Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hezbollah? What Hezbollah?

MaryKatherine Ham just slices and dices Air America:

"Both Randi and Stephanie can do half-hour segments about the Israel-Hezbollah conflict without ever mentioning Hezbollah. They show awe-inspiring restraint. On Air America, Israel is attacking a Middle-Eastern democracy—Lebanon—without provocation in an attempt to, as far as I could tell, just be really evil.
In fact, being really evil is a motivation ascribed to Bush, Cheney, all neocons, and all conservatives for every action they’ve ever taken.
When Hezbollah is mentioned, it is as a progressive, do-gooding civic organization that could use just a bit of refining of its self-detonation-inclined members."


"In one of the more uplifting moments of the week, Stephanie Miller admitted that there was a moral distinction between Israelis who attack terrorists and accidentally kill civilians in the process, and terrorists who deliberately target Israeli citizens and use Lebanese citizens for cover. It didn’t last long before her co-host reminded her that Israelis, in their zeal for being really, really evil, target ambulances and U.N. posts without remorse.
The conclusion of that conversation was, despite the moral distinction, the result was the same in either case—civilians were dead. So, really, there’s no moral distinction at all. Whew, nice save, guys! That was a close one."

No commentary needed really.

h/t again! BigDog