Sunday, April 30, 2006

Is it still big brother if there is a sign?

Every year on 4/20 students at the University of Colorado at Boulder gather at Farrand Field to defy the authorities and smoke pot publicly.

This year the University police fought back with video surveillance. The field was closed off with barricades, yellow jacketed "event staff" personnel and police officers. Then they posted the pictures of the students on a website offering a $50 reward for identification. (the parents must be so proud!)

Not fair, you say?

Well, approximately 40 signs were posted on all sides of the field advising that the field was closed and that video and photographic surveillance was going to be used on and around the field that day. (see photo of sign at link)

In other words, the police TOLD the students they would be photographed.

No one said potheads were smart.

via boing boing