Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The choice between the lesser of two evils.

That phrase has always bothered me. Mainly because in almost all cases we are really talking about the choice of two not so great choices. But in this case with the Democrat candidates, Obama and Hillary, it really is a choice between two evils. And there really is no "lesser."

Hillary is evil in all her lying, manipulative, and power hungry ways. Nothing and no one matters to her except her own ambition.

I don't have to recount the ways of Hillary being evil, but the link gives you at least one good one.

Obama is a different kind of evil. He is the evil with a smile. He is the wolf in sheep's clothing who pretends to be good. His charisma and charm blinds us to his true self. He may have been able to fool most about his relationship to a racist church, but it's clear to me that he shares pastor Wright's worldview. I believe that. His radical view of abortion convinces me that he has no respect for the value of human life.

I use to think that the biggest danger of an Obama presidency was his lack of experience and his lack of understanding of the war of terror. But the biggest danger he represents is actually convincing America that he does understand these things. He does not.

Yesterday I was watching C-span and listening to Congresswoman Heather Wilson from New Mexico speak about the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act would be the first to go under an Obama administration. Wilson reminded us of the date August 11th, 20006. It was the day that terrorists had planned and were about to implement a plane to hi jack 10 jets leaving Heathrow heading for the United States. She said that had that plan succeeded, many more Americans would have been killed that day than on Sept. 11th. She said we don't remember the August date because that horrific tragedy never happened. It was thwarted by U.S., British, and Pakistani intelligence. We don't have to mourn those dead in the sky because our intelligence worked. Do. We. Get. That?

She said that The Patriot Act prevents the horrors that the terrorists would bring to us. We are a people who take these things for granted. If the planes had blown up we would remember, but I doubt that Americans even remember the uncovering and arrest of these monsters.

Here is what she said on the floor of the house. It's a bit long but important to understand how Obama and the Democrats would fail to protect us:

All of us remember where we were the morning of 9/11. We remember who we were with, what we were wearing, who we called first, what we had for breakfast. But very few Americans remember where they were the day the British Government arrested 16 people who were within 48 hours of walking onto airliners at Heathrow and blowing them up over the Atlantic. If they had succeeded, more people would have died that day than died the morning of 9/11; but you don't remember it because it didn't happen, and it didn't happen because British, American, and Pakistani intelligence were able to uncover the plot and arrest those who were going to carry it out before they had an opportunity to. Good intelligence allows us to prevent another terrorist attack, and electronic surveillance is one of our strongest intelligence tools. The Protect America Act just allowed Americans to listen to foreigners in foreign countries without a warrant. If we don't have that authority, it is sometimes impossible to get to the standard required to get a warrant. It is almost a waste of time. It is an incredible frustration for our people who are working in intelligence. I mean, you think about this. If you are going to get a warrant on somebody who is a narcotics trafficker in Chicago, you can send the FBI out to talk to their neighbors; you can go to their place that they are working; you can talk to their landlady. You can develop probable cause for a warrant. But if you think you have got somebody on the Horn of Africa who is affiliated with al Qaeda, you can't send the FBI to talk to their neighbors. Sometimes you can't reach that standard of probable cause. So, intelligence doesn't get collected against people who are foreigners in foreign countries who have no rights at all under the Constitution of the United States, and the people who are hurt by that are the American citizens we are failing to protect. The majority of this House wants to pass a bipartisan bill that has already cleared the Senate that would make the provisions of the Protect America Act permanent, and the Democratic leadership of this House is blocking consideration of that bill, to the detriment of the people of this country.

Detriment? I call it danger.

If you want to understand who is targeted without a warrant, which is what the left goes crazy about it, read it here.

But Rep. Wilson pretty much sums the problem up here:

So we have the liberal Democratic leadership thwarting the majority of this House and compromising the safety and security of this country, and I believe they are doing it largely at the behest of trial lawyers who are eager to sue telephone companies, who can't defend themselves in civil court without compromising the way we collect intelligence.

It is in these complicated but vital things that we cannot afford to have a leftwing rookie leading the country.