Saturday, August 25, 2007

She's Gone.

I didn't cry. I was ready to let her go. I've already got one at college. I didn't cry when I dropped him off 2 yrs ago either. It was time.

A girl is different though. You worry more. But she had matured so much in the last year that she put my mind at ease a bit. She is a lot like me. She is strong headed. Opinionated. She has a deep faith. She can take care of herself.

On the drive home I started remembering some of the stupid things I did at college. Compared to today's youth, it probably seems mild, but still stupid. I was 17 my freshman year in college because I graduated a year early. I made road trips constantly. To Memphis, to Nashville, to Houston, to Orlando, to Austin, to even Key West. Crazy trips, where we drove all night, putting ice on our face to stay awake. I use to drag race with my baby blue Cougar XR7 down fraternity row. One time, I was bored driving home and picked up two hitchhikers, a man and a woman of a hippie variety. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING???

I know that despite these things, I have to let go. I just don't have a choice.

When I got home today I went into her room and laid down on her bed. I closed my eyes and remembered what an absolute joy she had been as a little girl. She was a sweet baby who never fussed and went to sleep with no problem. As a toddler she was adorable. I dressed her like a doll and had such fun decorating her room. As she grew I would just marvel that she was mine. She was so beautiful, smart and athletic. (still is!) Once, when she was 8 yrs old, I was delivering meals on wheels with her and her two brothers. I was pregnant at the time and was trying to hurry through it. One of the elderly women had hurt her hand and it was wrapped in a bandage and she had spent quite a bit of time telling us about it. I was trying to get on to the next stop and was hurrying the kids through the door. My daughter said "Wait a second Mom," and ran back in. I stepped back in the apartment to tell her we had to go, when I saw her lift the old lady's hand and kiss the bandage. Oh, how the lady smiled. My daughter ran back to me and said "I needed to make it feel better." That's when I knew she would be a better person than I.

The teenage years brought stress to both of us. This cultural allows too much too soon and I wasn't backing down on being a mom, not a friend. We went through some rough years, but it was brief and the sun did shine again. And wouldn't you know it? Just when the sun was shining again and we liked each other again, She leaves.

I'm still busy with two sons at home (not to mention the 2 dogs) but I am going to miss my girl.

Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm off!

To move my daughter to college. The 2nd one to leave the nest....;-(

I'll be checking in later to publish comments though. Have a great weekend!

It figures.

From The Corner:


Aware of the trouble Iraqi progress could mean for Democrats at home — House Whip James Clyburn recently said if the surge were successful, it would be "a real problem for us" — a revised set of talking points is being worked up by Democrats that declares the escalation of troops in Iraq has not been successful despite White House claims otherwise.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Commenter Gem..

Every once in a while while surfing through comments on other blogs I find a comment that is so perfect, I have to post it. I found this one while reading a blog(Beltway Confidential) at the Houston Chronicle regarding the President's speech yesterday about the war:

Would you like a soldiers Mother's point of view?

Give the Commander in Chief the authority -then criticize when he uses it.

When interrogation methods are successful - find isolated examples of bad behavior and try to shut down the operation.

When wiretapping policies show success - criticize and try to shut the policies down.

Give General Patraeus unanimous consent - then criticize his plan and personally attack him.

Write legislation that demands the White House give a report on the surge progress - then imply the White House shouldn't give the report.

Write legislation that demands the White House give the report in September - then imply it's political timing.

When the military surge shows progress - switch criticisms to the political goals.With the focus on the political goals - begin to personally attack the elected Iraqi Government.

I'm the proud Mother of Marine 2nd Lt. James T. Collins of the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division II, Marine Expeditionary Force out of Camp Lejeune North Carolina who is currently in Iraq, and I think our service men and women are doing a damn good job considering half of our Government has been fighting against them from the beginning.

Posted by: Barbara Collins at August 23, 2007 11:02 AM

Greater love hath no man...

than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

FORWARD OPERATING BASE HAMMER, Iraq – An Iraqi man saved the lives of four U.S. Soldiers and eight civilians when he intercepted a suicide bomber during a Concerned Citizens meeting in the town of al-Arafia Aug. 18.

