Friday, November 21, 2008

A Run on Guns

Confederate Yankee talks about the rush of gun buyers recently. When I was shopping for my gun last weekend, the gun shop owner said the same thing. He had never seen anything like it.

Some might say this is irrational fear. Gabriel at Ace's asks this: Does the Supreme Court's recent firearm jurisprudence holding that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to firearms reassure anyone?

No, it doesn't. Because there was only ONE vote assuring us of that protection. Given that Obama is likely to have to appoint at least one, if not more, judges to the Supreme Court in the coming years, I don't think it's irrational to assume things could change in reference to the 2nd Amendment.

Take this for example. Eric Holder, Obama's choice for Attorney General, co-signed an amicus brief in District of Columbia v. Heller. It was filed in support of DC’s ban on all handguns, and ban on the use of any firearm for self-defense in the home. The brief argued that the Second Amendment is a “collective” right, not an individual one.

Are we getting this? This man will be our Attorney General. He does not see the Second Amendment as an individual right.

The way people look at it is that if they have their gun now there is simply no way the government will be able to take it away. But the government can make it difficult or impossible to buy a gun in the future. Why wait and take the chance?

There is a sad (delicious?) irony in that by voting in a President who wishes to restrict gun rights, it triggers (pardon the pun) a flood of gun buyers. Someone like myself who probably wouldn't be buying gun now otherwise, not only buys a gun, but gets a CHL as well. I know I am not alone. Since I put up my post on gun shopping I have heard from tons of women who have never owned a firearm and feel they should get on now.

I'm hoping to get my gun this weekend. I shopped last weekend and I think I have decided. I'll post a picture when I get it. Stay tuned.