Friday, August 15, 2008

Where is Andrew Young?

Facts are still coming out about John Edwards and his mistress. Now there may be campaign funds involved. But I keep thinking about the fall guy, Andrew Young. Young was Edward's fundraiser and has been with him for more than a decade. You might remember back in Dec. Andrew said that he was the father of Rielle Hunter's baby, although he is married with three small children. Back then a spokesman for Young said that he and Reille had been having a relationship since 2006. Which would now mean that both of them were having their way with her at the same time. Young then moved Rielle into the same posh neighborhood that his own family lives in. Now, we all know Young was not having an affair with Hunter. He was covering for Edwards. I'm wondering if any reporter has looked into any large cash deposit to Young. Maybe some land deeded over?

Here is how I'm thinking the first conversation that Young had with his wife, Cheri went:

Andrew: Honey, we've got some trouble with John and I need to help him out.

Cheri: Really? What did he do?

Andrew: Well, he had an affair and got another woman pregnant.

Cheri: What???? I can't believe it!!! What does he want you to do?

Andrew: This is the hard part. He wants me to claim to be the father so the press will leave him alone.

Cheri: EXCUSE ME!!!!? You are married with three kids. Do you not see how this will affect our family??? It's immoral! It's wrong. How can you even think of doing such a thing?????????!!!!!!!!

Andrew: There is a million in it for us.


Cheri: Well, this is really about friendship. I see your point.