Thursday, March 31, 2005

Oh My Gosh! Did I say I would be able to blog while I was helping my sister in law with her new baby?? (2 other kids as well) I had forgotten how time consuming a new little one is!!

I turned on the news once today and turned it off when I heard Terri had died and now it looks as if the Pope is about to as well. Something awful happened here Tuesday to a distant family member too. I will blog about it when I get home. It all brings me such sadness and I would rather focus on this new life right now.

Things were so crazy today that I didn't get to hear or call into Protein Wisdom's rightalk radio and I really really wanted to. He had Glenn Reynolds on and I had some questions to ask. This computer won't let me link PW, but his site is over there on my blogroll, so check it out.

I will try to get on tomorrow. Life goes on.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Don't You Just Love The Tolerant Left?

Jeff Gannon will speak at The National Press Club April 8th about journalism and blogging. This guy isn't too happy about it. via Jeff

"E&P Editor Greg Mitchell responded in a letter to Romensko, noting that Gannon is appearing as part of a serious journalism discussion, not as a solo newsmaker: "Should a non-journalist who has worked as a male escort be invited to speak on a journalism panel at the National Press Club?" He asked Salant to supply the names of any suspected "hookers" who "have previously appeared as speakers at the Press Club, especially as part of journalism panels."

Gee, hasn't Greg heard of media whores? I shudder to think of things that would surface sexually if we dug into the lives of all the journalists and speakers at the Press Club. I'm betting we would find some past coke use (no, not the drink), maybe some steamy video, and no doubt adultery would be number one in the countdown to journalism indiscretion.

I find it ironic that the same people yelling for us to get out of this "private matter" of the Schiavo family feel that it is perfectly ok to "out" a journalist they don't like. The same people who call us religious folk judgmental are the most judgmental of all.

Jeff's past is certainly wrong. Just the little I do know to be true, but he has made it clear that he is no longer that man. The liberals certainly found it easy to forgive Clinton for cheating and lying and he was the freaking President.

It isn't his past they won't forgive Gannon for anyway, it's political beliefs. They just use his past to smear him. Just like the Gay Patriot was silenced for daring to be gay and conservative, they hate Jeff for daring to change and be conservative.

UPDATE: It seems the Press Club is closing this event to the public because of threats of liberal protests. Unfreakinbelievable.

Here are 2 of my SIL's (I have 7!) The one on your right is the one who just had her baby. I just love her. I will be going to help her tomorrow through Monday, but she has a computer so I should be able to blog! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

This Life.

My Sister in Law had a baby yesterday. A beautiful little girl. She is my children's 17th cousin. My SIL is 43. Her youngest was 11. This was a big surprise. She and my brother were very upset at first. But now, of course, she is filled with joy with this new child. When she found out she called me first, even before her parents, because she knew that I would be excited and happy for her. She knew I would not gasp and say "How could you let this happen?" Oh, how I love babies. I love the way they smell all brand new. I love how soft they are. I love their tiny fingers.

When I held my first son I thought "you can't even speak to me, you are helpless and messy and I have only seen you for a few hours, but my love for you is greater than any love I have ever known. How is this? I don't really even know you, yet I would throw myself in front of train this minute if it was to save you."

Where does this love come from? We love our parents, but they have taken care of us and loved us. We love our friends who stand by us. We love our spouses because we fell in love with them. But a baby has given us nothing to earn this love. Yet it is the largest love. It is a love that fills every nook and cranny of the heart. How do we explain it?

Once, many years ago, I was watching a special on Mother Teresa. She was in one of her orphanges somewhere, probably Calcutta. She was going around to the cribs and holding the babies. She stopped at one crib and reached down to stroke the baby. The camera panned down and showed the baby who was visibly deformed. She had some tubes attached so Mother Teresa couldn't hold her, but she was stroking her. I started to cry. What a sad thing. A terrible life. This poor poor baby.

Then the camera panned back to show both Mother Teresa and the baby and Mother Teresa looked at the cameraman and said, "Isn't she beautiful?"

Well, that is when I completely lost it. I cried and cried. Because I realized how wrong I had been. I was looking at this child the way the world looks at it. Sad and pathetic. But Mother Teresa was looking at this child as God sees it. And it was beautiful.

This life. With whatever heartache it brings. With whatever cross there is to bear. This life is beautiful. There are gifts we are given and there are gifts we are to give. Some so small we have to look closely to see them. Some so great we take them for granted. But every single life has a purpose. Every single life has meaning.

Perhaps this is what we have forgotten. Perhaps this is what we need to remember. This is what we have now. And it is beautiful.

Here is a pic with 2 of my boys. This is for the request for more pics. You have seen my girl. I will try to find one of my oldest (he HATES his picture being taken) Then that is it. No more pics for a while. Posted by Hello

Tramps through the ages.....

First Janet Jackson, then Tara Reid, and now Katrina Campins from the Apprentice all having wardrobe malfunctions. (via Wizbang)

But it seems this has been happening throughout history....;-)
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Speaking of the civil rights movement, Ace shows us that in that area we have crossed over into the "Twilight Zone."

Have you seen this piece of work? What are they afraid of, the truth?

You gotta love the NRA Chicks. Inside the Beltway has this:

“Heels and Handguns”

“It's the second annual Shooting for Women Conference, which will be held Thursday through Sunday in Arizona and feature "loads of range time, pajama party, self-defense classes, fashion show."

Inside the Beltway also has this interesting piece: (excerpts)

What's a thong? President Franklin D. Roosevelt would be shocked to find the Social Security Act he signed into law in 1935 emblazoned on women's underwear — thongs, no less.

