Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cuban thoughts.

Had to share this funny on e-bay.

It is thrilling to see the Cubans get so excited over at Babalu blog. Val posted a comment that I think says it all too:

"It did my heart good to see all those people out there on Bird Road, to feel their joy and happiness along with my own. I was so proud to see my own children, born and raised in the USA take to the streets with me, dance, hold their fists in the air yelling "Libertad". There was a moment when my 13 year sat on her six foot tall cousin's shoulders and I video taped her high above the crowd, fist in the air, yelling, libertad, libertad, libertad * there was a huge Cuban flag being waved right behind her. What an awesome moment * I wondered when did this girl come along and replace my little girl. When did she learn about Cuba, about being Cuban, about the injustices Fidel and his henchmen have committed against their own people. She was really listening. All this time, she was listening and learning and holding Cuba and our plight close to her heart. She can claim to be a rocker all she wants, but when it counts, when it really matters - turns out sheĆ¢'s Cuban to the core. There's probably going to be a small window of opportunity for the Cuban people to do something to change the course of their lives, I hope and pray that they will be brave enough to sieze the day."

Redstate has this interesting tidbit:

"Redstate is hearing from congressional sources that it has become apparent that the statement yesterday came after the surgery. This may indicate that Castro is in grave condition or is already dead."

Just speculation of course. How strange it must be to live in a country where no one can be sure when the leader dies.

For lots more background see Cigarenvy.

The AP is reporting that brother Raul says Castro is "stable" after surgery.