand since I HATE cleaning) She told me she did like what she did. She said to me:

"I use to work in the fields picking beans. In Mexico I worked hot long days into the night until my hands bled, sometimes for nothing more than something to eat. I now work in beautiful airconditioned homes. I touch beautiful things and dream of owning something beautiful one day. I learn English better so I can speak to my daughters in English. The day my husband and I bought our first truck was one of the most exciting days of our lives. We owned our very own truck! Cleaning isn't a chore for me, it is a dream job."

Bush has known people like this. He has known those who took advantage of our educational system and became professionals. He knows what America means to them.

This is what drives President Bush. This is at the heart of it all. Disagree all you wish, but you can't argue the sincerity from which it comes.

Finally, we have lost what probably would have been the best Homeland Security Chief we could have asked for.

And that is just a crying shame.

Friday, December 10, 2004

SuperSparkle Reloaded

Thanks to Jeremy I sparkle!!

Just Walk Away.

While reading an article from Vainty Fair I suddenly understood completely this whole anti war crowd thought process.

If you remember in October before the election there was a big 'Vote For Change' concert at Cleveland's Gund Arena. R.E.M and Bruce Springsteen were the headliners. All the leftie baby boomers could hardly wait to hear the music and the anti Bush bashing. But the opening act was a young band called "Bright Eyes" that this crowd didn't care about hearing.....until he started playing. The band started with a song called "Landlocked Blues," a song that references war and fame. Then the band got to these lines:

"We made love on the living room floor/ With the noise in the background of a televised war/ And in the deafening pleasure I thought I heard someone say, / 'If we walk away, they'll walk away.'"

The crowd went wild. It personified exactly how they feel. First, let us have our pleasure and not be bothered by this war, and second, the ridiculous idea that if we walk away from Iraq, then the terrorists will walk away. This is at the heart of it all.
I can hardly believe that reasonable people really think that if we just back out of the middle east the terrorists and insurgents will just go back to being the butcher, the baker, and the candle stick maker they obviously were before the big bully America came calling. (Although butcher may be the appropriate career for them.)
Do they not stop to consider that the first trade center bombing and 9-11 were the only successful terror attacks on our soil?? I read somewhere that since 9-11 we have thwarted over 250 attacks.
The bottom line here is that the terrorists (in all their forms) will not stop attacking us or trying to attack us here or anywhere in the world we are as long as they are alive.
Walking away will not deter them, nor settle them down. The lefties have got to start understanding this. Some of my liberal friends argue that they don't believe that there could possible be a major attack from the terrorist on our soil. The scenerio of a nuked Washington D.C. and Islamic fanatics declaring Islamic law might seem like a hollywood movie, but that is only because none of us have actually experienced what WMD or biological attacks would be like, nor even believe they are possible. It sounds too out there. But is it possible? It is. Is it Probable? No. But if we walked away the likeliehood increases. As the food for Oil Scandal unfolds we find that Saddam was shopping all over the world for weapons like Paris Hilton shops for clothes and no amount of sanctions were working.
Which brings me to the second point that my liberal friends always seem to forget. Americans are not just on American soil. We have military bases, embassies, private companies ect., all over the world. As the terrorists have proven before, if they can't get us here, they will easily get us somewhere else.

Walking away is just not an option, no matter how well it is sung.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Science Projects and Christmas

I won't be blogging much today, I have to finish my science project...Oops, I mean I need to help my son with his science project. Him not being here shouldn't pose a problem. His project is the ocean floor with deep water fish. He told me yesterday that they will have 'viewing' of the projects tomorrow morning. I told him, "Are you kidding? I never want to see this project again as long as I live." Can you tell I have 'helped' on one too many freakin science projects?

My oldest son and I did a swamp once. I used green food coloring on pudding for the swamp. The thing looked great, but after a few days in the classroom, well lets just say it became a whole other science project.

