Sunday, December 12, 2004

Washington Post Classifieds.

WANTED: Highly motivated and intelligent individual with formidable educational background for important and critical government positions that must be confirmed by the House and Senate. One must be willing to give up millions being made in the private sector and open yourself up to intrusive questioning by self important hypocritical pompous congressman. In addition you also must be willing to have journalists with political agendas dig into your personal life dating back to birth to find any sort of dirt they can find, however indirectly it may apply. Therefore, you must be almost perfect, without a hint of wrongdoing. Divorces are permitted if they were done amicably. If you have children we would prefer you have had a wife that stayed home with them. Please, no nannies.
Once the position is filled, there will be a large drop in your income and you will have to continue to deal with shady politically motivated journalists determined to trip you up with tricky questions and quoting anonymous sources revealing something untrue. All this being done in the glaring light of the public arena.*

If interested please call 1-888-iwouldhavetobeanidiot..ext. 666