Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Remind me. Who exactly is bitter in Pennsylvania?

Commenters from The Huffington Post:

*I'm tired of being represented by uneducated, rural voters. I want an IQ test given out with registration cards. No brain, no vote!

*Race is a major factor. Some people would rather die than admit that there are people of color better qualified to do a job than a so-called white man or woman.

*You are so very right!! I have racest red-necks in my extended Wva. family I'm ashamed to say that they will never vote for a non white person, the stupid bastards would rather starve to death. S I say let them starve!!!!

*I grew up on the border in NY just north of Scranton. I moved from there as soon as I could because of the ignorant racist people in my family and at large in the area. The people are mainly uneducated whites with a tendency towards racism due to the fact that the only black people they've ever met are on the nightly news doing something wrong. I am from a family of racists and I believe in Senator Obama. They are still racist, and members of the NRA and, unfortunately, they vote!

*I grew up southern. Many GA friends asend me emails that Obama is really Bin Laden's second cousin, or trained in a terrorist camp when he was six, or something equally nonsensical.

*Pennsylvania is a racist state. I live here. I also have lived in other states, but given the vast number of old people and the lack of education of the majority, there is no doubt in my mind race played a large role in Clinton's victory. I have talked to many people about this election and have heard the things the pollsters don't hear. The ignorance makes me ill. People chop off their nose to spite their face.