Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Transformation of Hillary

Watching clips from last night's O'Reilly Factor with Hillary, I realized that this woman has completely transformed herself. She has always been good at wording things just the right way, but I think she has successfully softened her image from raging feminist to an everyday woman.

Age has a bit to do with it. Age softens the edges of our personality to begin with. But everything from Hillary's haircut to the pantsuits she wears says "I am every woman." Which is why she is getting the white woman vote (and if it weren't for Obama, she would be getting the black woman vote) Women feel they can relate to her and Hillary has taken that image and run with it. It's why she has had her mom and daughter with her on the campaign trail. Women see someone close to their mother and daughter. Women like that. They like that Hillary is so accomplished. People keep talking about how blacks will be so angry if Obama doesn't get the nomination. Well, guess what? A whole bunch of white women will be angry if Hillary doesn't get it, and that benefits McCain, because they will not vote for Obama.

As slimy and disgusting as the whole Monica Lewinsky ordeal was, it wasn't Hillary's fault. God knows many women could relate to a cheating husband. And I think many admire her for staying with him (although I personally saw it as a political move rather than a personal one).

The one thing that Hillary has also done successfully is moderate her views. When she said the other day that she would "obliterate" Iran if it bombed Israel, I almost fell off my chair.
The bottom line here is that I am someone who literally could not watch the news in the 90's if Bill and Hillary were on. I couldn't stand the sight of her and I still feel she is dangerous to this country because of her more socialistic vews (Obama is even more so though). But I was even feeling sorry for her when the Obama cult like following started to occur. I even felt like the media was being unfair to her and that's ME. So imagine how most women felt.
61 percent of eligible women voters cast a ballot in the 2000 presidential election. For the last 40 years more women have voted in presidential elections than men. For the last 24 years, the percentage of eligible women voters who turned out to elect the president surpassed the percentage of men.
This is why Hillary is more of threat than Obama to McCain.
Hillary has transformed herself. Is it real or is it political? You decide.