Saturday, April 08, 2006

Young Love...

or lust.

We are all familiar with the "hot teacher/student" sex scandals of late. I never posted on it because everyone knows what my take on it would be and what could be said that hasn't been said? There are basically two camps. The "OMG! She is perverted and should go to jail" crowd. And the "OMG! That kid is so freakin lucky" crowd.

So let me offer a bit of a different perspective. Recently I made the horrific mistake of creating a site. I did this mainly so I could comment on other Myspace sites. You must have one to do that. In the last few days I have received several e-mails from swingers and single and married men alike even though it says clearly on my site that I am married and not looking. But the most interesting e-mail came from a 17 yr old high school baseball player from Houston (pictured here) . The following are the e-mails between us: (names have been changed to protect the....ummm....not so innocent)

From: Stephen

Date: Apr 7, 2006 9:11 PM


message me back ok

u r fine

From: Kathy Date: Apr 7, 2006 9:39 PM

u r insane

I should tell your mom.

17 and already a bad boy. Geeze.

It's your bedtime isn't it?

And stop watching all those American Pie movies!


From: Stephen Apr 7, 2006 10:45 PM

RE: RE: No Subject


baby you are just fine as hell

be my mentor

im naughty

From Stephen Apr 8, 2006 7:30 AM

RE: RE: No Subject


babe i cant help it that im insane

i love older women and i know you have a naughty side too

don't you

i think it is sexy

so come on babe message me back do you have aim messenger? respond back


From Kathy Apr 8, 2006 9:16 AM
RE: No Subject

It's not good to go through life drunk.

Or perverted for that matter.

There are many many churches around here. Go find one.


Now, there are several pics on "Stephen's" site. I chose the one that didn't really show his face, but he is a goodlooking kid. He had homecoming pictures with a beautiful date. What would cause a handsome athlete to lust over a middle age mother of four when he could easily date beautiful young girls? It's not like 17 yr old girls today are all innocent and don't know their way around a boy. Who do you think are in those "Girls Gone Wild" videos?

Let's face it. "Stephen" is no kid. He is a 50 year old pot bellied lech in a leisure suit reeking of Aqua Velva walking around in a 17 yr old body. He has no shame. I know where he goes to school and it's near here. I could easily find his parents. He doesn't care. This isn't the first time I have had this kind of thing happen to me. I had trouble with some of my son's friends saying inappropriate things, although not quite as overtly as Stephen. Look, I know I am not ugly, but I aint nothing super special either. What the hell is going on here? I couldn't have imagined in a million years my friends as teens flirting with my mother.

So imagine that "Stephen" decides to hit on one of his teachers. She is lonely, bored, unhappy and perhaps even bi-polar? He is a great looking athlete. He makes her feel young again. It's exciting. The forbidden fruit thing. There was a time when Stephen would have kept his lustful feeling to himself. Because society demanded it. Society demands nothing anymore. You say there are laws? Guess what? Kids don't know law. But they do know what society teaches them is right and wrong.

I'm not trying to defend the teachers. They are the adults and should act like it, but let's face it. Kids don't act like kids anymore and this is a problem that isn't going away. And we need to ask ourselves why.

Let's see. Let me speculate. Could it be exposing our children to sexuality way before they are mentally ready to handle it? Could it be the last 20 yrs of soft porn movies masquerading as "R" rated films that movie theatres seem to have no problem letting underage children into? Could it be the mainstreaming of porn? Could it be TV shows on basic cable like "Nip and Tuck" and "The Shield" and even "CSI" that have soft porn scenes in them that any 9 yr old can turn to while the grownups are outside grilling steaks? Could it be the internet that no one seems to want to monitor to protect young children? Where no firewall or filter works and even hard core porn is but a click away? And the naive belief that responsible parents can monitor their kids on computers 24/7? Could it be the movies like "American Pie" that made the term 'MILF" seem oh so funny and acceptable?