This Christmas season has been crazy for me. There are 5 family birthdays in Nov. and Dec. as well, and I tend to go all Martha Stewart over holidays and birthdays. (pre prison Martha) Every year I make my kid's shop for each other and for a present for the "NEED" project at Church. This year was a little different. My 26 yr old housekeeper was killed 2 months ago in a car accident and left 4 little girls. So I decided that my kids would buy for the girls and their Dad and the Grandmother. That proved to be a challenge. I am trying and have always tried to teach giving to my kids. I'm not sure when it is gonna take though. My 16 yr old daughter might as well have been raised in Beverly Hills by all indications of her behavior starting at 14.

Anyway, they argued over which gifts to buy, then they argued over the proper age toys. Then when we had finally finished they felt they deserved candy for all their effort. And while waiting in line we had to listen as every person walking in and out had to pass a hanging Santa face that sings 'Jingle Bells' over and over and over. Why do the stores put these out? I'm trying to get into the Chrisimas spirit here and all I can think about is punching Santa in the face.

Once home, getting the kids to help me wrap the presents was akin to asking them to scrub floors. In the end, in order for me to truly get into the spirit of giving, I had to make a vodka tonic with a candy cane to stir it with. It was actually very festive looking. And it did give me much needed holiday warmth.

I will end this with this hilarious true story about my darling little 7yr old. He was suppose to dress as Joseph in a Church school project. He was suppose to know one fact about Joseph. So I told him to say that Joseph was Mary's husband. He had several questions to me about Joseph's role in Jesus's birth and all. But the husband part was all he was suppose to say. When it came his turn. He said, " Joseph was Mary's husband when she was pregnant with Jesus, but it seems he wasn't the father." LOL!!!
Everyone cracked up. It was great.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


I am about sick of hearing about these blog awards but Unpopulist had the great idea of giving his own awards. h/t to Protein Wisdom

So I decided to give my own awards as well:

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I feel so much better! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Dean and the DNC/O'Reilly's Factor for adults and kids.

Howard Dean just announced that what is needed is a "new version" of the democratic party. via Fox News. (TV)
Dean seems to have his eyes on the DNC chair. He basically said that the democrats need to stop focusing on certain states in the Presidential election, and bring their message to all states. (oh I think that all states DID get the message Mr. Dean). But the most laughable quote was this:

"If moral values were what decided this election , then the democrats would have won."

Oh yeah. Right.

You Big Mouth, You! has a neat post on an American Soldier. Although I am not a believer in women being in combat at the front lines, this chick truly rocks.

NRO has this take on Bill O'Reilly's recent defense of Dan Rather. h/t to Treacher.
The thing the article and many other blogs have failed to mention is the obvious reason he was defending Rather and it had nothing to do with Rather. With O'Reilly it is always about him. don't get me wrong. I enjoy watching him and I agree with him most of the time and love his blunt style, but the whole phonefootsie thing just blew it with me.

When O"Reilly wrote "Any accusation can be dumped on the Internet and within hours the mainstream media will pick it up," writes the Fox News star. "A click of the Internet mouse can wipe out a lifetime of honor and hard work...."
"Dan Rather did not get what he deserved in this case.
He made a mistake, as we all do, but he is not a dishonest man. Unfair freedom of speech did him in. This is not your grandfather's country anymore."

Notice he said "as we all do." He was talking about himself, not Rather. He couldn't give an Irish ass about Rather. O'Reilly is the most straight talker there is. If he did not do what his producer said he did, he would flat out say it.
I don't think he harassed her, I think they were both enjoying the sexy talk, but he could hardly say that, could he?

I'm not judging him, he is right, we all make mistakes. I just don't like him using this Rather thing to covertly defend himself.

What got me to thinking about this was a present my 12 yr old got for his birthday from his aunt. It was "The O'Reilly Factor For Kids."

I should have known something was up when he was engrossed in reading it on a Friday night usually reserved for non stop video gaming. The next night when I found him reading in his room, I decided it was time to investigate.

It was the sex chapter, of course! Now keep in mind this book is suppose to be aimed at 10-16 yr olds. Not only does Bill write about his waiting to have sex unti he was 20, he does it in such a way as if to say, "Can you believe it?? A stud like me?? If I can wait, you can wait." I teach my children to wait until marriage and I really don't like them reading a "conservative' telling them that really it is 'great' just wait until you are older.

