Monday, May 01, 2006

The Sparkle Report...

On the Colbert the White House Correspondents dinner.

You all know that I love Stephen Colbert. I think he is hilarious. Yes, I know he is making fun of Bill O' Reilly. Yes, I know he makes fun of rightwingers most of the time. But I think part of his charm and humor is that he also makes fun of what the liberals THINK about rightwingers. He exaggerates those false notions of conservatives too.

But this was a roast. He roasted the President. It was funny. He was pretty harsh to the press too.

Thanks to Leftwinglimmer (who is obviously making fun of me) for links to the video.

Special request by dave bones...Links to the Colbert performance:

Part 1: v=lcIRXur61II

Part 2: v=HN0INDOkFuo

Part 3: v=rJvar7BKwvQ