Monday, August 11, 2008

Who ya gonna call?

When a presidential candidate needs advice on "body language, presentation and policy" who should he call?

Well if your Obama, you call George Clooney. Who has said that he could never run for office because “slept with too many women, done too many drugs and been to too many parties.”

The article says that Clooney is good at "crafting" an image. He is helping Obama do that. Heaven forbid we see the real Obama I suppose.

You haven't heard about this movie star helping this celebrity presidential candidate? Well, that's been on purpose:

"He has tried to keep the true extent of their involvement out of the Press because he is frightened of alienating voters.”

A band called Ferra's has a song out called "Hollywood's Not America." (youtube) It's a great song and nothing could be more true.