I'm not a prude. Who could enjoy reading Ace and Protein Wisdom and Beautiful Atrocities and be a prude? But I am adult. The line between the adult world and the kid's world has been blurred badly and we all need to take a good look at that.

"Stephen" is the poster boy for all that we are doing wrong to protect our children in this society. We might all do well to try to figure a way out of this mess before it just gets worse.

Caption Contest!

This is for my leftie sweeties, cuz I have been so making lefty nice in the last few posts I thought I'd end the week with this and come out "gunning" next week my same of bigoted homophope capitalist pig self....;-) I mean that is how you would describe me, right???

But I have faith that my conservative sweeties will come up with even better captions!

On a completely off topic side note, you know what I love? Coffee. Yes. I do love coffee.

Oh yeah, and this can be an open thread too cuz it's sunny and 70 degrees here and I got some sunshine calling my name.

Friday, April 07, 2006

A Leak By Any Other Name...

well.... wouldn't be a leak. Cuz, ya know, a leak isn't "authorized."

h/t BigDog


BareKnuckle politics has a post about Cindy Sheehan still not having a grave marker for her son's grave which Ace and many others have linked.

Let me give you some thoughts on Cindy Sheehan. Sheehan is a grieving mother. Period. She is not unlike many of those who grieve and lash out at someone, anyone for the loss they have experienced. Her grief is just much more public because of her being used by the left in such a grand fashion to make news all the time.

I had a relative that lashed out for years at another relative regarding the death of a loved one. It wasn't this relative's fault nor did he do anything wrong in the matter. But that was where my relative sought to vent her anger. This is what Cindy Sheehan is doing. My problem is with the people who use her and her grief for their political agenda. It is CLEAR from Sheehan's meeting with President Bush that she didn't have the feelings she portrays now about him. Someone changed her mind. Someone got her to focus her grief and anger on Bush and this administration.

Bareknuckles links the interview on the street with Cindy Sheehan and Michelle Malkin. Let me say this about Michelle. She is a great writer, pundit, and a driven hard worker. I don't know her personally, but I'm betting she is a wonderful wife and mother as well. But she is young.

Sometimes life teaches us compassion by our experiences. You notice in the interview that Michelle asks the questions, but never looks at Cindy. Not even a glance that I saw. I think this is because Michelle is a good person and is uncomfortable with asking such a personal hurtful question to a mother who has lost her son. There are many reporters who would have no problem with looking Sheehan in the eye and asking anything. Their work is more important than their humanity. Life will teach Michelle that there are many things in this world that hurt us and change us. Michelle will learn that even in the pursuit of goodness and doing what it is right, we must also try and show some understanding in the face of those we disagree with.

I know Cindy's "opinions" make many angry, and rightfully so. But Cindy Sheehan is about many things. The left has made her about their agenda, but she is still a mother who walks this earth knowing that this child, her child, who she loved above all else, will never be there to hold, or to touch, or to talk to again.

And if we, who claim compassion, cannot see that and step back from our anger at her and try to understand her, then our compassion means nothing.

My Last Post on Kos, I promise!!!

I saw him on the Stephen Colbert show this morning (missed it last night). I have read transcripts from debates that Kos participated in, but I haven't seen him in person. First let me say that he is NOTHING like I imagined. (which could be said for many bloggers I suppose) I thought he would be brash and arrogant and he was not. He seemed very sweet and had a very nice smile. Not exactly macho, but there's nothing wrong with that.

I expected a lot of moonbattery but he stayed pretty focused on normal political stuff. He did seem a bit nervous, which I totally understand. I would be shaking probably. I feel sorry for most guests with Colbert because he is such a quick wit and always gets the laugh, but Kos did manage a couple of funny lines regarding taking notes from Stephen.

Kos has written a book about why the Democrats lose. I don't think a book needs to be written. It's quite simple. Democrats lose because they are wrong on most issues.

