Monday, May 01, 2006

From Scream to Narnia. Someone finally gets it.

Imagine a President of a film company turning out popular films like "Scary Movie" and the "Scream" franchise and choosing to stop making those types of films because his conscience was bothering him.

That is exactly what happened to Gary Granart. As "Entertainment Weekly" tells it, it all started in 1997 when Granart walked into his living room and saw his 2 yr old daughter watching some dallies from "Scream 2." She was terrified.

"In that moment, he considered the prospect of his little girl growing up steeped in the kind of culture he was producing. And he realized that something-or someone-needed to make that major change."


Granart told entertainment weekly that his conscience had been bothering him with the centric pop that he had been making and that the movie industry's images and music were "molding a generation of cynics and narcissists."

Granart went on to create Walden Media, producer of last year's "Chronicles of Narnia."
When Granart decided to create this company he went looking in the usual places for start up money. They weren't too interested in making films with a more positive message. They just wanted to make money. (I suppose never considering one can do both since "Chronicles" had a global gross of $754 million)

Granart finally found deep pockets with billionaire and Christian conservative Philip Anschutz. Apparently Anschutz has been angry with the darkness of Hollywood for many years and was happy to be a part of changing that.

According to Granart, whose grandfather is a rabbi, he and Anschutz never discussed religion. All involved were from different religious backgrounds, they just wanted to produce films that would appeal to families and have positive messages.

Granart is now happy to let his daughter see his movies.

If only we could all do our work with our children in mind this world would indeed be a better place.