Monday, October 13, 2008

Free speech for me, but not for you

When I spoke to a NRA board member the other day he told that the Obama campaign had threatened radio stations in Pennsylvania and Ohio if they ran a NRA ad called "Hunter."

An Obama lawyer sent a letter to the stations that read in part:

"For the sake of both FCC licensing requirements and the public interest, your station should refuse to continue to air this advertisement."

In other words, "We know where you live."

I really didn't believe the NRA guy until I looked this up myself. Does it bother any one else that Obama's lawyers are threatening free speech?

As Michael Barone points out:

Other Obama supporters have threatened critics with criminal prosecution. In September, St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch and St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce warned citizens that they would bring criminal libel prosecutions against anyone who made statements against Obama that were “false.” I had been under the impression that the Alien and Sedition Acts had gone out of existence in 1801-02. Not so, apparently, in metropolitan St. Louis. Similarly, the Obama campaign called for a criminal investigation of the American Issues Project when it ran ads highlighting Obama’s ties to Ayers.

These attempts to shut down political speech have become routine for liberals. Congressional Democrats sought to reimpose the “fairness doctrine” on broadcasters, which until it was repealed in the 1980s required equal time for different points of view. The motive was plain: to shut down the one conservative-leaning communications medium, talk radio. Liberal talk-show hosts have mostly failed to draw audiences, and many liberals can’t abide having citizens hear contrary views.

This is disturbing to say the least.

via HotAir