Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Tar and Feathering of Sarah Palin

Has any Vice Presidential candidate in the history of our country ever been smeared the way Sarah Palin has? I thought Hillary was treated badly in the primary, but that was a ticklefest compared to what Palin has been put through.

They said she faked her pregnancy, used her down syndrome baby as a "prop," was a member of a secessionist party, charged women for rape kits, had an affair, didn't support contraception, was a creationist, and was a bad mother for running.

All, not just lies, but damned lies. And some people are still circulating those lies. They even photoshopped and passed around as real, a photo of Palin a bikini holding a shotgun.

SNL makes fun of Palin suggesting she may not have grip on world affairs, when in reality it was Biden who showed that he didn't have a clue about many of the questions asked in the debate. It was Biden who didn't have a clue to the role of the Vice Presidency. SNL made fun of Palin as a "beauty queen," when it reality it is Biden who has hair plugs, self tans, and who obviously uses teeth whitener as toothpaste.

Now the left gleefully points to MSM headlines that say Palin abused her power while Governor, even though the report says she did nothing illegal. But that's not the best part. Does the left even know what they are defending here? The Public Safety Commissioner she fired serves at the pleasure of the Governor and she can fire him for any reason. But the left says that she fired him because he refused to fire her ex-brother in law, a state trooper. But what many on the left don't want you to understand (and it is not in any of the MSM reports that I have read) is that her ex-brother in law was a child abuser. He tazered his own 10 yr old step-son with the tazer he used in his capacity as a state trooper. I would hope that EVERYONE would want this guy fired. I would hope that everyone would see how right that was. But the left would rather defend a man who abused a child than to defend a woman running for Vice President on the Republican ticket.

THAT is how twisted it has all become.

Sexism is alive and well in the Democratic party. Make no mistake about that.

Update: Michelle Malkin has a display of the hatred and insanity that is out there for Sarah. Oh boy, even I wasn't aware of most of this.

They can bash Sarah all they wish. But this is why I love her. She understands the most basic thing to me. That every life matters.