Open Thread Friday.

What cha wanna talk about???

More On Immigration.

Here is the gist of the bill in the Senate:

— Illegals in the United States less than two years would be required to leave immediately. If caught once, they would be subject to a misdemeanor, and if caught twice they would be charged with a felony. About 2 million to 3 million people fall into this category.

— Illegals in the United States between two and five years would have go to one of 16 ports of entry in the United States, determined by the U.S. Visit program, and declare themselves. They would be given a temporary visa and allowed back to their U.S. residences immediately. Once in the United States, they could apply for the citizenship path spelled out in the McCain-Kennedy bill. About 3 million to 4 million people fall into this category.

— Illegals who could prove they have been in the United States for more than five years would immediately be given guest worker status and would get on the 11-year path to citizenship. They would not have to declare themselves as guest workers. This path would be open to about 5 million illegals living in the United States.

But actually passing something doesn't look promising:

"A U.S. Senate compromise on an overhaul of immigration law appeared to get bogged down late on Thursday in the face of opposition by some Republicans who say it would give amnesty to lawbreakers.

It appeared unlikely the Senate would approve before a two-week congressional break on Friday the radical immigration reform that would give millions of illegal immigrants a chance to earn U.S. citizenship."

This is certainly a divisive issue for Republicans. It seems like a lose/lose. If passed many Republicans will be very angry, if not passed many Hispanics, who we need to win, will be very angry.

It seems to me that those on the side of compromise have not done a very good job at convincing many onthe right of how necessary it is to do something.

Guys, we are NOT going to deport or throw into jail 11 million people. It just isn't going to happen. While hoping for things that are politically impossible to pass, we are missing an opportunity to make a real change here that is very necessary.

The one thing that bothers me is why aren't they working just as hard at sealing our borders?? That is a win/win for everyone. I don't get it.

via IowaVoice

Thursday, April 06, 2006

More Documents Released.

It just keeps getting more interesting:

"First, a recap of what was learned before the big document dump:

April, 2003: Toronto Star reporter Mitch Potter discovers a memo in the bombed-out wreckage of Mukhabarat headquarters. The memo discussed bringing an envoy from Osama bin Laden to Baghdad for the purpose of "discussing the future of our relationship with him."

May, 2004: Three Fedayeen rosters are leaked to the Wall Street Journal's editorial page, which apparently showed that Ahmed Hikmat Shakir, the Iraqi who attended the January 2000 al-Qaeda summit in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, was a lieutenant colonel in that organization.

October, 2004: A number of documents were leaked to These show Iraq not only having terrorist connections (English translation here), but attempting to acquire mustard gas and anthrax, and seeking a means to attack American forces in Somalia.

Also, Czech counter-intelligence recovered an appointment book belonging to Ahmed al-Ani, the Iraqi intelligence officer who apparently met Mohammed Atta in Prague in April, 2001, which stated that he had a meeting with a "Hamburg student" (which Atta identified himself as on a Czech entry visa application). This report backs up an eyewitness account via that service of the meeting that has been hotly disputed.

This is what was known for sure. Now, for a rundown of what has now been learned.

Perhaps the most incriminating is a letter detailing a meeting with a Taliban consul (Document CMPC-2003-001488, possibly changed to ISGP-2003-00014127). This indicates that Saddam's regime had a relationship with the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

Another pair of documents, CMPC-2003-001950 and CMPC-2004-001117, indicated that Saddam's regime paid off the Russian ambassador to provide intelligence data. The ambassador is suspected of having received $1.5 million worth of bribes from the Oil-for-Food program. There is no evidence that his actions were sanctioned by President Putin or the Russian government.

Another document, CMPC-2003-0014647, shows that Saddam Hussein ordered payments to the families of Palestinians who carried out murder-suicide bombings against Israel.
Document number CMPC-2004-000404 is from an Iraqi chemical platoon. This could back up the earlier leak to that indicated Iraq was attempting to acquire mustard gas and anthrax.