The incident occurred while Soldiers from 3rd Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment, were talking with members of the al-Arafia Concerned Citizens, a volunteer community group, at a member’s house.

“I was about 12 feet away when the bomber came around the corner,” said Staff Sgt. Sean Kane, of Los Altos, Calif., acting platoon sergeant of Troop B, 3-1 Cav. “I was about to engage when he jumped in front of us and intercepted the bomber as he ran toward us. As he pushed him away, the bomb went off.”

The citizen’s actions saved the lives of four U.S. Soldiers and eight civilians.

Brokeback Putin?


via Towleroad

Vintage Photoshop

I love it! More here.

Is Anyone Listening?

Redstate has this excellent essay. Please read the whole thing.

"In one of President Bush's positively BEST foreign policy speeches since the September 11 attacks brought us to this hell we find ourselves in now, we were reminded via clear, detailed, and somber analogy, of the gravity of our situation in the war against Radical Islam.

He provided a wealth of historical reference, gave specific meaning and context to our current situation against the backdrop of past wars America has engaged (and ultimately triumphed), and established clear parallels between what "could have been" in yesteryear, and what "might become" should we choose poorly from our list of options today.

The problem, however, is that nobody is listening anymore. No one cares. Everyone has made their respective minds up. Any future developments will be received as nothing more than new revisions of the already out-of-vogue bumper sticker. And worst of all, not for this President but those who come after, the credibility of Commander-in-Chiefs is forever lost in the muddied waters of American cynicism, and disbelief in the idea that there might be those who would see the country destroyed."

Redstate goes on to quote the President and a vital part of his speech yesterday:

"We must remember the words of the enemy. We must listen to what they say. Bin Laden has declared that "the war [in Iraq] is for you or us to win. If we win it, it means your disgrace and defeat forever." Iraq is one of several fronts in the war on terror -- but it's the central front -- it's the central front for the enemy that attacked us and wants to attack us again. And it's the central front for the United States and to withdraw without getting the job done would be devastating. (Applause.)

If we were to abandon the Iraqi people, the terrorists would be emboldened, and use their victory to gain new recruits. As we saw on September the 11th, a terrorist safe haven on the other side of the world can bring death and destruction to the streets of our own cities. Unlike in Vietnam, if we withdraw before the job is done, this enemy will follow us home. And that is why, for the security of the United States of America, we must defeat them overseas so we do not face them in the United States of America. (Applause.)"

I couldn't agree more that no one is listening. The Democrats have their anti-war talking points and nothing will sway them from it. Coming elections make it even worse for our leaders to objectively look at this conflict.

Th bottom line to me is this. In wars past we walked away, for good or bad, done. Our battles did not come back to haunt us. But make no mistake about it, if we don't do what we have to do in Iraq, the enemy will return. He will come to our shores again and he will know that we can be broken down by politics. We must listen to what he says.

The Newark Massacre

Michelle has this:

Local NY/NJ media outlets reported chilling new details about the attack by criminal aliens on young Newark students Iofemi Hightower, Doshen Harvey, Terrance Aeriel, and Natasha Aeriel. From today’s NYPost:

The thugs who shot four college students in Newark reportedly preceded their sick attack by trying to sexually assault their two female victims.

The group of six assailants - who shot two men and a woman dead and wounded another woman - failed in their attempt at a sexual attack, and then decided to kill their victims, according to 1010 WINS radio.

Six suspects have now been charged in the Aug. 4 atrocity, in which the victims were blasted execution-style.

Yesterday, a family member of one of the slain victims, Iofemi Hightower, described the level of savagery of the attack. He said the thugs used a machete to hack their victims.

“They cut my niece’s face off,” said John McClain, who is Hightower’s great-uncle, and the chaplain of the Newark Police Department. “They cut her from cheek to cheek. They left her head hanging.”