I admit that I shelter my children. I try to keep them as innocent for as long as I can. Although I feel 12 is an age where my son is ready to discuss sex ( and we have ) There are some aspects that I feel need to be held off a bit. O'Reilly gets right into safe sex, STD's, slutty behavior, and birth control. Needless to say, I was answering a lot of questions.

Yeah, yeah, don't be telling me it's time to discuss all those things. I am the one who knows my child and I know when it is time to discuss these things. I have been through this twice already and every child is different.

It kinda ticked me off that this was in the book because I had heard a lot about it didn't occur to me that he would get so explicit with sex. (He discusses how boys use girls sexually and then drop them for example). It is fine for him to write this, but a little bit of a warning would have been nice.

I admit that I should have looked the book over. But it was a gift. I had heard about it and heard nothing controversial. So it just didn't occur to me to look. My bad.

Guess I should be glad he didn't have a chapter on phone sex.

I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. Posted by Hello

Maybe some leftie celebrities get it and some do not.

Jon Stewart weighs in on the aftermath of the election in Rolling Stone. Even though many of his comments are tongue in cheek, he makes some good points. I will say that I have always enjoyed watching him and think he is hilarious. He always made it clear that he was for Kerry and even made the effort to make fun of Kerry sometimes too, so you have to give him that. Here are some excerpts:

"When you're on the losing side, the first thing to do is consider the concession and conciliation speech -- and then blame systematic voter fraud. First you reach out, then you put on your tinfoil hat, talk to the black helicopters and try not to swallow the fact that more people agreed with the other guy."

He is making the obvious point that many lefties just can't get their mind wrapped around the fact that more people voted for Bush.

"The electoral map looks almost exactly as it did in 2000, and yet you would imagine, from the expert post-election media "analysis," that there was some cataclysmic shift, that somewhere out of the ground in Idaho and Montana a mass of survivalist fundamentalist End of Days Christians appeared from Middle-Earth to vote."

This is so true. The media wanted to make this out to be some sort of Christian revolution, when in fact the same ole church goers voted as they did in 2000. And they didn't come from middle earth or their heavily stocked bomb shelter beneath their house.

"So the one truism that emerges from all of this is that there continues to be zero accountability in the press. There is not a profession in the world where you can be that wrong, that consistently, and still continue to practice your job with greater job security than before."

Amen brother.

In the same article though, the ever so classy Al Franken weighs in as well. Can you tell who is really the talented one with these two?

Bush won because the Republicans were good at doing what they do, which is to be dishonest.

Oh Please. This from the virtuous Franken.

"he (Bush) was somehow able to tie Iraq with 9/11 in the minds of the people who voted for him. When you ask most people, "Who's going to keep us safer?" they'll say Bush. Even though, leading up to 9/11, he totally f*cked up."

You mean all 8 months leading up to 9-11?? Lets see, Bin Laden tells us that he had been planning 9-11 since 1982. With the 9-11 commission report it is obvious that Clinton dropped the ball many many times in the previous 8 years, yet still, it is a brand new administration's fault.
How many times did Bush say that Iraq was not directly involved in 9-11? Did he EVER even imply that Iraq was involved? No. When asked by the press over and over, he said no. The reasons were varied and mainly of course, as we all know, Bush felt we were in danger. Period.
Who is the one being dishonest here?

Franken ends with this:

"Don't move to Canada: You're exactly who we need. In fact, we need people from Canada to move here. I don't know why they would, exactly. But, please, Canadians: Move to the U.S. For God's sake, help us!"

Why would they move here? I don't know, maybe to avoid being taxed out their whazoo. Maybe not to have to wait 2 yrs for an operation. Maybe to avoid complete socialism. Or maybe just to get away from those idiot frenchies.
You pick.

Tom Wolfe weighs in as well, starting with this amusing tidbit:

"I'm going out to Kennedy Airport to wave goodbye to all the journalists I know. They're all leaving for London, and I think someone should go out there to see them off. They're taking this very hard. These are people who are as overcome as if one of their parents had just died."

You know we have to be SO right when the pansy European journalists ( so objective!) fall into GRIEF over our election.

Wolfe did get one thing right though.