Document IISP-2003-00038100 reports that Iraq was training the PLO in Iraq. It also reports that Saddam was using ambulances to deliver weapons and explosives to the Palestinians -- a violation of the Geneva Conventions.

The documents released so far suggest that those who assert Saddam Hussein had no connection to terrorism are wrong in making that assertion. These documents are being translated by many, and the information is slowly petering out through the Internet. The decision to topple Saddam's regime is being justified with the regime's own documents."

H/T BigDog

More Kos.

Kos will be on The Stephen Colbert Report Tonight. Should be fun to watch. I found this article on Kos from a commenter at Ace's. I found out a lot about this icon of the left I didn't know beyond the fact that he was beat up all the time in high school:

"Markos Moulitsas is hard at work stoking the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy. He is doing this while curled up on his sofa, tapping away at a battered silver PowerBook held together with electrical tape and covered in bumper stickers of the "F*ck the Republican Party" variety. It's a few days after the election so, like most Democrats, he is tired and depressed. But he's also vibrating like a high-tension wire. In a weird way, he admits, he's kind of glad that John Kerry lost. It has given him so much more to do."

Such class.

But Kos is having an impact! Regarding his support and push for the 15 Democratic candidates last time around:

"..But even with the help of the Daily Kos community, Seemann did little better than his forebears, garnering only about 33 percent of the vote. In fact, the entire Kos Dozen lost -- all fifteen of them. So did Dean. So did Clark. So, of course, did Kerry."

People have wondered why Kos went into the military when he clearly has no love for it. Maybe this part of the article will explain that:

"Moulitsas was indeed an unlikely candidate for military service, entering at age seventeen and all of 118 pounds. He'd figured that if he ever ran for elected office and had to vote for war, he should have done time in the military."

I know before I do any public service, I always think about how it's going to look LATER.

But, what can you expect? Maybe his candidates lost because it wasn't about them to Kos, it was all about HIM:

"He was primed for a reporting career, but his emergent blogger tendencies rebelled at the last moment. "The thing about journalism that kind of annoyed me was that I'm always writing about other people," he says. "Maybe I just want to set too many trends, I don't know. But it was fun for a couple of years and then suddenly it just started grating on me that it was always about somebody else. I got a little selfish -- I was like, 'What about me?'"

All about you indeed.

Caption Contest.

Don't be shy! They aren't!

Immigration. My take.

It seems Americans are split on immigration. Meanwhile the Senate tries to work something out:

"The Senate bill is modeled largely on a bipartisan effort by Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., that would provide a chance for permanent residence after about 11 years for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants if they learn English, pass background checks, remain employed, take civics courses, pay hefty fines and pay back taxes.

The bill was cobbled together under a crushing deadline from several conflicting pieces of legislation. Roughly 300 pages long, it is a complex and far-reaching amalgam that includes everything from a farmworker program to a border crackdown."

The compromises in the Senate are a mess. They are trying to please too many people and are making it too complicated. What a surprise.

Maybe we should just be grateful that something is being done. Meanwhile illegal immigrants just get up every morning and go to work.

Almost every day I drive down a busy street near my house and see hundreds of Hispanic men standing in front of convience stores by the street or by the ditches close to the street. If I turn into one of the businesses and get out, they stare. If I wave and smile, they wave and smile back. Not once have they ever said anything inappropriate.

Driving through my neighborhood this morning Hispanics (and it was 100% Hispanics) were already busy working in the yards at 7am. It looked like they had been there a while. The summer my son was 15 he couldn't find a job. Not because Hispanics took the low skilled jobs, but because no place would hire someone that young. A friend of mine owned a wholesale garden nursery and hired him. He was the only white face out there. The other men chose
to get there at 6am to get most of the brutal work over before the heat set in. One of my son's jobs was to wade in a swamp and net up the algae. Not fun. My son said the men where always very nice, trying to teach him Spanish. My son was amazed at their work ethic. He said they just never stopped.