McClain said the mortician told him he had to work for three days to put his grand-niece’s face back together.

“Most people couldn’t tell, when he was done, but the family could tell,” he said.

Read the whole thing. She has more details about the gangs and contact info so you can help.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This. Is. Important.

As Hugh Hewitt points out in Bush's speech today:

“In Iraq, our troops are taking the fight to the extremists and radicals and murderers all throughout the country. Our troops have killed or captured an average of more than 1,500 al Qaeda terrorists and other extremists every month since January of this year. (Applause.) We're in the fight. Today our troops are carrying out a surge that is helping bring former Sunni insurgents into the fight against the extremists and radicals, into the fight against al Qaeda, into the fight against the enemy that would do us harm. They're clearing out the terrorists out of population centers, they're giving families in liberated Iraqi cities a look at a decent and hopeful life.”

Why the administration or the media doesn't make a bigger deal out this, I don't know. Good grief! That makes 12,000 al Qaeda terrorists that can no longer plan to or harm America. Just since January. The left doesn't seem to understand this. We are winning if we are killing them while keeping America safe. That's it.

Update: Meanwhile, even amidst the hope of the surge working and our defeating al Qaeda, the left continues it's pessimism while at the same time insulting our vets. (and no, it's not the KosKids either)

This is KosKids, completely ignoring the al Qaeda number. In fact, no mention of al Qaeda at all.

They Question The Timing...

..of the Wedding! That's right. Jenna Bush's wedding.

RightWing News has the post from The Huffington Post in all it's moonbat goodness. Ya know, I really don't like to use the term "moonbat," but in this case, it so fits.

"Here's to the Happy Couple -- and a 10 Point Bump

Jenna Bush and Henry Hager plan to marry. And there is already buzz of a spectacular White House wedding that will gather society, power and politics around these two cute kids.
Ordinarily, I'm a sucker for such things. I've cried when the groom kissed the bride -- and I didn't really know either of them.

But this time I have to say to Jenna and Henry: don't do it. The sixteen months to go as this administration ebbs away is not too long to wait.

The bigger the wedding, the sweeter the music of the Marine Band, the greater the contrast with what is happening to some other kids in the 110 degree hell of a far away desert country.
They can try to keep it simple. But a White House wedding is going to be big. It will be the first one since the coming of cable. It's a union of Republican royalty. It could be Philip and Di -- without the carriage ride. Or, wait, the carriage might make great TV.

The thing I find most disturbing is that there is already talk that a White House Wedding will be great politics. It could be a terrific way to hook women -- who are the angriest about the war, and one of the biggest problems for Republicans going into the election.

Women -- even the angry ones -- are going to eat this up. We can't help it. It's what we do.

The father of the bride is responsible for the loss close to 4,000 American lives, the lives of uncounted Iraqis, and many thousands of injured and maimed. He has had the big boy office in an organization that has lied, manipulated and ultimately failed at every turn. But on this day, he is the proud and loving papa walking his daughter down the aisle.

Eyes will grow moist, and approval ratings will rise.

Can I possibly be cynical enough to suggest that this is timed around the election? Could it be that the children's book Jenna Bush wrote with her mother is a bit of pre-wedding character repair for a girl who seems well-versed in the difference between shots and shooters?

The administration gives great and ongoing credence to the old saying: just when you think you're too cynical, you realize you're not cynical enough."

Yep. Moonbat. That pretty much sums it up.

Here Comes The Pro-surge Democrats.

The Washington Post has this:

"Democratic leaders in Congress had planned to use August recess to raise the heat on Republicans to break with President Bush on the Iraq war. Instead, Democrats have been forced to recalibrate their own message in the face of recent positive signs on the security front, increasingly focusing their criticisms on what those military gains have not achieved: reconciliation among Iraq's diverse political factions."

On the one hand I am grateful to those on the left (the few) who have acknowledged progress after the surge in Iraq, forcing Democratic leaders to acknowledge it as well. But on the other hand, I know that if it weren't for those few truthful souls, the Democrats would still be framing our military in failure.

