Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Bad news for Blue staters. Red Staters are having more children. According to this article Blue staters have just as much sex, just not as many kids.

"...as the children of the children-oriented fill up the vacuum left by the childless. To be sure, some kids born into even the reddest states turn out to be "blue" spontaneously, becoming Midnight Cowboys. But if demographic destiny keeps grinding on, blue-state bohemias are destined to shrink. And so the red states will grow larger, culturally as well as politically."

I think we have already seen this occur. I think one of the big surprises of this election was the high number of the youth vote going Republican despite the HUGE effort of MTV and movie stars pushing the youth to vote Democrat.

I know Russell Simmons of 'Rap the Vote' and P. Diddy of "Vote or Die.' said after the election that they were disappointed at the lack of turnout. But then I read that actually more youth did turn out to vote, just not the way Simmons or Diddy wanted them to.

It seems the "family values' crowd tends to actually have families. Those kids grow up and vote. Now I am not saying that democrats don't have families, sure they do. But we seem to be having more kids for varied reasons I won't get into here. My oldest kids certainly show no signs of rebelling and are very conservative in their politics.

I did change from my politics of birth, but my entire family did as well, so it really was more of the Democrats leaving us, than a child rebelling from it's parents beliefs. We changed together.

It will be interesting to see how the youth of today grow into the poltics of tomorrow. Will they stick with their parents beliefs? If so, the Democrats do have something to be worried about for the future.