Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"My Dad, John McCain'

DETROIT, Michigan (CNN) – Reporters on board John McCain’s campaign plane Wednesday got an early look at Meghan McCain’s soon-to-be-published “picture book biography” of her father, titled: “My Dad, John McCain.”
Meghan conjures one of her father’s favorite town hall tag lines on the book’s final page, writing: “I know he’ll say what he really thinks. Maybe it won’t be what people want to hear. But it will be the truth.”
One percent of the book’s proceeds will go to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, which provides support for wounded military veterans and their families.
To be honest, I'm not all that thrilled with this. It seems too contrived. Maybe I will have to look at it first, but I don't see little kids really caring about John McCain the candidate or even his family, which Meghan writes about in the book. The press is already talking about the fact that McCain's first family isn't mentioned. I know this is Meghan's book and that wasn't her family. Naturally she would talk about her family. But it's that sort of thing is why the focus should have just been on McCain's sacrifice and service. I'm not sure how much of the book focuses on his time spent in the military and his time in a POW prison camp. The CNN story says several pages are devoted to it, but to me that is the only thing the book should have been about. That is a unique experience that children can learn from. Also, one percent to charity?? How about 100%? It's not like Meghan needs the money.
I wish I felt better about this, but I don't. While reading Meghan's blog during the primary it was clear that she is a delightful person, but a bit immature and still greatly influenced by the liberal nature of her education at Columbia. Meghan still sees the world through that prism I'm afraid.