Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Why are some men so stupid?

Did someone forget to tell the NY Times that Bernard Kerik is no longer nominated for the position of Homeland Security Chief? This is the lead story linked on Drudge. Don't bother to read it, it is just a juiced up story of Kerik having an affair with Judith Regan of Regan publishing who published his book in 2002. The NY times tries to make one think that Kerik used an apartment to have his affair that was used and paid for by NY taxpayers for ground zero workers to rest. But the thing is, Kerik did use the apartment to have an affair. But only after it was no longer being used for the purpose of workers to rest. Kerik asked to rent the apartment and he did and THEN he had the affair.

Now if you think I am going to defend this man for having an affair, I am not. I am disgusted and disappointed, but not surprised. Power tends to corrupt unless you have a strong faith to fight against the temptation of that power.

Interestingly, I had just finished reading an article on Judith Regan in Vainty Fair and it was not a glamorous piece. They portrayed her as the queen of ruthless sharks in the publishing world where sharks are commonplace. She has been married to rich and ruthless men as well. She went through a very nasty public custody battle with her last husband. All in all, she doesn't seem to be exactly the most wonderful person in the world and has a track record with rich powerful terrible men. I guess her and Kerik deserved each other.

Many other reporters are scrambling to find other pieces of dirt on Kerik because lets face it, to the NY Times having an affair is just not that big of a deal, which is why the NY Times article tries to juice it up a bit to make it out like he used the apartment that should have been used by the guys working at ground zero. They were trying their best to make it sound worse. They do point out that Kerik rented it, but that part kinda gets lost as they also hint about using influence and the cost of the apartment, which they obviously were not able to get information on.

Why are they still all over this guy even though he withdrew his nomination? Because he is a famous part of the administrations post 9-11 activities and the NY Times will not rest until it can ruin and destroy as many Republicans as possible.

I suppose I could say that I don't care what Kerik did in his personal life, and that all I care about is that he keep this country safe as Homeland Security Chief. And I did feel that way as long as none of the allegations were proven. But I have to back down on this one. I do care what people do in their personal lives. I think it speaks volumes of who they are, what values are important to them, and a whether to put them in a position of trust.

Perhaps Kerik was the best choice professionally, who knows? I don't expect people to be perfect. I understand mistakes, we all make them. But knowing what I know from Kerik, in his own words, and what I know of Regan, from her own words, these two people show no self control or self discipline and certainly no moral values. Those things mean something to me. I want people in leadership to have those kinds of values. Kerik clearly doesn't have them after all. It is especially maddening that he misled the Bush people about his background. He realized what would come out and he withdrew, but the leeches came anyway, he never had a chance. Not that he deserved one.

No one wins here. From the dirtfinders to Kerik to Regan, they all expose themselves for what they are, self involved selfish people willing to do anything to get what they want.

It is a shame for someone like Kerik who went through so much to achieve all that he did, that he would give in to the most basic temptation man is presented with... Cheating. It may not be enough for the NY Times to be done with him, but it is enough for me.