Friday, May 05, 2006

Kennedy to enter Rehab.

Fox News is reporting that Patrick Kennedy will enter rehab for addiction to pain medication.

I think we need to afford him the same courtesy we afforded Rush. Be glad that he is getting help and wish him well.

I heard Rush today saying that that his family needed to get him help. That he should know about that himself. I ask my leftwing commenters to listen to Rush Monday (or today if he is still on) and I'm betting you will hear Rush comment on this as the good person he seems to be.

Anyway, I wish Kennedy well and hope God blesses him in his recovery.

Update: Here is the story on Kennedy. I also heard on the news that Kennedy is dealing with bi-polar disorder as well. So he was really taking chances. I'm glad he got help before it was too late. This family has had enough tragedy.