Sunday, August 10, 2008


I'm gone for a girl's weekend and what happens? The whole John Edward's affair finally makes it to the mainstream media's attention.

I'm sure they would have ignored it this long if this had been..say...Mitt Romney. Right? Of course!
What is there to say here other than the obvious. It is shameful beyond words how he has hurt everyone pictured in the happy photo above.
At least we are still shocked by these things. At least we and the media are treating this with the proper disgust.
Affairs are nothing knew. Egocentric politicians having them are certainly nothing new. This is all juicy and we all can't help but be interested in it.
It just makes me sad.
Update: Wow. Check out this Huffington Post. They are giving Elizabeth Edwards grief about this.
UpdateII: I just found the most wonderful blogger. America Needs Me did such a perfect post on how ridiculous and hypocritical and not surprising that the NYT, The WaPo and the Los Angeles Times (to name a few) who wrote a kajillion stories on Rep. Larry Craig's sex life and a few on John McCain's couldn't find a way to verify the John Edwards story.
You have got to over and check out his two posts and read the paper's excuses. They are completely laugable. Summary?
Larry Craig’s sex life: “Newsworthy!”
John McCain’s sex life: “Newsworthy!”
Any Democrat’s John Edwards’ sex life: “Who?”