This is the reality of illegal immigration. We can get angry, but I don't think we should blame those just trying to better their life and do back breaking work that no one else will do. People try to tell me that Americans will do that kind of work, but I have seen no evidence of it. I had a friend in Dallas who managed a McDonalds. McDonalds was very strict about not hiring illegals. My friend could not keep workers. The only people who even wanted the jobs were young white kids and they rarely showed up for work or lasted long. He about wore himself out working the shifts where someone didn't show up.

I doubt illegals know much about what the Senate is doing. They just wait for that truck to pick them up and take them to a crummy job so they can make some money for their family. They are taken advantage of and they don't care.

The way things are now is wrong on so many levels. The Senate needs to stop trying to please everyone and just get the job done. EVERYONE agrees that the borders need to be sealed quickly and well. And I don't think most Americans mind paying for that. The Senate needs to stop being pansys and step up top the plate and get this done.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Dixie Chicks are clearly....

still ticked off.


Just no.

And this is just too funny. NO DRINKING WHEN HITTING LINK! Trust me!

via File It Under

Don't mess with Nascar.

The looney leftwing media trying to prove how racist "a certain portion" of America is.

Looks like they struck out.

This is one of the reasons I like McCain.

He doesn't take crap from anyone:

Sen. John McCain threatened on Tuesday to cut short a speech to union leaders who booed his immigration views and later challenged his statements on organized labor and the Iraq war.

"If you like, I will leave," McCain told the AFL-CIO's Building and Construction Trades Department, pivoting briefly from the lectern. He returned to the microphone after the crowd quieted. "OK, then please give me the courtesy I would give you."

I saw some of this on TV where McCain said that he would challenge anyone in the audience to go work as a farm worker picking lettuce for a whole season even at $50 an hour. He said "you won't do it." And he is right. I am sorry but that is just the dang truth.

I was watching this on Lou Dobbs and Dobbs said something to the effect that people keep saying things like McCain was saying and that paying a decent wage would drive up our grocery prices too much. Dobbs said " The facts tell us something different." And the story went on to show how paying decent wages would only drive prices up about $10 a year per family. Well paying a decent wage is a whole different argument than saying that Americans won't do this back breaking work. Even if you paid a decent wage (and I think they should) Americans still wouldn't do this work. That is why a guest worker program is the best solution for now. It would keep businesses from exploiting these people and we could get a handle on the 11 million illegal aliens that work in this country.

When he finished the speech and asked whether anybody had "questions, comments or insults."

The guy has star power people.

Poor baby....

SGFGate has this on Kos:

"As a high school kid, Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, of Berkeley, was regularly beaten up. But as an adult, he's found success with the Daily Kos, the powerful liberal blog that's caught the attention of big pols and has helped Zuniga land a sweet book deal."

Beat up regularly, huh? Why does this not surprise me?

Some people.

Protein Wisdom brought this to my attention. It seems a law professor is obsessed with the fact that Michelle Malkin might not be doing all her own blogging. I guess that is a conspiracy theory floating around along with the thousands of conspiracy theories on the left side of the web, because I have even had one of my commenters say something to that effect about Michelle.

But this guy actually goes to the trouble to document the timings of her posts with the times of her flights and the speeches she gives.

I'm with Michelle. Get a life. Maybe he could think about...I don't know.......being a better teacher?

By request....

I'm going to try and have more caption contests, especially since I have so many talented commenters in that regard. Have fun!

Is It Too Soon?

Universal's 9-11 movie "United 93" is opening. I've heard the trailers are even upsetting. But it does give me a comfortable feeling about it when I read that Universal secured the blessing of all the families of Flight 93 victims.

A commenter sent me a transcript of one of Rush's show where he spoke with one of the family members who felt like it was so important to see this movie and remember what was done to us and to never forget it. I think so too. As long as it is done well and with dignity.

