Sunday, April 13, 2008

Newsbuster Bloggers!

Here are my fellow bloggers who also made the trip for the gala courtesy of The Media Research Center. Left to right sitting. Me, Noel Shepard, an economist who is associate editor at, Warner Todd Huston of Publius' Forum, Terry Trippany of Webloggin. The gentleman standing is Ken Shepard who is managing editor of Tom Blumer isn't shown, but he runs BizzyBlog and he was my official "photographer" at the gala (bless his heart!)
A nicer group of gentlemen you could not find anywhere. My next post will be more about what I did there. Stay tuned!
UPDATE: I almost forgot to add that I was also invited to a bloggers luncheon at McCain's headquarters with some of the people in the campaign. Alot of interesing things were discussed, but it was off the record so I can't discuss that. But bloggers from WSJ, The Weekly Standard, National Review, and many others were there including MaryKatharine Ham from who I finally got to meet in person and she is even prettier than her pictures.
I will say that everyone there seemed to be convinced that Obama will be the nominee, but I still think Hillary will get the nomination. In fact I have a $50 bet with Matthew Sheffield, the editor at