Monday, November 17, 2008

We've Won

You didn't hear about Iraq during the Presidential campaign because we were winning and that never fit the mainstream media's narrative, so they pretty much ignored it and continue to do so. But if you want to hear from Michael Yon and our boys like Greyhawk, please read and offer a prayer of thanks that our boys are coming home in honor and not in defeat as many on the left predicted.

From Mudville:

"THE WAR IS OVER AND WE WON:" Michael Yon just phoned from Baghdad, and reports that things are much better than he had expected, and he had expected things to be good.I've been saying "we won" for some time now, so no argument on that point from me. But if there's any war left in Iraq, it's up north. No one has been reporting from Mosul for a while. That's usually a good sign (recall how news from Anbar disappeared during the surge, as that province tipped into the "win" column) but I'd still like to hear from a trusted source on how things are going up there.

Victory in Iraq Day - November 22, 2008 -- [The Liberty Boys]I declare November 22, 2008 to be "Victory in Iraq Day." (Hereafter known as "VI Day.") By every measure, The United States and coalition forces have conclusively defeated all enemies in Iraq, pacified the country, deposed the previous regime, successfully helped to establish a new functioning democratic government, and suppressed any lingering insurgencies. The war has come to an end. And we won.

We are turning a page in history that may be ignored for political reasons by the left and the media, but in the history books yet to be written, the real story of honor, courage, sacrifice, will be told and our children's children will know how it made all the difference for their future.