Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This local story is getting national attention. A Texas preacher is encouraging married couples to have sex for seven nights straight.

Why is this national news? Does the msm think married Christians don't have sex?

Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth 4th to secede since '03. When a church stops preaching the gospel and instead going against it then they should expect to lose parishioners.

In the Minnesota Senate election drama, Norm Coleman will be certified as the winner today (thank God) but a recount will be underway. Maybe they will find more ballots in the back of cars for Al Franken? My mind just cannot wrap itself around the fact that Al Franken would ever be seriously considered for the Senate even by Democrats. I mean, this is Al Franken. A non funny comedian. Democrats should be properly embarrassed and Minnesota should be ashamed for it even being close.

Gay activists are so ticked about Prop. 8, the gays are the new Code Pink. Vandalizing Mormon Churches with obscene graffiti and sending "white powder" to Church offices, interrupting church services of evangelicals by hollering, pulling a fire alarm, and throwing pamphlets.

Related. Obama's hope and change website never addressed gay rights. In fact it never mentioned the words 'gay' or 'lesbian' until after the election that is.

You have probably seen this, but if you haven't, it tells us all we know to know. How Obama got elected. The nice way of putting it is that no one really knew or cared about the issues. The media's constant attack on Palin made it's mark.