We may disagree with how President Bush is fighting the war on terror, but I think at least we all agree that it is a war that needs to be fought.

I'm not sure if I will see this film though. I am an emotional person and I think it would upset me greatly. I don't need to be reminded. It was like it happened yesterday to me. But there are many people who do need to see it and then they need to ask themselves what should have been done if they don't agree with what has been done.

Media Bias part 987

Michael Barone lays it out nicely.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Former President Blogs.

It's worse than you think. He blogged at Kos.

It's embarassing. Really.

via LGF

This is completely bizarre.

I was clicking through some of my technorati links and I found this. It is a translation of my site in what appears to be......ebonics.

It's actually pretty funny. Anyone know how this happened?

You know....

One day guys like this will no longer be teenagers and they will grow up and be Dads. And videos like these are going to follow them into that grownup world and their kids will NEVER let them forget it. And the future Moms? Good grief. I can't and won't link some of the pictures I have seen of drunk college girls. Can you say completely stupid? One day they will look at some of those pictures and videos and want to die.

The internet age is going to come back and bite so many young people in the a**.


Listen Up!

I called in to Rightalk radio and got to talk to my two favorite bloggers, Ace and Jeff, who were hosting "Hoist The Black Flag." About halfway in I talk to them about McCain and some other silly stuff.

Go here. Click on Channel 3 and listen up! ( I think the channels change, just go to the "Hoist The Black Flag" icon)

Cosby tells it like it is...


"Cosby, whose criticism of some aspects of modern African-American culture has stirred controversy in recent years, told a rally headed by black leaders that the city needed to look at the "wound" it had before Katrina struck."

It's painful, but we can't cleanse ourselves unless we look at the wound," Cosby told the rally of about 2,000 people in front of the city's convention center.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you had the highest murder rate, unto each other. You were dealing drugs to each other. You were impregnating our 13-, 12-, 11-year-old children," he said."

What kind of a village is that?"

Standing next to him were Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. I think that is called speaking truth to those who would rather make excuses.

via Instapundit

Monday, April 03, 2006

Hollyweird again.

Susan Sarandon wants wants the U.S. presidential elections to be monitored by international entities, like elections in Haiti and Iraq. These people will never get over the re-election of George Bush. Also, it looks like Hillary isn't liberal enough for her.

Good Grief.

Tom Delay will resign.

Story here. Certainly a win for the left. There was a witch hunt out to get him and they got him. But even a witch hunt can't defeat you if you have done nothing wrong. Kay Bailey Hutchinson knows that.

I never liked Delay. I can't really say why. God knows he isn't as bad as many in Congress and he was right on most of the issues, but there was just something that didn't seem right with him. He was just a bit too slick for me. I never liked Newt Gingrich either. I get my vibes about people and I stay with them. I always seem to be right.

Here's hoping for better leadership. Delay was good at power grabbing, but I want someone who is just good.

Take me out to the ballgame.

I just got back from Minute Maid Park for the opening game for the Astros. It was the 2 largest crowd in the history of the park. I have never heard the crowd so loud. After the Star Spangled Banner was sung 2 F-16's flew over real low. They were freakin awesome.

Anyway, the Astros beat the Marlins 1-0 and I ate too much.

Music recommendation.

My daughter's friend has turned me on to Dave Barnes. So awesome. Check him out. My favorite is "Someday Sarah" and "Butterflies" from his "Chasing Mississippi" Album. I really like his website too.

When I was in college I dated a musician that played and sang like Barnes. I think I dated him for his music alone. Was that wrong?

Yale and the Taliban.

Update. Yale seems to be hoping this thing will blow over. No such luck if Clint Taylor has anything to say about it. He isn't the only one who is outraged either.

Go to for the contact information and let Yale know how you feel about this.

