Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sometime truth slips out...

Check out a little honesty from Claire McCaskill who is running against Jim Talent for a Senate seat in Missouri on Meet The Press:

MR. RUSSERT: You’re having Bill Clinton come in to raise money for you. Do you think Bill Clinton was a great president?

MS. McCASKILL: I do. I think—I have a lot of problems with some of his, his, his personal issues. I said at...

MR. RUSSERT: But do you...

MS. McCASKILL: I said at the time, “I think he’s been a great leader, but I don’t want my daughter near him.”

Hmmm... A great leader who you're afraid to have your daughter around.

At least she was honest about Clinton being a scuzzy horndog.

via RWN