From Obama:

"My assessment is that if we put an additional 30,000 of our troops into Baghdad, that's going to quell some of the violence in the short term," Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) echoed in a conference call with reporters Tuesday. "I don't think there's any doubt that as long as U.S. troops are present that they are going to be doing outstanding work."

Here's Hillary:

"We've begun to change tactics in Iraq, and in some areas, particularly in Anbar province, it's working," Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) said in a speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars on Monday.

Both of these candidates really do understand, to an extent, how important it is to look strong militarily. But they are tied to the nutroots, who clearly don't care how well the war is going. They don't want to fight. Ever.

Expect Hillary to become more pro-surge. She feels she has this nomination wrapped up and she wants to be seen as a strong military leader to the general public.

Bush is on TV right now speaking VFW convention. Saying the speech he should have said before and repeated many times. I'll have more to say when he is done.

Related: Listen to this radio ad from and join The Fight For Victory Tour.

It's on!

Fred goes after Rudy on gun control:

Now, the same activist federal judge from Brooklyn who provided Mayor Giuliani’s administration with the legal ruling it sought to sue gun makers, has done it again. Last week, he created a bizarre justification to allow New York City to sue out-of-state gun stores that sold guns that somehow ended up in criminal hands in the Big Apple.
The lawsuit has been a lesson in out-of-control government from the get-go. Mayor Bloomberg sent private investigators to make “straw” purchases – illegally buying guns for somebody else. According to the ATF, NY’s illegal “stings” interfered with ongoing investigations of real gun traffickers.

He ends with this:

While this attack by New York City on the Second Amendment reinforces the importance of appointing judges who apply the law as written, there is another important legal point. Federalism, though usually seen as a protection of the states from the federal government, actually grew out of the need to protect states from other states that interfered in free commerce beyond their borders – as New York is doing today. In this case, we need Federalism to protect states from a big bully in New York City.

Rudy shoots back (via his communications director). You have to know that Fred will have hear this "TV" thing endlessly.

"Those who live in New York in the real world - not on TV - know that Rudy Giuliani's record of making the city safe for families speaks for itself. No amount of political theater will change that."

Via Instapundit

CIA Report

So Clinton really had no plan to deal with bin Laden. Albright obviously lied to Congress.

I'm shocked.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just No.

I didn't realize that Gen. David Petraeus will testify before the Senate about the contents of his report on September 11.

I agree with The American Prospect (although I don't agree with anything else they write) This is just stupid. Pick another day, for God's sake. It just doesn't look right.


It seems the hip hop community has a crush on Obama too. Vibe magazine calls him "B-Rock." How cute! Too bad they don't vote, huh? If they did, maybe we could avoid Hillary quoting black hymn lyrics with a pandering black accent ever again!

Preserve your right to get high!

Junkyardblog sent me to American Digest for these perfectly hysterical stereotypical pictures of "Hempfest" in Seattle. I use to think that legalizing pot wouldn't be so bad. But if these people are any indication of what would be the down fall of our fashion sense, not to mention hygiene, then I will have to stick with the side that wants it to stay illegal.

A New Low.

I don't care much for opinion polls, but since the left goes on and on ad nauseam regarding Bush's low poll numbers, I feel obligated to remind them that people have even a lower (much lower) opinion of the Democratically controlled Congress.

"A new Gallup poll finds that approval of Congress has sunk to a poll-history low of 18%. 76% of Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing. The poll also reported Pres. Bush’s current approval rating remains low at only 32% -- a slight improvement from its dismal 29% mark from a few months ago."

via Political Wire

I don't know why...

....but I just love how the wives of the candidates are all in your face this year. Ms. Obama and Ms. Elizabeth being front and center. They seem to be able to say what their husbands cannot. It has an unscripted flair that I find refreshing.

I don't blame Elizabeth Edwards or Michelle Obama for their frustrations. The Hillary Machine claimed this nomination as her right from the beginning, and the MSM, not to mention the Democratic party, seems to be going right along.