I, for one, just don't get it. Isn't the fact that the Taliban is evil something we can all pretty much agree on?


NY Times headline, March 27: 30 Beheaded Bodies Found; Iraqi Death Squads Blamed

Fast forward to March 29th: Ok, well maybe not 30 bodies, and maybe not beheaded, and maybe no one knows who shot them, but hey, it's the headline that counts right? Since this correction goes in at the 17th paragraph of the follow up story. I mean we made the point with the headline, which was that things are going so wrong in Iraq. I'm sure something like this is going on anyway. Geeze, what do you want here? Accurate reporting or something?

You gotta have to love the integrity of the New York Times, don't cha?

via Mudville

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Well, this explains a lot....

about andy. It's frustrating not to be liked.

I just want you to know that I am fond of you and all my other atheists commenters (and you know who you are)

When it comes to immigration....

What he said. I mean, I said it too, but he says it better.

The Sadness We Ignore.

I came of age in the wake of Roe v. Wade. I entered high school in 1976. I'd say it was a pretty crazy time. The "if it feels good do it" attitude was still going strong from the 60's and we didn't have AIDS yet. It would be 4 years before Reagan reminded us of what it means to be an American and that maybe an unborn child deserved a right to live. The sonogram, the window to the womb, came about a decade too late.

I remember high school and college as a time where I had one foot in the world and one in heaven. My parents were not religious, although they were very moral. I had to find my own way. I loved having fun and I loved the boys. Luckily for me I was already charting my spiritual journey and had a pretty good prayer life going. I was no saint, nor a nun, but I stayed away from the "deadly sins" including sleeping with anyone. A good girl in a crazy world. Thank God for that. Because any woman who grew up when I did knows that the phrase "except for the grace of God go I" can be attributed to any of us who had friends who had abortions.

Sonograms weren't widely in use at the time. The womb was a mystery and the pro abortion crowd took full advantage of that. Jenny was a girl at my high school. Pretty, but wild. We weren't close friends, but I was friendly with everyone and I knew her pretty well. Gossip flew that she was pregnant and we all wondered what would happen. A week later I was at a concert. I happen to be passing by the boy's restroom and one guy stopped me and said, "There's a girl in there, you might want to help her out." I rushed in and saw Jenny leaning against the wall. She was very drunk. I helped her out and took her to a corner. she sat on the floor while tears flowed silently down her face.

"Jenny, what's wrong?" I asked.

"It's gone." She mumbled. "My baby is gone. I killed it."

I knew exactly what she was talking about. She wasn't the first at my school to have an abortion. I assured her that it wasn't a baby yet. (I was a good Democrat) I tried to comfort her, but it was no use. I sat with her until her boyfriend found us.

The following year I watched as Jenny spiraled down into promiscuous behavior, drugs, and eventually dropped out of school. A few years later when God was bugging me about the abortion issue I looked up fetal development at the college library. Jenny had told me that she was 4 months along. I stared at the 16 week old fetus and realized that I had been so wrong. It was a baby. Of that, there is no doubt.

I could tell you many stories like Jenny's. Over the years I have heard more than I ever imagined I would. For a few years I helped at my Church with The Rachel project, which helped women and girls who were dealing with their abortions. During group sessions the grief would become so palpable that it was emotionally draining to listen.

Such grief. Such loss.

Recently a study in New Zealand came out linking mental illness and depression with having had an abortion. It was based on data from a 25 year longitudinal survey that followed more than 500 girls from birth to age 25. The National Institutes of Health here in the United States admitted that there were "no studies of comparable methodological rigor published." "It seems that on the single biggest social change in this country's history the government research bodies and their social science agendas have studiously avoided studying its effects."

I think it's about time we did. Pro-life or pro-choice, we should all be interested in what this has done to our society and how it has affected women in the long term.

I think women like Jenny at least deserve that. Don't you?

This will make you smile...if you're conservative.

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

h/t david hagen