Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Adoption Option.

Heaven knows I would want to encourage any adoption of children, but this "third world" adoption spree by Madonna and Angelina Jolie just smacks of self indulgence.

Are there not millions of children in need of adoption in this country? Of course. So why travel around the world to 3rd world countries? It seems it's all about the PR factor to me.

It's not that I don't think they truly want to do something to make a child's life better, I just think they also know that in doing it in this way they get the added bonus of being all about the "global" world and family.

Children don't need PR, they need parents. I hope to God these divas try to actual be good ones.

Let me add one thing. If you want to look at a celebrity that really did adopt out of the goodness of her heart, look no further than Mia Farrow. She didn't have nannies or jet around the world with an entourage. She put her career on the back burner to not only adopt children from poverty stricken nations, but those who are the most difficult to place with physical handicaps. So she didn't go to pick out the cutest little baby some little country had, she took the ones that no one else wanted. She has adopted 10 children.

Now that, my friends, is putting your heart where your mouth is, not where the PR is.