I haven't understood the Democrats for a long time, but it defies good sense to not get behind a charismatic passionate candidate like Obama instead of the corrupt lying political machine that is Hillary. What is wrong with you guys?


"A tiny Serbian village has put up a statue in honour of its adopted patron - Sylvester Stallone's Rocky.

A local sculptor in Zististe has unveiled the 9ft bronze homage to cinema's most famour boxer.
It is said to signify the underdog battling his way through adversity."

What's a little sex solicitation between friends?

I'm sure you have heard by now about Florida Representative Bob Allen, who was arrested for solicitation after offering an undercover police officer $20 for the opportunity to perform oral sex. I know you have heard he is Republican because the MSM only mentions the party if the person accused is Republican.

Anyway, Allen is scheduled to speak to the the North Brevard Branch of the NAACP at its August general membership meeting tonight. I figure they will give him a break on the sex thing. I mean it's just sex, right?? But I'm wondering if they will be as understanding of his explanation of why he was in a public restroom known for that stuff. He says saying he was intimidated by the "stocky, black man" who he thought was going to rob him.

The meeting is open to the public too. Should be fun.

Gen. David Petraeus and the future of the Iraqi War.

Update: Welcome Instapundit readers! I just got back to blogging after taking a break. Come back and see me! I promise it's not the same old blogging you see everywhere else. I am a Compassionate Conservative. I don't allow uncivil discourse. You'll love it!

The following is from "Noted From Down Under." The blogger is Wesley Morgan who "is a sophomore at Princeton University, where he writes for The Daily Princetonian. He is blogging from Iraq, where he will spend the month on the invitation of the commander of U.S. forces there, Gen. David Petraeus."

You must read the whole thing. If you want a first hand look at perspective over there. Here is the final paragraph. Worth it's weight in gold:

"I’ve stayed away from expressing opinions in this blog (besides that Petraeus is a great commander and that the troops he commands are among the best to have served this country), mostly because I don’t think I have enough information or experience to really have strong opinions one way or the other. I’m going to close here, though, by advocating as strongly as I possibly can that one of Rep. Bird’s ideas be carried out – that Petraeus should, on national television and for a full hour, deliver an unclassified version of the detailed, operational-level Iraq brief that he gives to Congressmen and government officials straight to the public. At no time since the invasion have the American people been given the chance to hear the commanding general’s perspective in a direct, informative, operations-based way, but given how strongly they seem to want to believe in Petraeus – the polls say that Americans have tremendous respect for the general despite having tremendous misgivings about the war and the surge – I think that’s exactly what they need, want, and deserve. When Lt. Gen. Odierno brief Operation Phantom Thunder in June, he gave viewers a superb window into the corps-level offensive; the problem was that no one watched. The talkative, media-savvy Petraeus, I’m certain, would do an even better job and would, if given the chance, draw huge audiences – I’m continually stunned by both the name recognition that he has back home and the respect with which many people who oppose the surge or the war or are on the fence view him. No one, not President Bush, Secretary Gates, Gen. Pace, or the New York Times and Washington Post, can explain the situation we face in Iraq the way David Petraeus can – and the American people, not just Congress and the White House, want to hear that explanation desperately."

Posted by Wesley Morgan on Saturday, August 18, 2007

via Mudville

When Eco Nuts Go Naked.

via the ever funny Caption This!

My favorite captions from his site:

"Great... In 2000 years, archeologists will discover hundreds of granola bar wrappers, and 17 frozen species of pubic lice."

"Congratulations, martyr Achmed, here are your 72 virgins!"

"We proudly present tonight's show: Ben Gay on Ice"

(all from son of the godfather)

Elvira Arellano

Story background here:

"An illegal immigrant who took refuge in a Chicago church for a year to avoid being separated from her American-born son was deported from the United States to Mexico, where she vowed Monday to continue her campaign to change U.S. immigration laws.

Elvira Arellano, 32, became an activist and a national symbol for illegal immigrant parents as she defied her deportation order and spoke out from her sanctuary. She announced last week that she was leaving the Adalberto United Methodist Church to try to lobby U.S. lawmakers."

