Saturday, January 17, 2009

To My Fellow Conservatives

If you are a Democrat or left leaning, run along now.....You have plenty to celebrate this weekend. This is just for my conservative friends who may be feeling a bit down about now.

Did you ever watch or hear about MTV's 'My Super Sweet 16?" It was a show that was basically about very wealthy parents overindulging their child with an over the top outrageously ridiculous expensive party in order to highlight how special their child must be. This is what this inaugural weekend is like to me. The Super Sweet 16 party Obama never had.

By now you have probably read the comparisons to Bush's inauguration. Bush spent 40 million and the media went nuts stating that money could be better spent for housing for the poor, food for food banks, and programs for school children. I think it was the New York Times that provided a chart for how the money could be better spent. They whined about "fat cats" funding it, and how wrong to have such a celebration at time of war. Obama spends an eye popping 150 million during a time of war and economic crisis, and there is not a peep from the media. This lavish extravaganza makes Bush's inaugural look like a high school prom in comparison. But we are all used to the media bias by now. No surprise.

We should get used to this kind of spending because with Obama it will become as natural as breathing. Which brings me to my point.

It's time for Republicans and conservatives to move forward. Our first order of business should be to go back to our roots on spending. We all understand that Bush had a war and a natural disaster to contend with, but even given that, he spent like a Democrat. We must never again allow our leaders in the Republican party to ever think that is ok. Starting now, we must do two things. We must run, elect, and demand candidates that believe in less government intervention, less spending, less taxes, less regulation, individualism, self responsibility and less dependence on the government. These are principles that all Republicans, libertarians, evangelicals, devout Catholics, moderates, black, white and everything in between, can agree on. Other issues can be debated, but we must come together. Together we win, apart we lose. It's that simple.

As far as this weekend and Obama's swearing in goes, I'm proud of my country that can finally see past someone's color of skin, but I'm not proud that they can overlook how wrong he has been on the issues that are so important to all of us.

My advice to my fellow conservatives? Rent or buy the DVD box set of "24". Invite some friends over. Buy a case of Blue Moon beer and a couple of bottles of Leonetti Cellar 2004 Reserve and wait for the Sweet Super 16 media love fest to end.

As for Jan. 20th, when Obama becomes President, I can only think of a recent quote we have heard over and over in the last few days: "Brace for impact." And let's hope, as in that disaster, no one gets hurt.

Update: This is funny. You think Stahlar reads me? Heh.

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