"Not that many people in America who are registered to vote want to be lectured to by Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi and P. Diddy. If you're living in southern Ohio, and you're against gay marriage because you're religious, these guys make you feel like you're being treating like an idiot."

For the sake of Republicans, let us hope the democrats just never GET that.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Arthur Chrenkoff rounds up 2 weeks of good news from Iraq. From the elections to greater rights and freedoms for women to the rebuilding of roads and buildings. The article is CHOCK full of stuff, but I love to read about the humantarian aid. The news can focus on sucide bombings and such, but these stories can give us hope and a feeling of knowing that we are making a difference of giving and changing things for good for the world. Here are a few examples:

"More than eight tons of donated medical supplies will leave Detroit next week bound for a storage depot in Baghdad, Iraq, to help the interim government there resupply war-torn civilian hospitals. . . . The materials were donated by doctors and hospitals. The shipment was organized by local Iraqis.
"Wally Jadan, president and chief executive of the Southfield-based Arabic content radio and television network Radio and TV Orient, hopes to organize more shipments in the coming months along with a mission by Iraqi physicians living in Metro Detroit."

"Six boxes of nursing manuals and medical reference materials collected by Jackson State University and the Mississippi Consortium for International Development (JSU/MCID) were recently delivered to faculty members of the medical, dental and nursing colleges at three northern Iraqi universities." The Near East Foundation, meanwhile, is making its fourth shipment of medical supplies, valued at $890,000."

"On a more personal scale, a 14-month old Iraqi girl,
Fatemah Hassan, is returning home from Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, where for the past six months she has been receiving treatment for a large hemangioma, a tumor-like dense group of blood vessels that sometimes can restrict the airways. The transport back was courtesy of the U.S. Army."

"Army Captain Erik Archer realized his stations' lacked supplies such as computers, paper and pens. The 25-year-old Mundelein native sent e-mails to Chicago area police departments to ask for help. Mundelein Police Chief Ray Rose responded and told Archer he had 39 old bulletproof vests--valued at 500-dollars each--in storage. The Mundelein police department then started collecting old bulletproof vests from several other departments including the Chicago Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
The first of the vests are now on the way to Iraq."

"Firefighters from Portsmouth, N.H., are sending gift packages for American soldiers to give out to Iraqi children. "The idea of sending toys to Iraq came from a letter that firefighter Peter Rice received from former resident Tarren Windham, who is stationed in Fallujah with the First Marine Division."

"Many teenage girls have plenty of shoes, and Niki Streussnig is no different. The 14-year-old from Gastonia has hundreds of pairs.
But they are not for her. "What we basically are doing is collecting shoes, or any other stuff, to help the Iraqi children," she said Friday.
Niki's Little Feet Society is now in full swing, but she needs your help with shipping. And in Muscatine, Iowa, students from
Muscatine High School were inspired by the visit of two soldiers from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Rock Island District to collect more than 100 backpacks full of supplies to send to Iraqi children."

There are many more examples, but you get the idea. We are not just sitting back here and hoping for the best. Blessings to all those who find time to give.

Beautiful Atrocities, a very funny naughty blog (But many times serious) I have just recently discovered has some quotes from that oh so great leader Colonel Gaddafi of Libya:

"AIDS, AIDS, AIDS! We do not understand anything other. It is terrorism. It is psychological warfare. The AIDS is a peaceful virus. If you remain clean, there does not have a problem." Again:
"If you are straight, you have nothing to fear from AIDS."

He not only speaks like a 1st grader, his knowledge of this disease goes back to when he actually was a 1st grader.
In his medical wisdom he continues:

He told leaders of African Union they should not 'worry about tsetse flies and mosquitoes' [carriers of malaria & sleeping sickness], saying they were 'God's armies' protecting Africa from its enemies, ie, foreigners: "If they come here, they will get malaria & sleeping sickness."

Which also shows great understanding of God as well. Who knew flies and mosquitoes were a part of "God's armies?"
I kinda prefer the thought of Angels and Saints, but that's just me.

What a loon.

Beautiful Atrocities also looked at
Choose Blue, the site I mentioned earlier that tells you which companies are Red or Blue in their giving. He went further and made a list. Interestingly enough I shop at all the red ones, and none of the blue ones and I didn't know a thing about who they gave to.
It must be the aura.