Anyone who read my blog from before knows that I have much sympathy for the illegal immigrants from Mexico. I still do, but I have been swayed by much of the discussion on the right on how necessary it is to secure our borders and to do something significant about illegal immigration.

Let's face it. Arellano is the Cindy Sheehan of the illegal immigration movement. Do I feel sorry for those in her plight? Yes. Do I think she and others like are only trying to have a better life? Yes. But we have laws that must be obeyed. Effort to change them is admirable. Efforts to thwart them are not.

We just winked at these laws for decades and now we are paying the price with division and resentment on both sides.

Legal Mexican immigrants need to speak out more about their journey. Obviously our citizenship path needs to be looked at. I have a neighbor from Africa. He said it took 12 years for him to obtain citizenship. That is ridiculous. But what do you expect from a bloated bureaucracy? And this is the same government that the left wants to run health care. Scary indeed.

In the end, we all want Arellano to be with her son. And she can Mexico. Or she can go through the normal process, as frustrating as that may be, and become a citizen.

I have a question for you. Why do you think this has become such a hot button issue now? I mean this has been with us for decades now.

The Future is Ours.

Interesting commentary over at the WSJ. Arthur C. Brooks points out how strange it is to Europeans that our Presidential candidates invoke their religion while campaigning. But that isn't the most interesting part. This is:

"The demographic implications are even more profound for the political left, where a disproportionate number of secularists are located. Religious people who call themselves politically "conservative" or "very conservative" are having, on average, an astounding 78% more kids than secular liberals. Studies show that people are even more likely to vote like their parents than they are to worship like them. The secular left, therefore, has to rely on the tough slog of bringing people from the political and religious middle over to their views. The religious right simply has to keep having lots of babies."

Good grief! We have 78% more kids than liberals?? I mean, I knew we had more, but I didn't realize it was that much more. Which might explain why liberals are not as bothered by abortion as we are.

We know that we, as conservatives, don't have kids to further our political agenda or even to make them religious. It flows the other way. We have kids because we understand that they are what gives us joy (and sometimes pain) and makes life so much richer. We experience a love that cannot be matched or explained. In us, our children see that our love for them comes from an understanding that we know we are loved by God.

In other words...we get it.

Now, I know plenty of liberals who have kids and love them as I love mine. But it seems clear that they are not as plentiful as my side.

So, what does this mean? It's good news for us. We are having future Republicans and that is a good thing.

via townhall

Monday, August 20, 2007

McCain conference call.

McCain had a conference call with bloggers this morning, which I had to end up missing because of personal business. But NRO has the highlights. Go read what he had to say. You can disagree with him on many things, but he has this war thing exactly right.

Also via NRO, the same guy who timed the Mark Foley debacle just right, has filed a complaint with the FEC against Fred Thompson for raising more money than he actually needs to test the waters for a Presidential campaign.


Changing the blog name back.

I got quite a few e-mails asking me why I changed the blog name. I figured if I kept the same web address then everyone could find me, but some are complaining that with a name like "Texas Sparkle" I would seem focused on things just in Texas. So I thought about it and decided to go back to "RightwingSparkle."

The first day back I got almost 2000 hits, which I thought was pretty awesome. But why aren't you guys commenting more??? I like it when you comment. Don't just be a lurker!

Glenn Beck, The Redeemed.

I admit, I am sucker for someone who has "turned it all around." That person who has redeemed himself from the slime he was before. It's so easy to go down the wrong path. It's so easy to give into our baser instincts and desires. I think our world is proof enough of that, but it takes guts to stop, look around, and wonder what the hell happened to the good person you once were.

Everyone I have ever known like this, has become, not just a better person, but a spectacular person. But the effort almost has to be superhuman. This is why I love Glenn Beck. He has been through the self made fire and come out on the other side a wonderful human being. GQ has an article on him for it's Sept. issue if you want to read more about him.