Lisa De Pasquale, program director of the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, issued a memo on behalf of the women's group against "I Love Social Security" thongs. She feels that on the heels of other left-wing groups' hysteria over Social Security reform, the Rock the Vote campaign is misinforming a whole new generation of young people. "How do you make an apathetic generation care about Social Security?" she asks. "Sell trucker hats and thongs emblazoned with 'I Love Social Security.' "

Besides underwear, Rock the Vote has issued a list of reasons why young people should oppose Social Security reform, including that the current system is "retro chic," "politicians want to trick you," and it's better to "visit your grandparents — at their house" because "before Social Security, for most families, all the generations lived under one roof."

"This is how Rock the Vote views their constituency — a bunch of ditsy victims who don't want to live with their grandparents," Miss De Pasquale says.”

I say we fight fire with fire. We sell thongs that say “I want to keep the money I make.” Or even better....."Private accounts Rock!” Or...."I want my money to be there even when I can no longer wear this thong with any dignity.”

Although that may be a tad long for a thong….;-)

Jesse's In The House!

Ok, I am trying to be fair here. But it is difficult. Jesse Jackson shows up at the 11th hour to show support for Terri. Hmmm.... Where has he been for almost 2 weeks?

Lets face it. The longer she hangs on the more gruesome it becomes. The moderates on this are getting queasy. The "natural death' aint happening and the longer she hangs on the more barbaric it seems. The Democrats do not want to be seen as the party of death. Hillary, as usual, stays out of it so she can say what she needs to say when the time comes for her to run for President.

So they send in Jesse Jackson. "We must temper the law with mercy," he says. Where was his mercy last week? Sorry. This isn't cutting it for me.

I used to have a great deal of respect for Jesse Jackson. In the early 70's he brought hundreds of blacks to register to vote for the first time to the court house in downtown Jackson, Mississippi. My Father was Circuit Clerk of Hinds County at the time. (He ran the court house) Jesse didn't get there until 3:00pm. The courthouse closes at 5:00pm. There was no way to get that many registered in that amount of time so my Dad kept the courthouse open and paid his staff out of his own pocket. I handed out registration forms.

Jesse was inspiring then. He was a charasmatic speaker and he was passionate and caring . I met him briefly. Later that year he spoke at the Right To Life march in Washington D.C. He said "Never let them tell you that a fetus isn't a person, that is what they said about the Negro."

He gave up that position when he ran for President. The Democratics don't allow that kind of talk from their candidates. Once in the late 80's, Nat Henthoff, a liberal but pro-life writer for the Village Voice at the time was on a plane with Jackson. He asked him about that quote and if he still believed that. Jesse told him he would get back to him on that with a full explanation. He never did.

I don't like sell outs. I don't like men who cheat on their wives. I don't like people who get so caught up in their own fame they forget what they were fighting for.

I can't know what is in Jesse Jackson's heart. I hope he is sincere about his wanting the world to show compassion for Terri. But it seems a little too well timed. It seems too staged.

It seems too late.

Off-stage, Hillary was seething with rage. "He's strangling all the best kittens himself!" via Caption This!

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U.S. Senator John Cornyn, another Texan that rocks, lays out perfectly how our judicial system is ignoring our consitiution. Here is an excerpt:

"I fear, however, that today some judges may be departing so far from American law, American principles, and American traditions, that the only way they can justify their rulings from the bench is to cite the law of foreign countries, foreign governments, and foreign cultures — because there is nothing in this country left for them to cite for support. What's more, citing foreign law in order to overrule U.S. policy is especially offensive to our constitutional democracy, because foreign lawmaking is in no way accountable to the American people.
Last week, I
introduced Senate Resolution 92, similar to a resolution introduced by Rep. Tom Feeney (R., Fla.) last month. It expresses the sense of the Senate that judicial determinations regarding the meaning of our Constitution should not be based on the judgments, laws, or pronouncements of foreign institutions, except where such foreign judgments, laws, or pronouncements inform an understanding of the original meaning of our Constitution."

It is truly scary when you read how far the judges veer from our constitution in order to rule as they see fit.

Monday, March 28, 2005

A soldier/blogger is getting out of the military. His resume is impressive. You should check it out.

NEW YORK (AP) - In a case that could set limits on Internet search engines, the French news agency AFP is suing Google Inc. for pulling together photos and story excerpts from thousands of news Web sites.
Agence France-Presse said the "Google News" service infringes on AFP's copyrights by reproducing information from the Web sites of subscribers of the Paris-based news wholesaler.
The issues raised by the case have profound implications for the Internet, where anyone can be a publisher and Web journals, or blogs, are becoming more frequent destinations for seekers of news.

Read the rest.

You have to wonder how long this freedom of blogging will continue. We are making the MSM gods angry you know.

The Nose On Your Face has the new recruitment tools for terrorists. Heh.

He also has Scott Peterson's lovelife update, but sadly I'm not sure it's satirical.

I'm Back!!!!!

Wow! What a weekend I had! I hate to tease you but I don't know if I am going to blog on it or not. Maybe soon.

I had a wonderful Easter. Always great seeing family. There were a few inspiring and interesting things I read over the weekend in Newsweek and Time magazine. We need some inspiring things now, don't we?

One thing I read I might do myself.

Many soldiers have nowhere to put their pets when they are shipped off, especially with little advanced warning. So two organizations are on the web to match those who wish to care for these animals while the soldiers are gone. (for all kinds of pets) and (for cats only)

A story on PFC. George Perez, age 21 was very inspiring because he lost a leg in Iraq to a roadside bomb in January 2004. After 19 operations and grueling rehab and a new prosthetic leg, he requested that he not be given a medical discharge, but a reinstatement! The Army relented and assigned him to a desk job at Fort Bragg, N.C. He is still angling to get back to combat duty in Iraq.