Hat tip to Digger's Realm for directing me to the superhero's page. Had some fun putting this together. Click on image for a bit of a bigger image.
I fight ignorance and big government! (When I am not washing, cleaning, cooking, taking care of kids, and shopping) My little cat there is to keep away the moonbats. He eats them for breakfast. My kitty tells me they don't taste too good, but they are filling because they are full of...well, you know. Posted by Hello

Monday, December 06, 2004

Can't travel? Go here. It's cool.

This leftie is really really mad about this election and she blames it all on Fox News. the rant is funny enough, but how she gives exact directions to Fox Studios is hilarious. She goes on and on and on until the end when you pretty much know the entire Manhatten region.
I kinda resent this comment she made about Texas though...

"After 9/11 in New York there were no crazed rednecks roaming the streets with shotguns and axe handles. You can be sure there would have been if it had happened in Texas."

How silly. We never use axe handles. And most of us have high power semi automatic rifles that the rednecks can't even afford. We leave the shotguns to the police. Plus, we would never roam. We hop in our trusty Hummers. So, I mean...really.

She has comments, but boys.... you play nice now.

Just when you think you have seen everything...a dog thong.

When shopping for Christmas (or as this site would probably call it..."winter holiday opening presents and got off work day') this site lets you know where to shop if you want to stay true to the democrats. Choose The Blue lets you type in your store and see if they gave to that evil hitler Bush. No. I am not kidding.

Here is a recipe you can send to your favorite soldier. No joke. And I am thinking it will feed ALOT.

Hat tip to The Biomes Blog for the travel site, dog thong, and Choose the Blue. He is a leftie, but his is not a political site and he's a great guy too.

I think this is hilarious. It is a short tutorial on black phrases and how whites may use them. Basically it is a warning for us to never use them.

Ok, here's a my first Christmas season joke: (warning, NOT spirtual)

Four guys were playing their weekly game of golf, and one remarked how nice it would be to wake up on Christmas morning, roll out of bed and without an argument go directly to the golf course, meet his buddies and play a round. His buddies all chimed in and said, "Let's do it! We'll make it a priority, figure out a way and meet here early Christmas morning."

Months later, that special morning arrives, and there they are on the golf course.The first guy says, "Boy this game cost me a fortune! I bought my wife such a diamond ring that she can't take her eyes off it."Number 2 guy says, "I spent a ton, too. My wife is at home planning the cruise I gave her. She was up to her eyeballs in brochures."Number 3 guy says "Well my wife is at home admiring her new car, reading the manual."They all turned to the last guy in the group who is staring at them like they have lost their minds."I can't believe you all went to such expense for this golf game. I slapped my wife on the butt and said, 'Well babe, Merry Christmas! It's a great morning for sex or golf ' ........ and she said, "Take a sweater..."

Abortion, life and love. No politics, no descriptions, no arguing, no preaching. No matter how you feel about it, just stick with me, ok?

I have avoided blogging specifically about abortion. It has become such a polarizing subject and everyone on both sides just shout at one another and no one listens. And everyone in the middle just wants both sides to shutup. But a commenter sent me this article by Peggy Noonan written in 1994 when she attended the National Prayer Breakfast where Mother Teresa spoke. The article is riveting to read not only because the Clintons were in the white house at the time and sitting right behind Mother Teresa as she spoke, but also because of the words of Mother Teresa. She was one no one could accuse of being selfish. She gave her entire life to the poor and dying.
Noonan gives us a perfect picture of what the room was like that morning filled with powerhouse politicans and rich government leaders. No matter how much you hate this issue, or how much you disagree with me, go read this. It might not change your mind, but you will take something away from it. Something that will make you think, not necessarily about abortion, but about love and giving, and what it means for all of us to care for one another. It is just that kind of thing. Trust me.
Come on. Read it.

Peace and movie stars.

Thailand's version of 'give peace a chance' didn't seem to touch the hearts of mutant monsters. via The Jawa Report

What can I say that hasn't already been put on a t-shirt I wear often? "PEACE THROUGH SUPERIOR FIREPOWER"

Pundit Review gives us this celebrity news item:

Banking on Kerry Actor Matt Damon tells Diane Sawyer tonight that supporting John Kerry was,
"financially, the stupidest thing that [he] could do,"

Forget financially, pretty boy, it was just the stupidest thing period.