If you don't know, Glenn Beck has a radio show. The third most popular after Rush and Hannity. He has a TV show now on CNN, which is the fasting growing cable show in cable news. And CNN has taken such grief from the left about it, I have to express admiration for them to stick with Glenn.

If you haven't heard of Beck, then you have missed what is, in my opinion, the funniest and most insightful hours of radio programing anywhere, anytime. He is much funnier than Rush and much more compassionate than Hannity. I notice on his TV show that he isn't as funny. Maybe because he can't get away with the irreverent humor he can on radio, but his show is much better than Hannity's imo.

When I started listening to Beck in the car, he would make me laugh so hard I almost had to pull off the road sometimes. But there was something else. He had a soft heart. He spoke about his mother's suicide, his life of addictions, and his divorce with such sorrow and such determination to make his life different and better. I was riveted. As Beck started toward a new life, blessings started to happen for him. A new love, more beautiful children and an astonishing career. I have never disagreed with him on an issue, even the one's where we differ from our conservative counterparts, such as the death penalty. But I have to admit that Beck's attention to the Islamic fanatics threat just plain scares me. Here is a snippet from the article:

"He is earnestly convinced that America is on the brink of another Holocaust, and the choice is clear: Confront radical Islam or repeat 1930s Europe’s sins of apathy and appeasement."

I know many of you feel the same way. And of course I think we must confront radical Islam, but on the brink of another Holocaust?? If that is true, then we sit here, in America, as ignorant as many of the Germans were during the Holocaust.

I am just not ready to accept that yet. This one time, I hope that I am right and Beck is wrong.

What makes Beck so much better than Rush or Hannity is that he has no ego. He sees himself as somehow blessed by none of his own doing. His past and his mistakes are a part of him and he never lets us forget how flawed he is. His message always seems to be that if he can overcome, then anyone can overcome. We all have the capacity for greatness and goodness.

GQ's article is titled " Is Glenn Beck The Most Annoying Man On TV?" Which is the completely wrong question. Is he the most amazing man on TV? I think so.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Digging For Dirt.

The truly awful thing about politics is the dirt digging. Yes, both sides do it, but the far left have got it down to a fine art. If they can't find any dirt on you personally, then it's on to the family.

There is no one the left hates more than Karl Rove. Rove must have led a total scandal free life, because if he had even ran a red light, we would have heard about it. But the left did dig into his adopted father's life. I had read on left wing sites before that Rove's father, Louis Claude Rove Jr. was supposedly gay. Oh, how they delighted in that! But that wasn't juicy enough I suppose, now they are saying Rove's father liked to get piercings in...umm...unlikely places. Anything to embarass Rove, right? I mean, why is this interesting? If Pelosi's father like to wear lacy panties, would that be printed at boing boing? Somehow, I don't think so.

If you read about the book that "outed" Rove's father " "The Architect: Karl Rove and the Master Plan for Absolute Power" you would know that it must have gravely disappointed the authors that Rove had a wonderful relationship with his father and that if he was gay, Rove still visited him and spoke fondly of him and obviously loved him very much. But they even turned that into something to criticize Rove about.

In this post, the author says that although Rove treated his father well, it was hypocritical that he still fought against gay marriage. He even wonders if Rove was fighting his own homosexual impulses. It just never occurs to the left that maybe sexuality was meant to be private. That maybe some people don't think their life should be defined by sex. It never occurs to them that one can love a family member or friend who is gay, and still be against gay marriage. In their world, if you are gay or love someone who is gay, then you must adopt their leftwing political agenda. And if you don't, you are a hypocrite.

It also never occurs to them how wrong it is to "out" someone who never asked to be in the public eye. How wrong it is to dig into a private matter of an unelected citizen. Funny, isn't it? That these are the same people who scream about privacy when it comes to wiretaps on would be terrorists. Privacy rights go out the window when it comes to one's sexuality I suppose.

I've said it before, it's a wonder any decent people at all get into politics. Who needs this kind of sick personal attack? Where your family isn't even safe from the mud splattered dirt digging left.