Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm in the Dixie Chick's movie???

Someone e-mailed and asked if I knew that this site was read by the Dixie Chicks at the beginning of their docu/movie "Shut Up and Sing." I could hardly believe that someone hadn't noticed that before, but I guess my readership isn't exactly running out to rent this DVD. She said that Natalie makes fun of my "sparkle" name.

Anyway, I tried to find the clip of the beginning and I couldn't. I did find this review though:

" The opening scene of Shut Up & Sing perfectly captures the tone and subject matter of the film to follow. In it, Emily Robison is working on a slide guitar line as a child plays amongst guitars, the Chicks and their band casually rehearsing, until someone starts reading heavy-handed criticism and insults from the blog "rightwingsparkle.com." It's a clear example of the new reality for the Dixie Chicks, that what was once just about the music is now blended with personal politics, and they can never go back."

(They got the website wrong though. It's Rightwingsparkle.blogspot.com. Maybe that's why I never heard from their fans.)

I found a mention of me here too! (German?)

Isn't that a riot????

Now, I couldn't' even remember posting about the Dixie Chicks, so I searched my blog and just found this. Where I link their song "I'm not ready to make nice." and I say "Clearly the Dixie Chicks are still ticked off."
That's it. That's all I wrote, and the comments are not flattering, but they aren't over the top rude either.

Too funny.

Update: I think I have this mystery figure out. I bet they were reading this post over at my Houston Chronicle blog. It would seem to make sense to read their hometown papers. And at the top of that blog it says " A blog about politics and issues with with Rightwingsparkle."

I wrote a longer post at that site and even though there are insults, there is a lot of defending the Dixie Chicks too. I think it's a fair piece anyway.