"but the election was about more than money. Interviewed with his "Ocean'sTwelve" costars on "Primetime Live," Damon says he doesn't need or want the fat tax break he's getting from the Bush administration. "I personally would like to give millions of dollars back," he says. "This guy -- this president -- is giving me millions of dollars."

Uhh....Matt...sweetie, come here. Here's the thing, he is not giving you millions of dollars, you earned it making movies. (Some good , some bad) but anyway, Bush is allowing you to KEEP some of your money and guess what???? You may do with it as you wish!!! You think headstart is a fabulous idea? Give 'em a million!!! Here is a few projects in the 2004 federal budget that might interest you:

$725,000 for the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;
$200,000 for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio;
$150,000 for a single traffic light in Briarcliff Manor, New York;
$100,000 for the International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough, Tennessee;
$500,000 for the Montana Sheep Institute; and
$50 million to construct an indoor rainforest in Coralville, Iowa.

Write a check for them all Matt!!! The thing is...WE DON'T WANT TO! See? Your free to! We think they are stupid and local govt. or private donations can and should take care of those things. We don't want to be forced through our tax dollars to fund ridiculous pork barrel projects. (although the Please touch museum does sound interesting)

Don't you just hate it when million dollar movie stars whine about how the govt. is letting them keep their own money? They act like the government is forcing them to buy those mansions and jets instead.

You can take the boy out of the commune, but you can't take the commune out of the boy.


Sunday, December 05, 2004

Strange Things.

Well, we have been found out. Kerry really won the election. That's right. Here is the real story. It begins like this:

"Brad Menfil is not my real name. I work for the RNC. I fear reprisals if I'm found out.
The truth about this election is this: Florida and Ohio had to go for Bush in order for him to "win" the election. In reality he lost both states. In fact, he did not even win the popular vote. He lost the national popular vote by at least 1,750,000. This shows you the scale of the fraud.
The exit polls were not wrong. Kerry was the clear winner, but victory was snatched from him."

In Florida, for example, "Brad" says that "Kerry actually won by about 750,000 votes. The numbers were changed by a computer program (in both electronic and scan-tron voting systems) called "KerryLite." "KerryLite" of course is not actual name of the program."

Elvis is alive, The crop circles were made by aliens, and we never went to the moon and all is right with the world.

Hat tip to '' which is a site you will all enjoy that is run by someone whose doctor's have wondered what really happened to his brain after 20 yrs of chronic use of mindbending drugs. For example, did you know that Iran, not Iraq gassed the Kurds? And this, (a tutorial on how to reclaim our democracy.) just have to see it for yourself.

I just love how Mudville just put things in perspective. This post is on the media's reaction to Rumsfield staying on.

Imagine a world where Teletubbies pack heat and Spongebob goes undercover. That's apparently what US government designers had in mind when they followed President Clinton's 1997 order to add child-oriented Web pages to government sites. Today, the results are bizarre - cryptographic coloring books, drug-sniffing dog cartoons, and spy-satellite sing-alongs. Are they giant inside jokes? Coded messages? Only Uncle Sam knows for sure. via

So I went looking through these sites. The graphics aren't exactly Halo2, but if you click here and click on Proud to Be An American. You get a short essay written by a child and he says that God watches over him. Shhhh.....don't let the ACLU know,it's a government page you know.
The CIA has a kid's page as well. I don't know who drew the bird, but it looks like he is about to eat the children.
No offense, but don't bother to go through Ginger's adventure through the CIA or the other games. Pretty lame. I may be the only person who has ever visted this page. Clinton should have hired some more interesting people to put together the web pages. The guys on my blogger links would have done a MUCH better job.
The one page I did like was the CIA's K-9 Core page. I love dogs and if you click on their picture they tell you their story. 'Whisper,' for example, can detect 19,000 different types of explosives. THAT is so cool.

Go laugh at Writ of Wisdom again. New pics. He never stops being funny.